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57 thoughts on “Open Thread #163

  1. @Pickernanny: I received your article request. Thanks a lot for it. It will probably take me a few day to find the time. I’m confirming the receipt in public because GMail is apparently blocking emails coming from Yandex. This may be politically motivated. Here is a thread on the Google support forum:
    Potentially, this may be a desperation move to keep people away from other free email services.

    1. Why am I not surprised? I’m reminded of the Libertarian sentiment ‘just start your own company.’ A lot of good that will do you when you just get blocked from participating and competing on equal footing. Take your time with the request, though.

  2. I updated macOS today, which came with a new version of the browser Safari. One new feature is that the bookmark toolbar takes on the color of the background of the website you are on, and it even changes dynamically. I think this is a horrible feature as it is visually inconsistent. This is probably what you get when the diversity hires get pushed into leadership positions and simply do not pay any attention to the nonsense coming from people who were only supposed to warm a chair.

  3. To conclude the “man going back to his roots in nature” topic, I address Aaron’s last response:

    “Living in a village next to a forest would be a good compromise, though. Living off the grid would not be my cup of tea either. Yet, one of the goals I am currently pursuing is to live away from cities”.

    That’s a good compromise indeed, yo live in an area with less polluted air, noise, and being able to retreat to solitude among the trees. Mind you, my opinion is that living in the countryside is very nice if you grow your own food or raise your own animals. Being the help for another landowner? Not so much.

    1. That’s what Tim Pool (and some other libertarian youtubers) did. They’re within short driving distance from cities for if they need stuff, but they’re in a village-like setting with high-speed internet.

    2. Do you have a links to blog posts or videos at hand? I’d be curious to learn more about their setup.

    3. I would like to grow my own food but I am not sure whether I would really want to be fully self-sufficient. Still, with a greenhouse and some smart gardening, you can probably get fresh vegetables almost all year round even in a moderate climate. My mother was not a hardcore gardener and probably has not even heard the term prepper, but she could cover about eight months of the year with vegetables, and technically the entire year with fruits thanks to pickling (for some reason she did not like to freeze either fruits or vegetables). She even used some of the berries she grew as barter, getting us buckets of walnuts and hazelnuts from other people in the village. My grandmother even had a chicken coop. Thinking about the above, you could cover a large part of your nutritional needs with homegrown fruits and vegetables as well as eggs.

    4. They usually mention it in the middle of longer videos/podcasts on a political topic, so they don’t have a dedicated video on their setup (at least not on youtube, their private website might have it).

      Like they’ll be discussing antifa or biden, and then go into making jokes about their chickens, and how right before the show they were dealing with their chicken coop and sidetrack into how their place is set up or how they grow their food, before they come back to the news/topics of the show.

      Or he’ll be discussing how the economy is suffering due to leftist policies, then go into why cities suck and they bought an entire mini-mansion outside the city for an insanely low price, built studios, got internet hooked up there… and he’ll be like as I’m talking into the camera now and discussing Biden, I’m looking at little bunnies running around, there’s a window behind this camera and it’s all just forest behind for as far as the eye can see.

    5. This makes sense. Probably, if you show your face in the alt-right or alt-lite, you do not want to broadcast to the world detailed images of your house and land.

      I think the best aspect of all this Covid bullshit was to highlight how unnatural if not actively harmful life in the city is. When I look out of the window, I do not see forests and meadows but 150-year-old buildings that some deranged lefty thought look better with a bunch of tags sprayed on them. There are even a few squats around here that the government has been refusing to dissolve for probably a few decades.

    6. @Aaron, I’ve never lived in what you would consider a “big” city, but I can imagine what you say.

      Would you consider Prague “a big city”. I thought it was lovely, not perfect by anu means but not yet afflicted by the “concrete jungle” feel that Berlin (which I had a glance of in transit from Amsterdam to Prague) or the huge American metropolitan areas must have.

    7. Prague is certainly a big city. I have only visited it briefly. Surely, if it was located in the West, you would see the same levels of degeneracy as in Berlin. Note that size is not necessarily the problem. You find incessant reminders of the decline of the West even in small cities of 50,000 inhabitants such as graffiti and loitering “doctors and engineers”. In Sweden, for instance, there are gang shootings routinely taking place in towns most Swedes have hardly even heard. Run Fria Tider ( through Google Translate when you have an hour to spare, and be amazed at what is going on in this country.

  4. Today it struck me that it has been a few weeks since American Krogan released his analysis video on BioShock, with part II promised to be released soon. To my surprise, and delight, part II has been uploaded today, and I was one of the first ~150 viewers:
    Part II has now turned into four parts and an epilogue. The material is pretty deep, and I warmly encourage you to watch it if you want to know what is wrong with society today. It is irrelevant if you are a fan of BioShock Infinite, let alone video games in general, as he connects his observations to history and illuminates events that took place in the shadows, i.e. the kind of material you have probably not encountered in your sanitized history books back in school.

  5. May I ask if any of you ever experienced sexual harassment by a feminist? The hypocrisy…can be quite astonishing, given what they supposedly stand for. I guess people don’t give a shit when its a man on the receiving end..

    1. But that was the plan all along. I was confused at the incoherencies in feminism’s demands about sexuality, until one day I figured it out.

      That ugly feminists can throw themselves at you, and this this is the only allowed type of sexual interaction is not mere hypocrisy, that was the plan all along. Read this:

    2. There is plenty of that to be had in the world. You would be surprised how aggressive the women in Sweden are, for instance. Due to decades of crude social engineering, the traditional roles of the sexes have been flipped, and it is the women who normally approach men, and the women act worse than you probably imagine. Pinching your ass and grabbing your crotch is harmless. Quite regularly, chicks try reaching into your pants and grabbing your cock. Needless to say, this is only hot when a hot chick does it.

  6. Black Pennsylvanian politician Chris Rabb puts forth legislation to sterilize men 6 weeks out from their third child or once turning 40 years old. $10k reward proposed for those who snitch on the non-compliant. Why do I get the feeling this would disproportionately affect white males? Honk! Thank goodness that white genocide is merely a conspiracy/hoax. Btw, I can’t believe (I can actually) how poorly this document was worded. Quick! We must elect more competent leaders like this:

    1. What a find! I have a hard time believing that this is not some kind of elaborate joke to make black politicians look incompetent, or to smear the left. This guy has a B.A. from Yale, yet writes like a low-IQ ten-year old.

    2. I just looked into this, a few seconds on google will suggest you the much more plausible alternative that this is 1) satire 2) a protest bill, not meant to be taken seriously, to mock the recent Texas abortion law.

    3. The left loves to shout “satire!” in those instances. This happens systematically. In my view, the underlying goal is to shift the Overton window even farther to the left, and to do so, you start with an extreme position to get the ball rolling.

  7. Aaron, I just recently started playing Dead Space. I’m getting really bad vibes from it. The game starts out with a really diverse cast. There’s a white woman, a black guy, a Mexican-looking fellow and and Asian man. The main protagonist, Isaac, is arguably Jewish, though not necessarily. Just seems way to try hard to me. Not soon after you start exploring the space station, you come across audio/video logs that catch you up on the back story.

    So far, I’ve discovered a video log that has two white males who keep referring to this rune or something, and the game makes them sound like complete religious fanatics by saying things like, “we’re doing God’s work.” It’s not even subtle at all. Imagine a highly advanced mining station out in deep space, and the people on board are evangelical nuts. Not only that, I found an audio log with an obsessed scientist with some sort of European accent. I’m going to go out on a limb and claim that this game is anti-white. I wouldn’t bother with it.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I still have Dead Space 1 to 3 on my stack of PS3 games, as one of very few Western games in my small collection. Unfortunately, once you are fine-tuned to cultural subversion, you see it everywhere. The other day I flipped through a children’s book at a friend’s place, for instance, and it immediately stood out to me that there was tall white male horse with a dark-brown female companion who even had exaggerated lips. Of course, this could be a complete coincidence, but, obviously, none of this is (the only surprise here is that this kind of propaganda pushed white male/black female pairings instead of the opposite). I skimmed a few more children’s books afterwards and was quite appalled by how aggressively wokeism is being pushed on children: homosexual male fairies, families with two moms or two dads, families with kids of multiple races (!), blacks in illustrations of Grimm’s fairy tales, an illustrated book with Aesop’s fables with virtually no signs of Western culture anywhere, and so on and so forth.

    2. That’s pretty appalling. Did you point out to your friend what those books were suggesting? That gives me an idea, though. Imagine how easy it would be to write and have illustrations made for children’s books. We need to be creating stories, games and movies among other things now, and forget about the risk of being ‘canceled’ or whatever. It’s about time for ‘counter-culture’ to stake its claim in the marketplace perhaps. For example, if instead of Dead Space portraying white psychotic Christian men as being responsible for a horrifying alien mutation to take hold of the space crew, it were instead Muslims lol. Sounds kind of silly to be so blunt about it, but I think it’s necessary at this time. Even Doom had to use demons as an allegory.

      You are probably aware that Metroid’s Samus Aran is a fair blonde woman, however, Nintendo marketing (I’m not sure how this works) thought it necessary to recently promote the game by casting a teenage/young adult black chick to play the game. It seems ridiculous to me to create a game with a character that is supposed to appeal to straight white men, and then marketing the game to the demographic least likely to ever pick up and play the game. Surely this must have something to do the with the US marketing branch or something. I would hope that Nintendo isn’t headed over to the dark side:

    3. I tend to not reveal my power level in public, even though I can’t always control my urges. Sometimes, I engage in concern trolling in real life, which is a good compromise.

      Is there any demographic that is less interested in playing console video games than black women? If I ran the Nintendo marketing campaign, I’d get the e-thot du jour for a short clip. The first 15 seconds will show her face, where she makes clearly pornographic facial expressions, of course all with plausible deniability, and a few double entendres like, “I can’t believe how big it is” or, “I’m not sure I can handle this”, and the rest of the clip would show a quick high-light reel of the game, followed by a picture of the game box, price, and availability. This would boost sales much more than showing a lone female in a big living room with a controller in her hands.

    4. This is rather inspiring actually. Until just recently, I used to think it was a fine idea to reveal your inner thoughts to those who you deemed close enough to you. I’ve since found that out to be terrible for personal relationships. Now that you mention it, concern trolling is probably the most adaptive way to handle ‘sensitive’ topics on the fly. Never mind the fact that you come off as genuine and concerned, because deep down you know you’re trolling and it helps you to avoid any cognitive dissonance that may arise. Revealing my cards to family and friends has been a mistake for me. It’s easy to figure out where people stand, though, because they tend to have no qualms about revealing their inner workings. I can’t help but want to distance myself from people I previously held dear to me after realizing they essentially want me rooted out of the earth.

  8. Project Veritas released a video of a Pfizer scientist stating that antibodies after a Covid-19 infection are superior to the vaxx:
    There was another leak of a recording of a J&J employee who says that kids don’t need the vaccine, and another one, if I recall correctly, also with a J&J employee who says that the vaxx is harmful. Of course, we are still crazy conspiracy theorists because absolutely nobody could have known that there are likely to be harmful side effects of a vaccine that was rushed to market. I hope none of you chose to get that fucking garbage injected into their body.

    1. There was this guy who actually posted his patient’s lab results before and after each jab. We need more data like this, but his conclusion is that people could basically be developing AIDS. We don’t know if this happens to everyone, if it reverses, or anything. When people were dying from car accidents a year ago, it was covid. Now, when people die of heart attack or from complications with blood clots after vaccination, it’s merely a coincidence and is dismissed:

    2. This is pretty interesting. I would love to see a thorough study on this being done, but I have a hunch that this will never happen. The presentation in this video is also fully in line with hypotheses put forward by conspiracy theorists.

    3. When people were dying from car accidents a year ago, it was covid. Now, when people die of heart attack or from complications with blood clots after vaccination, it’s merely a coincidence and is dismissed:

      That right there is the best evidence of how things are being controlled and done in this whole situation. If something happens to a person anywhere near in the vicinity of sars-cov mollecule anywhere near their body = it is declared to be caused by sars-cov-2.

      If something happens to a person after the administration of the vaccine, it cannot possibly have anything to do with the vaccine, and any correlations and reactions are mere coincidences.

    4. If you have an adverse reaction to the vaxx, including death, but within the first 14 days, you will have declared as a Covid death because, obviously, the vaxx hasn’t fully kicked in yet (or has it?).

  9. Back in August when we were debating about autism, I mentioned that I was dating a bipolar chick. Turns out she wasn’t so much bi-polar as mythomaniac and dabbling in bi-gamy, so to speak. Never actually dumped her ex who lived abroad, he got desperate, came back with a ring, she gradually accepted and gradually dumped me, hence her weirdness (the mental patient act was just a diversion).

    Man, I feel so stupid. I was already cynical but now I think I’ve reached peak cynicism and will never come back. Among the lessona learnt:

    – I’m sure there are fewer damaged women in Latin America compared to “white” countries, but not few enough that you won’t find at least one that will screw you up.

    – It’s good,and probably the natural order, that you get burned out of love earlier in life and not at ~30 years old, that’s the worst part of losing your virginity so late (it took 2 disappointments, the first one was with the first girl I had sex with at 29).

    – The above statement was said to me by at least 2 former bosses, old players back in their day. The other thing they advised is that I should pick the homely, from humble origins, good housewife material girl even if I’m not giddy about her; if i crave for the pretty face, go get her but only as a side dish.

    1. Addendum Nr 1: never, EVER, believe a woman when she tells you it’s impossible she’ll go back with her ex or at least screw her mind and her new relationships up if he does so much as appear back in the scene. Unfortunately, the pair-bonding ability thing appears to be so strong a truth that a woman’s first few exes will get a hold of her that later boyfriends just won’t have a chance for.

    2. That’s shitty man. Hearing things like this makes one wonder whats the point of trying to find a girl to wife up.

      Say you find a girl around 20-25 years old. She’s likely already had 2-3 boyfriends if not more. The pair bonding as already been made. Seems like anything after that is just her trying to chase that high she’ll likely never get again.

    3. Welcome to the club! Contrary to propagated mainstream faux-consensus, the men most cynical about women are not those least successful but those with the most experience.

    4. I think if there’s an ultimate black pill, it’s the pair-bonding depletion and not that Chads hoard the most and the best pussy. You can always lower your standards a bit for the latter. But to counter the former, the only solution that comes to mind is to marry young. But that’s getting harder and harder to to do each day.

    5. It’s basically impossible as girls have their first period sometimes at the age of nine or ten, getting sexually active soon afterwards.

    6. In this corner of the world, especially in the countryside, you will find lots of 16 year old girls “married” to older (note necessarily old, but sometimes yes) guys and going on their 2nd child already. Sone of them become single moms later. At the other end of the spectrum, there’s your typical Western college-educated girl who’s adamant about not wanting kids or wanting them only after 35. The sweet middle, as I said, is getting harder to find not only North America or Europe. It seems I’ll have to reevaluate my position against being a stepfather. LOL

    7. Aaron,
      “…the men most cynical about women are not those least successful but those with the most experience.”

      Are men therefore less likely to fall in love again since they have realise that women aren’t that quite special? It becomes a chore dealing with women.

    8. I think that this is indeed the case. On a related note, if you end up having a son, please take him to a bunch of hookers once he’s turned 14 or so. I have seen far too many guys fall for the first girl who showed any interest because they could not think clearly once they had access to a tight, wet hole. Once you are over that initial high, you will be able to assess women much more clearly. Instead of foolishly falling for a random chick that takes your dick into her mouth, you’ll get post-nut clarity, losing interest in women if an outlet for your lust was all they were able to provide.

    9. Aaron,
      On a related note with regards to pair-bonding and falling love, how many times can a woman realistically fall in love? I’ve seen women who have had 7 boyfriends while others had 12 and so on. Interestingly enough, I’ve always noticed that women seem to be stuck on this one or two particular guys whom they cant seem let go off and dwell over them after so many years have passed by.

    10. I think the number is really low. There is even the very sad phenomenon of women who have lost the pair-bonding ability but keep chasing after random dick. They literally jump from one guy to the next, hoping to get the same tingles they got with the first one or two guys they had. Probably the women you were thinking of engage in the very same behavior.

      I am not sure if the first one or two guys necessarily leave the strongest impression. After all, there is, or used to be, social pressure on girls to have a boyfriend. Thus, they may get a high school sweet heart and think they love him, yet they may still get thunderstruck by some Chad on campus. That being said, once a guy has made such a strong impression on a girl, chances are very high that she may never experience this again.

    11. Aaron,
      “Once a guy has made such a strong impression on a girl, chances are very high that she may never experience this again.”

      How does a guy make such a strong impression in the first place? Is it just a matter of being good-looking?

      So, a guy can only make a strong impression on a woman when her pair-bonding hasn’t been damaged by random dick?

    12. I think looks are a big part of it. Your conclusion seems correct. Also, not every guy can make a strong impression. Let’s put it differently: if Stacey has been properly fucked by Chad, then a Chad-lite ten boyfriends later will not leave a big impression on her. On the other hand, if her first bf was a Chad-lite and her second one is a Chad, she can probably still pair-bond with him.

  10. Ok, this is going to be a noob question, and it’s going to sound weird that I’m asking this question. I’d love responses, especially from Aaron.

    So there’s this hot ultra-petite that I was flirting with today, she was turning her head but otherwise, allows me to do anything. Now here’s the key part, her crotch was hot/wet. How can I tell. I could feel it through my knee, it was that hot. Yet she was turning her head, despite smiling and being flattered, but still turning her head. How would you interpret this? I’m talking the kind of hot crotch like those chicks you’ve had the best porn-like sex with. If you’ve put a hand on girls like those before fucking them, you know what I’m talking about. The crotch is actually hot.

    Btw, if anyone is surprised I’m asking this question, it’s because I’ve only ever used one method to bang chicks, which is just basically caveman it/burn it. Just go for it, don’t give a fuck if she storms off offended.

    With this particular girl I can’t do that due to certain circumstances, I can’t burn the bridge. So I have to go for something else other than caveman it. I have to keep up my non-sexual relationship with her even if I don’t do anything sexually, she’s valuable to me in this other context.

    1. I usually approach women I’ve worked with in the past pretty innocently. You can let a girl know you want to fuck her with a smirk or a glance, but my language/actions have always been pretty tame and my focus has been on just getting her alone at my place. I assume that if she meets me out and agrees to come back home with me, then that means she’s not going to put up too much resistance. Of course, if you smash these chicks and then decide not to be exclusive, then that can cause problems later on down the line.

      “With this particular girl I can’t do that due to certain circumstances, I can’t burn the bridge. So I have to go for something else other than caveman it. I have to keep up my non-sexual relationship with her even if I don’t do anything sexually, she’s valuable to me in this other context.”

      Honestly, why bother?

    2. That’s my issue yah. If we don’t become exclusive, it’s going to be an issue further down the line.

      The problem is that she is the single hottest girl I’ve ever seen. As in 10/10 body.

      Never been this conflicted in my life. Banging random chicks you don’t care about is easy.

    3. Would it be possible to just ask her out for drinks, or a walk in the park, and then you escalate from there?

    4. We already escalated, in private, to the point of having her and her crotch against me, this is face to face, and me feeling her crotch temperature with my knee, cheek to cheek. The description in the comment is from an escalation in private. She has no issue being in private with me, and she jumps on the excuse we have for being alone.

      My issue is with her reacting pleasantly (happy face), and her crotch being super hot/wet, yet she turns her head, but with a smile.

      In other situations with other girls I would have just cavemanned it. Trouble is I don’t have any other tool in my arsenal. I don’t know what to do in a situation like this.

    5. In other words there is no ressistance to any escalation, in fact she’s involved in the escalation a full 50%, and the only issue is turning her head.

      Every chick I’ve done this sequence with, we’d end up making out, and 3 mins later I throw them on the ground or up a wall, and I’m fingering their pussy. With her it’s identical up to the point where we’d start tonguing each other, except she turns her head, but with a huge smile, and with my crotch (and hard-on) against her crotch. She’s not budging and enjoying it quite a bit, just won’t participate in the last step.

      With other chicks, at this last point we’re usually touching nose-to-nose and the tonguing down begins.

    6. Alternatively, skip the make-out and whip your dick out. If this is too bold, put her hand on your raging boner.

    7. Alternatively, skip the make-out and whip your dick out. If this is too bold, put her hand on your raging boner.

      This is the kind of stuff that I place in the cavemanning category. I have no issue with being bold, in fact quite the opposite, it’s the only method I know and am used to.

      I got a ton of lays just going straight and doing speed-escalation. But it was all interactions I could burn, i.e. random chicks I don’t care if I ever interact with again. It’s never been a problem until now that I don’t have other more subtle/gradual approaches, as I got more than enough in terms of lays and I could just move on to the next one if a given girl doesn’t do speed-escalation.

      All of my lays have been either following the script I described and they just do 50%, and if they don’t, I might do something more bold/caveman (burn it and dgaf).

      In this particular case, cavemaning is out of the question, due to circumstances I can’t go into it. It’s just not something I can do with this particular girl.

      You could continue by kissing her neck, or biting it.

      Thanks, now that’s kind of what I was thinking of. I remember learning stuff like this 20 years ago, I’ve just never had to use it and forgot it, because again, I always went the “bold” route as you call it. Saves time. And I didn’t mind if I missed out on any chicks who would have preferred more steps, more gradual escalation and “seduction”.

  11. How’s everyone keeping their sanity during this pandemic? Seems like everyone around me is starting to lose it. Grown men crying, angry people acting like children everywhere. I’m starting to find it difficult to deal with stress myself. What once was a breeze pre-covid is now becoming more difficult. It’s very odd, almost as if something is in the air. I can’t put my finger on it.

    Maybe spending more time in nature is the key.

    1. I have noticed that people have been getting more and more tense. In the workplace, for instance, there is a perceptible aggression even in standard communication, and a lot of would-be petty tyrants have emerged. Spending time in nature surely helps, and so does exercise as well as not following the news regularly. With regards to Covid, it has been the same bullshit for close to two years now.

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