Degeneracy Destroys Everything, Culture and Society Alike

This morning I read a fairly lengthy article on The Unz Review on how the men behind the curtain brought down decency laws in Australia. They used the then latest book by the Jewish author Philip Roth, Portnoy’s Complaint, to launch a concerted campaign to that effect. Once that was done, Australia got flooded with hardcore pornography. According to fact checkers, it was impossible for this to have happened because of the slippery slope fallacy.

As I reflected on this article, my first thought was that serious literature has, of course, been fully subverted. On the other hand, as a medium novels are irrelevant nowadays, and so is poetry, for that matter. Can you think of any recent fiction author people really care about? (By authors of fiction I refer to people writing novels, not historians, philosophers, or social scientists who just make up bullshit.) Well, partly literature has become irrelevant because the prime audience, bored housewives, has gone more or less extinct. Today’s modern woman goes to work and, unlike for instance my mother, does not have the time to read a 500-page novel. That being said, the core audience is also not all that interested in reading degenerate garbage. Perhaps, the price that was paid by the establishment for using supposedly meritorious literature to bring down decency laws was making this field completely irrelevant.

Not only literature got fully subverted, so has essentially anything else. The great tradition of European art, with paintings and sculptures so beautiful you almost forget to breathe when you look at them, no longer exists. Today, art has to be ugly, and the same is true for music. We used to have composers who wrote symphonies for the ages. Today, we get rap music in which we learn that Jamal and his buddies have a stack of hundred-dollar bills as high as the Empire State Building, and bitches lining up to fuck them from New York to Los Angeles, all mumbled over a background track that seems to have been written for retarded toddlers. The counter argument related to music is that back in the days, you had rich patrons of the arts who decided what music was produced. Well, we still have those rich patrons, and they are even more connected to the people controlling the flow of money. It is just that today’s rich patrons no longer want art to lift us up but instead they want to push garbage onto the masses and want nothing more than the glorification of sex and drugs and violence.

A few days ago I came across a news story according to which Warner Bros. decided to shelve their new Batgirl movie. They spent 70 to 100 million dollars already, depending on which story you read, but test screenings went so shockingly bad that the company decided to not proceed. The time is just not ripe yet for a non-white, gender-fluid Batgirl that brings down the patriarchy. This is perhaps a glimmer of hope, but the wider trend is nonetheless that movies have been losing cultural significance fast. Ten or twenty years ago I ran into movie buffs who enjoyed both watching old movies and new ones, and kept track of new releases. I do not think that this is a particularly popular pastime anymore, though. People seem to nowadays watch movies, and TV shows, just to fill their time, and are happy with whatever the Netflix algorithm recommends. In terms of culturally significant output, the movie industry has been pozzed to the hilt. Are you even interested in who wins the Oscar for best actor or movie? I sure am not.

Triple-A video gaming has the same problem. Today, the big companies put out games their audience does not want. Sometimes you have people like the EA CEO tell his audience arrogantly that if they do not like the Battlefield V trailer and the depiction of heroic women in it, then they should just not buy the game, and the game sold far below expectations as a consequence. Similarly, Call of Duty has lost 50 million players within a year. Big releases also no longer garner that much attention. When the industry was much smaller, people were looking forward to, for instance, Modern Warfare 2. Today, perhaps only Sony’s big-budget single-player games get a comparable interest, for instance the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, and stories about members of the main cast being gay have been floated in the media. I am not sure how hard-core perceive this. Well, I have physical copies of God of War 1, 2, 3, Ascension, Ghost of Sparta, and Chains of Olympus at home, and the prospect of Kratos being a fag in the upcoming game just does not excite me very much.

As a consequence of the subversion of the big video game companies, there is now a large part of the player base that sinks a lot of time into games made by smaller studios as these cater much better to them. Just like movies, the perception of games seems to be moving towards disposability. Why invest financially or emotionally into a franchise if you will likely only get disappointed anyway? After the Cyberpunk 2077 debacle, I no longer care about announcements, and my willingness to buy games on release day, let alone preorder them, is nil.

Cultural subversion affects the mere functioning of society as well. For instance, it was not that long ago that people worked hard, hoping to get promoted. Today, you can find men who are well-educated and competent who tell you that they do not care about a career and that they prefer having a good work/life balance. Some may even want to work part-time. Due to progressive income tax, this is a pretty good deal, considering that after a certain threshold, the government may take half or more than half of what you make. In Sweden, for instance, the marginal income tax rate is 57%, which can be quite demotivating.

You may wonder what the paragraph above on the workplace has to do with degeneracy and subversion. The connection is quite obvious. In fact, one reason why some men do not bother about advancing at work is that they realize that the game is rigged. I have recently seen a very mediocre female software developer who was at best at the level of a tolerable junior engineer getting promoted to Senior Engineer because the company wanted to increase the percentage of female senior engineers. As a guy, you may see this, and if you really want the title, you pursue it by changing your employer instead of going the extra mile at your current company. Oh, and one reason why your income tax is so high is because of widespread societal subversion. All those women in b.s. government jobs need to get paid, and we also need to provide for millions of immigrants who leech off the welfare state.

People are getting more cynical about politics — Joe Brandon’s approval raging is in the dumps, for instance — and they also more and more feel that they are no longer getting anything out of the system. Your government may put up a Section 8 housing block in the middle of your homogeneous neighborhood just to spite you, and your once favorite video game company thinks that it is more important to have a lot of gender-fluid employees than it is to make a good game, so they release a game like Cyberpunk 2077, which was broken at launch and still has not been fixed. The powers that be have no interest in fixing anything, however, so better get used to shitty movies, music, games, politicians, laws, and infrastructure. The silver lining is that eventually, all of this nonsense is going to come crashing down. I hope, though, that as a society, we will be able to once again reach or exceed the level of mastery we once had. Having an efficiently run government, closed borders, and a single-digit percent tax rate would be a good start.

10 thoughts on “Degeneracy Destroys Everything, Culture and Society Alike

  1. Great writeup on the desert of the times we find ourselves in, Sleaze!
    I think what most people are really having a hard time with is coming to get the fact, that their elites are deliberately not interested in maintaining a well running society or even categories of purpose and meaning. They are deliberately hell bent on destroying the system, and at its foundations that is. Most people will then ask: “But why?” And the answer ahould be obvious for all those who have not been so deeply hypnotized: “To bring in a new system. Their new system.” Just according the esoteric alchemical principles of “ordo ab chao” (order from chaos) ad/or “solve et coagula” (dissolve and then put together in a new way”).

    As far as the topic of patrons for music and the arts in former centuries is concerned it is also obvious that those behind the great integrated media conglomerates are not interested in the dissemination of great art, or even decent entettainment for that matter. Once again “culture” is to be toxified. It’s new perverted purpose is to toxify, demoralize and emotionally terrorize its consumers. To poison them from within.
    This is a far cry from, say, the aristocracy of the 18th and 19th century. To just talk about the field of music, J.S.Bach’s prince at Köthen, Leopold, being himself an ambitious amateur musician, was well able to assess the superior quality of the music which his Kapellmeister would write and perform for him and he often also took part in the performances himself.
    Or take the case of Beethoven. He had a close friendship with Archduke Rudolf, the emperor’s brother. Not only was Rudolf Beethoven’s long-time piano student, Beethoven dedicated many important works of his to Rudolf, and even wrote the solo piano part of the Triple Concerto specifically for Rudolf, so that he could join in the performance of the concerto, should he desire to do so.
    Many other similar examples could be given here. Just to prove the point, many of the elites of the past were indeed artistically, philosophically, asthetically highly cultured. A situation that seems impossible by today’s standards. Or could one imagine fruit-cake politicians like Robert Habeck or Annalena Baerbock to posess the same practical artistic prowess like e.g. Frederick II. of Prussia? Or their globalist overlords, like Dr. Klaus Schwab or the Rothschild ilk?

  2. I once read an poignant analysis by an American Christian Orthodox monk (Seraphim Rose) about modernity and Western modernity in particular, that still strikes me asbang on target and quite succinct. Here is a quote from it:

    “It is no exaggeration to say that from the perspective of a normal life viewed even fifty years ago, life today has become abnormal. Fundamental values and concepts of behavior have been turned upside-down. The spoiled and pampered generations know no law except the fulfillment of personal happiness now. Parents bow down before their children’s whims, and these same children grow to adulthood merely substituting their childhood toys and games for grown-up amusement. Life becomes a constant search for “fun,” which is so empty of any serious meaning that a visitor from any 19th-century country, looking at our popular television programs, amusement parks, advertisements, movies, music — at almost any aspect of our popular culture — would think he had stumbled across a land of imbeciles who had lost all contact with normal reality.”

  3. Generally agree, but I will add a footnote: Kratos fucking guys would not have been out of place in ancient Greece. It was more or less normal for guys to fool around with other guys when young, then settle down and marry a teenage girl.

    Also, are you so sure the bored houswife is extinct? I thought that was the main audience for the 50 Shades books.

    1. Kratos is not a young guy anymore in the current God of War timeline. Also, in Ancient Greek, according to the sources I read, homosexuality had a different form, i.e. young boys had older male mentors, and it is not clear if this relationship was built around anal sex. In fact, some kind of eroticism may have been an aspect of it, instead of sodomy. On the note of pushing homosexuality in triple-A games, Ubisoft has been doing this in the Assassin’s Creed games as well. This is an industry-wide trend.

      I think there are many fewer bored housewives today than there were twenty or thirty years ago. There is also a big difference between reading one book a year, because it is heavily pushed by the media, or, like my mother, going through a stack of books month after month because she has the time to and enjoys reading.

  4. “I hope, though, that as a society, we will be able to once again reach or exceed the level of mastery we once had.”

    An alternative theory for the degeneracy being thrust upon us being so prevalent and increasingly so, is that it is an intentional form of what can be referred to as “worldview warfare”. This essentially boils down to a long-winded series of degenerate phenomenon with the end goal being to intentionally de-industrialize the West into a sort of neo-agrarian age, where all our basic needs are taken care of while the elites hoard away singularity level technology. If humanity were not being sabotaged for the last century or so, we would have been on a fast trajectory to solve many issues such as energy, reproduction, fast-tracking the engineering of evolution and AI development (which in turn creates a positive feedback loop where smarter humans create smarter AI and vice versa), nano-technology, space and time travel etc.

    The argument has been made for us that we are not responsible enough to handle such breakthroughs, and the decision has been to degenerate us back into an agricultural setting. I will add that yes, there are many Jews acting to aid in this degeneracy, and a great deal of those Jews would be considered useful idiots. There are indeed many Anglo-Saxon elite as well who are responsible for orchestrating events. The Chinese play an important role in the future by acting as a managerial class for the rest of the world. They’ll be allowed to participate in eugenics, for example, because they’ll incentivize their AI and evolutional course to select for collectiveness vs. individuality. We’d see a major uptick in efficiency in some regards, but also a drastic decrease in innovation and creativity. I don’t count on them to free us from our captors, but to further enslave us in an unescapable web of surveillance. The great European spirit responsible for innovating the West must therefore be drugged, entertained, bombarded with degeneracy, and essentially stifled and bred out of existence.

    1. The in-depth answering of that entire question you are rivhtfully opening up requires a step up in terms of meta-logic, or rather, the paradigm/worldview under which one is operating.
      Because a purely materialistic-“scientific” or a nihilist, a “flux and change” evolutionary or even a monistic-deistic paradigm will not fully and coherently answer all the aspects and issues connected to this problem. So the change in and development towards a fully coherent, non-selfrefuting paradigm is part of this personal journey and required in order to get to the bottom of the rabbit hole…

    2. You mean to say that handling these breakthrough technologies on a moral/ethical philosophical level requires a major shift in the collective perception of the universe?

  5. “(By authors of fiction I refer to people writing novels, not historians, philosophers, or social scientists who just make up bullshit.) “

    Said by a guy whose Math education barely touches Calculus 3, and who’ve failed completely to comprehend Lebesgue integration or Measure Theory.

    1. Dude, I’m pretty sure Sleazy wasn’t suggesting all historians deal in bullshit, it was just a clarification that the point he’s making is not about the realm of non-fiction writings, so no need to get your panties in a bunch. Besides, are you sure you got his Math level right? Has he described it in exact terms?

    2. Yeah, I was about to post what Manuel said. He was talking about lazy/biased historians. Unfortunately they are the majority especially at universities. The subjects he mentioned are all great studies but they have been taken over by social Marxists influenced by the Frankfurt School.

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