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48 thoughts on “Open Thread #193

  1. Is anyone here concerned about another manufactured bust after a solid decade of easy money and cheap credit? I think that we will soon see another contraction, with the corresponding transfer of wealth from the middle class to the elites. Anecdotally, I can add that in my part of the world there seems to be an uptick in foreclosure sales. You used to see none at all as the market was just so hot, meaning that distressed owners could easily find a buyer on the market, but there is a foreclosed apartment popping up for auction every few days, and this has started late last year.

    Personally, I am strongly opposed to any kind of debt, and this includes supposedly “good debt” like for education or a car loan. The system literally preys on people making financial mistakes and even though you may not directly be affected, I still think you should not pay interest for money some bank created out of nothing. It is the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

    1. “Is anyone here concerned about another manufactured bust after a solid decade of easy money and cheap credit?”

      I suggest you check out The Snider Series with Robert Breedlove. It’s available on Spotify. This will answer your question. In short, it has very little to do with interest rates or QE and everything to do with actual dollar shortages, which are a direct effect of the Eurodollar system. The roots of this go back to shortly after Bretton Woods in 1944. Snider does a wonderful job at explaining the history, starting way before World War I and while it is a a solid 10 hour rip across about 7 series, sometimes very dense, I can only recommend it. Listeners will understand that Central Banks are essentially powerless and have morphed from “lenders of last resort” to “markets of last resort”.

      “I still think you should not pay interest for money some bank created out of nothing. ”
      While morally correct, in the age of fiat, the one who accumulates the most debt, is the winner. I have shitloads of debt myself, but my assets keep growing at a faster rate than my debt and faster than the interest I pay. Essentially, I am doing on a small scale what Michael Saylor is doing with his company. Not having debt in the age of artificially low interest rates is about the stupidest thing you can do. The important thing is to not leverage the assets you actually buy (i.e. do NOT do a so-called Lombard Loan), but leverage unrelated sources of income or use different collateral in order to buy growing assets.

    2. I will check out The Snider Series. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Also, if you do not mind me asking, what kind of debt did you take on? My understanding is that you normally need to secure your loans, and if not, you pay excessive interest rates, so it is not clear to me how your approach works concretely.

    3. I could collateralize my loans with digital assets like BTC or ETH, but the interest rates would be similar unsecured consumer credit that banks can get you. However, given the wild swings of these markets, margin calls are highly likely unless I pick a very low LTV (max. 15%), which kind of defeats the purpose.
      My loans are unsecured, I pay about 7-9% p.a. in interest. This amounts to me paying back roughly 50% more than what I borrowed over the duration (7years )of the loan. Even if I had bought BTC at the peak of the last bull market (USD 20k ish), I’d still be ahead 4 years into the whole scheme with another 3 years to go. It’s a no-brainer at pretty much any interest rate below say 20% p.a.
      A more ballsy move would be to pick a staking coin with high staking rewards and pay off the interest rate. This of course implies market timing, given you get paid out in tokens which fluctuate in fiat terms. As an example, MINA has rewards of roughly 22% p.a., paid out twice a week. Assuming a 10% interest rate on the fiat denominated unsecured loan, it would allow for a 50%+ correction in price until the tokens have less fiat value to pay off the interest. Needless to say, there’s a compounding effect when staking, but the fiat denominated loan remains stable in nominal terms. If structured conservatively, one could pay off the debt rather quickly.

  2. I came across the story of a middle-aged anti-vax couple who both died of Covid and it is sad that their deaths have orphaned their 5 children. The wife was fat and diabetic but the husband was allegedly healthy. If it is true that he had no underlying conditions, why did he succumb? Bcos he was put on a ventilator? Could this be a rare case of how the vax might’ve helped more than harmed?

    Link here:

    1. Speaking for myself, I’ve never argued that Covid wasn’t real as a health risk. I mentioned around September how the so-called Delta variant seemed more severe for younger patients in my country. Yet, the only fatal victims I *tangentially* knew were: 1) an obese 35 yo, husband to an ex college mate, and 2) a pregnant teenager (don’t know her exact age), a colleague’s niece. Both obvious members of the “risk population” outside the 65+ age group.

      The unnerving part of this whole plandemic is the futility of lockdowns and the gall of trying to make this vaxx compulsory for everyone. The nerve of making an example out of Djokovic, a GOAT tennis player and the greatest champion of Australia’s tournament…

    2. “Bcos he was put on a ventilator?”

      Yes, this and the fact that he was denied Ivermectin and HCQ early on. McCullough and Malone go through this in two epic 3h+ podcasts on Joe Rogan. It’ll blow your mind.


      Interesting. The violet flags you see are from “Mass-Voll”, a Switzerland based protest movement, which I personally don’t know, never have seen and have never supported, according to Uber’s mom doesn’t exist and in her qualified opinion also has no way of having spilled over across the border. Also, I have lost all my taxable income in a tragic boating accident.

  3. The UK is going to drop the cuck mask mandate:
    I did not think that this would happen anytime soon. Nonetheless, I welcome this change. However, the Covid hoax cannot just stop by dropping mandates. The people in charge have to be made responsible for the endless economics, physical, and psychological destruction they caused. There is certainly the risk that the dropping of Covid restrictions will be used as the end point, with politicians throwing up their hands and saying that they have “merely tried their best”. Then they will talk about mistakes that “have been made” (but not by them), and that we all now need to get over this and move on, instead of taking on personal responsibility for their actions.

    1. Definetely agree. Backtracking must not be their get-away card. They must be held liable. With everything we’ve been through for the past 2 years, it’s easy to go just go “oh I’ve had enough of this stuff” and just let it go, due to being too tired to deal with the people who did it.

      But if they get away with this, we’re doomed, because next-time they might actually succeed.

    2. @Aaron and @Alek: don’t get greedy. 🙂

      The establishment just notched a W days ago with Djokovic’s deportation (it remains to be seen whether this turns out an L in the long run, but for the moment…), and we’re a long way to go for things to “normalize”, i.e. being able to (legally) travel to Europe the way I did in 2019, with no hassle whatsoever.

    3. I think that what is emerging are opposing camps. Australia will likely keep increasing the pressure while other countries, such as the UK, are working on walking back some of the tyrannical Covid measures. I would argue that this alone is a big win for us as this all started out by rolling our the global Covid tyranny essentially simultaneously. What we are witnessing right now is, at the very least, the collapse of synchronized global leadership. “Operation Lockstep” is no more. Now the question is how this will continue.

    4. Speaking of Djokovic, French authorities hav gone out of their way to “clarify” that if he wants to participate in the next major tournament, the French Open which starts in LATE MAY, he’d better get the jab before. So they’re projecting to be still closing ranks for this nonsense more than 4 months from now.

    5. I think that what is emerging are opposing camps.

      I was just commenting this to my friend. But I didn’t realize that it’s actually a good thing, as you point out. To me it was like, wait this is weird. On one hand some countries are backtracking, on the other hand, some other countries are doubling down. So weird.

      But you are right. It is a good thing because it breaks the globalistic sync.

    1. Switzerland pivoting as well:

      “Alain Berset verbreitet in einem Interview Zuversicht: «Die Zeiten des Zertifikats scheinen sich dem Ende zu nähern», sagte Bundesrat Alain Berset im Gespräch mit der «Schweiz am Wochenende» (22. 1.). Weiter stellte der oberste Krisenmanager des Landes in Aussicht, dass bei guter Entwicklung in den nächsten Wochen die Home-Office-Pflicht in eine Empfehlung geändert und die Quarantäne aufgehoben werden könnte. Der Bundesrat habe aber entschieden, dass die Home-Office-Pflicht und Quarantäneregeln vorerst bis Ende Februar gelten würden. Man sei aber bereit, die Massnahmen jede Woche anzupassen.”

    2. I dunno guys. Still waiting on Uber to tell us how to interpret all of this.

      I dont like thinking, I like being told what and how to think by soros trained representatives.

    3. There is an interesting dynamic unfolding: the socialist core of Europe attempts to keep up the farce (DE, AT, F, I), the rest of the Eurozone is pulling out, the US have been divided alongside political lines, and Asia is getting more and more neurotic. While Thailand and Vietnam, and possibly others, are about to slowly open up to tourism, they do do not seem inclined to call the bluff. Singapore, in particular, is hell-bent on being the poster boy of the scamdemic, with little kids nowadays getting ostracized for not being vaxxed whereas even in cucked Canda only 2% of young children got the vaxx.

      Uber’s mom currently does not speak to me, unfortunately, as I really miss her hot takes the scamdemic.

    4. This is the best news in a long time. Thanks for sharing! Incidentally, I checked up on travel restrictions for a number of countries in SEA this Friday.

      We now have Mexico, El Salvador, and Vietnam as exit options, and in addition, several Western countries are backtracking, too. Even if Western countries follow suit, I have to say that I have gotten really fed up with our elites. I pay a lot in taxes, and I am effectively barred from taking part in society, so thanks for that, Davos fucktards! I wonder if there will be measurable effects of Covid on the tax basis. For instance, for years there has been an exodus of mostly young and well-educated men from Sweden to less oppressive countries, and Germany is facing the same problem. With the shift to work-from-home, I can easily imagine more people packing their bags and moving to countries with friendlier tax laws. On that note, no, third-worlders are not going to take your STEM job; if they were able to, there would be no expensive Whites and Asians in the industry.

    5. German political elite is afraid it seems.

      “The government is concerned about the decentralized actions,” reports the newspaper, with one source labeling the “immensity” of the demonstrations “depressing.”

      “Never before in the history of the Federal Republic have there been demonstrations that are more widespread than in the last few weeks,” states the report, with the government counting 1,046 separate protests involving around 188,000 participants.”

      OK, so, I haven’t gone to university and am just a cook by trade, but if I divide 188000 by 1046 my calculator tells me it’s 188 folks per demonstration.
      I think there’s a zero missing and it’s more like 1.8mio participants. Smells fishy.

    6. A few days ago, you could observe a wonderful illustration of the confusion of the powers that be on the front page of the German news portal One story was about the nation-wide protest being “small and insignificant”, and the other, right next to it, was about those “enormous protests posing a never-before-seen threat to democracy”, or something along those lines.

      I have come across mainstream sources that claimed that last Monday there were over 300,000 protesters, by the way. I also noticed an amusing new technique, i.e. over-specifying the numbers to discredit them. I think it was about the big protests in Munich were, instead of giving a number in thousands, they banded about that there were “15.700”, or some other number ending with 700. As if those faggots had counted every single protester. This was laughable in its transparency. Next week we will probably read that there were 101.452 protesters. On that note, Uber’s mom just called me, and that bitch sounded really hungover, telling me that I have to personally count every protester in every city, and personally verify the identity of each protester, if I want to question government figures.

  4. Hi there,

    Longtime reader of this blog here. No-Shit-Sherlock-Advice to all pick-up newcomers on a dry-spell: Don’t make one-night-stands as the only opportunity for railing a chick. Get on dates as well if the opportunity arises (or smashes right in your face). If a hot chick approaches you in a club and initiates the kiss and you still blew it by leaving without picking her up, you can still contact her on a social media site and invite her to coffee near her place. An experience is still an experience. Oh, and don’t let it hinder you that you still living at home. Of course, you should strive to move out but don’t let shame hinder you to make some experiences.

  5. It looks like we’ll get at least one cool non-kosher flick this year. Well, one of the three producers is an Israeli, but that’s about the best you’re going to get out of a big budget film. Cast, other two producers and director/writers seem solid:

    1. This looks promising. However, I am not going to hold my breath as there is a non-zero chance that we will learn that those Vikings all had gay lovers and were ruled by a strong, independent woman.

    2. Based off of the trailer, your latter assumption appears to be void (King gets dethroned by another Chad, rightful heir gets a revenge arc to assume his place on the throne). The main protagonist’s mother, who is being portrayed by Nicole Kidman, gives off a really shady vibe. It looks like the women in this film are going to make power plays using cunning and covert manipulation, which is perfect. However, your former point is still in play as far as I’m concerned. I’m reminded of that Alexander the Great film with Angelina Jolie. They made Alexander a kind of progressive, homosexual with some sort weird incestual quasisexual relationship involving his mother. Nothing is off the table obviously as they took one of the greatest conquerors of all time and turned him into a joke. The good news is that the director of this film, who also co-wrote it, has some pretty good works under his belt (The Witch, The Lighthouse).

    3. We do not see enough scheming women on screen; in that regard, Spartacus was really refreshing. For some reason, we are all exposed to scheming women. Heck, probably all our mothers are schemers. Yet our media pretend that women do not behave that way. Amusingly, there are a lot of women out there who are so used to hatching plots that the mere thought of asking for a straight request escapes them.

      I intend to watch The Witch this week, and if I like it, I will also watch The Lighthouse. Thanks for the recommendations.

    4. I really wonder what went wrong there. Probably some decision makers were clearly asleep at the wheel. Then again, they cleared up their act afterwards because since then there was not a single mainstream movie release that touched the topic of toxic female behavior.

  6. Are you into weird psychological horror/thrillers with disturbing imagery? If not, then I would skip them. The Lighthouse was definitely the more intriguing of the two. I’d say go for that one first. This The Northmen flick is giving me a much more straight forward kind of vibe, but I can still see the odd flair of the director shining through, like with the feral-looking Valkyrie and the shrunken William Dafoe head in the trailer.

    I will look into Spartacus. I’ve heard if it but have never checked it out for some reason.

    1. I cannot say that I have a particular fondness of this genre. However, the cinematography of The Witch seems outstanding. Also, anytime someone recommends a book or movie on this blog, I make a note to look into it. This obviously does not mean that I mindlessly consume anything anybody on here mentions but given that this is a fringe community of relatively like-minded people who are able to think for themselves, chances are much higher that I will enjoy the recommendations of my readers than whatever is mentioned on “best x” threads on Reddit.

    2. Then I’m glad my recommendations have piqued your interest and I hope you enjoy them. Let us know about your take on The Witch. I remember reading about how the director wanted the set pieces to look as authentic as possible, so that they used traditional construction methods of the day to build the houses and stuff. The attire of the Puritans seems pretty on point as well. Thinking back on this film, as it’s been several years since I’ve seen it, there seems to be some revealing parallels between the practices of the occultists in the movie and what has been said of our current day “Elites”.

    3. The last movie I watched was at my grandfathers request. He wanted to watch Dr. Strangelove, a Kubrick* film. This flick is a dark comedy that was made during the Cold War when tensions of an impending nuclear strike were high all around (some spoilers ahead). Early on, a high ranking American general and Nationalist sets off a series of emergency nuclear defense and retaliation protocols against Russia that can only be rescinded with the secret code that he has access to, as all communication with the B52s is shut down per procedure. The thing about the general’s intentions is that they are based purely of “conspiratorial” thinking such as those damn “Commies putting fluoride in the water to pollute our precious bodily fluids and poison our minds.”

      The President of the U.S. has a mastermind group of scientists, generals, politicians etc. secreted away in bunker (one of which is Dr. Strangelove, who is a maniacal Nazi scientist presumably plucked by US intelligence after Operation Paperclip), where another uber-patriotic general attempts to (without any knowledge of the other general’s intentions) convince the President to double down in order to minimize the damage done from a retaliatory strike from Russia. There’s a comical scene where he tries to plant false evidence on the Russian ambassador to convince the President that he is trying to take picture of the Big Board, which he eventually does anyway. There is also the perspective of one of the B52’s crew, as well. However, I couldn’t help but get the impression that this was one of those hippy-era flicks that painted those on the Right as war hungry maniacs, while making the so-called communists out to be victims of the rabid Right and ultimately the only sane ones. I could just be overthinking it, though.

      I remember reading a random theory about how Kubrick’s last film Eyes Wide Shut, featuring Tom Cruise, got him offed. I have not seen it yet, but apparently it demonstrates a lot of shady practices and occultism of the wealthy elite. If that’s the case, it’s probably no accident that a well-respected Hollywood guy like Kubrick wouldn’t at least be somewhat in the know. Perhaps even disgusted by the things he had witnessed up to that point. Purely speculating here.

    4. Kubrick’s time of death was certainly suspicious. I just looked it up, and it is even more suspicious than I thought as he died six (!) days after the screening of Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrick was also part of the Jewish elites and most certainly in the know about their satanic practices. A particularly interesting aspect is that this movie was shot in one of the Rothschild palaces, incidentally one in which the elites held satanic parties. Most amazingly, there is picture evidence of it (in particular part II is relevant):
      [EDIT: I just reread this series of articles. There is also a third part, which covers the progression of the male protagonist.]

      I am of course only wildly speculating, but could it be the case that Kubrick himself, as a young man, attended satanic Rothschild parties that took place at the very palace in which he later filmed Eyes Wide Shut? If so, the men behind the curtain would most certainly have viewed him as a traitor. Perhaps, Kubrick thought that he was immune to retaliation, as an elite Jew himself, but after the screening, some people may have gotten mightily pissed off and decided to inject him with a mystery juice that triggers a heart attack — no, I am not talking about the vaxx. (Again, all of this is completely baseless speculation that has absolutely no footing in reality. I would take schizo meds to help me with this, but unfortunately, they only work if everyone else takes them, too.)

    5. Wow. You seem to have a knack for investigation and piecing things together. Perhaps the movie was the elites way of telegraphing their motives? I recall you writing about that being their modus operandi as a method for avoiding negative karma for bad deeds, or something like that.

      This might sound strange, but have you ever considered that perhaps there is actually something to the occult? That is to say, there are possibly forces beyond just the physical mechanical universe. Either that, or certain groups of people tend to have a disposition towards schizophrenia.

      I think I’d like to check this movie out at some point. It would be funny to have my grandfather view it with me after pointing out some facts about Kubrick*. Maybe they’ll neglect to invite me to Israel with them next time they voyage there.

    6. I noticed you wrote Kubrick with an added asterisk. Is this a shorthand for the echoes symbol? I am not active in any discussion groups online, so this maybe a meme that I have not come across yet.

      Yes, I wrote about one tenet of satanism being that you do not face punishment if you tell your victims what you intend to do to them. Of course, you can use misleading language or, apparently, humor and mockery along the lines of, “stupid goy, you surely cannot believe that we are going to roll out vaxx passports and vaxx mandates, and build concentration camps for the unvaxxed”. Meanwhile, they are working on all of that behind the scenes. They call you a conspiracy theorist until their plans have come to fruition, at which point you are relabelled as an enemy of the state.

      For occultism to exist and perpetuate itself there does not need to be any foundation of it. I picture the elites as simply having some kind of global drinking club, and occultism as a means of bonding. That being said, there are probably some aspects of it that exert tremendous psychological force on its participants, such as sexually abusing minors or human sacrifice. I have no doubt that all of this is going on behind the scenes, and there is enough evidence for it. The most important recent examples are Dutroux and Epstein, with their networks. Also, on a related note, I think there are aspects to reality that are beyond our understanding. For instance, very rarely I have I encountered people I perceived as pure evil. Their presence gave me a shudder, and it was not because they looked like comic-book villains. Similarly, I have met people where there was an immediate mutual connection, and I am not just talking about women I have picked up. This can probably be explained somehow but I would argue that the precise psychological mechanisms escape our understanding. There is also collective evil or collective happiness. Maybe you felt that the “vibe” was off at a certain party. You cannot quite put your finger on it as everything seems normal, yet moments later a brawl breaks out in one corner that soon involves half the club.

      The discussion about Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut made me want to rewatch it, as it has been many, many years. I think I watched it in the early 2000s and, obviously, back then I had little clue about how the world really worked. I most certainly only had surface-level understanding of the movie back then.

    7. I’m not aware of any group using an asterisk as shorthand for the echoes symbol, but I thought to do it on the spot as the asterisk looks like a bare bones Star of David.

      “Also, on a related note, I think there are aspects to reality that are beyond our understanding.”

      I’ve also had some strange experiences like what you describe. Among the most odd where those that I could only describe as the phenomenon of Synchronicity. And also, a couple very startling experiences involving owls. It’s also no secret that governments such as the US and Russia have funded ESP and Remote Viewing programs. The Stanford Research Institute come to mind.

    8. Could you go into your startling experiences with owls? They happen to be among my favorite animals but unfortunately I never met one in the wild, albeit I have recollections of hearing the characteristic sound of the Eurasian eagle-owl, called “Uhu” in German, as a child, growing up in the countryside. Sadly, they no longer seem to be around, probably due to deforestation and massively increased building construction in the area. Also, wind turbines have been causing a bird holocaust.

    9. Turbines seem to be a complete joke, and it’s upsetting to see photos of eagles and owls falling victim to them. Have you by chance listened to that one particular Pierce episode where he goes into detail what a hypothetical and idealistic United States could look like? The reason I ask is because he had a neat perspective on population control and preserving nature.

      The first strange occurrence happened while I was traveling to a cabin in a remote location a few years ago. It was part of a getaway I had planned with a chick, and it was night time as we drove East down the highway. We were talking and the subject of her late father came up. She apparently had a somewhat decent relationship with him before he suddenly passed away during her late teens. During the conversation on the topic of her father she said, “anytime I ever bring him up something weird always happens.” It was at that moment we both looked and saw an owl (I don’t know exactly which species) standing on the right side of the road precisely behind the line, with its eyes fixated on the vehicle as we drove by. I believe the eyes of owls are unable to rotate and are always fixed straight ahead, which is what gives them their sort of haunting stare. However, this would actually be the first time I had ever seen an owl in person.

      The second occurrence actually happened just a few months ago. I was reading this book about UFO phenomenon (something I became more interested in about 3 or 4 years ago), and the theme of owls came up. I might have read about 8 or 10 pages discussing how owls are supposedly related to certain aspects of the UFO phenomenon, when suddenly I heard an owl calling from outside of my window. It was again night time and pitch black outside. At first, I thought I was hearing things but stopped reading to make sure. This particular owl kept hooting for well over 10 minutes, and I even went outside and began hooting back at it. At one point, it would follow up my calls with its own as if we were taking turns. I was never able to obtain a visual on it, though.

      The thing that made the more recent event so strange in my mind is the fact that I have lived in this area for a very long time and never remember hearing owls before. It’s not that it’s that uncommon or unheard of around these parts, but I haven’t heard one neither before or since, so it didn’t stick around this exact area for long. I was able to narrow the exact species of owl down to the Great Horned Owl. Look up what one sounds like. It’s certainly one of the more stereotypical sounding owls, imo. Btw, what are the odds of that even happening?

      I will be looking into the Eurasian eagle-owl you spoke of. Also, I want to watch Spartacus now but and trying to figure out a way so as not to have to pay for it. If it’s a super based show, though, then maybe it is worth the money to support it.

    10. I listened to maybe 2/3 of Pierce’s radio broadcast, but I cannot recall that particular episode. Too bad there is no easy way to look up the topics he covered in each episode.

      Some time ago I came across a scientist claiming that wind power is not really free and if we put up more and more wind turbines, we may cause climate change, but this time for real. The reasoning seemed prima facie convincing, and was based on the assumption that we currently only minimally affect the easterlies but if we continue to put up wind turbines, we will eventually hit critical mass, which will weaken the easterlies so much that it will affect the global climate. If this is true, it would be most ironic that “green energy”, which is supposed to save us from (hypothesized) man-made global warming will lead to man-made global cooling.

      Your experiences with owls sound chilling. I assume that nine out of ten women would simply have screamed out in horror in the first case. Those great horned owls make lovely sounds. It is very calming to listen to them:

      In contrast, here is the Eurasian eagle-owl:

      About Spartacus: I have been hearing rumors that if you go to, and enter the name of any TV show or movie you want to watch, followed by “1080p” or “watch for free”, you will quickly find it. As an added bonus, this one weird trick supposedly does not work with artfag movies. Note that I, obviously, have never done this myself. I have no idea what I just wrote, in fact.

    11. Haha, I love how that Uhu squints his right eye at the cameraman. He even seems to perk up and respond to the calls of the cameraman also. The more recent event I told you about made me want to watch David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, but I couldn’t find it. Perhaps using your suggestion will work.

      Btw, I had looked up another video of the Eurasian eagle-owl and I agree they are quite fascinating birds. I think probably the most odd of the owls in this area is the barn owl. They have more of screech versus a hoot, and a somewhat haunting appearance. I can’t say for sure that this was the bird we saw on the road, but I think it’s close:

      I should be able to dig up that Pierce episode for you later, but I honestly find it sort of depressing to listen to because it’s simply an idealistic thought experiment. It’s not idealistic in terms of it being impossible to achieve. In fact, it’s a very obtainable scenario. It’s just that things have degraded beyond the point of no return and there is no pulling that vision together at this point any time soon.

      Anyway, this particular chick did not scream. I never actually heard her scream and or get real excited. She had a way of making fun of stressful situations. I remember it being quiet for a few moments, and I didn’t know if she had seen what I had seen yet until she said, “what the fuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

      I’ve spoken to a prominent MGTOW guy about weird phenomenon and the stuff he has told me is simply mind blowing. I wouldn’t reveal any of that to the public here, though. But he would tell you himself if you wanted to hear about it. Do you have any weird stories?

    12. I like barn owls, too, albeit a lot of people seem to find them creepy. The sounds they make complement their looks, I would say. Interesting to note here is that their German name is “Schleiereule”. “Schleier” means “veil”, i.e. “veiled owl”, which is a much more fitting name than barn owl. (Surely, those owls existed before there were any barns around.)

      In my view, the behavior of this woman is similar to a chick who is breaking sexual tension by giggling or babbling something relatively incoherent, and, if anything, shows that they cannot quite deal with the situation. In your case, I would venture that she could not make sense of what she experienced, felt crept out by it, and then blurted out whatever came to her mind.

      Feel free to give that guy my email address.

      I have some weird stories, both related to pickup and otherwise. Regarding women, I met some whom I bailed on despite the fact that I could have gone ahead. Now, the issue is that it is hard if not impossible to know, after the fact, if your hunch was correct, just like I stayed away from some shady guys I met. However, there were two girls I could easily have had sex with, and one was even in my bed, naked, but something was holding me back. With the latter, I just had a really unsettling feeling. It is hard to describe. Strangely enough, about nine months later she posted a picture on her Facebook page in which she was holding her new-born.

      In that particular case, I am very sure that I somehow picked up on the fact that there was something off as the interaction felt somewhat forced. Note that I had been hanging out with this girl for maybe couple of weeks beforehand. She weaseled her way into my circle of friends, and was simply very manipulative to get me to be alone with me. That night began with me showing up at her place, where I had expected to meet some other friends there as well, but it was only her. I found it odd to hang out in her room, so she suggested going out. We did that, and then she claimed that she had “lost her keys”, so she needed to stay over at my place. I think her goal was to lock down a good provider with a baby, but a baby from a different guy. (I happen to know that her plan did not work out. She now has two kids from two guys, and the last thing I know is that she raises them on her own and lives off welfare. Note that this was a very attractive woman and could have done a lot better for herself. I suspect that she is on the borderline spectrum, with severe self-destructive tendencies. I knew that she was also heavily into “party drugs” like MDMA.)

    13. The experiences with women you outlined reminded me of something I wanted to say on here about a recent interaction I recently had. It’s related to all the drama the last chick I fooled around put me through and how all the craziness I’ve dealt with has compounded together.

      I was chatting with this young woman and thought that from her appearance she was more normal than what had been used to. It’s not that I had some premonition or gut feeling about her, but as we talked for a little she soon revealed her instability. She used the subject of Tik Tok and her inability to dance “even while drunk”, to segue into how she tries to avoid drinking altogether now because during her last binge sessions (according to her) she had easy sex with some guy and ended up dating him for an extended period. Next thing she’s talking about how abusive the whole relationship was, and that there was even a point where the two were supposedly pointing pistols at each other’s head. Suffice it to say I was immediately turned off.

      There was admittedly a time where I would have ignored such red flags and just told myself to stick around long enough to get the lay, but now I’d just rather chill at home and work on recording that track and getting that high score instead. Of course, I don’t regret banging all those feral sluts because now I have the experience that I had craved prior (the reality doesn’t match my initial expectations). The positive consequence is that my tolerance for chaos has went down significantly lately.

      Btw, that particular MGTOW guy doesn’t typically reach out to people, I don’t think. I can e-mail you his name, though.

    14. When starting to pick up women, you probably stay away from the saner-looking types as they may make you wait. In contrast, you go after outgoing chicks with tattoos as you can bang them quite easily, provided you are their type. It almost ironic how a man’s preferences tend to change after having had his fair share of women who exist on the spectrum ranging from “manic pixie dream girls” to full-on borderliners. At some point you just have had enough of them.

      Sure, send me that guy’s name.

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