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83 thoughts on “Open Thread #113

  1. Quick gaming update: I recently checked out Mass Effect 2 as I got it as part of a bundle of games. Supposedly, this is one of the best Western RPGs ever but I found it incredibly boring. I did not play the first part, but from what I gather, the opening sequence of the second game negates everything that happened in the first one: your ship is lost, your crew is gone etc. Then the game proceeds to send you on a bunch of fetch quests without bothering to set up any proper motivation for your actions. The gameplay is also pretty poor with rather primitive shooting mechanics. After less than two hours spread across two gaming sessions I dropped the game.

    As I had a pretty good time with Saints Row III, with the exception of some padding b.s. at the end, I picked up Saints Row IV for a few bucks the other day. I’ll most certainly get my money’s worth, but there are a few issues with the game. The first one is that it crashes your PS3 on the title screen if you are connected to the Internet [1]. This is pretty bizarre. My guess is that the game tries connecting to dedicated servers that are not online anymore, which was not properly tested in QA. At least those people don’t work on software lives depend on. The game itself is not bad. It’s even whackier than the third one but what I don’t like is that it relies a lot on movie and pop culture references, which is a sign of sloppy writing and lack of creativity. On that note, I recall watching Shrek 2 years ago, after having enjoyed the first one. Yet, the sequel is chock-full of pop culture references. That’s the laziest kind of humor, roughly at the same level as humor by repetition. The end result is a product that may appeal to normies in the year of release and a bit beyond but years later the audience will have little idea about what is going on as the required context is missing.


    1. You should check out the Yakuza series if you haven’t already (start with Yakuza 0). Best fun I’ve had this past generation. Should be able to get it relatively cheap too.

    2. I played Yakuza 3 on PS3 a decade ago, which was great fun. Strangely enough, it is commonly seen as the weakest entry in the series and the elements that are criticized are ones I particularly liked, such as the small-town setting. Yakuza 3 is one of the games I recently rebought. I also bought Yakuza 4 for PS3 the other week. It will be a while before I’ll move on to PS4 but when I do, Yakuza games will be on my list. I’m not sure I’ll start with Yakuza 0, though, as there is probably a lot of retconned material in it. Instead, I’d probably play 1 to 6, 0, and then 7.

    1. Aaron,

      I wouldn’t mind if we got more women from Venezuela – they are much better looking than American women lol

    2. I can get behind that kind of reasoning. Yet, those migrant caravans have the rather peculiar property that they contain hardly any women.

    3. @Anthony: yeah the average BMI surely will go down a lot in the US by the influx of those starved people 🙂 But I guess after a few years of the typical American diet, they will reach the typical American BMI. So…. a short lived “improvement”

    4. You still get a few good years, so that’s certainly an improvement regardless.

    5. What is also quite amazing:

      In 1950, Venezuela was the world’s 4th wealthiest nation per capita

      In just a few generations, they have managed to turn one of the richest countries in the world, into an absolute shithole.

      And now they want to implement communism in the US as well 🙂

    1. Still baffling to me how he managed to become POTUS. The US is rapidly going downhill.

    2. Well, some people claim that there was massive voter fraud in the election that was befitting of a third-country. Then again, the same people would claim that the U.S. power structure is similar to what you find in a despot-run banana republic anyway. The alternative point of view is that Joe Biden is the most popular man who has ever lived, which is evinced by the record number of votes he has gotten. There were even batches in which 98% of votes went to Biden. He is truly a phenomenally popular man and if we didn’t have Covid ravaging the planet, he would have no problem filling a parking lot when he gives a speech.

  2. This is quickly becoming my favorite Youtube channel:

    this guy manages to point out all the bullshit and hypocrisy in modern society, but without triggering the Youtube censorship.

    I’m still wondering what is going on here. I have seen videos removed for much less.

    I guess one pattern is:

    instead of saying

    “we should treat women like X”

    he says

    “in an androcentric society, we would treat women like X”

    which is really just a semantics game, because it is implied he wants an androcentric society.
    But this shows you what happens when free speech is eroded. People just start playing these language games, and still communicate the same intent, but now camouflaged as some kind of fantasy.

  3. While you plebs have to date “mature” women to be “good men”, Belarus dictator is dating a model woman 1/3 of his age:

    If you see yourself as a “good man” and you want to be moral, you are a cuck.
    The elite makes the rules so that lower status men are well behaved slaves, while they fuck prime pussy.

    And they probably have underage mistresses as well, but if you even look at a 15 year old, you are a sick pervert and need to be put into jail 😀

  4. There is a really bizarre bug on YouTube right now: you can’t enter spaces in the search field. I have some wild theories how this made it into production. This is also a great example of the power of reality. You can be as “inclusive” as you want but you still need to deliver and YouTube just learned at which point reality starts to push back.

    1. Isn’t musk in on the woke train?
      If yes, the first “man” on Mars will be a handicapped black translesbian 😀

      It would also be super funny if the entire crew is entirely white men, but they identify as black women :D. And if anyone questions it, they will be canceled as bigots 😀

      I mean it is all about incentives. If identifying as X gets you money from the government and positive discrimination, more and more people will identify as X.

    2. @Ubermensch
      >>Isn’t musk in on the woke train?<<

      Not that I know of… but creating a society of scientists & engineers on Mars would definitely have its merits. Gender-"scientists" not allowed.

    3. Space exploration could lead to a new age of libertarianism.
      Imagine you have 1000s of colonies to choose from.
      And also because in the beginning survival in those colonies will be very hard, a colony with stupid policies will just die.
      Imagine they pick engineers based on diversity instead of skills….. then some idiot is going to fuck up the life support system or something like that 😀
      And maybe you could have your own private colony on an asteroid or something, not having to deal with idiots anymore.
      Will be too late for us, but at least we can dream.

    4. The beauty of this scenario is that it would not only kill the diversity-hire but the entire colony. Consequentially, you exponentially speed up evolution as you wipe out those who supported this bullshit as well as those who maybe did not support it yet did not dare to speak up either.

    5. @Ubemensch
      >>Space exploration could lead to a new age of libertarianism. Imagine you have 1000s of colonies to choose from. Will be too late for us, but at least we can dream.<<

      Interesting thoughts! I wonder if after some time people on a Mars or some other colony world would diverge genetically and phenotypically… theoretically this could become the start of a new species O_o

  5. I recently had a thought that Corona will speed up the collapse of Western civilization.

    But ignore the economic factors for now.

    Because of the lockdowns, dating is now almost 100% online.

    And we all know what happens online. the top 10% get to fuck all the women, while the bottom 90% get almost nothing.

    Because of that, the % of incels in the current generations of teenagers will skyrocket.

    When I was young, most people didn’t even have mobile phones. It was still possible to get a girl the normal way, talking to her and that stuff.

    But this will soon be over. Now in the lockdowns all of the girls will get used to using apps as the main method to find Chad.

    And when you have a significant number of incels, it will start to destabilize society.

    They don’t have an incentive to work hard, so the economy will crumble even more, and we also will see a sharp rise in far right movements.

    1. The study will find out that there is a big problem with toxic masculinity, and that we need better “education” for boys. Clearly if men are not happy to pay taxes to support women who don’t fuck them, they need to check their privileges.
      Maybe putting boys on hormone blockers so that they are cured of their toxic desires to have sex with women, could also help.

  6. Here is one of the myriad of problems of single motherhood. The children are raised with one dominant opinion, every day, all day. It’s like a dictatorship. Her way or the high way. Even in 1950s sitcoms the parents would have some disagreements about how to navigate problems with the children. When there is only one voice, there is no countervailing influence. It all what SHE wants. This is a major reason why children of single mothers are so fucked up. I think single mothers get high off the power and start to believe their own bullshit, and become worse human beings in general as a result.

  7. Came across this ‘academic’ study explaining lower rates of sexual activity of young adults (i.e. 18-23).

    Looks like it confirms what most of us have discussed here except for using terms like ‘female hypergamy’ or black/purple/blue/red pill.


    Note: The data goes up to 2017 so things may have changed due to lockdown living.

    1. If you read my other post, I think corona is amplifying this even more, as almost all dating is online now.
      I would not be surprised if in the current teenager generation 50% are incel or almost incel. Hard to get data on this asem don’t like to admit being virgins.

    1. I wonder who they are going to blame for “systemic racism” when kamela becomes president.

    2. It’ll still be white people’s fault. Obama grew up in Chicago and he considered his presidency a success…. Even though Chicago turned into a war zone, and black people are still poor

      Identity politics will continue to persist as long as both parties are bought off by globalist corporations/Wall Street/military industrial complex etc. Same ole shit no matter what party label they wear.

      Biden couldn’t even remember the name of his Defense Secretary…… But he picked a black guy so everything is all good. Even though he is yet another war monger. This identity politics crap is just for show. They all work for the same people. It’s like pro wrestling.

    3. Of course Biden remembered the name of his defense secretary, bigot! It was simply “that guy”, which was how he got introduced to that person. His handlers showed him a picture of that black dude and said that “that guy” is now the Secretary of Defense, to which Biden responded, “that guy, yeah, … that guy!” Also, you have to keep in mind that Biden is the most popular man who has ever lived, according to the POTUS election. He spends a solid six hours of his day just giving autographs. We need to cut him some slack.

    4. Sorry, Obama didn’t grow up in Chicago, but he lived and worked there as a “community organizer.” At any rate, the ” systemic racism” accusations were the same for all 8 years of his time in the White House.

    5. Imagine being black and getting a job as a “community organizer” just because you are black. How is that not raycis?

    6. “I wonder who they are going to blame for “systemic racism” when kamela becomes president.”

      White people.

    7. Whom else are they going to blame? I bet once whites have been genocided, they will keep a few around just for the purpose of ritual humiliation and to have a scape goat. Once the last white man is gone, Woke America will have a big problem. I vaguely recall that something similar happened several African countries, but I could be wrong.

    8. As far as I understand the leftist nonsense, isn’t the “structural racism” supposed to work like this:

      People in leadership positions are white, and so they structure the entire sytem to work against black people / for white people.

      So then when you have black people in those positions, they would change the system to not discriminate against blacks anymore.

      Now of course no one has any evidence for this magic, but this is how it is supposed to work according to the leftists, and that is why they are calling for quotas and diversity in politics and top level management.

      But I agree, when Kamela becomes president, they will probably just come up with a different narrative, they don’t need evidence anyways, as data & logic are just another form of white supremacist oppression 😀

    9. It will even be “structural racism” if there are no whites in power anymore because the institutions were built by whites and concepts like “hard work”, “punctuality” and “obeying the law” are all expressions of white privilege.

    10. By the way, the “data & logic is oppression” argument actually has some merit if you think about it:

      When one group of people use data, logic & science, and another group uses voodoo and black magic….. the first group at some point will actually dominate the other group.

      I think this is the fatal flaw in the postmoderinst worldview anyways.
      They are somewhat right that there is not really a way to have an objetive picture of reality, science only works with models, and there is an infininte amount of models to explain any situation.

      But there is actually an objective judge of any belief system / model:


      If your model allows you to build better weapons, then your group will survive, and the other group will die. As easy as that.
      It all comes down to being pragmatic in the end. Some beliefs help you survive, and some don’t

    11. Great find! The mainstream is also slowly starting to point out that Biden’s handler cut him off whenever it’s time for a Q&A session. It does not take much clairvoyance to see this ramping up. This will culminate in a crescendo demanding that his non-white non-male VP take over. You can bet that the NYT will have an article with the title, “Step Aside, Bigot!” with the subtitle “Why now is the right time for a non-white woman to take over the reigns” ready for publication. The WaPo will chime in, “Frail Joe Biden, who so perfectly mirrors the state of White America, must step aside so that we can advance society.”

    12. Last year, it was “cute” that Creepy Joe molested little children. Trump at least grabbed adult women by the pussy and as such he was the enemy of the mainstream, which is obviously promoting the sexualization of children.

    13. “Whom else are they going to blame? I bet once whites have been genocided, they will keep a few around just for the purpose of ritual humiliation and to have a scape goat. Once the last white man is gone, Woke America will have a big problem. I vaguely recall that something similar happened several African countries, but I could be wrong.”

      You just reminded me of an upcoming video game titled Revival of the Kamikaze. Which particular instances in Africa are you referring to, I wonder?

    14. I can’t find anything on this game online. The African countries I was thinking of are Rhodesia and South Africa. There are probably others where the White man was driven out, leading to starvation and a collapse of infrastructure with a concomitant decline in the standard of living.

    1. I’m not too interested in science fiction, but I’m aware that Babylon 5 has a decent fanbase.

    2. I liked it.
      If you are into scifi I recommend the remake of battlestar galactica. I really enjoyed it. Also had a very hot cylon (the cybernetic alien species in the show), and no woke garbage
      Just ignore the ridiculous physics.

    3. @Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

      >>I’m not too interested in science fiction, but I’m aware that Babylon 5 has a decent fanbase.<<

      You might like it. Especially its approach regarding many topics. It doesn't have as much woke stuff as e. g. Star Trek, and way more relatable characters. Garibaldi would probably become your favorite character :=D

      The topics "order", "chaos" and "evolution" are approached in an interesting manner.

    4. @Ubermensch

      >>I liked it.
      If you are into scifi I recommend the remake of battlestar galactica. I really enjoyed it. Also had a very hot cylon (the cybernetic alien species in the show), and no woke garbage<<

      The first two seasons were good, but then it became contrived, preachy and too religious. Deus ex machina.

  8. @Ubermensch

    A little while back you shared a book you were reading about high IQ and out-group preference. I totally disagreed with the premise. I wanted to share this Kevin Macdonald lecture I recently found that I think better explains the predicament that whites have found themselves in:

    1. That was an enjoyable watch, thanks.
      And I also agree now the IQ explanation is very wacky, I don’t really believe in it anymore.

      If White people can be saved or not, I don’t know. They are so cucked now that it is probably just natural selection if they get wiped out. At this level of cuckery, you are just not fit for survival on this planet anymore.

      Me personally, I’m a hyper individualist. I’m only loyal to myself and maybe my close family. I think being loyal to any group is a form of cuckery, especially when the group doesn’t even help you.

      Why should I fight to save the white race, when most whites are completely cucked and are actively working against me? (voting for mass immigration) It makes no sense from my point of view.

      Having an in-group preference is based on the assumption, that the group also supports you and you are working on a common goal.
      Supporting a group which works against your own goals is the highest form of cuckery in my opinion.

      He pointed this out in the video, the incentive landscape is now setup in such a way, that white people have incentives to work against white people.

      Also when I see videos of white people apologizing for their “white privilege” I cannot help but see them as dysgenic losers who should be wiped out.

      It is also hard to see myself as even a member of the same group, if they are all suchs losers.

      Now obviously, if they start to round up white people, I will fight, but not because I give a damn about those other cucks, but just because I want to survive myself.

      But considering birth rates, this probably won’t happen, whites will just slowly disappear.

    2. I agree with many of your sentiments actually. I’m wondering, however, if a persistently increasing existential crisis in whites will cause a natural tendency to select for more aggressiveness and less agreeableness. I suppose it’s even possible for certain genes to flicker off and others on within a single lifetime given enough biological pressure, but I don’t know. One thing about globalism that could potentially work in our favor is the fact that we are no longer as much separated by nation as whites. If you appear to be a white person, it doesn’t matter if you’re Italian, French, Danish or American — they’re all on the same side of the fence now.

    3. @Pickernanny: I think what is likely going to happen, when Whites become a minority in a country, there will be more and more race based violence against them.

      At some point, it will become a matter of survival for them to become more in-group biased, or die.

      But it could also turn out that they just mix with the others races, which seems to be the plan of the globalists anways.

      Create a global low IQ race who are smart enough to work but not smart enough to question anything.

    4. Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote about this plan a century ago already. He used the term “mongrel race”, if I recall correctly. The problem with leftist thinking is that “work” has dramatically evolved and our highly complex systems cannot be maintained by IQ90 morons. You notice this flaw in thinking when leftists speak of “workers”. In 2016, for instance, several Swedish socialist politicians were pointing out that all those people would now add to the workforce. Putting aside the fact that many of them don’t work any job, the much bigger issue is you can’t just add or replace workers as years of training are required even for relatively basic jobs. There is not much someone with an IQ below 100 can really do. Yet, this leads to another favorite of leftist thinking: automation. Somehow, they think they can automate all the high-IQ work while needing millions of MENA doctor-engineers for sweeping the streets and whatnot. It’s a pretty bizarre worldview.

    5. Let’s imagine that all dissenting whites get genocided while the remaining do interbreed themselves out, what would human civilization look like in 1000 years? It’s funny to think that we might have been born at around peak of all of human achievement haha. I suppose the torch of true progress could be handed to the Chinese, but I find the whole surveillance state model (which may very well be adopted in the West) to be abhorrent and essentially incompatible with much of our kind.

    6. I wouldn’t dare to predict the future 1,000 years ahead. Yet, I would find it believable that a mere hundred or two hundred years from now, you will find completely dilapidated cities and slum dwellings. Detroit will be everywhere.

    7. It is hard for me to make any prediction honestly, as I’m also a transhumanist, and I think we will soon enter an area in which genetics don’t matter much anymore.

      Just consider these technologies:

      nanotech (I highly recommend the book “engines of creation”)
      biotech (kybernetics and genetic engineering)
      virtual reality
      sex robots (or robotis in general, linked to AI)
      artifical wombs (linke to biotech)

      any of those alone can have a super deep impact, but all of them combined just create a clusterfuck of possibilities, making any prediction almost impossible.

      the transhumanists call this “the singularity”
      (called singularity because it is impossible to predict/know what happens beyond the event horizon)

      But I also see a collapse of most of civilization and a new dark age as a possibility. It all depends on demographics, timeframes and so on.

      But ultimatively, I think technology will rule supreme. Even if most of the western world dies, there will be islands of sanity who keep up the research.

      And I also think it is quite likely that the chinese model will be adopted world-wide. Imagine a global north korea basically.
      In the long run we could become a BORG like species (if you don’t know star trek, google it).
      Seems terrific now, but this is only because we are not used to it. But it just seems to me the natural end state of becoming more and more connected.

    8. “Let’s imagine that all dissenting whites get genocided while the remaining do interbreed themselves out, what would human civilization look like in 1000 years?”

      For one specific scenario, you can watch the movie “Elysium”. The movie itself is not very good, but the distopic scenario in it is quite interesting.

      Basically the world becomes a gigantic global slum, and the elite lives on an orbital station, they are immortal because of genetic engineering, while the “normal” people are basically mortal slaves working in the factories for the elite.

      It is also a leftist propaganda movie, because in the end the people destroy the station and take the stuff from the evil capitalist elite (obviously)

    9. Most people world-wide live in slums. What is worse, if you put them in proper housing, they will destroy it. I just mentioned Detroid in another comment. You can look up pictures of Detroit from the 1950s. It used to be a pretty nice city. Today, not so much. There is probably only a very small number of people with the willingness (and ability) to take care of anything and I have a hunch that their numbers are dwindling rapidly.

    10. @Pickernanny

      I totally agree that all Western whites are in the same boat now. I see unity amongst Western people unlike any time in world history. Almost every Western nation is experiencing the same thing. Not like we have a choice, but it’s refreshing to see people who used to hate each other and went through two God awful wars killing each other finally find common ground. Pat Buchanan calls WWI and WWII “The civil war of Western Civilization. ”

      About MacDonald, I think you said you were going to read The Culture of Critique. Have you gotten a chance to read it?

    11. I actually found the lecture I posted here after listening to a poor audio book version of the first chapter of The Culture of Critique while I was cooking dinner. Surprisingly, that lecture came up in recommended on EwTube. After listening to the first chapter, I do intend to eventually read the book. I’m pretty back logged right now, however, but I have been reading a lot more lately so it’s only a matter of time. Have you by chance read it?

    12. Yes sir, I’ve read it. He goes over much of the same material he discussed in the video. Very good explanation of various Jewish-led political movements in the US.

    13. It’s been a while. But memory serves that I ordered it on Amazon. This was before white nationalist was a household term.

  9. If you thought Calvin Klein putting obese women on ads, you may want to readjust your scale as the sports brand Adidas is now flexing by using grotesquely obese women in ads:

    1. this also must be degrading for the women who actually worked very hard to have a good body, they are being put on the same level with this landwhale.

    2. I’m honestly more horrified by the glorification of tattoos.

      I also don’t think it’s an affront to “the rest of the girls who worked hard for their bodies”, because a lot of those girls didn’t work hard for their bodies. They just happen to be blessed with a low appetite/high satiety.

    3. @Alek: if you argue like that then you can never blame anyone for anything.
      People who work hard were just lucky to get a better work ethic by their parents…
      Which is somewhat true, but you cannot base society on that.
      Society needs to reward good behaviour and create incentives to do so.
      And putting fat women into adds certainly does not help to encourage good behaviour.

    4. @Uber… Your strawman is pure bullshit. Either that’s or your reading comprehension or understanding of weight set points.

      One last try, though I feel it’s for naught.

      I am not saying that you can’t get better results by working harder.

      I am merely saying that a girl being non-fat is NOT proof of her being hard working.

      And that claim is SPECIFIC to this ONE situation, no need to universalize it.

      It is a fact that most chicks on this planet put no effort into their body. That includes the ones with decent bodies. Most chicks with decent bodies are so through no effort of their own. In fact all they did was not eat like a pig.

      No need to universalize or parallelize that. I’m not saying that people who have a good paying job “lucked into it”.

      You sound like a “so what you’re saying is” feminist.

      Me: most non-fat chicks put no effort into being non-fat
      You: So what you’re saying is that people with a good career lucked into it

      No ffs. You can’t get a good career by doing nothing. You can be non-fat by doing nothing. Stupid insane attempts at a parallel.

    5. I’d say that you can have a really good career nowadays (as a woman) if you know nothing. We have not reached the peak yet. I’m friends with a mid-level manager in IT, and that guy recently told me that HR is strong-arming him into hiring unqualified women. He literally gets told that the quota for women is x %, and as his teams are below that, he’ll now have to hire a few women. His biggest concern is how to limit the damage they are doing. He’s also quite concerned that the better among his reports are on the way out because they are fed up that they get paid the same, sometimes actually less, yet shoulder all the responsibility.

    6. @alek: at least they need to control their food intake. And given that 70% of Americans are obese landwhales, this seems to take some effort.

    7. And I don’t want to paint this as a big achievement here, it shows more how absolutely pathetic most people are.

    8. Oh and on a fundamental determinist physics level, people with good jobs obviously lucked into it.

      Having a hiqh IQ is important, and it is mostly genetic.

      So is being tall, which helps a lot.

      Your brain structure is also a result of genetics, how easy it is for you to delay gratification and so on.

      You cannot deny genetic determinism.

      Now that being said, this does not imply you have to be a retarded leftist and support communism, but that was not my point.

    9. @alek: at least they need to control their food intake. And given that 70% of Americans are obese landwhales, this seems to take some effort.

      So many wrong assumptions in one sentence that it’s not even funny. Do you even know any skinny girls? Like in real life? They’re lazy bums who put no effort into it.

      Wrong assumption 1: Since it takes fat people effort to limit calories, therefore people who aren’t fat are putting effort into limiting their calories

      That’s an ASSUMPTION. And it’s a wrong one. Most girls who are skinny, just happen to be the kind of girl who doesn’t have to put an effort into limiting calories. In other words, she’s skinny because she doesn’t have to put effort into it.

      Most skinny girls would not be skinny if they had maintain their weight with concious effort.

      Oh and on a fundamental determinist physics level, people with good jobs obviously lucked into it.

      Having a hiqh IQ is important, and it is mostly genetic.

      So is being tall, which helps a lot.

      Your brain structure is also a result of genetics, how easy it is for you to delay gratification and so on.

      You cannot deny genetic determinism.

      Dude, are you talking to a ghost? Because you’re definetely not talking to me. None of what you wrote has anything to do with me.

      In fact I AGREE WITH WHAT YOU WROTE. Yes hard work is genetic, yes people luck into good genes.

      BUT THAT was not the subject. Why are you responding to an imaginary person that has never existed?

      I never brought up this counter-point which you are doing a counter-point to. You’re totally imagining things.

      My point was only this

      It’s not true that non-fat chicks need to be respected “as they put effort into it”. My ONLY beef is with the claim that non-fat chicks are non-fat due to “effort”.

      None of this other imaginary ghost stuff which you invented and then replied to.

    10. @Alek:
      “Most girls who are skinny, just happen to be the kind of girl who doesn’t have to put an effort into limiting calories.”

      this part I just don’t agree with.
      Most of the girls with very good bodies in my social circle, some of them almost starved themselves, and also all of them were regular gym-goers.

      Now of course this is just anecdotal evidence, and maybe you are right and most slim women are as lazy as the fat women.

      But I doubt it because if someone is just lazy, they will get fat, there is too much sugar in our food now, if you don’t take care of your diet you will get fat.

    11. Dude, you’re just digging yourself into a deeper hole and you will just have to introduce more and more absurdity to keep up. While there are a bunch of absurdities in your comment, let’s go with the most absurd one.

      and also all of them were regular gym-goers.

      Do you have ANY idea how insane this explanation is?

      If all non-fat girls go to the gym, do you EVEN REALIZE how insanely mathematically impossible that would be?

      – Look at the stats for what percentage of girls are non-fat.
      – Now if they all go to the gym, DO YOU REALIZE ITS NOT MATHEMATICALLY POSSIBLE?

      Can you look up how many gyms exist and if they can fit EVEN A FRACTION of all non-fat girls. There are just not enough gyms for


      Yes, i know you will now backtrack and say “oh oh i was just talking about my circle”… But we all know you invented this. There is no social circle where every single girl is a regular gym goer. For fucks sake, a non lazy girl who’s a regular at the gym is like finding a diamond, finding an entire circle of those? Accidentally stumbling upon them? Every single one is a regular gym goer? For fucks sake.

      You basically made up shit just because you don’t want to admit something, so you keep digging an ever deeper hole.

    12. As I said, it is not a representative sample. And no, I didn’t make it up.
      We can now argue about percentages or whatever but unless someone of us presents actual data, it is just pointless.
      I am not aware such data exists, so we just have to agree to disagree.

    13. I think we’re talking about two categories of slim girls. There are chicks who are slim due to genetics who don’t work out and don’t count calories etc. and then there are chicks who are slim and go to the gym. I agree with Alek that the former is a much larger group than the latter. You, Ubermensch, are referring to the relatively small number of women who really work hard for their body. However, in many cases, those chicks start out being slim. They then go to the gym to get toned, and to put themselves in front of Chad. Sometimes, this happens literally, for instance when they do deadlifts right in front of you or when they lift some puny weights, yet moan loudly and lustfully so that they get a lot of attention. (I experienced the latter once. It was sadly a hog-like creature. However, chicks who tire themselves out on the treadmill, then stand around in the hallway, panting, do the same, just not in as obvious a way. They basically want you to imagine them panting after you’ve dicked them hard.)

    14. And you also need to get better at reading comprehension, as I wrote “most of” not “all”

    15. Actually. It was my mistake.

      I wrote most of the girls of my social circle, and then… “all of them”

      I meant the subgroup of the girls with very good bodies, but those are not all of my circle.

      So, I was an idiot. Shame on me.

  10. Twice in this advertisement they had to either ask if you were watching or tell you to watch to make sure you were paying attention. It’s like they knew this commercial sucked and had to be overt about it. And don’t forget about the cliche affirmations such as ‘I am strong, I am powerful, I can be anything.’ When the fat black lady said ‘now watch us move’ I lost my shit, dude. Lol.

    1. This was just another instance where I first thought that I’m watching a parody. It is utterly incredible that such material is put out by corporations.

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