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Wasting Money is Female Status Signaling

It is not at all uncontroversial to say that women tend to be big spenders. Despite their virtue signaling regarding supposedly man-made climate warming, they collectively prop up the fashion industry, which wrecks the planet like almost no other industry. They are also big on spending money on cosmetics, trinkets, and all kinds of bullshit that seemingly has no clear purpose. Of course, I am not talking about all women but their spending habits are so significant that they greatly influence industries. For instance, have you ever wondered who rents those small and heavily overpriced luxury studio apartments, which are arguably a bizarre concept? It is mainly women. A lot of women rather live in a really expensive small apartment than a more regular but a lot larger one or, what a lot of men would do, in a simple and cheap place just for themselves that meets their basic needs.

Superficially, it does not make a lot of sense that women spend their money like drunken sailors. Yet, this is how they behave, so there has to be a better explanation for it than saying that this is just what women do. I believe that this behavior is due to them perceiving an expensive lifestyle as a primary means of signalling their supposedly high status to potential suitors. In fact, I am convinced that women spend a lot of money in order to maintain a lifestyle they can barely afford or perhaps not afford at all in order to attract a well-off partner. Yes, I know that this sounds preposterous, but it is very plausible once you realize that this behavior is based on “mirroring”. Women mirror male behaviors they find attractive. They want guys who look like thugs, so they get tattoos themselves. Similarly, they value “education” or the pretense of, which is why they collect degrees herself in order to appeal to “degreed men”, as they were referred to when attending university was not the standard progression after finishing high school. Of course, women also want guys who not only earn a lot of money, supposedly by wielding their degrees like a magic wand, they also want their men to readily and happily spend a lot of money — on them. Unfortunately, a lot of women do not seem to understand that conspicuous consumption is not necessarily related to wealth, so they fall for the occasional $30k-millionaire.

In order to prepare themselves for their future life as trophy wives, those women already practice spending money. I mean, what would they do if they someday get told that they no longer have to work and, by the way, here are $5k to freely spend each month? Obviously, they do not want to appear to not be used to spending money as this would embarrass them in front of the big-dicked buff billionaire the are just about to snag. As you can see, all those women who spend well beyond their means are simply trophy wives, and future divorcees, in training.

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