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33 thoughts on “Open Thread #226

    1. Jimmy Dore was one of Advocatus Diabolo’s favorite Youtubers !!!

      Another was Kim Iverson, likely because she reminded him of one of the escorts he visited and bathed in cold hard cash !!!

    2. I like Dore. His comedy shows are awesome. Can’t agree on everything but common ground is where progress is made. That’s why he’s frequently on Tucker’s show along with Glenn Greenwald. This pisses a lot of leftists off, even calling them conservatives which they aren’t. Fuck these labels anyway.

  1. If you think that the mainstream is already retarded and cannot possibly get any worse, you should pay more attention. I just learned that the Ukraine, sorry, it is just “Ukraine” now, will be able to “turn the tide” within two weeks. Surely, soon afterwards, their very special Reddit platoon will subdue Moscow.

    In other news, there was a shooting in Denmark. The alleged perpetrator is non-white, thus he is already known to have had “psychological problems”.

  2. Aaron,

    What do you think of renting a space in your abode to a poor 20-25 yr. old woman in exchange for massages (and maybe more,) cleaning and to go out with you in public?

    Do you think this arrangement is worth the potential drama or is it too dangerous to do?

    1. This would depend on the country. In most if not all Western countries, you are opening yourself up to all kinds of legal problems. She would only have to find a man-hating pro-bono lawyer to get a cause going. In the legal papers, you would learn that you engaged in a form of modern-day slavery, forcing a destitute woman into having sex with you.

    2. @P Ray:

      The adage “Don’t sh!t where you eat” is helpful guidance.

    3. In some jurisdictions she would be considered a tenant with legal protections after a particular length of time, and you would need to go through a complicated and expensive legal process to evict her if she becomes problematic. Even worse, after a year or two she would become your common-law wife; again it depends on the jurisdiction. There was a case in my country of exactly such an arrangement in which the woman ended up with the ownership of the man’s house.

  3. The spam folder cucked my last comment, was only a question for Aaron, the jews must be getting desperate…

    1. I just saved your comments from Moloch’s claws. Considering how common the form of economic exploitation you mention is in some corners of the world, it seems like a strange cohencidence that it got picked up by the spam filter.

  4. I already mentioned that German politicians have been talking about how they reduced the amount of time they spend in the shower, in order to stick it to Putin. The next faggot crawled in front of a microphone today and recommended taking cold showers.

  5. “I just saved your comments from Moloch’s claws. Considering how common the form of economic exploitation you mention is in some corners of the world, it seems like a strange cohencidence that it got picked up by the spam filter.”

    Indeed !!!

    No links or swear words. Maybe AI is already monitoring what is and what is not acceptable and “soft prostitution” is not acceptable to the overseers…

  6. “This would depend on the country. In most if not all Western countries, you are opening yourself up to all kinds of legal problems. She would only have to find a man-hating pro-bono lawyer to get a cause going. In the legal papers, you would learn that you engaged in a form of modern-day slavery, forcing a destitute woman into having sex with you.”

    As far as Western societies, I think that if there is another economic calamity and less financial bailouts for 20-something women, then we may see a push for the legalization of hard prostitution-that is money exchanged for sex acts.

    I suspect that soft prostitution, that is arrangements that were a way to get around prostitution laws are becoming less socially acceptable. What do you think?

  7. The Great Reset is picking up steam. In the Netherlands, the WEF stooges recently pushed through laws that force farmers to close down their business. You see, bigot, in order for you to save the planet, you need to starve. Besides, the EU is funding insect farms, which will be your source of proteins, while the elites will laugh at you as you own nothing and eat limp cockroaches. Yet, plans are one thing. Enacting them is another. The Netherlands is rising up:
    The most heartening aspect of the video clips is that white men are showing the politicians that this is enough. Historically, white men have demonstrated that they are quite able to coordinate and organize. This could get wild.

    1. And the Netherlands normally is a pretty laid back and somewhat more “rational”, cool-headed country than – say – “ze Germans”.
      For the Dutch to really make some big public fuss and get themselves there for an uprising, shit really has to be hitting the fan – which it certainly is.

    2. My reaction is that we’re witnessing another round of government protest (J6, NZ, France Vax, Can. Truckers), and that if the farmers fail here then what’s to stop Gates from cucking to the WEF and refusing to sow seeds and raise livestock on his ridiculous and disproportionate amount of farm land? That’d basically be a significant downsize to the two biggest food suppliers in the West (world?). I hope you guys are prepped—just in case.

    3. I think the elites are currently going all out. There is a concerted attack on our food supply but this is only the beginning. Germany is currently getting wrecked. From the looks of it, there will be insufficient natural gas this winter, which means that about half of households may have to freeze to stick it to Putin. Some housing companies have started rationing warm water, some cities even announced that they will reduce electricity usage, for instance by turning down street lights. Furthermore, the country is getting ravaged by the highest inflation in fifty years or so, and its industry is taking a massive beating, with imports exceeding exports the first time in several decades.

    4. Imports exceeding exports? Welcome to what it’s like being an American!

      Seriously though, our economists swear this is a good thing. It’s pretty clear it’s not. Mercantilism made sense.

    5. The US approach works, for the time being, as the dollar is backed by the US military. It is also the standard means of exchange in international trade. However, the US seems to be disinclined to prove the power of their mighty military to the world, and at the same time, the USD is rapidly being replaced as a trade currency. On the plus side, the US was able to live large for 70 years based on Bretton Woods as well as stolen German patents, technology, and scientists. Now the party is ending.

    6. I once challenged an economics professor in an intro to econ lecture on mercantilism. He argued on the level of my ideological history and civics teachers who knew that democracy was the best system ever, but could not explain why the vote of a moron should be worth as much as the vote of a factory owner, or why a government that has no stake in a country’s future would make superior decisions compared to a well-run monarchy. They also had a textbook-based psy-op that conflated Athenian democracy (OMG, look at all those geniuses!) with modern democracy.

      When it came to mercantilism, that professor just dismissed the concept outright, just calling it backwards and an idea that “justifiably ended up on the trash heap of intellectual history”. He mocked the claim that you open up your country to external dominance if you do not protect your industry. Well, we can all see how smart an idea globalization is.

    7. @ Sleaze: Yes, this fixation with “democracy” and the ancient Athenians as the oh-so-hallowed-“birthplace of democracy” is downright ludicrous. It’s a substitute religion of the boomer-NPC-Western citizen and a showcase for his “superior set of values”. But in fact, whenever you just want to begin to challenge this notion or even slightly point to the horrendous flaws of this concept, the NPCs just can’t take it. They also cannot really defend it either. (Libertarian Hans-Herrmann Hoppe actually wrote a great study about it, “Democracy – the god that never was”)

      Instead of “democracy” one might even better call it “demoncracy” – the dialectic pair of Coke and Pepsi pulverizing reality under its marching boots.

    8. I remember reading an edition of Mary Shelley’s (the author of the “Frankenstein” novel) private letter, where she shares the laughable notion that republics (i. e. democracies) create more moral and refined citizens… When you look around to the lower classes and dregs of today’s democracies, do you find that their manners “are more refined” and “more moral“? I see utter stupidity and mostly base and subhuman behaviors (which, I admit, exploit and participate in occasionally). Aah, the bliss of being ruled over by a grossly immoral and petulant mob!

      Wasn’t it Plato who somewhere in his politeia wrote something along the lines of “dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty“? – Yes, I do think so.

  8. I’d like to say happy birthday to my country…..but I have a gripe.

    Fireworks are so fucking stupid. It’s the same damn show as when you were 4 years old. It’s unnecessarily dangerous. It scares the living hell out of dogs. It can bring flah backs to war veterans. I hope we do away with them. It’s a better celebration without them. Fuck fireworks.

  9. “The adage “Don’t sh!t where you eat” is helpful guidance.”


    I don’t sh!t in my kitchen !!!

    I understand though that inventing in a concubine might not be the best thing for my sanity though !!!

    1. I would be surprised if Russian criticism of Israel would be enough for the US to send combat troops to the Ukraine.

      I wonder if the American people still love Israel. Most Republicans did back in the day. Mostly religious Christians. I remember a guy posting that we should go to war with Iran because their leader denied the holocaust.

    2. @ GL-and-S: ” Mostly religious Christians [love Israel].”

      Well, to be precise, you were speaking of protestant evangelicals. They are purely a phenomenon of the WASP universe.
      In fact protestantism has nothing to do with Christianity, evangelicals being some sort of neo-gnostic solipsistic sect. Thus they were easily lured into their philo-judaistic position.

      If you take the oldest denomination of Christianity, which is Orthodoxy, it is in no way philosemitic. Quite to the contrary and naturally so. Or do you think the Ukrainian jews hated the Czar and the Russians for nothing?

      The true issue is the definition of who or what being “a jew” actually means. In the biblical sense, e.g. in the gospel of St. John the theologian, “jews” are those hebrews who reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah, plot against Him, want Him crucified and afterwards actively pursue the apostles (just think of the jewish head hunter Saul who turned into St. Paul) to wipe out Christianity and the Church from the face of the earth. They ARE “the synagogue of satan” as Christ Himself called them in John 8, 44.

      Thus, “being a jew” is not an ethnic issue or merely a political one. It is a matter of spirit. A jew is the perennial revolutionary because his mind has been seized (because he voluntarily allowed that to happen) by demons or by the devil himself.
      Thus the German nazis were eventually wrong in wanting to get rid of the jews physically by whichever means. This was bound to fails because you cannot kill spirits and ideas by killing the hosts they reside in and operate through. “Unseen Warfare” (the title of a brilliant book btw.) operates by completely different set of rules.

      Does that mean that every ethnic jew is such a “jew”. No, even though it’s more likely to be the case. Are there non-jews (“gentiles”) who think and act like jews? Oh yes, of course! In a way one could very well argue that modernity wants to turn all of us into jews.

    3. I also think a lot of neocons have lied to and manipulated their Christian base because they are bought by AIPAC.

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