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Support for the Trans Agenda is Waning

As you have noticed, this year I fully support Pride Month. Today, this is more important than ever because the worst that could happen to the world would be if Trump won the 2024 election instead of senile Joe Brandon with his coked-up and highly criminal son Hunter as his running mate. Yet, the trans agenda has had to take quite some blows this year, and we need to keep pushing forward.

Probably the key event in this context this year was Bud Light. In a stunning and brave manner, their new VP of marketing decided to target a new customer group as all the old white men they could sell their beer to are already buying it. Yet, picking Dylan Mulvaney, some trans actor/actress/actrix, as the new face of the brand led to an enormous backlash by the customer base, and there just are not enough transvestites around who could buy all those Bud Light cans. Anheuser-Busch, the parent company, has lost billions in market capitalization, and this beer is no longer selling. On social media, pictures of stores literally giving away six-packs of Bud Light are making the rounds. The elites are currently desperately trying to prop up the stock price. Just today, the Wall Street Journal urged its readers to load up on Anheuser-Busch shares.

Disney is another company that is going through quite some turmoil. Now that they managed to run Star Wars into the ground, they are hell-bent on wrecking the legacy of Indiana Jones. Not even their own vaunted back catalogue is safe, with the remake of The Little Mermaid not quite getting the reception they would have liked. According to the rumor mill, shareholders are currently working on taking Disney’s management to court for violation of their fiduciary duties.

The aforementioned instances where just two that stood out. Yet, there is a lot more. As you know, June is Pride Month, and this is the time when any self-respecting company changes its corporate identity. All throughout June, and far beyond that, for some companies, the corporate colors are getting replaced by the rainbow flag. Well, this used to be the case until 2023. This year, many of the biggest names have remained surprisingly mum on this issue. Even Google, which is probably more deeply involved with the Deep State than any other company out there is sitting this one out. I have noticed that some second and third-tier companies still promote rainbow colors, though. They are doubling down when the wind has already changed, which probably tells you something about their leadership.

There is a very interesting phenomenon in social engineering: The primary approach is “gradualism”. First, an issue gets established as some kind of a fringe position, with newspapers like The Guardian or the New York Times starting to promote. Then, the talking points get repeated, more frequently and more obnoxiously. However, because there is no push-back, the social engineers get emboldened and push harder and harder. They think that they are inches away from scoring a touch down, so they go all out. In the case of the trans agenda, this means promoting the genital mutilation of boys and girls, and drag-queen story hour in kindergarten.

The problem, though, is that a populace that is seemingly lethargic may at some point decide that enough is enough, and then the backlash starts. Yet, this counter-movement is able to organically amplify itself whereas the perverted social-engineering agenda has no natural support at all. At the end, some companies collapse, and in some cases a few people get shot, or hastily leave the country. This has been happening over and over in history, so you wonder why some people do not seem to learn.

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