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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #251

    1. Ye is Ye. A radical centrist. He doesn’t follow an ideology. He samples from everything, not just music but politics.
      He’s clearly influenced by Trump, Nation of Islam, Black Israelites, Ben Shapiro, Hoteps, Rick Warren, etc.
      That’s why people have a very hard time attacking him effectively.
      There is no script you can use. You have to actually understand what he’s saying and not expect ideological consistency.

      Then add to that, he is indeed a little nuts.

      You can never cancel Kanye for the same reason you can’t cancel Trump or Greta Thurnberg. Too interesting and capable of holding both their fans and hater’s attention.

      Kanye isn’t on anyone’s side. He’s the definition of chaos neutral.

    2. Oh wow totally wasnt expecting that. Just now I got curious, I was gonna start googling “What did ye actually say”.

      I was totally expecting something like 100x different based on the response. The response kind of makes him right or proves his point.

    1. Nuremberg 2.0 would be called for. I cannot even imagine the endless kvetching if this were to happen. Oh, the Nuremberg trail procedures had a surprise death-by-hanging feature. Surely, this is not some kind of barbarism, particular since there are credible claims that there have been more than one million vaxx-induced deaths, based on very conservative estimates.

    2. I must say that I was very pleased to see Nuremberg 2.0 trending on twitter. It brought a smile on my face and brightened my day.

  1. A few weeks back pozzed gaming developer CDPR’s CFO and member of the board for “ESG” (wtf?) reporting released this video basically explaining that the slew of Witcher games under development are indeed going to be full of diversity and inclusion. The way this guy talks the company sounds like they’ve gone full Ubisoft. Make sure to check out the comments section:

    1. Ah yes ESG, the social credit score for companies. I wondered why a polish video game developer would engage in such shenanigans. It turns out the founders only have a third of ownership and the rest is held mostly by hedge funds. I suspect CDPR will be milked for a couple of more big releases and then become unprofitable, just like certain film franchises.

    2. CDPR already messed up the release of CyberPunk 2077. Even though this game had decent sales, surely largely propped up by deep discounts, it fell far from the heights of The Witcher III. The last time I checked, that game still had more concurrent players than CP2077. I think that CDPR can mess up just one more game. I can imagine the Witcher IV being woke, with Geralt standing up for social justice in a game world set in medieval Europe. The game may be called “The Bitcher” by non-woke early reviewers, and never really get off the ground in terms of sales.

    3. ESG is the latest tool of judeo-capitalism for pushing through social change. Oh, wait, this is surely a conspiracy theory and the fact that Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink is a Jew is a complete coincidence that has absolutely nothing to do with his company promoting “tikkun olam”.

    4. Ok guys, so let me try to guess how this goes:

      Talented group of people come up with a great original idea or acquire some kind of intellectual property and begin passionately creating awesome media. Huge success follows, some asshole like Blackrock use their massive ill-gotten booty to essentially purchase influence. Company has no choice but to play ball and cater to their prime share holders. Prime share holders happen to be complete pieces of shit, start implementing new standards for company to follow i.e. forcing anti-white rhetoric under the guise of ‘compassion’ and ‘fairness’ (includes making retarded hiring decisions and compromising their artistic vision). Company is pressured to take on multiple projects to appease and enrich their masters. Products consistently decline and company begins to go under, but not before making share holders a small fortune. Share holders dump the stock or allow company to be absorbed by some shitty corporation like EA.

      Also, note that Activision and Blizzard have been purchased by Microsoft. MW2 has made over $800mil already but is being raked over the coals by gamers for being completely unfinished, as well as being filled with bugs and being very crash prone. Basic stuff like a post game report and score board appear to be absent. For reference, Halo Infinite has been out for years and is still missing tons of contents.

    5. Interesting that the gaming industry is sinking deeper and deeper into this mess, because Hollywood appears to be slowly waking up to reality:

      (The link above gets you through the paywall.)

      Extra interesting that the New York Times is reporting this, as it’s normally a pretty solidly liberal-leaning rag.

    6. Key quote:

      “For three years, we hired nothing but women and people of color,” said a senior film executive, who like many leaders in the industry is a white male. He added that he did not think some of them were able to do the jobs they got.

      I wonder what the original phrasing was because the above is not grammatically correct. Did this guy indeed say that he did not think that any of them were able to do the job, which a well-meaning editor corrected into the mess above? In any case, admitting that diversity hires are not cut out for the jobs they were hired to do is most certainly a first for the NYT, whereas the rest of the world has used the term “diversity hire” ever since its inception as a shorthand for someone incompetent with the correct sexual orientation, sex, or skin color.

  2. It is normal to like Gangbangs, Blowbangs, Creampies, Sloppy Seconds, Cuckold and Hotwife videos? It is normal to like sluts?

    I’m still looking for a Hotwife, but with no success.

    1. This is a pretty helpful article. Yet, from what I gather, prices in Thailand have gone up by a lot, with Thai hookers charging $100 for “long time”. You can bang hookers in Eastern Europe for less than that.

    1. They would probably complain if there was just a single female journalist who was killed, of course conveniently ignoring all the male journalists. It is quite incredible how tone-deaf those people are.

    1. ???

      Alright that’s pretty funny. Whoever that is, he’s not even posting it in porn subs, it’s mostly in subs for disgruntled Amazon couriers. I feel extra bad for Amazon employees now, because:

      a) They go to those communities to vent about their jobs, and get an eyefull of BBC – which the mods don’t appear to give two f*cks about.

      b) This is only going to be used to justify Amazon doubling down on spying on their employees.

    2. ” it’s mostly in subs for disgruntled Amazon couriers.”

      That’s why it’s prolly that Stonah wit ah bonah loser. It’s the only job that weedhead mulatto could get !!!

    1. Man, did they not read their own article?
      “Hallak, an exceptionally motivated student with high social aptitude, is not representative of all the 1.7 million people who applied for asylum in Germany between 2015 and 2019, making it the country with the fifth highest population of refugees in the world. Some of those with whom he trekked through Turkey and across the Mediterranean, he says, haven’t picked up more than a few words and “just chill”.”

      And then they go on:
      “But Hallak is not a complete outlier either. More than 10,000 people who arrived in Germany as refugees since 2015 have mastered the language sufficiently to enrol at a German university. More than half of those who came are in work and pay taxes. Among refugee children and teenagers, more than 80% say they have a strong sense of belonging to their German schools and feel liked by their peers.”
      Ok, so… 10,000 out of 1.7M, or just under 0,06%, have managed to enroll in university? I’d say if you belong to the upper 0,06%, you’re pretty much a complete outlier. And a university enrollment rate of barely 0,06% is absolutely dismal.

      And unemployment has finally, after 7 years since the flood started, been reduced by below half? And a full fifth of children and teenagers still don’t feel the belong strongly and don’t feel liked by their peers?

      They’re basically painting a picture of a dumpster fire while loudly proclaiming that there are no fires or garbage here.

    2. Two Thirds of Syrian refugees live on welfare (Hartz4, Bürgergeld). The other third works in minimal wage jobs or is hidden in statistics.

      Germany’s migrant gamble is a full failure. They still haven’t learnt their lesson, moros.

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