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The “I Can’t Get Pregnant” Lie

A lot of Chads, when ramming their rock-hard schlong into the tight pussy of a real-life slut with the proportions of a hentai chick have been told that they can cum inside them. “Cum in me!”, the woman lying under them begs. She may even proactively try to pull the condom off. If you cannot think clearly, which is not so easy in such situations, you may even take her up on the offer. I mean, she said she can’t get pregnant, right? Of course, this is a trap, but I have been wondering if there is more to this commonly told lie.

When women want to trap you with a baby, or get knocked up by you in order to trap some beta buxxer with a fat wallet, they pursue their prime evolutionary interest. Yet, it is also the case that many women, when let loose and encouraged by society to sleep around, just take as much Chad dick as they can. This leads to the problem that even the biggest sluts tend to get self-conscious when they count their number of sexual partners. They know, deep down, that they are less attractive to any serious man if they have a high body count.

In order to tackle the body-count problem, women have devised their own system of arithmetic. This means that only very few men actually “count”. If she was drunk, it does not count because she could not fully consent (but it was still rape!). If she was vulnerable because she was just dumped, and ended up fucking three guys in a week, it obviously does not count. If she gets gang-banged, it does not count because there were just too many men involved. If she is on vacation, it surely does not count because it was all just for fun. Of course, getting railed by Chad in a club within five minutes does not count in the least because it happened so fast. You get the drift: she decides which of her sexual encounters count. Thus, she can give you any number she wants when summarizing her sexual history.

I sometimes joke that sex with a condom surely does not count for women because it “does not feel real”. This kind of reasoning is about as solid as any of the previous examples. However, unlike with those other examples, the difference is that with a condom she actively wants to avoid getting pregnant. This leads to her other orifices. There are women who tell you that they don’t count any of the guys they have blown, jerked off, or spread their sphincter for. Presumably, those acts do not count because they cannot lead to pregnancy. Slowly we are getting somewhere in this exploration of female slut reasoning because if it only counts if she can get pregnant, shouldn’t then any act that cannot lead to pregnancy not count? Thus, you could imagine a woman telling you that she cannot get pregnant, regardless of whether she really can get pregnant or not, believing that this means that she cannot plausibly include you in her list of sexual partners. This is probably a pretty good explanation for observed female behavior because I remember quite a few women who only count guys they were in a serious relationship with. Thus, it seems we got to the bottom of another mystery of slut psychology.

8 thoughts on “The “I Can’t Get Pregnant” Lie

  1. Aaron,
    “…the difference is that with a condom she actively wants to avoid getting pregnant”.

    1. What about if she’s banging multiple guys simultaneously here and there, or just one guy and wants to prevent contracting STD’s? I remember reuniting with this one particular girl who I’ve discussed with you in the past in a three-part serious. When I reunited with her, she insisted I wear a condom. I was baffled because we always banged raw in the past. According to her, she said she didn’t trust me, and felt that I was trying to infect her with an STD. Of course, this was nonsense and b.s. I later learned that she was banging some other guy on the side who was taking care of her financially. She finally decided to let me go raw on her after a few months later. I wonder whether women in similar situations take precautions of not transmitting STDs to another partner.

    2. I remember banging this one slut in the past. One day I asked her what made her decide to bang me raw because I was banging some of her friends raw on the side. She didn’t know I was sleeping with her friends on the side. She said, “you look so trust worthy”. I’m not sure what she meant by “trustworthy”. So one day, I banged her and came inside of her. A few days later she called me and went off on me because I came inside of her. I found it odd how she called me a few days later to bitch about it and not the day I came inside of her. She had no problem banging me raw every time, but she didn’t want me to cum inside of her because she had a boyfriend. Oddly enough, she never tried to trap me. She told me that if I wanted to cum inside of her get her the morning pill every time we banged. I told her to go on birth control and she refused.

    3. I’m surprised I’ve made it this far in life without having a woman trying to trap me given my finances. I’ve had women just say that I was only good for one thing and that’s sex. I’ve had women insist I wear a condom not because I’m some beta, but because the way I come off as. They’ve all said I come off as a walking STD because I sexualize a lot and move fast. I’ve had girls say I move a lot faster than most typical guys.

    1. @Chris
      Reading your comments make me feel an absolute disgust for those sluts you were banging. The famous director Andrey Tarkovsky once said he felt disgusted at Western women, I didn’t understand why. Now I have grasped it.

    2. I told her to go on birth control and she refused.

      I wonder if the manufacture of those pills actively make them ineffective. You never know. It sounds kind of conspiratory, but that is what I have had in mind.

    3. The birth control pill is very effective if used properly. There are other issues with it, including long-term negative health effects, though.

    4. 1) I have found women to be surprisingly unconcerned about STDs. It is extremely rare that they insist on condoms, based on my experience. In your example, this woman may have been projecting, i.e. the issue was that she had an STD. It also makes a lot of sense that she wanted to avoid her sugar daddy catch anything, and once she was convinced that you do not carry anything, she went back to banging you raw.

      2) Probably this girl was able to see things a bit more clearer a few days later whereas her capacity for rational thinking went out the window when she was alone with you. Her asking you to get the morning-after pill sounds like an attempt to scam you out of money, considering that it costs about $50. She could have made a few hundred dollars on the side per month with this, and if she bangs multiple guys who agree on this she could easily cover her rent this way, without having to admit to herself that she is a whore.

      3) Keep your fingers crossed because you will invariably bump into women who will want to trap you with a baby.

    5. Is that the price of the after-morning pill in Western white countries? Yikes. Last time I bought one, it cost barely over U$ 2.00, maybe 2.50 some other time. Too many young chicks abusing the stuff in consequence.

    6. @Manuel S
      The morning after pill is expensive roughly $50. The generic brand is only a few dollars less and it has the same ingredients.

  2. They may actually believe that lie though, AAS use is ridiculously common now, even more so with the Chad types. You can get pharma grade stuff from online sources easily and get it through the mail. The us post office needs a warrant to open it, and most sources selling pharma stuff know how to pack well.It isn’t just the big guy in the gym selling bathtub blended royal sampler stuff. These drugs have infertility as a side effect.

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