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22 thoughts on “Open Thread #235

  1. Does anyone here remember Richard from the Men-Factor blog ???

    Guy was a bit nutty, seems to have disappeared, there are rumors he met an ill fate.

    I’m sure Uber would say it was Covid that got him but my guess is suicide.

    He was a middle aged engineer with career and women problems !!!

  2. I am reading on Holocaust denial and the prosecution of those who deny it.

    According to many websites, Holocaust denial cannot be prosecuted because of the First Amendment in the US.

    Is this true?

    1. I love how unbiased this article is, referring to National Socialist memorabilia as “Nazi trash”.

    2. This is technically correct, at least as far as the US are concerned. However, ZOG may just lock you up if you ever travel to a country with anti-Holocaust discussion laws.

    3. It is absolutely true. The First Amendment is taken very seriously by many Americans. It is near and dear to us. They can take us to the court and lose if push comes to shove. It’s like questioning anything else on history or otherwise.

      They bypass this by political correctness. Forcing people to not speak their minds on various issues due to intimidation tactics. But legally speaking, at the end of the day, anyone can question the official story of the holocaust in the US.

    4. CQV: Flat Earthers are people who believe the Earth is literally flat, not round. Yes, such people actually still exist. 🙂

      GLAS is right on about free speech in the USA. It can be professional and social suicide to utter the “wrong” opinions to the wrong people, but legally speaking the First Amendment is sacrosanct. Free speech is one of the few issues where all political sides of the bench are strongly in favor – free speech cases before the US Supreme Court are often settled with a 9-0 vote in favor of free speech. 🙂

      In terms of criminalizing Holocaust revisionism, it’s mainly a European thing, sadly enough. I’m not a Holocaust revisionist myself, but I don’t believe in criminalizing it.

  3. “What is flat-farther?”

    Flat – earther !!!

    Autocorrect cucks me again !!!

    Either it is run by Uber or by the juice, tehehe !!!

  4. Imagine you are from country X. You go to country Y, ask them to rent a palatial building for nothing (literally one euro/year for 99 years), give you twenty million euros for an annex, and fund you with more millions every year, with hefty increases year after year, just so that you can run a music school that is only for students from country X and friendly nations, but possibly only if there are certain racial ties. Probably you think that this is total nonsense and the worst anti-semitic trope, but there is the Jewish Barenboim-Said Academy in Berlin (–Said_Akademie), which is lavishly funded by Germany. It is not quite clear how a free building and 59 students justify an expense of 7 million euros a year, but there is surely a good explanation for it which only my “goyische kopf” (literally: a gentile’s head, but figuratively meaning that goyim are stupid) fails to understand.

    1. I am under the impression that the public’s infatuation with royalty is a lot less intense nowadays, which may have something to do with generally worsening living standards in the West. I recall that as little as maybe ten to fifteen years ago it was not uncommon that even young adults, mostly female, of course, showed an interest in the life of royalty. Today, this position is occupied by influencers, which are seen as consumable goods, with many of them having a relatively short shelf-life.

    2. Influencers are a weird lot. By all objective measures, female influencers should be very attractive. Fit bodies from their meticulous gym routines that they have all the time in the world for, flawless tanned skin, spend their lives prancing around in thong bikinis. But there’s something very asexual about them. They just do not capture my interest. Could be that they’re purely in it for the money and lack natural charisma, or could just be market saturation.

      You’re definitely right about the short shelf-life. I tried to look up some girls I knew back in the Tumblr days – before it became a woke freak show, it was actually used by women to post pictures in much the same way Instagram is now. Alas I couldn’t find one, their entire presence has been scrubbed.

    3. A lot of women also scrum their social media profiles once they realize that their looks are fading and that group pictures with guys that ran trains on them are not a good look. This seems to happen simultaneously with them rediscovering their inner conservative.

  5. Tim Pool hits number on Billboard… but more importantly, produced this very powerful video, a rallying call in the culture war:

  6. The truly disgusting and absolutely revulsive Daily Stormer has not been accessible via the normie web for a few days. However, you can still read it on Tor, not that I know why anyone would want to do so:
    Of course, for truly unbiased news, I warmly recommend perusing CNN and the NYT. I spend a few hours every morning reading them and I have to admit that they really help me understand and unravel the complexities of the modern world. So valuable! Just look at this totally true and not at all exaggerated story about a Texan who used to be staunchly against abortion until she herself ended up pregnant after having had trains run on her:
    Now I know that all Texans are hypocrites and that abortion is what makes us American. I still do not know whether abortion or open borders are more democratic values so I am going to look for a book full of Albanian word salad to explain this to me.

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