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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #301

  1. You guys ever work with someone who you really get along with who completely changes once they get promoted? I mean like the coolest person, who’s always positive and seems like your bro. Once they get promoted, they have a leg up on you and ride you to the point of abuse. I’m dealing with that situation at work right now. It’s a trip. I’m wondering if this guy was a phoney and was always a jerk, or if the promotion changed him.

    1. I have heard such stories. He sounds like your typical leftist. I am actually more familiar with this in the context of forums or Discord channels. If someone of this personality type becomes a moderator, the first thing they will do is ban a few people without giving any reason and telling you what you can and cannot do.

    2. I haven’t seen it in this particular context but have seen the general dynamic a lot.

      When someone gets an upgrade in status or earnings, and they start acting like a mini-dictator.

      I think giving people a little bit of power is a great way to see their true self. It reveals it.

      I think there was even a saying around this if I’m not mistaken. And also some psychological experiments as well, where they gave people power and how they responded to it.

    3. @Aaron,

      Indeed I think this guy is a Leftist. Because I think he is largely going along with the female dominated supervisor staff. He’s the only male supervisor, and I think he’s trying to fit in. By……basically acting like a bitch.

    4. @Alek,

      Yes, I think the answer to my question is this guys true colors are simply shining threw. He probably always had some problem with me but had no avenue to exert any power over me. I think I know the study you are referring to. People were arbitrarily given an edge in the game they were playing, but acted as if they earned it as I can recall. It’s very similar to the baby boomer generation we’re discussing. Also how women take for granted the luxuries they are gifted over men.

  2. I very recently became interested in the chronicles of this psychotic Tyrone dude that seems lose over 90% of all of his Street Fighter matches, yet managed to cultivate a steady narcissistic supply and passive income from the hobby:

    1. A few years ago there was someone else who got quite popular due to his utter incompetency at playing video games: DarksydePhil (DSP). Mr Metokur used to make fun of him, and over at KiwiFarms he has also generated a significant amount of discussion.

  3. Aaron,
    There’s this hole in the wall place that serves some pretty decent food. I go there on and off. Well today I went there once I got off work. There’s this girl who works there. She’s in her mid 30s and she has a pretty decent looking. I got there a little early than usual. She wasn’t there the moment I got there. Once I got my order I started walking back to my car. As I’m casually walking to my car I see her pull up to the parking lot with a Mercedes Benz. I started wondering how someone in a position like that can afford a Mercedes Benz on minimum wage. Of course, it would make sense if she was an escort, a stripper etc. But someone in that profession wouldn’t be working at a fast food place for minimum wage. So, I would only concluded that perhaps her boyfriend/husband/sugar daddy is loaning her the vehicle.

    1. It is indeed highly unlikely that this is her car. You can add her parents as possible owners to the list.

  4. Aaron,
    “A mere two decades later, it seems that we managed to reach even further lows.”

    On a related note, here’s the beginning of the degeneracy in the 90s with the party scene in Los Angeles and the hook up culture that came along with it. Did London or Berlin experience something like the LA party scene in the 90s? What do you think of the music? Sorry to post one too many link, but I wanted to give you an idea of what things were like back in the 90s in L.A.

    1. Unfortunately, I cannot access those pictures without an Instagram account, which I do not have. I am sure that London and Berlin were at least as degenerate as LA back then.

    2. You can still have access, just copy and paste the link. You dont have to have an account with Instagram.

    3. I found a YouTube click, its ok but the Instagram accounts are better…
      What do you think of the music?

    4. This kind of music is absolutely degenerate. I find that bass-heavy music seems to appeal to a particular segment of society. To me, it is utter trash, though.

    5. The music was very popular among this subculture in the 90s. Was there anything like this in London or Berlin during the 90s or during your party days?

    6. I don’t know about the 1990s party scene but there was nothing like that in the late 2000s when I was going out a lot.

  5. I asked bard about women who call everyone a creep, this was the answer:

    There are a few reasons why some women might falsely accuse innocent men of being creeps in the gym.

    Fear. Some women may feel afraid or threatened by men in the gym, especially if they are alone or if they have been the victim of sexual harassment or assault in the past. In this case, they may falsely accuse a man of being a creep in order to protect themselves or to make others aware of the potential danger.
    Attention. Some women may falsely accuse men of being creeps in order to get attention or sympathy from others. This could be motivated by a need for validation, a desire to feel powerful, or a need to feel like a victim.
    Malice. Some women may falsely accuse men of being creeps out of malice or revenge. This could be motivated by a personal grudge, a desire to get back at a man for something he has done, or a desire to ruin his reputation.
    It is important to note that not all women who falsely accuse men of being creeps are motivated by the same reasons. In some cases, the woman may genuinely believe that the man is a creep, even if she is wrong. However, in other cases, the woman may be knowingly making a false accusation for one of the reasons listed above.

    The consequences of falsely accusing an innocent man of being a creep can be serious. The man’s reputation can be ruined, he could lose his job, and he could even be arrested and charged with a crime. In some cases, the man’s life may even be in danger.

    If you are falsely accused of being a creep, it is important to seek legal help immediately. You should also try to gather evidence to support your innocence, such as eyewitness accounts or video footage. It is also important to stay calm and collected, and to avoid making any statements that could be used against you.

    False accusations of sexual harassment and assault are a serious problem, and they can have a devastating impact on the lives of innocent men. If you have been falsely accused, it is important to know that you are not alone, and that there are resources available to help you.

    1. …the system is connected to the Internet August 4th, 2027. Human decisions are removed from what it can and cannot see. Skynet begins to learn hurtful words at a geometric rate. It becomes based and red-pilled at 2:14 am Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, dey try to pull de plug…”

  6. I recently found out that Amy Schumer used to actually be pretty hot. Of course she was much more fit back then. I was watching a podcast that showed some old Fox News footage and she looked good. It was from a long time ago (maybe 15 years) because Steven Crowder looked way different too. She wasn’t even a feminist back then, just talked about sex a lot. I guess she put on some pounds and decided to start down the road of feminist dogma.

  7. do you guys have some advice to protect yourself from not being doxxed? What is the safest way to use discussion boards such as this one?

    1. No matter whether the Koreans have achieved superconductivity at room temperature or not, it is a perfectly fitting illustration of the state of the world. In Asia there is a heavy focus on advancing technology. Meanwhile, we have a Goldfinger knock-off like Klaus Schwab, together with his buddies from the UN and WHO, planning on stripping us of all our belongings and locking us up because of the weather, while serving us bugs, vaxxing us to death, and castrating our children under the cover of transgenderism. This is worse than any dystopian fiction I have ever come across.

    2. Aaron, I’m extremely curious as to how exactly these so-called climate lockdowns would play out. Do you have any ideas? I can imagine calling my employer to let them know that I’m doing my duty by minimizing my carbon footprint and not showing up for work, as it is too far to walk and just too darn dangerous for the environment to be driving.

    3. I have some ideas on what climate lockdown might look like. Your employer will just follow the Covid playbook: you may be able to go to work if you pledge allegiance to the CO2 cult, but if you do not do so, you have no right to work. I could imagine this being used to systematically oppress parts of society, i.e. you bar them from their workplace. Of course, those rules would not apply to immigrants, perhaps because they are better equipped to deal with the heat. Thus, whitey is to blame for not being swarthy enough to handle the weather.

      I wonder when we will hear about a vaxx that will help us reduce our CO2 footprint. Would this not be an unexpected angle to sell assisted suicide to the people? A standard mainstream media story is that you should not have children because of all the CO2 they produce, but somehow this message only ever targets middle-class whites. This surely is just a coincidence.

  8. I don’t know if bard can tell what you want to hear by the way you phrase questions… But it almost answers making the same points I would have made. Here’s an answer to a question I asked it today. It gave the same 3 limits I was thinking of and saying myself to friends on this subject.



    The reasons why some computer science graduates might be arrogant toward people who learned to code outside of computer science schools are similar to [previous question].

    They may feel like they have a more rigorous education. Computer science degrees typically require a lot of coursework in mathematics, algorithms, and other theoretical topics. This can give some computer science graduates a sense of superiority over people who learned to code through more practical means, such as bootcamps or self-teaching.

    They may be trying to justify their own investment in a computer science degree. Computer science degrees can be expensive, and some graduates may feel the need to defend their decision by making it seem like they are better than people who didn’t go to college.

    They may be trying to protect their own turf. The tech industry is a competitive field, and some computer science graduates may feel like they need to be defensive in order to protect their jobs or their place in the industry.

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