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45 thoughts on “Open Thread #132

  1. The vaxx is totally safe, goy! Those 10,000+ people in the EU would have died eventually anyway and who cares about the hundreds of thousands who experienced side effects as a consequence of the vaxx:

    The Management Board of the European Medicines Agency first approved the EudraVigilance Access Policy in December 2010. A revision was adopted by the Board in December 2015 based on the 2010 pharmacovigilance legislation. The policy aims to provide stakeholders such as national medicines regulatory authorities in the EEA, the European Commission, healthcare professionals, patients and consumers, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and research organisations, with access to reports on suspected side effects.
    Their report through May 8, 2021 lists 10,570 deaths and 405,259 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

    1. Just wait when pro-vaccine people will come here and tell you that covid is deadly with as much as 1.5%(just fucking lol) people dying from it and we all should do what they are telling us in television and radio. Thanks to them we have to live in this surreal reality. I still can’t believe it’s actually happening. I am wondering about how much of our DNA is actually shared with sheep.

    2. This is essentially a death spiral: people are dying from the vaxx, which gets reported as a surge in infections (see India or the Seychelles), so we need more vaxxing in order to get more dead people, and so on.

    3. Something that’s odd. I’m seeing videos of magnets sticking to the vaxx injection area. Very odd. Maybe this whole 5G conspiracy is starting to make some sense.

    4. I have seen those too. This is certainly a bizarre phenomenon. I would be curious to read a good explanation.

    5. Aaron,
      On a related note, here’s the website from the CDC where you can compare different types of vaccines from big pharma and the death rate(s). There’s so much you can do with their data base.

      Have you heard the latest news about Airlines wanting to weight their passengers before boarding the plane? According to the FAA, they are concern about planes being over-weight which might cause safety issues since obesity rates are increasing. I don’t buy this argument at all. Of course, obesity is high in Western Countries, but it might be away of airlines trying to generate more profits since they had a drop in profits during the pandemic. On the other hand, weight matters in light aircraft planes like Cessna 172. Thus, let the fat-shaming begin with all those blue-hair fat feminists.

    6. There is a bit more to the issue of airlines weighing their passengers. As far as I know, they assume a fixed weight for children, men, and women. There was a recent story about an airline miscalculating the amount of fuel they need because the third-world software engineers, presumably Indian ones, misunderstood the specifications and thought that “miss” means “child”. Consequently, the weight of women was miscalculated. I am looking forward to the PR sh*tstorm an airline weighing its passengers will generate. This would be one clear example of reality being in the way of ideology. I could also imagine some woke business people blocking such changes to their systems, until planes start falling from the sky due to moving obese blobs of human beings from A to B. There would probably be cover-up stories by the mainstream, claiming that those planes either fell from the sky for absolutely no reason at all or that they would have fallen from the sky no matter what.

    7. “Something that’s odd. I’m seeing videos of magnets sticking to the vaxx injection area. Very odd. Maybe this whole 5G conspiracy is starting to make some sense.”

      If the magnet and/or the skin is a bit moist, a magnet can stick to the skin. No metal involved.

      The proper test of whether there is metal under the skin is if the skin “tents” as the magnet gets close. You can see an example in this article:

      I haven’t seen any video where the skin tents from the vaccine.

    8. @Karl – there are plenty of videos on telegram that you can see when they reverse the magnet there is some resistance on the skin. And when they move the magnet 1 cm over it doesn’t hold. There are dozens of videos out there. just pointing it out as even if its 10% true that’s still fucked up.

      People eat organic food, use non aluminum deodorants but are the first inline for an experimental “vaccine”

    9. Re: the Vax

      Re: passenger weight

      I dont find it so strange, it may be that they are trying to improve fuel efficiency. Landings are especially hard (structurally) for aircraft, so they must always calculate the proper amount of fuel for a trip in relation to their weight, so that when the moment of touchdown arrives the plane is within the acceptable specs to not break apart.

      If they miscalculate, or some unexpected event shortens the expected flight time, they will have to dump tons of extra fuel to reach the acceptable weight.

      It is possible that by knowing the exact weight of their passengers they can do this calculation more efficiently. Unlike a Cessna, a jetliner carries 200 to 400 passengers, so if many of them are overweight (or heavier than expected) it adds up quickly.

    10. “@Karl – there are plenty of videos on telegram that you can see when they reverse the magnet there is some resistance on the skin. And when they move the magnet 1 cm over it doesn’t hold. There are dozens of videos out there. just pointing it out as even if its 10% true that’s still fucked up.”

      Are there any videos that show the skin beginning to “tent” before the magnet touches it? I’d be interested in seeing such a video. 🙂

    1. Just as we got upgraded to a C- by the National Academy of Engineers. Back to D status for us. We don’t even discuss the idea of a bullet train. Aaron, I know you’ve been to the US. How would you describe our airports compared to Europe?

      Trump said he would do something about it, but he never did. Probably too busy bombing Syria and killing Iranian generals who never harmed us. Time to give Israel another 5 billion.

    2. I have only travelled through a few airports (Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, Atlanta). Atlanta and NYC are pretty horrible. Those were poor experienced. European airports are not necessarily better. London-Heathrow provides an awful experience. Zurich provides a very good experience, though, and Stockholm isn’t bad either. The airports in China I travelled through were still better. The most pleasant airport experience I have ever had was in Singapore, which is heads and shoulders above any other, in my opinion.

    1. That’s the kind of thing we were hopeful with Trump’s SCOTUS appointments, though it’s still a very long shot. It’s in the US, why should Latin Americans care, you say? Well, the Gringos influence everything here, whether you’re a satellite state of them or an “enemy”. We still measure in inches, pounds, etc. for some things, for fuck’s sake.

      BTW, I see that you’re slowly reaching a place similar to mine: member of a US “minority” demographic that has understood why the country opening the doors wide open for you and yours is not exactly a great idea, even though we DO integrate and contribute a lot to society, while also having too many rascals there. And we’re not entitled pricks like the blacks and the Muslims (who expect the country to adapt to them, apparently).

      The difference is that you live there and I don’t know if I’d even want to.

    2. No, I actually got my Visa rejected because reasons. I have several relativas with US citizenships though.

    3. Abortion will never be made illegal in the US. Trump’s appointments affirmed this. They are only concerned with upholding the plutocracy. Nothing else matters. The more Americans are at each other’s throats about wedge issues, the better. Even Bush said he would do nothing about it threw court atappointments or a Constitutional amendment. It’s just a way to divide the populace while Wall Street and globalist corporate billionaires run away with all the loot.

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  2. There is absolutely nothing odd going on with “scientists” who lack any kind of medical qualification advising our fake governments. Here is an example from the UK:
    Note that this is by design. Governments get told what to do and in order to get some justification for their actions, they roll out fake scientists. Anybody who tells them what they want to hear is good enough. Germany did the same as the UK, by the way. The game plan for their draconian lockdowns was dreamt up by a humanities PhD student in his forties.

    1. “There is absolutely nothing odd going on with “scientists” who lack any kind of medical qualification advising our fake governments. Here is an example from the UK:

      That’s absolutely absurd!

      I found her LinkedIn page:

      She has a PhD in Educational Research from Cambridge. Great school, sure, but why the heck would anyone ever listen to her in matters of epidemiology and infectious diseases? Someone must have lost their mind.

    2. @Herkerderker

      Sorry for the slow reply, I missed your comment earlier! It’s the girl from the article Aaron linked. She “specialises in racial equality and has been involved with various government-commissioned reports on welfare issues.”

  3. I contracted COVID-19 in November. I only had a mild case of the sniffles, and the only reason I bothered to get tested for it was because someone I had come into contact with got a severe case of it. I felt better within days. (I also basically have zero trust in these tests, but more information is better than no information.)

    The evidence seems pretty clear to me that there’s basically no point in getting a vaccine if you had a previous infection. Yet, I went ahead and got my first shot, and had zero side effects. Second shot is tomorrow.

    Why would I do such a thing? From a pure health standpoint, there was no point in me ever getting a vaccine. There really was no point in me doing any amount of isolation or social distancing, either. I’m in my thirties and in great health, other than being a heavy nicotine user (and I’ll add that the evidence shows that nicotine has protective effects against COVID-19. I can pull up plenty of studies if anyone is interested.)

    But from the standpoint of dealing with the U.S. government, state and local governments, and the governments of any other country I want to visit, I might need that “vaccine passport.”

    I’ve done lots of ridiculous things to my body over the years, including lots of drugs and alcohol in my youth, and somehow, I’m perfectly healthy and strong. I think receiving an unnecessary and potentially harmful vaccine is probably near the bottom of the list in terms of things that might end up killing me some day.

    I’ll also add that I’m not naive enough to think that we’re all part of some massive military experiment. One only has to look at history to know that governments have often conducted unethical medical experiments on their populations. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some people who receive the vaccine receive the “special” vaccine that has a 100% mortality rate – maybe because the government wants you dead for whatever reason. But for the past 10 years of my life, I’ve had a great relationship with the U.S. government and my state, other than them robbing me blind for tax money. I’m a law abiding citizen, and basically they just want as much of my money as possible. I don’t get involved in politics at all, and I really see no reason why they’d want to kill me.

    In a somewhat more important note – so I’ll add that I’ve only sporadically been following the news since all hell broke loose in 2020. I’ve never been too big on conspiracy theories, but obviously now we know that China engineered COVID-19, and I would be wiling to bet money that they deliberately spread the virus. This was a test run. The next virus could have a death rate of 10% or 50%, or whatever percentage China deems necessary to achieve their goals. When that happens, the U.S. and most democracies will essentially collapse. Authoritarian governments will survive.

    Here’s an interesting article from November I just came across:

    An Economist’s Guide to the World in 2050

    “The world is in the midst of a messy transition as the balance of economic and political power shifts from West to East, from free markets to the state and from democracies to authoritarianism and populism.”

    Aaron very much called out COVID-19 as the “indisputable beginning on Chinese hegemony” way back in April 2020, and I couldn’t agree more.

    The big thing I’m struggling with at the moment is to determine how best to prepare for scenarios like a war between China and the U.S. – the probability of that is much higher than zero than I’d like it to be.

    I also really wonder whether “game” is going to matter very much over these next several decades as the economic and political instability continues. Probably just having some money, and maybe a firearm, would be more than enough to have desperate women throwing themselves at you.

    1. To some people, the idea that the government could conduct a large-scale experiment on an unwitting population sounds outlandish. The braindead NPC then accuses you of being a “conspiracy theorist”, smugly telling you that this could never work because of the number of people that need to be involved, and other IQ90 talking points. Yet, governments have done this over and over in the past. A well-known example is the decade-long study on syphilis in which blacks were systematically infected with it: It would be naive to think that governments have stopped doing such experiments. Maybe in 50 or 100 years, the US government will release confidential white papers on the systematic depopulation of the United States due to mass vaccination.

      Your position that you see no reason for the government to kill you because you pay a lot of taxes is not fully convincing. You are a white man and thus embody white supremacy. You should also keep in mind that a significant part of your government thinks that you can be replaced very easily by someone with a darker skin color. On that note, I intensely followed Swedish politics for a while, and some of the statements its politicians make are downright ludicrous, yet they never get any backlash as the mass media are dependent on the public purse, in one way or another. Even in 2020, leftist politicians told the public that Swedes should be grateful for having such a large number of people who are available for work. No, it was not a problem that a small country of 10 million has 25% of immigrants of which a substantial part lives off welfare and a large part of the rest are not net tax-payers. Instead, it means that if Sweden could “create more jobs” then all those capable, yet unfortunately non-productive third-world immigrants would happily start contributing to society. All it takes would be creating jobs for those “doctors and engineers” and some IQ70 Somali would start cranking out solutions to partial differential equations or conduct heart transplants. The stupidity of such politicians and the people who elect them into office is truly mind-boggling.

  4. Would you accept an offer from some top-tech company like google or jewtube? Let’s say they would pay you much more than most other companies are willing to pay. On the other hand it means that you will contribute (in very minimal way, but still) to some leftist organization that has extremely stupid politics. It is well known they discriminate against conservative white men and the most important criteria for hiring are race, gender and disabilities. I wouldn’t probably make my mind when working there and think that’s everything is fine.

    1. I can’t answer this properly in public. The short answer is “no”.

    2. The question was directed to all the guys and I have should underline it. But thanks for giving an short answer it.
      I really don’t know why people are so keen on joining this companies.
      Currently I am in the recruitment process of getting at job at some mid-size US corporation(1 850 employees). I’ve already lost half of the initial desire to join them after reading their cultural values. Their CEO is one of the biggest critics of Trump and thinks that ban immigration is very dangerous and it will lead to creation of the next big tech company somewhere else (third-world).

    3. The Chinese have been doing this already. Think of Baidu, Alibaba, Ant, and many others. They could have come to the US, but that did not make them want to found those companies on US soil. This guy is against mass immigration because he’s benefiting from it via H1-B visas.

    4. Those Chinese techs have Chinese government backing. Their foundation is within the plan of the Communist Party.

    5. I just noticed I put my comment in Reply to Michał. Meant to post it to the open thread as a link contribution/new thread.

    6. There’s quite a few more. For example MailChimp actively banned republicans from organizing using mailing lists. Salesforce did something similar.

    7. Welcome back, Alek! ?

      Thanks. I’ve been away due to the covidcrats banning my business… again, in the name of “health”. Whilst of course, I have been not relieved of any duties to the state. Still have to pay them the same taxes and other “fees for letting me run a business”, but they don’t even let me run it.

    8. “Thanks. I’ve been away due to the covidcrats banning my business… again, in the name of “health”. Whilst of course, I have been not relieved of any duties to the state. Still have to pay them the same taxes and other “fees for letting me run a business”, but they don’t even let me run it.”

      Ah, that sucks, man. 🙁 I hope things change soon for you. It’s pretty absurd to keep charging you fees for your business without letting you run it. Wtf?

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