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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #83

  1. What Youtube channels do you guys have subscribed?

    I have:

    Aaron Clarey
    Sam Harris
    Arthur Arcturus
    Rationality Rules
    Der Schattenmacher (german)
    Isaac Arthur

  2. Interesting video about prostitution in China. Never been to China. Hoping ppl who know about China can comment.

    1. I think the CCP is smart enough to realize that trying to remove it will just play into the hands of organized crime.
      On the other side, they probably want to keep the option open to remove any brothel if it gets out of hand.
      You can observe this pattern in a lot of countries which have illegal prostitution.

      Only in countries like Sweden in which the government is obsessed with their cracy multiculti equality ideology they really try to get rid of it (which doesn’t work obviously)

    2. I’m not sure they really want to get rid of it. Instead, the government has weaponized prostitution against men, i.e. women can sell themselves and nothing will ever happen to them but if you pay for sex and get caught, you’re in deep trouble.

    3. Prostitution is among the oldest professions in the world. Chinese government acknowledges that it is part of normal lives, so they leave it untouched.

      Vietnamese government, however, is much more strict. It is harder to get laid with a prostitution in Vietnam than in China.

      I touched a girl’s pussy for the first time when I visited a prostitute in Shanghai. I thought I had to look around for mafias, but the girls told me they were operating by themselves.

    4. I have just some anecdote. During my trip around Asia some years ago, I was mostly backpacking in hostel but here and there I was going in some hotel, very cheap for European standard but around 3 stars. During my stay in hotels every evening someone would send some these cards under the door of my room, every damn night. I had a pack of them. So what is the guy is saying is absolutely true. The same is happening in Wechat, the chat (and not only) app they use in China. You can check people around you and mostly of the girls are prostitute. At the same time if you pick up someone in a club you have good chance to bring home a prostitute.


    2. Don’t you “fucking love science”? It boggles my mind that we have all those pseudo-sciences around that do little more than make bizarre conclusions based on a misunderstanding of the scientific method. They don’t even seem to understand that there is a big difference between causation and correlation. Our “benzo lobster” (fantastic name!) is firmly in that camp, too.

  3. I know I’m always talking about movies, but here is yet another suggestion: Riding in Cars with Boys with Drew Barrymore from 2001. It shows some of the darkest sides of female nature. I watched the ending recently and almost came to tears relating to the son of a single mom.

    It’s based on an autobiography that is basically a simple story of a fucked up woman. Who (not so ironically) wrote a book about herself. Very revealing.

    1. This sounds like a movie worth watching and if only to cherish it because such movies couldn’t be made anymore in “current year”.

    2. Yeah, check it out man. Let me know what you think. It’s in the same vein of HBO’s Sex and the City and Girls. It’s red pill before that was even a term. Especially watching it now it confirms everything the red pill community has been saying. Almost unintentionally realistic.

    3. I just watched it. It’s very good. You would not find such a negative portrayal of single mothers in the current year. The scene in which the little boy accuses his mother of not having a childhood and never having any time to play was very good.

      I was also impressed by the depiction of how one bad decision leads to another. This is very anti-Hollywood. What I dislike, though, is that the movie seems to have some kind of happy ending where that low-class woman somehow made it. The movie never spells it out. It’s also very unlikely, which leads me to believe that the supposed autobiographical novel this movie is based on has taken a lot of creative liberties with reality.

    4. So what is the dark nature of women that you’ve found in the movie? Can you provide me a few points to digest? Thank you!

    5. No problem. The woman is self important. She is narcissistic, promiscuous (“riding in cars with boys” says it all), lacks empathy — especially for males, including her own son. That’s what hit me the hardest.

      Have you taken the red pill yet? If not…….buckle up.

      My point is not that women are inferior to men. It’s that we are told that they are precious angels our whole lives, only to find out that they are very far from that.

  4. Sleazy predicted it, either on this blog or on the Aaron Elias one…

    Namely – Biden (he’s the nominee?!) selected a woman of color. So if Biden wins (who knows), he’ll step down because he’s clearly mentally incapable…


    Like anything a woman is great doing, it’s getting victory via default and handed a silver platter.

    Shut up misogynist!

    1. This is quite something. Kamala is not just non-white, though:

      Joe Biden has named Kamala Harris as his running mate, making the California senator the first Black and South Asian American woman to run on a major political party’s presidential ticket.

      She’s basically a three-in-one option: female, black, and South-Asian American. I never heard “South-Asian American” before. Is there a reason CNN doesn’t want to be more precise? (EDIT: I looked it up. Her mother is Indian. I’m wondering if this is an example of the euphemistic treadmill in action, which it would be if CNN used that term in order to avoid negative connotations of Indians, which, I presume, are held by some deplorables.)

      We may laugh about such events, but there are very serious implications. The United States is currently experiencing the worst race riots in decades. You can bet that a president like Kamala would only make things worse as she’d probably want to cater to those she supposedly identifies with while alienating White America even further. On that note, I have a hunch that if Biden wins, he’ll quickly cede to Kamala, maybe for health reasons. He may also end up getting mowed down by a fed; it wouldn’t be the first time that the Deep State got rid of a candidate.

      I hope I get to see Oprah or Obama’s wife run for president. It would be an amazing spectacle. Maybe they can do a three-way debate with Kanye in 2024. Mike Judge could then film Idiocracy II as a documentary.

    2. Over here, “all quiet on the Western front”, no protests, no riots that break and kill the tranquility of our lives.

    3. I’ve predicted it too, just not on here. I had a strong feeling that it would be Harris. Here’s another prediction:

      Once Harris takes the helm the Covid numbers will finally be calculated correctly. Like magic, the numbers will dramatically drop. The riots will cease. The country will heal! Everything will open back up. People will be working again. People will have fun again and take off the God damned masks. Everyone will rejoice and give her all of the credit.

      Hell, they might even put her face on Rushmore.

    1. This looks quite nice indeed. I wish I had a bit more time for gaming. I haven’t even had the chance to pick up Astral Chain again. Partly, this is due to the very pleasant summer, which makes me spend more time outside, reading. Of course, I could sit outside with my Switch, too, but this would draw needless attention to me and encourage a grab-and-run.

  5. Today is V-J Day folks. Victory in Japan. Great respect for every single man that fought in that awful war. RIP grandfathers (I miss you).

    When I used to see footage of the end of the war here in the states everybody was celebrating. The media made it seem that we were so happy to win, but they down play how ugly that war was. I think people were relieved the whole disgusting conflict was over. It had such long lasting effects. Even on myself. I saw some interviews with vets of the war, and to a man they all are perplexed how they even survived. So many did not.

    I hope we can celebrate getting out of the current disgusting conflicts now days. No more lives lost to elitist globalists.

    Cheers to ALL veterans. You’re the best.

    1. There are memes floating around highlighting the worst of contemporary Western culture, with captions such as “Thank God we defeated Hitler!” Those two wars sealed the fate of Western civilization.

  6. At what point do male protective instincts become white knighting?

    For example, I recently witnessed a Jewish fella bragging about how he fucked a Vietnamese virgin’s pussy so hard that it required surgery. He had this maniacal laugh when he talked about the bleeding. It was implied based on other things he said that he’s not serious about this women. It’s my understanding that marriage prospects become substantially more difficult for Viet gals after losing their virginity.

    The guy made my skin crawl and I consider him a scumbag. I didn’t know this girl, and I’m not vietnamese, so Idk if my reaction was protective instincts or what.

    Would it be fair to say that my reaction is normal, but it would have been white knighting had I gotten in the guy’s face about it.

    1. It is the girl’s fault and responsibility for having chosen to sleep with such a bastard.

    2. Now white-knighting.
      That guy’s disgusting.
      The girl could have done better choices, but she might have been young and inexperienced. The guy is still disgusting.

  7. Hey, I would like to get a bit of advice.

    So at work I did commit some code which caused some real problems on production environment. To be more precise query has been executing for way too long(12 seconds) as it haven’t used indexes.

    The execution plan of the query was checked by my team leader and he mistakenly was analyzing it with collection, whereas the query was using a view, which was made from this collection.

    My team leader is on holiday and I won’t be blaming anyone. Mistakes are normal and all humans err.

    The problem was repaired by some guy who after my advice did revert my changes. The guy took all the thanks. But nobody still knows why this happenened.

    After all it was me who did commit this code. Should I admit my mistake and explain the whole situation? Of course specifing that was me who tested this query with wrong collection.

    I don’t want to bring attention to my error, so it will stick in people’s minds.

    1. It seems there is a blame culture at your workplace. If that is the case and you’re not in a position to change the culture, you may want to look for a more pleasant company to work for. I’d say pick your battles wisely and don’t waste your energy on something trivial. How important is that issue in the grand scheme of things? In any case, my diagnosis is that there is an issue with your company anyway because your colleague, upon getting praised for his work, should have said that you did the majority of the work.

    2. Thanks for replying. This issue wasn’t critical. I’ve just started working for this company, so changing company is not an option. Besides it’s not an easy task to find good IT company as there is so much bullshit involved: endless meetings, scrums, bad management, bad culture, non-technical people having positions on which it should be mandatory to have technical skills. The list could go on and on. My company is small and ar least I don’t have to attend meetings and read 100 mails on daily basis. So there are positives. I plan to learn new skills meanwhile so it will be posible to find a better company in 1.5 year . Maybe transitioning from the Web Development to other IT field.
      BTW. What’s your stand on microservices? I am new to it and everyone at the company is prising it, but their arguments are not convincing.

    3. Microservices is just the latest buzzword. Like design patterns was 10 years ago.
      You don’t want a team of mediocre programmers create microservices.
      You will still get a monolithic garbage, but this time you will also get networking problems, latency problems, transaction problems. All the fun of distributed systems.

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