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45 thoughts on “Open Thread #126

  1. Today I came across the term “vaccination envy” in a German newspaper article. I even found an English article on it:
    This is, of course, complete nonsense. There are massive vaccination ad campaigns underway, which would not be the case if people wanted that juice. Now it’s about FOMO.
    You can run the following article through DeepL Translate if you want to learn how to get over your overburdening “vaxxing envy”:

  2. I had today’s biggest laugh when I came across a video with the YouTube CEO who received the “Free Expression Award”:
    At the time of writing, the video has 9,540 views, 7 likes, and 3,605 dislikes. Probably YouTube removed a few thousand dislikes already, just like they do it with Biden videos. Also, this show is sponsored by YouTube, so that woman essentially gave herself an award.

  3. Normalization of sexualizing children starting in Austrian left-wing mainstream media:

    This sentence:

    “Wie soll man mit jungen Menschen über Sex sprechen? Ein Sexualpädagoge über das erste Mal, Pornos und wie schon Kinder Lust empfinden”

    especially this part:

    “wie schon Kinder Lust empfinden”


    “children already experience sexual desire”

    So now they give people a platform who normalize sexualization of children

    1. It seems Austria is only about ten to fifteen years behind Germany. Then again, the “pedophile” Green party has been pushing for this for forty years now. It has even been legally established that you can refer to this party as “child fucker party” (German: Kinderfickerpartei) without having to fear a libel or slander lawsuit.

    1. On a related note, these are two movies in which high depicts where Western Society is already heading to. You probably heard the following movies,
      1. Elysium 2013 by Matt Damon
      2. Idiocracy 2006 by Luke Wilson.

      Also, if you’re interested in learning about evolutionary biology I highly recommend Dr. Robert Sapolsky. A very intelligent man and well articulate.

    2. Thanks for recommending this lecture series. I have begun listening to it. The lecturer is a bit left-leaning, joking about “not wanting to go there” when the issue of differences in ability among humans came up, and once I caught him say “oy vey”. Nonetheless, I have learned quite a bit, for instance that lobotomies have been performed on hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy humans and that this was once state-of-the-art science, which reminded me of all the cucks who readily roll up their sleeves to get a shot of some juice to not protect them against a virus with a 99.97% survival rate (probably about 100% if you’re not fat, geriatric, or diabetic).

    3. Honestly I don’t think there will be a collapse. A slow decline is much more likely.
      Men are so pacified and cucked these days, with all the porn & computer games, they won’t start a revolution.
      Maybe in 100 years they will see it as completely normal that you pay for your “onlyfans girlfriend”
      I could definitely see this happening.

    4. Isn’t this already happening? I have read of guys who pay e-thots money to get cute text messages in return, probably written by some simp or a bot.

    5. You’re welcome…
      If you’re interested, check out Steven Pinker and Noam Chomsky. You’ll definitely like Noam Chomsky work. David Buss is also good. You probably heard of Richard Dawkins. There’s also Jared Diamond. Those are some few good scholars I’ve read on. Are there any scholars you recommend that are noteworthy?

    6. There is no living scholar I follow. Currently, I read The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin. Someone posted a link to a video discussing the book. The narrator in the video was not very eloquent, but it roused my curiosity to read the book.

    7. I have watched the whole series of lectures twice. I seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand evolution, behavior and human nature. Notice the lectures are already a decade old, some of the science may have changed slightly, but I think overall it is still solid.

      Also have his books on my to read list.

  4. I found yet another confirmation of LMS. A conversation was struck up at work about the movie Pretty in Pink. It was a 1980s teen movie. Not worth watching, but I researched it more and found something interesting about it.

    It’s about a girl from “the wrong side of the tracks,”who gets asked out by a rich Chad. They date until his social circle disapproves and he dumps her. All the while her beta orbiter is right by her side. At the end of the original screen play she ended up with the beta at prom. The finished movie actually CHANGED the ending. It was screened for a test audience and the females in the audience BOOED when she ended up with the beta rather than the rich Chad. So they fucking changed the ending. Lol.

    1. This does not even surprise me. A few decades later, you have fat, unattractive women like Amy Schumer being chased after by Chads. In particular today, Hollywood seems to be primarily concerned with producing female escapist movies, anti-male propaganda, of course. Men in movies are as handsome as ever, if not much more so. On the other hand, instead of attractive white women that would appeal to a white, male audience, we don’t even get attractive diversity hires. Instead, we get some bona fide ugly women in major roles. Sometimes, it is downright ludicrous like with the The Witcher TV show were the male protagonist is a giga-Chad whereas the female actresses are sometimes comically bad-looking.

  5. Aaron, hello. I’ve found your reviews of PUA scammers useful. I wanted to ask you, what do you think about Gambler? Precisely, is he a scam artist as well? Is his stuff a bunch of bullshit?

    1. He makes the same kind of exaggerated claims as the others, so how could he be different?

    2. PUA always has to be a scam as it makes claims that you can get women independent of your LMS by learning game. So every PUA guru must be a scammer.

    3. La Ruina’s achievement comes from his proficiency to navigate the high end club scene. Which, in fact, is an art of itself, but I don’t see it as game per se. Having lots of Sterling helped his ascent as well.

    4. He’s also a pretty good-looking guy, which surely is a fact he never highlighted in his products.

  6. Fellas,

    What is the going rate for escorts in your country? What $ range do you see? If you don’t want to say what country/city you’re in, say your general area.

    Also, have any of you had success with sugar daddy websites such as seeking arrangements? If so, what was the cost of the arrangement and what did it involve?


  7. Bumble Blunder: Man Allegedly Boasts About Capitol Riot On Dating App, Is Arrested

    “Several others have been implicated through dating apps. In fact, Bumble, Tinder and Match started using images circulated from the Capitol grounds to identify and block suspects’ accounts, while some users set out intentionally to find people who said they participated in the riots to gather and pass along evidence. ”

    This is why I’ve never done anything illegal or talked about doing anything illegal with “free whores” from the Internet.

    But I’ve talked to and met enough of them to point out something rather absurd – something tells me these same women turning guys in for their involvement in the Capitol riots are all about “abolishing the police,” and many of them were likely involved in the BLM riots over the summer. The police are only your friends when they’re out to get the true “bad guys'” – straight, white, “cisgender” men. Otherwise, they’re an instrument of oppression.

    1. Another irony occurred to me, which is that most dating apps have a way for users to openly indicate illegal drug use to other users, with no fear of consequences. It’s okay to break the law regarding drugs, but God forbid you exercise your rights to protest and happen to be on the wrong side.

  8. It’s official: The AstraZeneca vaxx has a higher chance to kill you than Covid:

    Norwegians run a greater risk of dying from being inoculated with AstraZeneca’s vaccine than from COVID-19, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) concluded in its analysis, recommending the vaccine, previously linked to serious complications in the form of rare blood clotting and haemorrhage amid low platelet counts.
    You’re nonetheless still a “conspiracy theorist” if you quote government sources because in Clown World, the science has been settled and if you did indeed die after getting the vaxx, it clearly cannot be established that there is a causal link. Of course, the exact opposite is true if you die after getting Covid because then your death is always Covid-related. Don’t ask for logic because logic is a tool of the patriarchy.

    Furthermore, the institute is against offering the vaccine on a voluntary basis, which has been proposed both in Norway and fellow Scandinavian nations.

    “We believe that such an alternative may appear unethical and with a high risk that those who make such a choice have not fully understood the risk to which they are exposed,” the institute said.

    You don’t need to understand the risks that are involved in this, goy! You need to roll up the sleeve and get the jab because if you don’t, you’re complicit in another holocaust because you are going to infect others who will die of Covid.

    Keep in mind that we are only at the very beginning of the vaccination campaign. It has now been established that the AstraZeneca vaxx is already more deadly than the flu, er, Covid. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that the number of long-term deaths will be much higher. In fact, nobody knows what the vaxx will do to you down the line. (Well, I think some people know what it will lead to, but you’re going to find out the hard way.)

    1. This article tries to assuage the fears of the gullible public. At this point, it is impossible to know anything about negative long-term side-effects of the vaxx because the experiment, i.e. the mass-vaxxing campaign, is still ongoing. The (anonymous) author of that article argues that we have used similar vaccines before, thus the vaxx is safe, too. This is utterly moronic. Also, even if the vaxx does not lead to any negative long-term side effects, the question still remains why you should take it. You can get vaxxed but stil get Covid, so what’s the point of this nonsense?

      Also, the article you posted uses shady rhetoric. It speaks of an “anti-vaccination industry”. How many billions a year do you think Big Pharma makes? In contrast, there is no profit motive behind being against getting an experimental vaccination.

    2. The only vaxxx the humanity need is the one that cure the stupidity. I am waiting for that one and then all problems will disappear.

    1. The world has change a lot in the last eight years and when the facts change, my opinions change as well. Also, since I wrote that post, I have met a staggering number of women in my professional life who subscribe to exactly that kind of lifestyle, i.e. trying to get another romp with another Chad instead of settling down.

  9. I watched a video recently on YouTube about a black pilling topic. Black pilling has been a blessing and a curse because it opened my eyes to some stuff but at the same times it’s a little depressing. At times I don’t know if it applies to me because some my experiences, even though they aren’t plenty say otherwise.

    One example in this video the guy says if you weren’t getting pussy in your 20s you won’t be getting pussy later. Or if women aren’t throwing themselves at your then you’re basically not a chad. Is this true?

    The few women that I have slept with have all been pretty decent, solid 8’s. Also the ones who were interested that I didn’t bang (because I was scared) also were pretty hot.

    My brain is fucked because even with these experiences I tell myself, fuck I guess I’m not that good looking because I haven’t fucked 50+ women. But then also I don’t really go out or interact with women, especially now with covid, and I don’t use any dating apps etc.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    1. Women are throwing themselves at you. You are in the Chad category. (Deus has done a few consultation sessions with me. He is doing well-above average.)

    2. lol thanks Aaron.

      I know I’m not trying to be like Lisbon here but it’s Just something that I’ve been struggling with in my head for some reason and I can’t get over these thoughts. Anyways much appreciated as always!

    3. It would seem that blackpill killed Lisbon, apparently, so you dont want to go down that road. I used to doubt myself a lot when I was younger, blackpill (or redpill, or any pill for that matter) were not widely known back then.

      Whetever happens in your teens and 20s is not representative of what will happen in your 30s and 40s, plenty of good looking guys screw up when they are young because they have no clue about women. I should know, I was one of them. I dont claim to be a top stud (I am “european” looking in a Latin American country, but slightly overweight), but objectively speaking my consistent lay history puts me at least in the “lesser Chad” category. That happened only after I learned how to read women and figure out which ones were interested in me.

      If your fundamentals are more or less in order, things get better as you enter your 30s if you know how to take advantage of it. If you got your shit together, you will have more status and money by this age. I am not really the counselling type, but if you have so many doubts just book a session with Aaron and have him evaluate you.

      I dont like repeating myself, but I was not getting much pussy in my 20s, except for the bitchy girlfriends I put up with because I thought I would not have an alternative. I had slept with a grand total of 2 women by age 26 (both girlfriends), and 4 women by age 27 (added 2 ONS at age 26), didnt get t +50 women until I was 33. Now I am in my mid 30s and if it wasnt for Covid restrictions complicating logistics, I would be banging a new chick every month.

    4. Oh, you already did a consultation with Aaron… srry I did miss that reply… I am a little drunk, after all 🙂

      Anyway, self doubt is a bitch. For ayone else struggling with the same, find an objective observer to judge you. At the very least, you will find out what you need to improve.

    5. I try to be wary of taking on intense beliefs about myself “you’re not a chad”, “you’re a creep”, “you’re a bad person”, “you suck”, you get the idea. If you look at this site, you know what shit will help you improve, and what won’t. It’s a cliche, but i’d say just do your best. Keep hitting the gym, focusing on your career, looking reasonably good, etc

    6. It would also depend on the kind of women and your personal (financial) situation. I would say that the “Chad test” consists of one simple question: Do you get sex from attractive women without any strings attached?

  10. “The few women that I have slept with have all been pretty decent, solid 8’s.”

    LOL, I wish I was you, Deus. My notch count just reached 6 and I’m afraid most of them don’t even qualify as that on the 1-10 scale. ?

    Besides, my wood problems when wearing a condom are getting tiresome. I think I have to seriously get some lube for these situations, or something (and no, except for one, I’m completely positive I was attracted to the females in question, in varying degrees).

  11. On the plus side, I keep getting positive feedback that I do a good job with my fingers and tongue, which is really helpful for a guy with below average length and the current wood issues.

    That’s more than I can say for my past partners’ oral abilities. They all began getting their teeth on the way at some point. Giving a good blowjob is apparently an art…

    1. OH si, no sabes la cantidad de veces que he tenido que enseñarle a una chica como hacer un pete decente (pete es como decimos a la felación aquí, ni idea como se dice en tus tierras!) :-0 Pero si las ves suficientemente seguido aprenden…. yo tengo una que hace unos años atrás le daba “asquito” chuparla, y ahora se la traga todita y con gusto! jajaja

      También están esas que creen que su única tarea en el sexo es tirarse de piernas abiertas y esperar que uno haga todo! Es la pose “estrella de mar” 😛 Hay que incentivarlas a que muevan el culo….

    2. LOL. No tengo la templanza, el “saber estar” que viene con la amplia experiencia, para explicarle en el acto a una mujer cómo hacer un pete (gracias a los videos de El Bananero, muchos de esos modismos han calado acá), pero quizá algún día. Uno diría que con la alta promiscuidad y la oferta de pornografía gratis por internet, deberían saber mejor. Si actualmente no soy tan malo mamando bicho, después de casi toda mi vida adulta como un virgo, fue precisamente por fijarme en el porno.

  12. The vaxx strikes again:
    Here is a key quote from the article:

    We are still being shown daily trackers of “coronavirus deaths,” and the way those deaths are counted, many of them could be from the vaccine itself! We know of only a limited handful of deaths that the government and media have admitted were from the vaccine, but they have admitted that some have died. However, the assumption they are currently operating under is that it is impossible for the vaccine to kill anyone. This is why they are refusing to give raw data on deaths following the injection.

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