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66 thoughts on “Open Thread #114

    1. Surely, you are referring to Wilhelm Reich, Jewish scholar extraordinaire and lauded author of wholesome works such as The Mass Psychology of Fascism and The Sexual Revolution.

    2. @Pickernanny
      >>No, I meant it to be that I was facing you. It’s from the back, silly.<<

      Of course :=D

  1. Can you guys recommend some good sources on financial economics?

    What I’ve noticed is that I don’t have a good grasp of the basics and I would like to be able to form my own opinion about this.

    1. Most of economics is a pseudo-science but “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell was quite good. Also “Economics in one lesson” by Henry Hazlitt.
      Just take it all with a grain of salt. It is good to have as a thinking framework, but it is just that, a framework.

    2. I’ve never seen the term financial economics. Will look into it; however, if you are looking to become more financially literate, I recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad. Great beginner-friendly book, and a fun read. It will most likely dramatically improve your financial trajectory.

    3. Just look up Econ101 on Khan Academy. Everything else is unverifiable.
      And Kiyosaki is a good exercise in recognizing charlatans, nothing more.

    4. @Old Anon, you likely know more about Kiyosakai than I do. I was talking with a businessman, and said I never got a financial education, to which he replied by suggesting Rich Dad Poor Dad. I went ahead and read it, and it helped clarify my thinking in devising an overall financial plan for myself. That’s the extent of my knowledge of him. Haven’t listened to any podcasts, watched any vids, or even played his board game (or whatever kind of game it is). Thought the book was a fun read, and it made sense. I do think he made up the shit with the two dads, or highly exaggerated it based on the contrived cheesiness of the rich dad quotes. That said, I didn’t mind the gimmick.

    5. On a side note, I’d appreciate any resources or suggestions for becoming more financially literate.

    6. I would also recommend Khan academy. They economics series seem quite simple, but they give you a good understanding.

      And when someone starts to use a lot of math in economics, you enter the realm of pseudo-science.
      Economists like to mentally masturbate and create mathematical models which have no connection to reality.

      For example part of the 2008 crash was that the big banks used a risk-model which had the assumption baked in, that all securities are independent (their price movements are not correlated) , and also that financial returns are normally distributed.

      it is basically garbage in, garbage out.

    1. Not surprising. You have a worse chance of getting popped for shit posting these days than for committing actual crimes against humanity in the name of leftist ideology.

  2. Hi guys, its been so long! How are you? Im not fine.

    My Tinder profile pictures

    I’ve got 1 match:

    After that we had face to face on tinder and she said this:

    Here is my picture without filter:

    After that she unmatched me and end of the story.

    Was my first match, she was hot on video call. Dam.


    1. Don’t really see why you would have a problem. I’m only 176cm, and not as masculine looking as you, and even I managed to get some cute girlfriends in the past.
      But that was before the tinder era started, and smartphones were not a thing, so it is probably much harder now.

      You should not feel too bad about yourself, if you watch the “to catch a simp” series on bitchute, landwhales are now chased by actual Chads… so the situation must be horrible for non-Chads.

    2. Aaron did you see the pictures i uploaded?

      I have Tinder Platinum and i boosted my profile twice with super boost that cost 150€ each, super boost for 12 hour. I not getting matches from real girl, only bots and transsexual. I don’t care what other men says about my looks, only thing matters is women behavior towards me, they don’t want to fuck me and suck my dick. I think this stuff about being masculine, macho man its over, women on this generation whants feminine man, looks at model industry, you can’t find models with hyper masculine face. In real life when i go to the supermarket they are afraid of me or disgusted by me, im not joking. There is something bad happening in this world, if this will continue somebody needs to do something about incels. The media is ignoring inceldom problem. FaceandLMS told me to delete tinder, its not gonna happen.

    3. Holy shit 150€ for a 12 hour boost?
      For that money you can fuck a model looking 20 year old escort for one hour.

      It is not surprising that women all have super huge egos now if 99% of men are uber simps who are willing to blow their money on women for a super tiny chance to get attention / sex.

    4. 500? Common, you are bullshitting now.
      A few years ago you made a post here that you fucked one hooker (the first)
      So you racked up a laycount of 500 in a few years?
      I don’t believe you :p
      And guys like you who don’t like whores don’t normally rack up laycounts in the 100s if they don’t enjoy it.

    5. Oh and:

      “I don’t want to pay for sex”

      But you are paying for tinder. You are paying for it. Just in a more complicated way.
      I would understand your sentiment if you would also refuse to pay for tinder or pay for dates, but as it is this mindset makes little sense to me. You are basically just hurting yourself with your illogical actions here.

    6. Lisbon needs to cut out the middle man. I did not know that Tinder had jacked up their price for a “boost” to 150 Euros. This is outrageous.

    7. Yeah you are right I don’t understand, because I think you are not telling the truth.
      Guys who don’t enjoy having sex with prostitutes don’t end up fucking 500 of them.
      The only guys who get such high lay counts are true sex addicts who would do anything for sex, or super VIPs.
      This story just doesn’t add up.

    8. I just don’t see how a guy looking like you would have such troubles with women, so there must be something you are not telling us.
      No offense, if you want people to help you you need to be totally honest about everything.

    9. Lisbon, throw some money my way and I’ll see what we can do in a few consultation sessions. Think of this option the next time you blow 150 Euros on a boost. The fact that you’ve had club sluts make out with you is proof enough that you can get chicks.

    10. Considering that Lisbon claims to have garnered up to 500 varieties of sexual experience (whether paid for or not) and still hasn’t been able to get on with it, I’m afraid he’s been way too indoctrinated into the defeatism of black pill for any amount of success to ever matter. This sounds like a severe self-esteem problem to me. I’ve recently started looking at hooking up from a different perspective personally.

      I think that when the next chick I’m sexually interested in comes around, I’ll assess her value, and if she’s not worthy of reproducing with I’ll tell her straight up from the beginning as bluntly as possible that she will merely never be anything else other than a living breathing sex doll for me (not those exact words lol). But if I think she has potential, then she must be willing to have kids within a certain time frame and there must also be other rules that she must follow (praise be to Allah). That way, she knows exactly what to expect and I can have a clear as crystal conscious about whatever moves I make next. However, I’m not holding my breath on the latter scenario, probably just end up settling for some more cute single moms and living an unfulfilling existence 😀

      Just want to note that often times, the attractive young girls worth their salt in this little area generally get snagged up very quickly by the time I am able to meet them. And I’ll usually get a turn after a breakup with or without children. It’s really just a matter of not having a good social life/logistics and not giving a shit enough to even want to try and fix it.

      But yea, I don’t use Tinder or anything online to meet chicks. It sounds like Tinder is sort of like a prostitute. You give them 150 euros and they fuck you.

    11. I’m convinced he’s a troll. If memory serves me right, Lisbon was claiming to be a virgin not too long ago.

    12. I consider myself a virgin.

      Remember that movie “The 40 yeard old Virgin”? It could be me soon.

      I banged more than 500 hookers, but i consider myself a virgin, a loser!!

      I want genuine raw sex. I want to feel wet pussy! I never had sex for free, so im a virgin.

    13. Weren’t you some chubby chick’s side piece for a while? Was that not “free”?

    14. No, she wanted to use me, she wanted a cuckold boyfriend.

      I want genuine sex. Like chad and Tyrone.

      But im a maggot.

      I never lied about hookers, in lisbon prices are between 100€ / 150€.

      But let be honest, sex with hookers its not the same, you need genuine raw attraction.

    15. Guys it is only real sex when she is deeply in love with you and super attracted 🙂
      So I guess 80% of men are virgins according to this definition.


      Guys like Lisbon are the result of the deep gynocentric brainwashing that is going in our society.

      Would rather pay 300€ for a 0.1% chance to fuck a tinder slut than pay 150€ for a 100% chance to fuck a model level woman.

      Because if the woman is not validating him it is not real sex guys!

      Really seems like most men crave to be enslaved to women. Their purpose in life is to be a slave to a whore.
      Our civilization is so fucked LOL.

    16. “Guys it is only real sex when she is deeply in love with you and super attracted ?”

      Now you understand. Money for nothing, chics for free. Only counts if she is really into you genuinely.

    17. So now we know that guys like Donald Trump or Flavio Briatore are all virgins guys!
      Their supermodel girlfriends only fucked them because they are billionaires, so they are still virgins.
      We should call them, this seems like an important information, their entire life was a lie basically.
      Such losers, cannot even get real sex!

    18. Yes and you will never be that guy.
      So I guess, have fun suffering for the rest of your life.

      Even if you find some slut to finally fuck you, with your mindset you will fall head over heels for her and she will probably marry and then divorce rape you.

    19. Anyways, no offense but you seem somewhat autistic to me.
      Did you ever get tested for psychological problems? What is your IQ?

    20. I am very low iq but…

      I am not autistic, because i am aware of signals that people give it to me.

      Yes i am a loser. I am a maggot, i am a low form of life. My life is over. But dont worry about me. Thats why im on faceandlms gang. On faceandlms server you can find losers like me.

    21. @Lisbon, having sex with a hot chick who worships the ground you walk on is an experience worth having ONLY insofar as it frees you up to stop craving it. It is not what it’s cracked up to be. Once you’ve had the experience, you’ll be freed up to do you ya know? Focus on the ish that makes YOU happy. You might hit a dry spell, and then slip back into craving validation, only to get it and realize how stupid you were being for craving it. After you go through this cycle of craving validation from a hottie, getting it and realizing it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, you’ll be free to focus on what YOU give a shit about. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking your life is that bad due to a lack of women. As Ubermensch said, divorce rapes and custody battles are FAR worse than a dry spell. Maybe give up the women thing for a bit, find a way to relax and vibe out, and try again in a few months?

    22. @lisbon: you see yourself as a loser because you have internalised the default gynocentric cuck mindset of our society.

      For example the slut in the video. I could fuck her (assuming she was an escort), and she would not be attracted to me, but I would still totally enjoy it, and feel great about myself.

      But I am not better looking than you. The difference between me and you is the content of our minds.

      I was once like you, craving for a girlfriend, depressed.
      Then I finally got a girlfriend l, even a cute one, and was bored of her after 5 weeks.
      If it was possible for me to change, it is possible for you.

    23. @Lisbon, having sex with a hot chick who worships the ground you walk on is an experience worth having ONLY insofar as it frees you up to stop craving it. It is not what it’s cracked up to be.

      This is a tough nut to crack. We all say the same, but we’ve all been there. We all had to experience it first-hand to be like “meh, this is not what it’s cracked up to be”.

      Is it possible to overcome the belief that you need the chad experience without actually experiencing it? I know it didn’t work for me. No matter how many people told me “porn-like sex with hot chicks isn’t a big deal”, I couldn’t get it until I had it…

    24. @LIsbon, I don’t do online dating, but you look good in your pictures. They don’t indicate that you have a badass life though. I worry if chicks might think “why doesn’t he have any photos of him doing cool shit I’d like to do?” Maybe find (or pay) some hot chicks to take pictures with you at an exciting venue? Maybe use a green screen to show you doing cool shit you haven’t actually done that makes you r status look higher than it is?

    25. Lisbon should use pictures that show him as a thug instead of pretending to be a nice, non-threatening guy. Chicks will squirt when they see pictures of him brandishing a (fake) gun or sitting in a leather chair, smoking a fat cuban cigarette while some chick is kneeling in front of him. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t want to embrace his strengths but instead tries to be the complete opposite. He wants to look nice and approachable when he should work on an image that makes him look dangerous. He won’t attract the most mentally stable women this way but at least he could bang the kind of chicks for free that he is now paying for.

    1. Question is would he also die if he got COVID?

      Blood clotting, the main problem with Astra Zeneca vaccine, often occurs after COVID infection. I got infected few months ago and had to be hospitalized three days after my fever receded because I had developed pulmonary embolism (ie blood clots in the lungs). I was lucky in a sense because the clots were in peripheral blood vessels which caused intense pain so I knew I had to seek treatment. Less lucky people develop arterial embolism which often doesn’t produce any pain but can lead to sudden death because they don’t seek medical attention and don’t receive anti-coagulant therapy.

      I’d say the vaccine is dangerous because the virus itself is dangerous, especially for older people and those with hereditary thrombophilia.

    2. Thanks for sharing this perspective. I’m glad to hear that you got through this unharmed. Going back to your question, I think it would be more appropriate to ask how likely it would have been for him to contract Covid, and then get the same kind of complications. We know how his case ended, but I’d argue that he could have known in advance, had he been informed about the side effects, that the vaxx was worse than the disease. Well, he has learned about this later, but by then it was too late.

  3. Has anyone of you played CyberPunk 2077? I recently visited a friend, an ex-slayer who now drops kilo-buxx on PC hardware. He got his hands on some top-of-the-line ray-tracing graphics card that cost north of 1,000 Euros retail, and a bit extra because of scarcity. He showed me a bit of the game. It certainly looks pretty good, but even if we ignore the bugs, the bigger issue I see is that this game is just not much of an escapist fantasy. In Witcher III I sometimes just walked to the next quest marker as I found it relaxing to take a stroll in (virtual) nature. In contrast, in CP2077 you see basically a worse version of the current year. To me, it looked like a pretty depressing experience.

    1. Nice, what a setup! Did you happen to check anything else out on it? And no, I haven’t seen the game in person. I don’t even know anyone that owns it actually. Glad to hear I’m not missing out, in fact I wish I was missing out.

    2. He got the graphics card for CyberPunk 2077 (imagine the let down!). Apart from that, my buddy is really into Valheim. This game is basically a Chad-themed Minecraft. Open-ended sandbox games are not my cup of tea, but a lot of people seem to be getting really into it.

  4. Is this recent call for a 6pm (18h) curfew on men in the UK a joke / satire?

    I can’t tell in this Clown world!!

    1. Only one way to find out!

      In all seriousness, imagine living in the UK, mistaking the news for satire, leaving the house at 6 p.m. and promptly getting arrested! I’m so happy that I get to experience the current year. My life would have been so empty has I been born half a century earlier.

    1. This tweet got taken down already, unfortunately. Given that Biden is the most popular dude ever, it’s a good idea to use deep fakes because he also has to rest. With deep fakes there can be as much Biden content as the insatiable masses demand.

    1. I think in Portugal is less than 20% of females on tinder and bumble.

      Tinder boost is very expensive and now they have Tinder Platinum.

      And i think there is no active female users on dating apps.

  5. Hi.

    I am french, i am 28. I discovered this blog few month ago. Thanks for your content it is really helpfull for me.

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