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27 thoughts on “Open Thread #134

  1. I watched trailers of two upcoming videogames today. The first one was of Horizon: Forbidden West. The trailer opens with the same ultra-masculine chick that the prequel also had, and the first interaction is with a black dude. The other one was FarCry 6 where you play a young person who wants to take out the dictator of an island and build up a militia. This just so happens to be a woman because women are physically just as capable as men, if not moreso, all real-world evidence to the contrary. But of course it is a conspiracy theory that mass media wants to brainwash you.

  2. Lockdown where i am for a bit. No pools or gyms. I’ve got a yoga mat. I think I’ve seen ashtanga yoga recommended here. Anything else you’d recommend adding to my fitness routine in this situation?

    1. Ashtanga yoga is okey.

      Buy pull-up bar, it’s cheap. Then you will be able to do pull ups and push ups. If you are very strong you can add handstand push-ups.
      You can check out grease the groove by Pavel Tsatsouline. It’s doing wonders.

      Unfortunately it’s hard to train lower body without any weights. You can do pistols squat, they are not very effective, but it’s better than nothing.

      If you have more money to spare you can think about making investment in kettlebells.

    2. My thought is that it depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to gain as much muscle as possible, you’re going to have a difficult time without a squat rack and barbell. The oft-mentioned 0.5 lbs per week for beginners, or 0.25 lbs or whatever it is for more advanced athletes, involves gaining muscle in the quads more than anything, since that’s the largest muscle group.

      If you’re interested in general fitness for overall health, you really need some combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility training. Weightlifters often ignore cardio and flexibility training, but now could be a good time to really focus on them. I haven’t done Ashtanga other than some very basic beginner videos, but it looks like it should be outstanding for flexibility, and should help you build or maintain a decent baseline level of strength.

      As far as strength training, I would recommend you check out r/bodyweightfitness on Reddit. When the lockdown in my area hit, I initially tried Convict Conditioning, but I found that the progressions didn’t really make sense. I switched to the Recommended Routine from r/bodyweightfitness, and was able to maintain my strength using that routine (for the most part).

      If aesthetics is among your goals, then diet is just as important as exercise, if not moreso. And while being in lockdown is a terrible time to get fucking huge, it’s a great time to cut and get shredded if that’s what you want. The combination of body weight training with a strict diet should allow you to get extremely lean without losing much muscle (unless you’re already squatting and deadlifting a huge amount of weight, in which case, the muscle will come back easily enough once you join a gym again.)

      I was essentially trapped in a geographic location for well over a year with a strict lockdown, and I was able to maintain an extremely lean yet somewhat muscular physique for most of the duration with body weight training and a strict diet, until I got sidetracked with some other priorities. However, if I could go back and do it all over again, I would have prioritized doing something outdoors like running or hiking more than anything. Why? Primarily, the mental health benefits from cardio, as well as from the sunlight and fresh air. It’s easy to be miserable when you’re staying at home all the time rotting away.

      Now would also be a great time to educate yourself on exercise physiology and nutrition. I know lots of people that are just constantly spinning their wheels because even though they exercise a lot, they’re following some bullshit program, or not following a program at all. Textbooks on both subjects should keep you busy for a while.

    3. Thanks guys. Goals are aesthetic and health. I would like to get strong as well, but aesthetics and health are tops for me at the moment.

      Yeah, I’m supremely assblasted that I can’t hit the gym rn.

    1. Big talk about killing six million people, succeeded in killing nobody. Bunch of trash-talkers. 🙂

  3. There is a very good hypothesis why the West no longer produces anything beautiful, be it in music, architecture, or even in entertainment. Today, we are told that fat women with tattoos are as good-looking as supermodels. The simple answer is that the powers that be detest beauty, maybe because they themselves have been unable to ever produce anything truly beautiful. Arguably, this is why Dresden had to get bombed when WWII was decided already, and why the drunkard Churchill wanted to bomb Rome. In this context, I found the discussion below interesting, as it is full of rationalizations for why we produce ugly buildings that the public does not want. The real answer is that we are getting ugly buildings precisely because the public does not want them. All of this goes right back to Marxism and leftism with their disdain for excellence. Modern architects have been saying for a century that the public will learn to appreciate their work, just as the destroyers of classical music made inane claims such as that postmen will eventually whistle atonal compositions.

  4. Hey Aaron,

    Have you read Bronze Age Perverts, Bronze Age Mindset? It is a pretty good book even though it is written in a way for 4chan frogs. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on it if so?

    If not, I recommend guys check it out and his twitter. A lot of good links to other areas that encompass things to do for your health and overall mindset. One of the biggest things that I have found that have helped me is getting vitamin D either from the sun during summer time or taking vitamin d supplementation during the winter. My mood is much higher and I feel better overall. My libido is also much higher.

    I am currently supplementing with vitamin d, zinc, and I drink ashwaganda tea during dinner and I have found myself feeling way less stressful and I am sleeping better at night which I previously had issues with.

    I have made several overall lifestyle changes that have really helped to include, no more social media or dating sites as they not only are a waste of time but make me feel tied to them in a weird way. I am able to consistently workout 3-4 days a week with bodyweight exercises and dumbell exercises (pushups, pullups, planks, shoulder press, lunges, ham curls, calf raises, etc.) and I take daily walks when the weather permits.
    I have stopped wearing underwear for the most part which I am convinced is desensitizing your dick and the tightness on your balls is not proper and has a negative effect although I cannot prove this with any kind of statistical evidence but more of my own anecdotal evidence.
    When the weather is good and sunny I go to the nude resort and tan naked which seriously increases my vigor and if i can’t go then i will tan outside someplace in as little clothing as possible. I am seriously telling you guys to get sun because your vigor and testosterone increases.
    Another thing, I do not drink alcohol or do any kind of drugs to include prescription drugs. My mind is very clear whereas before I started to make these changes I felt depressed and anxious. I was having trouble sleeping and all the rest that comes with that. I am seriously convinced that the modern lifestyle is an absolute minefield if you follow the herd especially in regard to your health. Unfortunately, as an American we are the sickest people in the world and I cannot go anywhere without seeing mega obese people including my own university with young people.

    I am convinced that if women would lose weight and carry a normal weight and same thing for men then so many problems could be solved. I am sure you guys know about the testosterone crisis going on with the lowest levels ever being recorded…..well vitamin d is a precursor to testosterone… literally need vitamin d in order for testosterone to be produced and since everything has become inside jobs and sedentary nonsense the testosterone has fallen off a cliff. Not to mention the fat women who literally are so disgusting that your dick doesn’t even nudge if you see them.
    This is kind of a rant but I wanted to share this with you guys who are out here struggling because I was seriously messed up for about two years and I was able to make changes to help myself out and now I am doing much better. I just need to get my money in the right place and finish my education and move out from my folks.

    I am seriously considering leaving the United States for another country that has a better social atmosphere, climate, more attractive women, etc. Perhaps, Uruguay? Argentina? I am not sure I have to do my research on these places and perhaps travel there and check them out personally. I see absolutely no hope in the United States if you want to have a decent social life and go out with attractive women who actually have some kind of libido and liveliness to them. Here in America, I seriously think a lot of women are absolutely castrated due to obesity, birth control pills, careers, whackjob religious ideas, etc. Anyways, I look forward to hearing back from you guys.

    1. There is a lot in this post. By and large, there is little I disagree with in it. I recommend taking vitamin D, and I have also taken Zinc as well as Ashwagandha, in powder form, at some point. You can get Zinc also via your nutrition. These days, I consume a lot of meat, so don’t think I have a Zinc deficiency, which I think I had at some point. I have not made up my mind on Ashwagandha. I believe that the effect is positive. Overall, I think I’ve taken it for a few years, and at one point, I had run out of it, but because I had other things to take care of, I didn’t order a new bag. Many months later, I thought of it but concluded that if the benefits were more tangible, I would probably have ordered more of it by now, so I stopped. (I think I’ll order it again, now that you have reminded me of it.)

      I haven’t heard of that book.

      Not wearing underwear is quite nice. I experimented with it as I’m currently working from home, but due to concerns about hygiene I stopped doing it.

      Your point about women getting fatter and fatter is very valid. You only need to look around. Even teenagers are packing on pounds like crazy nowadays.

  5. Aaron,

    What’s your view on this whole Belarus thing? I got the feeling from your previous posts you’re very much pro “the strong man.” True in this case as well?


    1. I like Lukashenko. He essentially plays the role of the rabid dog who wants the US or their proxy NATO to put up or shut up. What I think is happening behind the scenes is that Russian and China have military agreements, and Lukasheko is used to bait ZOG into attacking, which they won’t do. Thus, he is exposing them as impotent. There was already a stand-off some weeks ago where NATO amassed some forces at the border, to which Russia responded with showing off even more material.

    2. Bu.. Bu.. But this guy is, like, a total loser who needs to overcompensate for having a small dick by dating a chick 1/3 his age!! Clearly, he would be no match for a real woman with real wrinkles and real feelings and a real personality. I bet he would feel small and insignificant when talking to a mature, strong, and independent 55 year-old. No wonder he needs to seek refuge in the arms of a naive 18-year-old who probably only dates him because she was sexually abused by her stepfather or something like that. Gosh, this guy is like so pathetic. I bet all the gorgeous 50 year-old he wanted just turned him down. Repeat after me: Total. Creep.

    3. She’s 24 years old, and was elected a Member of Parliament at age 22. She was surely elected purely for her qualifications and level of competence. 😀

    4. If in doubt, the comments you read on here are satirical in nature. I don’t think anyone on here is getting his panties in a twist over Lukashenko dating a woman in her early 20s like a true Chad.

    5. In all seriousness, do you honestly think any guy who can get hot women in their early 20s would take a “cool 55-year-old woman”? This proposition is ludicrous.

    1. I find it quite amazing that as video game technology gets better and better, the women in Western video games get uglier and uglier. It is absolutely incredible and clearly betrays the political agenda of Western developers. Meanwhile, the men are as handsome as ever, if not moreso. Regarding the feminist butch Aloy, someone recently turned her into a man with very little effort:
      In contrast, look at what Japanese developers put out, for instance 2B in Platinum’s Nier: Automata or the entire female roster of Dead or Alive 6! This is top-notch fap material.

      If you allow me to speculate a bit, I find it not entirely implausible that the powers that be are rather afraid of VR porn. Yet, by pushing the claim that it is impossible to create sexy women in video games, they can keep VR porn from taking off. After all, no dude would want to pay to bang a “woman” like Aloy in cyberspace. To fully pull this off, we’d need a great firewall around the Western Internet in order to suppress the fact that attractive women, real and virtual, really do exist. This brings me to another point: If current trends continue, it will take only about a generation for most men to never have seen a genuinely attractive woman in real life. It is difficult enough already.

    2. Alloy was already ugly. But this is too much. They’re lucky the game play and atmosphere is decent

    1. I haven’t heard of this book before but it looks promising. The author is a journalist, not a historian, though. Maybe read a few pages at Barnes and Nobles next time to get a better impression of it.

    2. Yeah good point. I will look into it more. I was kinda rushed because they didn’t have what I was looking for. The Dresden campaign seems so meaningless. Devoid of strategic initiative. Like the we were trying to prove to Stalin that we could be sadistic murderers as well.

    3. @GoodLookingAndSleazy

      My impression is that the fire bombing of Dresden was basically a vengeance campaign.

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