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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #268

  1. Today I learned that Zelda: Ocarina of Time got reverse-engineered, and now you can play it natively on PC. Mario 64 got the same treatment. This has some advantages over emulation, such as requiring fewer resources or the possibility to more easily update the game, e.g. by increasing the draw distance.

    EDIT: Zelda 3 is also in the process of getting reverse-engineered:
    Unfortunately, it is the Japanese version.

    1. I assume you don’t use an emulator to play reverse engineered games and it instead contains its own launcher? Or do you need some software to play the game?

      Ocarina of Time had so many good dungeons, I remember. It might be cool to play it again some day.

    2. The outcome of reverse engineering is recreated source code, which can be compiled to any target platform. Thus, you can launch Ocarina of Time or Mario 64 on your PC as a native app. Of course, once people have the source code, they can easily made enhancements such as adding support for 16:9 or ultra-wide modes, or adding ray tracing. Playing those reverse-engineered games is not completely straight-forward, though, as they normally do not come bundled with the game assets. Thus, you need to download the ROM as well.

      Here is a video of a fork of the PC port of Mario 64, which includes ray tracing:

      ..and here is one of the port of Ocarina of Time:

    3. Nice! Thanks for the tutorial vids. I will certainly work on getting OoT going. I bet some of the mods will be insane. Having a 360 camera would be such a nice quality of life feature to have for these early 3D games. Mario 64 could especially use one.


    I remember being accused of being an incel elsewhere for daring to point out the reality that women send subtle and mixed signals,play games,etc. There’s been entire reddit threads that document these kinds of experiences.

    I guess if you dare voice any complaint about the fairer sex,blue pilled normies will assume you’re an incel. Not that it has much meaning because nowadays,idiots will throt that word out as an insult,regardless of how irrelevant it is in the context of the discussion.

    1. “I remember being accused of being an incel elsewhere for daring to point out the reality that women send subtle and mixed signals,play games,etc. There’s been entire reddit threads that document these kinds of experiences.”

      There were message board threads on this back around the turn of the century. Men who had been gaslit their whole lives got together, anonymously and from around the world, to compare notes, and it was eye opening. There were a few women on the board and of course they howled incel.

      “I guess if you dare voice any complaint about the fairer sex,blue pilled normies will assume you’re an incel.”

      The underlying truth is ugly, and at some level they know they’ve wasted much of their lives buying into the lies, so they must defend those lies ferociously. The iconic fight scene from “They Live” is a great illustration of this. The normie really doesn’t want to put on those glasses.

      “Not that it has much meaning because nowadays,idiots will throt that word out as an insult,regardless of how irrelevant it is in the context of the discussion.”

      Women (and their delusional adherents) don’t do debate and reason, so they use magic word spells to shut them down instead.

      Anyway, I originally stopped in to drop this:

      “A privileged white woman forgives her mother’s killer, a [guess] man. When he’s released, she gives him a job working at the house where her mother was killed. He then murders her at that house.”

      As one reply put it: “It’s not altruism, it’s sociopathy towards one’s own with compensatory virtue signaling.”

    2. The term “incel” has taken on a life all on its own and seems to be interpreted to mean “loser” nowadays.

    3. @Sleazy
      It does carry such a strongly negative connotation, does it? After all, it is not like you are a grand savant who seclude himself from society to single-mindedly pursue an object of your interest, desire or passion. It is more about males who do not have even basic social skills and who are averse to social interactions.

      The part relying on porn to release the sexual valve is, however, not a sign of a loser at all.

  3. Can anyone post a source text and the translation of ChatGPT here so I can have a glimpse at the level of effectiveness that machine translator is?

    Perhaps a text in German and a translated text in English would be great.

    I am currently living in Vietnam so I don’t have access to this free service.

    I have no desire, of course, to be a software engineer who works in machine translation, following Sleazy’s sensible advice.

    1. Well, I did register an account there and proceeded to log in but it said: “not available in your country”.

  4. Strong Inverse Association Between Height and Suicide in a Large Cohort of Swedish Men: Evidence of Early Life Origins of Suicidal Behavior?

    Commenting on my own experiences, I would say that I have definitely been more depressed after I spent more time thinking about the fact that I’m below average height ( barely 5’7″). Male. My mind has even ventured as far as never getting married, having to adopt because no woman would want a child who’d end up being below average height, etc. It’s hard to not sound salty while typing this; comes off so whiny and preachy. Yet I struggle to see myself alive in one year, let alone traditional old age. I’m not so disillusioned to say that it’s absolutely impossible for me to find a suitable life partner, as ultimately it’s my choice to change my perspective and lower my standards. At the end of the day, I think I’d rather be alone and dead.

    The interesting thing is that this study is almost exactly like some of the studies that use to exist about transexuals. They found a higher rate of suicide among trans people and so the narrative was that it goes along with the psychological condition which makes people want to be trans in the first place. But now, those same statistics are used to “prove” that trans people face an incredible amount of discrimination.

    Notice how all of the results of this study could be explained away with discrimination, but the authors do not assume that because heightism is a widespread and accepted form of prejudice in our society. It’s not even identified as a prejudice because it’s so common.

    1. You are a bit short but not much. A couple of inches more would not work either. Your life is precious, imagine the shock your loved ones go through if they find you dead by suicide. Reconsider it, it is not worth it.

      Try to work out and build muscles. There are a lot of nice girls in East Asia that are waiting for you. As a white guy, you have a leg up in the current dating market.

      Book a consultation with Sleazy if you want to personalized advices.

    2. You are certainly short but I am not sure this warrants killing yourself. I would strongly advise against adopting a child. Besides, as a single male, your chances are effectively zero. You would have to be a homosexual man in a homosexual relationship. Those cases apparently get fast-tracked, and if they end up sexually abusing their adopted children, it’s not a problem. Even prostituting adopted children as a gay couple is a-ok. Just make sure you do not misgender anybody.

      We talked about possibilities for below average to average men in the dating space. You will have a hard time with women from your own ethnicity, assuming that there are no other factors at play that would somewhat make up for your deficiency in height.

    3. I am not planning to commit suicide. I am just angry about the entire situation and societal condition.

      I would kill to be 5’10.

    4. I know a person with your height and being from the same county as you. Yes he had a massive disadvantage with women and he actually didn’t get any. But he just moved to South America and succeeded there. Height is relative. While you are short in Europe, you are fine in Asia or South America. Just have fun there.

    5. Btw I’m 5‘10 and also have a disadvantage in central/northern Europe. However, I am considered tall in South America and Asia and cleaned it up there. I also did okay in Mediterranean Europe (though a couple of inches would have helped me do much better there).

    6. 5‘10 seems an okay height, even in Europe. It’s nothing special, but at least you aren’t short.

    7. This might sound corny but I work in an environment where I come across a lot of unfortunate people with serious diseases, either obtained genetically or induced by years of unhealthy practices. I find myself many times being grateful that I’m healthy, not in chronic pain, make a decent living for myself etc.

      I personally am not the biggest fan of relocating to another country where I’m unaccustomed with the culture and don’t understand the language just to get some tail. It sucks not having much or no sexual freedom, but hey, not everyone can be a Chad or else everyone would just be beautiful. If I were to ever become so lonely that it affected my well-being to the point of severe depression and contemplating suicide, I’d much rather go on a sexcapde to SEA or something before actually going through with it. I’d probably suddenly find that life can be pretty fun and fulfilling after all. That is, until they completely take away your ability to travel altogether.

    8. According to that Rational Male, the women’s preferences regarding height plummet dramatically in America the lower a man is below 6 feet; however, this drop off is nowhere near as pronounced in Europe because they use the metric system.

      Haven’t been to South America, but I’ve also hear good things. Can certainly vouch for Asia. You will certainly get laid there.

    9. Herkerderker, I’m not quite sure I’m reading your comment correctly. I assume you’re saying that every inch below 6 foot tall is a major strike against the guy in the West.

    10. I was also going to ask Herk to clarify, as this comment can be read/interpreted 6 different ways.

    11. “I would kill to be 5’10.”

      Therefore, we can condemned by our nature. I am 5’9 and I will kill to be 6′, or even 6’2.

    12. “I was also going to ask Herk to clarify, as this comment can be read/interpreted 6 different ways.”

      What are those 6 interpretations that cross your mind? 🙂

      Also, in future, please correct me if I commit any kind of logical fallacy in arguing with you. I luv that!

    13. American women’s willingness to date a man plummets if his height is below 6 feet.

      This doesn’t happen where they use the metric system. The drop off in a women’s willingness to date a man based on his height is way more linear where they use the metric system.

      According to that rational male YouTube channel. If I can find the clip, I’ll post it.

    14. I think there are two key aspects: stated numerical preferences on dating apps and in conversations and real-world behavior. Women in the US are, obviously, interested in men who are at least six foot tall, due to a peculiarity of the imperial system. It is often phrased as a hard threshold. In contrast, in the metic system, the equivalent cut-off point, in terms of how frequently it is mentioned, is 180 cm (~5′ 11″). However, in the real world, women do not walk around measuring the height of men. Thus, a man who is a bit below six feet in the US will not do worse than a man of the same height in Europe.

    15. The drop off in a women’s willingness to date a man based on his height is way more linear where they use the metric system.

      I haven’t seen this linearity you speak of. I think you have the same kind of rapid drop off in interest below a certain height.

      I mean take interest in general. Women will shower all of their interest in like the top 2 guys in a given niche, and not even recognize the other 98 guys even exist.

    16. It’s almost as if Rollo Tomassi is trying to claim that height preferences among women is a social construct. Like, women in the US just say they want a 6 feet tall man because it’s a nice round number, or something.

    17. @Alek, “linear” was the wrong word. According to the above clip, the distribution of women’s preferred height on their dating profiles is more normal in Europe. Whereas in the states it drops off a cliff.

      I personally think there’s some truth to it. 6 foot is definitely the go to number when girls are appraising guys stateside. I’ve overheard girls chatting about it before.

  5. Many of you have probably seen the recent Project Veritas videos in which a gay senior employee of Pfizer brags about “directed evolution” of Covid, which was intended as a giant money-printing operation. When confronted in public, said Pfizer employee claimed he was just “lying on a date”. Well, Pfizer just admitted all of this, albeit in an attempt to downplay the scandal:


    You guys are gonna love this one. There’s so much in this story, I don’t even know where to beging. But basically some uggo feminist at google was hitting on some chad. He refused to fuck her. She was bitter and lashed out at him many times for refusing to fuck her. Lashed out publically… Long-story short, in the end she found a way to get him fired. For get this “his discrimination towards high-performing employees, which is ableist”

    No, this isn’t satire.

    1. Thanks for posting this! I came across this link just minutes before your comment, and I intend to write a short article on it later today.

  7. I just saw a post by some “diversity and inclusion” officer at a big tech firm who wrote that blacks are cowering in fear yet again, conveniently forgetting that this particular case was due to black cops killing a black man. The argument was quite something. She wrote that society should not expect blacks to show up for work because those jobs in the past “never showed up for them”. This is a pretty lame pun, and the argument is pretty retarded. It must be nice being black: you can just loot to your hearts content, and nothing will happen to you, any black of middling ability gets showered in scholarships, and now they apparently should not even have to go to work anymore, while they keep getting paid. What a time to be alive!

  8. The Dead Space remake got pretty decent reviews. While the creators stuck close to the original, they took some creative liberties. For instance, in the game you can find toilets for non-binary people. As the original Dead Space still looks pretty good, I think I can safely sit this remake out.

    1. This game has some serious issues in my opinion. People are gushing over it currently, and I noticed some reviewers I typically trust gave in simply because they were given review copies. Beyond the woke bullshit and the nerfed (regarding looks) women, they decided to do away with Isaac as a silent protagonist. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea in and of itself except Isaac is jarringly and inappropriately silent intermittently. For example, he speaks during the intro portion of the game, yet once it gets going and the first necromorph is dismembered by the elevator and splattered all over the protagonist he has no reaction. He just stands there like nothing happened. Compare this the REmake 2 when Leon is being chased by the alligator in the sewers, or when he first confronts Mr. X. Not to mention DS remake is another half-assed PC port. I’m glad I didn’t go all out and buy a PC for gaming, because more and more games coming out are just not up to par.

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