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A recurring theme on this blog, in particular in the Open Threads, is the discrepancy between reality and the make-believe world the mainstream is pushing. I notice this in my day-to-day life as well, with people acting not in accordance with reality but some kind of gobbledegook world that is so inconsistent that your head hurts if you think about it. A great example is a chick I knew who demonstratively ate salads for lunch, and throughout the day she snacked on some sweets the packaging of which stated, in bold letters, that it contained zero percent fat. She really did not grasp that the sugar in it was ruining her health. Instead, she believed that those sweets were healthy.

With men, I more and more observe that they take on female behaviors. In particular with young men I notice that some of them smile excessively. Some even giggle, like girls. Yet, smiling is a sign of submission. You signal that you are not a threat. Women smile in order to appeal to you. In contrast, the ideal of a man is to have a stoic nature. This means that you take whatever the world throws at you, and to the world you project that you are in control. The first step to projecting that you are in control is to have your facial muscles in control. If you smile uncontrollably, how should anybody trust you with anything?

Quite frankly, I am physically repelled when a dude is smiling at me. It is worst if this is done by someone in a higher position. In fact, this is a complete reversal of the status hierarchy because your manager should not show signs of submission towards you. Smiling, smiley men are a complete turn-off. Just look at this guy, for instance:

He is giddy that he will own nothing, and he will take it up the ass for free, too, if Klaus Schwab so desires.

I think when the elites put out images like that, they also mock you. This little faggot’s smiling face was chosen because of the obvious discrepancy in the message. You are supposed to own nothing, yet be happy? If anything, this statement sounds like a threat, but not to Faggy Tim over here who smiles as Klaus Schwab strips him of all his assets and robs him of the dream of ever owning a house. A smiley, spineless man just goes with it. He is the perennial victim.

In contrast, imagine the picture of a great leader next to this message. Instantly, your perspective shifts. I created the meme below, using an image of a bust of Julius Cesar:

This is what a serious man looks like.

Right away, you deduce that Cesar is not the target of the message, unlike the submissive faggot in the first picture. Instead, you may interpret the message in one of two ways:

1) I will take everything you have and if you resist, I will kill you
2) I will own everything, but I will provide for you as long as you serve me

In the end, it boils down to whether our imaginary Julius Cesar in this scenario is benevolent or tyrannical. Also, as he is a real man, he tells you this to your face whereas the elites operate in the shadows, hiding their ugly faces whenever they can.

If you want to invite the world to walk all over you then go ahead and smile to your heart’s content. Signal to everyone that you are not a threat, and that they can rob you blind. You will be happy regardless. Alternatively, you could learn to not want to indicate to the world that you are a doormat. It starts with not smiling all the time. Even when there is good news, it is good to not excessively smile as it keeps the other party on your guard. Let’s say you get a raise. Do you smile regardless of how much or how little it is? I hope not. The mature man may nod, say that he appreciates it, and get back to work. Keep up your poker face. This will serve you a lot better in the long run. Just imagine how you want the world to perceive you. If you could chose, you probably would much rather be the guy in the second picture above rather than the first one.

11 thoughts on “Smile Less!

  1. IIRC, you’ve mentioned you’ve done some amount of in-person coaching. Did you ever have a client that had a scowl on his face, but he didn’t have the lisbon thug look, and thus, couldn’t make it work? Would it be safe to say that when in doubt, keep a somewhat neutral expression?

    1. Yes, I have done in-person coaching, and I still do online coaching. I have had a few guys with perma-scowls, but none that seemed like an insurmountable problem. If in doubt, I would indeed advise you to keep a neutral expression.

  2. Aaron,
    1. “Women smile in order to appeal to you”.

    I’ve often seen Chinese women who tend not to smile. I’ve also heard that Russian women do not smile as much. Is this part of their culture?

    2. “…the ideal of a man is to have a stoic nature”.

    Is Clint Eastwood a good example of stoic nature?

    1. 1) I have not met enough Russian and Chinese women to make general statements, but the ones I have met in the West seemed to smile plenty. Also, perhaps due to a lack of exposure, I cannot remember encountering a non-Western women with a strong case of RBF, albeit they probably exist.

      2) Clint Eastwood, or at least the characters he plays, would make an excellent example.

  3. Girls used to tell me to smile all of the time. Usually receiving the opposite response. What’s more submissive than smiling on command?

    1. There are many types of smiles and they are differentiated by way in which muscles around eyes contract. I would divide them tentatively into submissive smiling, smirking and smiling of approval/enjoyment. Sometimes it is useful to smile in social situations in order to put other person at ease, but that should be done with the underlying intent that you approve of them and not that you are harmless and being the one seeking approval.

      Just to illustrate the point with somewhat of an extreme example, consider a smile of that happy renter above and a smile of, say, Jack Nicholson.

    2. The girls that ordered me to smile were, without exception, girls I had no interest in. The girls that I like can see it on my face, with zero effort from me. I have no poker face to speak of.

  4. If you walk around smiling in Russian speaking countries, they will call you a maniac that belongs into a mental hospital

  5. Referring to the “sugar-free salad”. Recently I’ve seen some foods labelled “fat-free”, “cholesterol-free”, “sugar-free”, “salt-free”, “caffeine-free” and “lactose-free” that wouldn’t normally contain such substances. Presumably to manipulate people into buying those brands in preference to other brands without such labels. Seriously; “low calorie water” and “lactose-free nuts”? It’s not a false claim, but it is misleading!

  6. Aaron,
    1. “Women smile in order to appeal to you”.

    Shouldn’t men smile back at a woman if she signals her availability, or should men remain stoic in nature when a woman expresses her interest?

    2. “Signal to everyone that you are not a threat, and that they can rob you blind”.

    With the current high crime rate here in Los Angeles, I wonder whether criminals target any random male victim or whether criminals refrain from robbing men who display a more serious/stoic nature relative to your typical male faggot who smiles a lot? I’ve come across men who tend to smile a lot, but have a background in MMA.

    1. 1) I did not say that you should not smile at all but that if you smile a lot, and without a good reason, you may want to reconsider what you are doing. It is perfectly fine to return a smile.

      2) There are studies on what makes people prime targets for crimes. I recall reading about body-language cues that betray unfamiliarity with an environment, for instance. I just did a cursory search online but did not find the study I had in mind. However, I found another one that more systematically analyzed the process from”target selection” (remember that word?) to victimization:

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