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What Promiscuous Women and Basement-Dwelling Gamers have in Common

There is a bit of a caricature that any woman can get thousands of guys via Tinder and other apps. Of course, the problem is that she only finds a small minority, or possibly none at all of them, sexually appealing because her standards are out of whack. Similarly, man-haters online like to draw a picture according to which men would love to do nothing more than sit in their mom’s basement, play first-person shooters and jerk off. This is also a caricature, and a quite laughable one at that. Yet, those two behavior patterns have a lot more in common than might be obvious at first.

In general, women enjoy socializing a lot more than men. When they sit in a cafe, running their mouth off whichever of their friends is not in attendance, hours pass like nothing. A lot of women furthermore are addicted to male attention, be it in the form of likes on TikTok or Instagram, matches on Tinder, or guys in clubs buying them drinks. If women had their financial needs met, then many of them would probably be perfectly content with spending their days chatting with their girlfriends, getting boned by Chad, and traveling. In fact, plenty of young women live like that in high school and college, thanks to their father’s deep pockets, and they see nothing wrong with it.

We men, on the other hand, are not all that concerned about having a large circle of male friends who just talk bullshit all day long. Instead, we have other interests, often of a creative nature. Some of us like woodworking, others build Gundam model kits, and plenty enjoy playing video games. If money was taken care of, probably a fair number of men would be fine with just pursuing their hobbies. This can mean sitting in front of a massive screen, trying hard to create a moderately pretty female character in Elden Ring, shitposting on kiwifarms or 4chan, or shouting at random players in Counter Strike. Again, this is just an easy default as men don’t really care so much about the outside world. (Surely, many of us, if space was not a concern, would build a home gym instead of working out in a commercial gym.)

In summary, as bizarre as it may sound, idle, chatting, and moderately promiscuous women are basically the counterpart of “gamers”. It is, of course, another injustice of the mainstream media that guys get maligned for having interests that go beyond working to support a girlfriend or wife. In contrast, a woman just doing womanly things like running her mouth or spending money they did not earn on some bullshit is not just not a problem but it is to be encouraged. (It boosts GDP, too!)

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