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94 thoughts on “Open Thread #115

  1. I am not Autistic!! Period!!

    If i was autistic i was not aware of peoples body language, clues and micro expressions!!

    You can call Mystery and RSD guys autistic, because they cold approach every girl they see. Even if the girl is not interested.

    1. Actually autistic people are hyper-aware of body-language. This is what overwhelms the brain and it shuts down that part.

      The best example is when you have Asperger (border-line autism). It is a case of not responding to cues because you see them too strongly, so it overwhelms you and you don’t respond appropriately.

    2. @Lisbon: it wasn’t meant to attack you.
      It is just that, from your looks you should not have such big difficulties with women. So there must be more to your problems. Some kind of anti-game you are doing.
      But from the information you provide it is not possible to know what.
      And you should maybe see a professional. It is not possible to self diagnose most of those issues.
      Maybe book a session with Aaron?

    3. @AlekNovy, If autistic people are hyper-aware of body-language, then maybe i am autistic, because i am very in tune. I can read everything. And i am very mad because majority of people are dumb reading people. I can feel vibes too, something that i cant explain.

      So what is the good, bad and the ugly of being autistic? I need more information.

      @Ubermensch, its ok, im not mad.

    4. Lisbon is the spiritual successor of Welptydoo from the times of the forum. Hope that guy didn’t go all Elliot Rodgers at some point.

      Dude, you can afford lots of consultations with Aaron. You should’ve done so ages ago.

      At least you outgrew settling for a cuckold relationship, I guess that’s progress.

  2. We can now render real-looking women in free open-source software:
    It won’t take long until this can be done in real-time, which is when VR porn will really take off. Also, people aren’t really interested in rendering imperfections, which makes the goal of rendering appealing women in real-time much easier to reach. I’m not sure how much fidelity you really need. Probably, plenty of dudes would happily fuck 2B from Nier: Automata in cyberspace.

    1. I think quite soon most porn & only-fans whores are going to be replaced by virtual whores.
      For a whoremonger like me this is a good development, as some of them might have to turn to real prostitution to keep making money.
      “Good” times for a degenerate like me 🙂

    2. ooof. if enough guys coupled vr porn with a fleshlight, then women themselves will be begging to get rid of alimony laws

    3. @Herkerderker: it is like the perfect storm.

      If you look at the post from GoodLookingAndSleazy, 70% of American women are obese now.

      So while more and more women in the real world are completely unfuckable, at the same time you get better and better porn options / other escapism.

      More and more men will opt out of the dating game, as the risk/reward ratio is just insane now.

      But with men no longer dating, they have no real reason to be productive members of society, as a lot of hobbies don’t require much money, and men also can be minimalists just fine.

  3. I’m sure most of you have heard about the so-called Christian gunman that went berserk on the Asian whore houses. Racist whitey strikes again. I don’t know that it even really matters considering most Western Asians vote overwhelming Democrat, they were never going to side with us anyway. I think the main issue was the rise in black on Asian crime narrative happening needed to be squelched.

    Anyways, I think I’ll be doing an internet detox for a good little while. I’m going to try avoiding all news and the internet in general (aside from looking up gardening tips and purchasing necessities etc.) and see how that goes. It might be hard for me personally at first not knowing what’s going on but I think it could do me some good because I’m just getting frustrated watching the ship sink and not being able to do anything about it. It just seems insane at this point. I’m also planning on catching up on my huge backlog of physical books, upping my fitness game and just being present in nature and all that shit. I have plans to do some gardening and I’m building a fire pit soon to chill out with. I’ll plan to pop back in here around June or so and check in. Until next time! Take care everyone.

    1. Looking at history can help.
      Our brains want order and want to believe in progress, but if you look at history it is mostly just chaos.
      Every empire/nation that existed so far collapsed at some point.
      The US had a good run for a few hundred years, but they have peaked, and now they are going downhill.
      On a cosmic scale, nothing special, just business as usual.
      It is our human brains who attach meaning to mostly insignificant events.

      And this chaos is in the end what leads to evolution and progress. The US might go down, but maybe it will make place for a new phoenix to rise from its ashes (after a new dark age).

      In general I think a stoic/acceptance mindset is best. Your as a person are completely insignificant and powerless to change the course of history.
      So best to just accept what you cannot change and focus on the few things which are under your control.
      Also agree with avoiding reading lot of news, it will just make you angry.

    1. Rope because tinder sluts don’t want to fuck you?
      Seems a little bit extreme to me.
      Did you try prostitutes? I know they are not for everyone, and if you are in the US it is not really an option. But they can be a good cope (at least for me they are, but I’m not really neurotypical… so I don’t know how much of a solution they are)
      Also in a few years we will probably get some very nice VR porn.
      Escapism generally will get much better with better hardware.
      You could also become an accelerationist and just go unemployed and live on welfare, reading books, going hiking, playing computer games.

      Also I want to stay alive to see the western world collapse and all the leftists suffer. These tinder sluts getting gang raped by immigrants. And no one coming to save them.
      They all voted for this shit so it will be sweet Karma.

    2. You should check out news from Sweden and run it through Jewgle Translate. The future you dream of has already arrived.

    3. Torsten85,

      Anyone would be lying if they said hair doesn’t matter at all but it’s but one piece of the puzzle – if you are in great shape and look good with a buzzed head then you’re fine.

    4. @Torsten85: you probably have internalized a gynocentric cuck mindset if you feel like that.
      I was like that in the past as well, but you can deprogram yourself

    5. @Ubermensch
      >>you probably have internalized a gynocentric cuck mindset if you feel like that.<<

      Well, I am the son of a single mother… divorced at a very young age.

    6. @Torsten85: I also got raised by a single mum.
      What saved me was that when I was in the military (is mandatory in Austria for 8 months) I got access to a few Chad friends who had a totally different mindset than the typical Western cuck.
      (Aaron had a post about this, it is often the men who are most experienced with women who have the worst opinions of them, while most blue pill beta cucks don’t have any experience with women, and so they can keep their delusions)
      It still took a few years to totally detach myself from the Matrix, but it is very worth it I feel much better now.

    7. Another point:

      In my case, being raised by a single mum actually contributed to me being less blue pilled.
      Almost all the women in my family, my mum, my aunts, and my sister are typical toxic western feminist women.
      For example my mum lied to the police that my dad was hitting her one time, to get a better outcome in the divorce process.
      (much later in my life I got her to admit it).
      Also my best friend got divorce raped.

      So I don’t know, maybe you just need a little bit more time to let all the information sink in.

      Also you can read this blog:

      And watch the videos of user “LooksMaximus” on youtube.
      And Aarons posts/books obviously.

    8. @Ubermensch

      Thanks mate. So far I have read some Back Pill books, I regularly visit this blog and I watch Alexander Grace’s Videos. It’s still difficult to overcome my initial programming.

      That blog you’ve posted seems quite interesting.

  4. Guys recently I’m thinking about an important issue:

    I think it is quite likely, that soon everyone of us will be forced to make a decision between:

    take the vaccine


    accept a lot of limitations on your freedom

    I’m quite convinced there will be travel limitations, limitations on the use of public events & services. (also relevant for me: brothels, whores)

    I’m really unsure about this one. One the one side I obviously don’t want to take the vaccine, but on the other side accepting the limitations on my freedom will also suck.

    And it’s not like we can do anything against this. 99% of the normies (at least in my country (Austria)) are government following sheep, they don’t have any problems accepting whatever the government tells them.

    And while I have ideals, freedom being one of them, being pragmatic beats being idealistic in my opinion.

    I think the decision depends mostly on these factors:

    – risk of the virus (we know this is very low for healthy persons)
    – risk of the vaccine (here it is much harder to get reliable data)
    – the type of restrictions that will be in place for people who don’t get the vaccine
    – how much do you value the activities that will be restricted
    – how much you value idealism (freedom)

    I really don’t know which of those factors matters more / should matter more to me.

    1. I know some countries (Israel, Serbia) have vaccinated majority of their population and so far I haven’t heard reports of mass health related issues. Some people have died but risk of death is much lower compared to COVID. Personally I know about a dozen of people who took the vaccine 1-2 months ago and didn’t experience any serious side-effects.

      What worries me is that the virus mutates so quickly that the vaccination might not protect against different strains.

    2. There are also long-term health effects, and those are all unknown at this point. A connection between blood clots that will kill you and the AstraZeneca vaxx has been established, though.

      The vaxx won’t protect you. Big Pharma wants to plunge a needle into your arm, against your will if necessary, every three months.

    3. The problem is more with the mRNA vaxxes. Also, I trust the Chinese and Russian governments more than any Western government, so anything they use I would research a bit before rejecting it. This may indeed be an alternative to the gene therapy our Western overlords are pushing. My hope is that the incompetent West will not be able to administer the vaxx passport, which was supposed to never come (remember when you were called a “conspiracy theorist” for pointing out that possibility). I furthermore expect that there will be plenty of subversive doctors around who will hand you a fake vaxx cert. This is already happening for certificates that allow you to skip wearing a mask, due to medical reasons:

    4. mRNA vaccine isn’t really a gene therapy ( I know you are using this term sarcastically ) because it doesn’t enter the nucleus and thus can’t modify the DNA. What the vaccine does is synthesize the corona part of the coronavirus which allows the immune system to create antibodies.

      Problem is that every vaccine has a risk of causing autoimmune response. For example, what happened in my country recently was that a 30 yr old man died due to internal bleeding a few days after taking Astra Zeneca jab. This is exactly the opposite of the typical culprit which is embolism caused by blood clotting. Theoretically it is possible that the vaccine caused autoimmune response targetting thrombocytes and this led to bleeding out.

      On ZeroHedge there was an article claiming that the Pfizer vaccine causes sterility by producing an autoimmune response which targets some compounds relevant to the reproductive system. This obviously hasn’t been confirmed or the state of Israel wouldn’t use Pfizer as it’s vaccine of choice.

  5. The domination aspect of sex:

    Recently I feel like I’m turning into a psychopath/asshole, and I don’t know
    how much my escort usage is contributing to it (also probably because I’m more isolated now because of the bug)

    One of the main arguments against prostitution is that the sex sucks if the girl
    is not into you. And there is lot of truth to this.
    So in the past I was always going for the “girlfriend experience”, basically the prostitute pretends that she
    is into you and it is sex like you would have with a girlfriend.

    Or look at a guy like Lisbon. If he wasn’t lying, then he fucked over 500 prostitutes but he still feels like shit.

    But recently, my entire perception of sex and of myself changed. If find it quite hot now to fuck a prostitute,
    and if she doesn’t really like it, that makes me even more horny. It is like having a real life fuck doll. Basically, it is about domination.

    One example, I had a session with an escort a few weeks ago. We agreed on bareback blowjob, but then in the session
    it was obvious she wanted to avoid putting my dick in her mouth. Like suck on it for one second and then do something else.
    But so I just took her head with my hand and shoved my dick in her mouth.
    I’m quite of a high inhibition guy, so this was not exactly easy for me. I was raised for like 20 years to “respect women” haha.
    Surprisingly, she didn’t object to it at all.
    It also makes me horny to have a more commanding position in sex. You just tell the whores “get on your knees now”.
    “now I want to fuck you from behind, turn around”.
    Basically treating them like a slave/fuck doll.
    Or in the past I was too high inhibition to pull the hair of an escort while fucking her doggy style.
    Now I do it every time and they never object to it.
    I guess deep down women actually enjoy getting treated like this. They want the man to use them as a fuck-doll.
    It kind of makes sense, if she makes you so horny that you just cannot stop yourself from violating her, she just
    must be super hot and irresistible.

    So I really wonder now if I will become a psychopath if I continue this way and rewire myself like this, or if I just removed some brainwashing which
    was there for along time.
    I guess I’m not a real sicko because the line for me would be something which actually hurts them, which I have
    no desire in doing. It is more about dominating them.

    1. pull the hair of an escort while fucking her doggy style.

      Yeh ive done this with brazilian women, feels so good, calling her names.


    “Men outnumber women on Tinder by almost nine to one, while even “female-friendly” apps like Bumble have fewer than 20% of Bumble users, according to new research.

    A recent study by Mobile Journey Marketing cloud provider Ogury reveals a massive gender imbalance amongst dating app users in various countries. This imbalance was greatest in Italy – where 91% of dating app users are male.”

    There is other reason i can’t get matches on tinder. There is not enough women. I think in Portugal is less than 20% of females on tinder and bumble.

    Tinder boost is very expensive and now they have Tinder Platinum.

    And i think there is no active female users on dating apps.

    I don’t know why people promote dating apps! I can pay Aaron 500€ to give me tips, its not going to work on dating app. And remember, chads doesn’t need to take professional pictures, they can just take pictures in bed when they wake up and put on tinder and instagram and have likes. Its not about filters, angles, its your face in general and no its not just about your jaw.

  7. Hi think I probably have anti-game because people tell me that I am attractive and that they don t understand why it is so difficult to me to get girls.
    Can I show you a pic of me to have your feedback ?

    1. Looks is not your problem. You are white, tall, clear skin, good eye color. Here in Portugal is easy to slay with your looks, all latinas will approach you, they like to suck white cock. Portuguese girls are into whites too.

      I don’t know where you live… But if women is not giving you choosing signals, try to cold approach and escalate to sex.

      The good thing about me is, im not affraid of approaching women, when i am drunk i am king of approaching women, ive got balls, but women are not into me because of my looks.

      You dont have any excuse motherfucker, you are fucking white. God loves you.

    2. @Lisbon: maybe you should not give advice to other people if you have such big problems yourself?

    3. LMAO

      so according to this logic, if I want advice how to start a business, I should ask a guy who failed all the time and never managed to get a successful business running, instead of someone who actually succeeded in business.

      makes a lot of sense to me.

      so basically, we should go ask homeless people for everything. they are the biggest losers, so they must be the best teachers.

      wow…. you really should reconsider your logic here

    4. Well… Dating is not money business.

      But you are wrong.

      If you are right, why you dont give advice to “Budo”. Help him.

      I was the only guy here writing about his looks.

    5. You are childish now, you just keep making argument because you don’t want to admit being wrong.

      And why the fuck should I give someone dating advice? I never got a girl from a nightclub or tinder. I had a few girlfriends but all of them I got from my social circle. (this was before Tinder/online dating was a big thing).

      I can give him advice how to deal with hookers because I have a lot of experience with that, when it comes to normal women I don’t have much, and for this he should ask Aaron / someone else who has experience.

      you are making no sense.

    6. You are coping so hard with prostitution.

      At least i admit, prostitution is for low value males. Banging prostitutes is worst position for men. Paying directly for a pussy. How i know that, because i banged a lot of hookers.

      Go to google and type:

      Escort privada lisbon
      Portal privado lisbon
      Apartadox lisbon

    7. I’d frame it differently: You paid for what she asked and now you are getting your money’s worth. It is much more masculine to put down a hundred bucks to make some prostitute spread her legs than to engage in the “jester-maxxing” of your average male who is begging for pussy, wining and dining women for weeks without getting anything in return.

    8. I’m really starting to think you lack the intelligence to understand what I argue.

      “prostitution is for low value males.”

      YES. Of course it is. Are you an idiot?


      You are not rich. You are not hot. You don’t have fame.

      Therefore you are low value. At least you are certainly not high value.

      And so this makes prostitution your best option. You will never have hot models coming to your Yacht to fuck you like Leonardo Di Caprio. Get it into your stupid head.

    9. “How I know that, because I banged a lot of hookers.” so are you an idiot?

      You are telling me you don’t enjoy fucking hookers, but you fucked more than 500 of them.
      I only have around ~200, but I actually do enjoy it.

      In any case you are an idiot. If you don’t enjoy it at least you should stop wasting your money on it.

      If we consider 150€ for one session, that means you have spend ~75000€ on this. You spent 75000€ on something which makes you feel bad.

      I mean even heroin addicts enjoy the drugs.

      Do you see how irrational/stupid this is?

  8. Wow…… Out of the blue I looked up the average height of American women. 5’4. Shorter than I thought, but that’s not what grabbed me. The average weight is about 170 pounds.




    I guess I get so used to seeing fat chicks that I don’t even notice anymore. Also I think being as picky as I am is more of a product of my environment than needing to “lower my standards.”

    1. This is indeed shorter than you’d expect. I wonder how much both the height and fatness stats are driven by stodgy beaner women.

    2. Could be. Although I live in San Diego, and our average weight is lower despite a high Chicano population. This is offset by multiple factors including a very high Asian population. Having said that, 1 in 3 San Diegans are obese.

  9. Anybody else have a problem with modern movies? These over the top, loud, special effects dependent “films?” I can’t fucking stand them. What happened to great plots, great acting, and great directing? They’re called “block busters.”They can’t even keep my attention. Yet it’s the short attention span audiences that love them.

    Remember Mel Gibson’s Brave Heart? Goddamn what a movie! Action? You bet your ass. But precluded by a great story line, acting and directing. Not to mention little if any CGI. The violence was more compelling because the story built up to it.

    Martin Scorsese actually got some heat for comparing “block busters” to theme parks and saying they aren’t cinema.

    He was being kind. In fact The Irishman and Joker are the only two quality movies I have seen in quite some time.

    And I’m not talking about the last year ( lockdown). I’m talking about at least the last ten.

    1. Agree with you, almost all modern movies suck.
      Too much focus on special effects for the ADHD riddled audience of smartphone zombies. And the obvious wokeism which is infected everything now.
      Recently I finally got to watch “Gone with the wind” and have to say it was a good movie, it aged very well.
      I don’t watch much anymore, but if I get in the mood to watch something I just google online for older classics which I didn’t get to so far.

    2. Gone with the Wind? What a fucking movie!!


      Rhett Butler is my hero. Fuck Scarlett O’Hara. Reminds me of every fucking narcissistic bitch I’ve ever met. Yet she makes the movie as much as Rhett. The story, acting, costume design and backgrounds are incredible. Great lessons on the disasters of warfare. Of course it is considered controversial now. Cause slaves are depicted as…… Umm slaves?

      The end is excellent. Rhett let’s her have it. Everybody quotes “Frankly my dear…..” But the things he said prior to that are better. I own this movie and have seen it many times. Like when Melani dies he says, “I guess that makes it nice for you.” She exclaims how much she loved her and he says, “No, I don’t know that you did.” Or when he says he wants peace, charm and Grace in the world. He asks if she knows what he’s talking about. She says no, which exemplifies her narcissism. Then exclaims her love for him. He says “that’s your misfortune.” Then bounces. I love it. What a movie. The theme song is in my head as I type haha.

      We need more men today like Rhett Butler. Hell even back during the American Civil War they were rare. People take different things from the movie. Most women love Scarlett and wish they ended up together. I hate Scarlett and every man should aspire to be like Rhett…..except loving Scarlett in the first place :). Oh and I like the whore character Belle, and Melanie was sweet…even though she married her cousin, but ya know 1800s South.
      And her husband was a dork. Makes no sense why Scarlett loved him. Then again it does because Scarlett is an idiot.

    3. My take from the movie:

      Scarlett was a narcissist, but also she did what she did to survive, something which I can admire. As someone who is high on Machiavellianism myself, I would not blame her for it.

      She was actually portrayed as a typical woman, using her female beauty & charm to manipulate men.

      She was also lusting/loving after a Chad (I think he was supposed to be a Chad in the movie) who she could not have, and missed out on the guy who really wanted her.

      I really liked the end.

      The display of slavery: fucking lol.
      People want to ban a movie about slavery, because it displays slaves as…. slaves.


    I’ve seen some similar arguments as the above DS article presented on this site and elsewhere, i.e., relationships that don’t produce any children are doomed, and the guy will always get railroaded/be miserable. How does it couch couples who have decided to forgo having kids, take a bunch of killer vacations, and to all outward appearances seem happy with their decision?

    My uncle and his wife are in their early to mid fifties, live in San Diego, have an apartment right across from where the baseball team plays, and certainly seem to be a well-functioning and happy couple.

    My thoughts are that A) we don’t have a camera crew following them around. Appearances are just those, appearances. B) The exception doesn’t prove the rule.

    Is there anything empirical suggesting that IS in fact the rule? That couples without children are less happy/more likely to fail?

    1. It might be the case that people without motherly or fatherly instinct are more prevalent than we think, and when they match, the usual drive doesn’t apply.

    2. I agree with option A. Fake happiness is kinda our thing in San Diego.

      I have lived here for 23 years.

    3. Mostly A)

      Because of social media people are obsessed with appearances now.

      It is all about pretending to be happy on your IG account.

      I know 2 couples like that in real life. They are miserable and constantly fighting, but if you look at their social media profile, they are like the perfect couple.

      Also a friend of me got divorced and his wife cheated on him, he was totally devastated, which he told me when I was alone with him.

      As soon as our other friends entered the picture, suddenly he was again all “everything is perfect”. Like he put on a mask.

      This fake bullshit that everyone is doing is another reason I’m a ghost now, what is even the point in interacting with people if everyone is super fake.

    4. @Ubermensch, i still haven’t completely uncucked. There is still something in me that wants to make girls happy. I get that women are dangerous. And i’ll thoroughly vet them, post on here for feedback, etc before knocking one up. But man, romanticism is hard to let go of. I still cherish those messages when girls have messaged me saying “you are so incredibly thoughtful. I love you.”

    5. Uncucking to the degree Ubermensch has may not be for everyone, to put it mildly.

      OTOH, no, you’re not a psychopath. It’s OK to want to dominate women in bed since a majority of them get off on being dominated anyway. That’s why former blog regular Lucretius Carus (I think) is such a fan of the Pierre Woodman castings. ?

    6. I will add that ultimately, those kinds of messages do more harm than good if they’re not your wife. They just get you attached to a woman that’s never going to go anywhere. However, I do want to know the love a man has for a woman carrying his baby, and to be able to comfortably shower her with affection knowing that our loyalty is bound in mutual respect and our progeny.

    7. A sinister angle regarding those lovey-dovey messages is that some women send them out deliberately as part of their initial love-bombing. Anybody who has ever dated a woman on the Cluster B spectrum can probably confirm this.

    8. @Manuel S: agreed. I think I’m not really a neurotypical person, so it works for me, but might not work for other men.
      For example I’m a true introvert, I can spend months alone in my room without a problem (as long as I have books, entertainment and so on), and I actually prefer it over interacting with other people most of the time.
      I’m also very low on empathy and generally don’t care much about other people. I prefer transactional relationships.

      But a lot of men seem to really want to have a woman around and interact with her all the time, so for those men my lifestyle will not work.

      But I also think those men are also in some way mentally weak… I mean really, if you cannot handle being alone as a man, you are a baby. You need a woman to hold your hand? Who is the pussy in this relationship?
      As men we are supposed to be the mentally tough ones. Not the other way around… in a lot of relationships today it seems the woman is actually more masculine than the man… quite pathetic honestly.

    1. Funny how the highest rated comments were deleted and we were left with “Just be confident! Try to build an emotional connection!”

    1. Being short as a man is indeed very brutal.
      And of course millions of blue pillers (in the comments) deny the obvious reality.
      The thing I’m really wondering about, are these people really that stupid, or do they know the truth and just want to virtue signal?
      And are women lacking even the basic self awareness to realize they are attracted to tall man?
      It is like me only ever having sex with big titted women, and then proclaiming that looks are not important.

    2. >”love yourself the way you are! happiness comes from within!”
      >”if you think you’re the wrong gender, here’s how gender reassignment surgery works”

  11. I agree, for me, 80% of profiles are fake, the question is how much dating app pay models to make profiles. I mean selling image is not for free.

    Having sex nowdays is so difficult, for me more than 80% of men are not getting laid, like faceandlms said, men will not admit that they are incels.

    Its so bad, this is happening:

    Even chads are Fighting for obese women, are you serious?

    1. Lisbon you need to get off tinder. It is not good for your mental health. Take a break.

    1. Men are indeed a joke.
      But the problem is men. Most men have zero self respect or dignity.
      It is men like you who need “female validation” at all costs, to feel good about themselves, who are willing to do anything to get “free pussy” (it is free… you just have to sell your soul for it!), who lead to this hyperinflation of the female ego.
      It is because they all internalized, like you, the gynocentric world model. They define their masculinity by success with women.

      I mean can you explain to me why men still marry women in the 21 century, when there are zero upsides to marriage (for men) and only downsides? It is quite pathetic.

    2. It is also ironically, men like you who overvalue “free sex” over “paid sex”, who create this hyperinflation of the ego of women.
      If all men just paid for prostitutes (or just jerked it to porn) and would refuse to date fat and toxic tinder sluts, their ego would come down to normal levels again.
      You are part of the problem.

    3. Why should i jerk to the internet porn and pay for hooker? Do you imagine how many guys have internet porn addiction? Your comments are delusional and full of cope. You are dumb. Its called men biology/adn and you cant change it. Not everyone have money to pay for hookers. I know what kind of guy you are, you already old and you are giving young guys to pay for sex.

      Majority of guys dont want to pay for sex, its humiliation. The experience of free sex and genuine sex its different.

    4. Women dont care about your masculinity. Only think they care is your looks. Women don’t want macho man, bearded guy, they want a attractive guys.

    5. Biology is that you want to stick your penis into a pussy, nothing else.

      You are telling me, that all the Vikings who raided and pillaged and raped women, were not real men. They never experienced real sex.

      All the Romans who just had arranged marriages and fucked prostitutes, they never experienced real sex either.
      In all of those arranged marriages, if the woman likes the man (or vise versa) was not a single consideration. Marriages were purely for political & strategic reasons.

      All the emperors and warlords who had harems of sex slaves, they must have felt totally bad about themselves.

      But my words are lost on you anyways. You are lacking the self awareness to question your own beliefs and motivations.

    6. The year is 2021

      Everything changed.

      Genuine sex is the way to go or be a incel and cope. I don’t recommend hookers and porn and masturbation.

      This is my final words

    7. Lol ?

      I don’t even have social media (instagram, facebook,…) To validate a woman, i dont do simping.

    8. You made an argument from biology.
      Men are biologically still the same as they were 2000 years ago.

      What has changed is the cultural set of memes that got installed into you via education & culture.

      And because those are not genetic elements of your fundamental brain structure, they can be changed.

      And I know they can be changed because I was once like you, but I managed to change myself and now I have no problem fucking hookers, and find it even better than normal “free sex”

      But I’m starting to think you are just lacking the IQ to even understand what I’m talking about. You don’t have this capacity of self reflection and understanding of your core motivations.
      Basically, you are a normie.
      The irony is, if you were born into a different culture, a culture which accepted paying for sex (like ancient Rome) you would have zero problems with it, and you would get great orgasms, and feel great about yourself.
      Like today, you would see it as completely normal. You would not question it, and you would call people who think it is wrong idiots.

    9. Quite recently someone on here mentioned that in Ancient Rome you could fuck a prostitute for the price of a glass of wine at a restaurant. Imagine if this was your reality today! The idea of wining and dining a chick for sex would be utterly ludicrous. Why pay for wine and dinner for two with an uncertain outcome when paying for the equivalent of a glass of wine (~10 Euros) would get you laid with 100% certainty? We’d all be whore-maxxing to the maxx in Ancient Rome and it would be completely normal to us. If some leftover woman would try to shame you for banging hookers, you’d laugh uncontrollably because it would be downright absurd to take some bottom-of-the-barrel chick, which would cost you a lot more than a hooker, yet give you a lot less in return, both in terms of quantity and quality.

      EDIT: This also answer the questions why there were no PUAs in Rome.

    10. “To validate a woman, i dont do simping.”

      Nope, don’t buy it.

      Guys like you become simps the very moment a woman acknowledges their existence.
      At least have the self honesty to admit that.

    11. So… bang hooker, pay for sex. Do what you want to do.

      I hope Portugal legalize prostitution. I hope every country legalize prostitution, so you can promote prostitution.

    12. Actually, legalizing prostitution would not change much if men are still total cucks like you.

      You are even against masturbation, this is a next level of cuckery.

      Basically, your mindset:

      “The only enjoyment that I allow myself is something which women give to me.”


      You are a well trained slave, you have internalized slavery to such a high level that you are now unhappy if you cannot make the master (= women) happy.

      like a show dog basically.

      we men truly have become a pathetic laughing stock. No surprise the western world is collapsing.

    13. 10,000 years ago a dude looking like Lisbon would lead a gang of warriors to ransack a different tribe’s village, kill all the men, steal all their gold, and take all the women as their sex slaves. In the present day, we have such men swiping right on Tinder until they get callouses on their thumb and thinking that sex is not “real” if they are paying for it.

      Bonus question: Do you think ancestral Chad was fretting over whether the women he fucks were enjoying it? This is of course a question we can’t really answer. Yet, I would be very surprised if ancestral Chad was spending weeks wooing bitches, wondering if she really likes him, and whether his dick is big enough. (This would be a topic for a blog post. I think the obsession over dick size of the modern man (!) is an expression of its complete and utter pussification. The idea of sex is that you fuck a chick hard, blow a load, and knock her up. It is not about “making her feel good”. This is merely a side effect. Nature made sex enjoyable for both sexes to get them to procreate. Men like to fuck and women like to get fucked, and it is done with the purpose of making babies. If you end up alone with a woman, your first thought shouldn’t be, “I hope my dick is big enough for her”, but “I’ma rail this bitch now.”)

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