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Open Thread #57

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112 thoughts on “Open Thread #57

  1. I am feeling bad. I’ve lost 1500 euro in strip club. It’s not the end of the world, but really at the moment I am feeling like a shit. As I started earning more money I am wonder where to put my money. I am able to save 50% of my income and this is living quite lavish lifestyle. So, my question is where to put my money?

    I am living in Poland.

    1. The best thing you can do is try to extract some lessons from the experience so you’re less likely to repeat it in the future. If you can analyze what drove you to drop 1500 at a strip club you just might prevent yourself from losing a much much greater amount over the rest of your life.

      Where to put your money? Certainly not in a strippers thong :)) Seriously that’s actually a very difficult question to answer. Investing for the future is very very hard and uncertain. My personal answer to that question is of course to diversify, but to prioritize building businesses and investing in businesses run by capable trustworthy people. Easier said than done.

      Aside from that I am keeping my savings 50% in gold purchased via BullionVault (google it), and 50% in cash (short-term U.S. treasuries).

      Hope this helps.

    2. Wait, you carried 1,500 Euros in cash on you, which is more than the average before-tax income? I’d rather just keep it in the bank instead of exposing myself to the risk of losing money or getting robbed. (Or do you mean you just spent 1,500 at a strip club?)

      For investment purposes, you could put money into ETFs, stocks, or cryptos. Gold, e.g. Krugerrand coins, are also a popular choice, but the problem with that is storage.

    3. They’ve got/stolen it from my credit card. Probably they’ve gave me some drugs with alcohol. What a idiot I am. I often land in strip club, because this girls are so beautiful. One of them looked like movie star, holy shit.

      This sentences are like gold to me! Thanks.

    4. You may be able to contest that charge via your bank, but you are probably on shaky grounds if they have your signature. The strip club can simply claim that you paid the money and got the services.

    5. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has vices. It would be worse if you spent it at a casino.

    6. I’ve drank alcohol, but haven’t taken consciously any drugs.

      From what I’ve read they add hydrogen peroxide to alcohol drinks and after that a client is losing his consciousness. I don’t remember using my credit card.

      I’ve sent to my bank a complaint and we will see. I also doubt I will get my money, but I want to try, I lose nothing.

      “The strip club can simply claim that you paid the money and got the services.”

      I am not a lawyer, but giving drugs to people is not legal. Also charging so much money for “champagne” or dance is very suspicious.

    7. In an expensive nightclub, a bottle of champagne costs a few hundred euros. If I were to run a scam like the one you described, I’d put a few bottles on the receipt.

      Did you see a doctor for a medical checkup? You may have an assault case here. Then again, the issue is of course if you could corroborate your story in any way in front of the police. I would contact the police on top as well. If they hear a few stories like yours, they may investigate this place. Whether you’ll benefit from it, let alone get any of your money back, is a different issue, though.

    1. I watched it last week. It’s a really good movie. Women similar to Scarlett O’Hara are quite common. For some reason, they don’t show up in movies anymore. At times, I found the motivations of Rhett Butler a bit hard to follow. The main one is that from the way he treats Scarlett, he is familiar with female nature. Yet, eventually he asks for her hand in marriage. Wasn’t he aware of what he was getting into? On the other hand, it is implied that he has so much wealth that he can do whatever he wants as he can shield himself from negative consequences. This was nicely illustrated in the scene where he, as a prisoner, plays cards for money with the prison guards, who treat him like an old chap. Rhett probably walks through life, thinking he is invincible.

    2. Yeah, I don’t know why the hell he loved Scarlett (or why Scarlett loved that dork Ashley). Rhett could have any woman that he wanted. But that may be the problem. The culture back then dictated that women like Scarlett stay away from men like Rhett. It reminds me of my grandparents relationship. Constantly contentious.

      I love the ending. I have it nearly memorized: *SPOILERS AHEAD.* Rhett says, “Melanie, is she….” Scarlett nods. Rhett says, “She was a great lady, a very great lady. So I guess that makes it nice for you.” Scarlett remarks, “How can you say that. You know how much I loved her. Rhett replies, “No, I don’t know that you did, but its good that you can appreciate her now that she’s gone.” Scarlett: “Of course I can appreciate her, she thought of everyone but herself, why, her last words were about you.” Rhett: ” What did she say.” (fuck, the question mark button on my key board isn’t working). Scarlett: “Be kind to Captain Butler, he loves you so.” Rhett: “What else did she say.” Scarlett: “She told me to look after Ashley.” Rhett : “It must be nice to have the first wife’s permission.”

      Then he started to pack his things and bounce. Scarlett: “Where are you going.” Rhett: “I’m going back to Charleston, where I belong.” Scarlett: “Take me with you!” Rhett: “No, I’m through with everything here. I want peace. I want to believe that there is still charm and grace in this world…..Do you know what I’m saying.” Scarlett: “No, (CLASSIC narcissistic lack of empathy) all I know is that I love you!” Rhett: “That’s your misfortune.”


    3. Oh, I just remembered that you asked us for advice regarding some girl who works at a beauty parlor. How did it go?

    4. Thanks for remembering, my friend. Maybe give me a friendly nudge. I passed by the place recently and another lady came out of the salon and asked if I was looking for someone. I was taken off guard and said I was on my break and would come back when I had a day off. She was being very friendly. I think these girls have talked about me amongst eachother.

    5. She even remembered my name. I had scheduled an appointment for a shoulder massage that they advertised (1 dollar per minute) on their website, but apparently they don’t do that at that particular salon. I guess the woman I talked to was the same one I saw when I came in for my aborted appointment. The language barrier is a problem, but I guess I’ll pay the 30 bucks and get the pedicure, and 5 dollar tip.

    6. Sound good! Good luck, and keep us posted. The language barrier does not matter much for one-night stands and even fuck buddy relationships, by the way.

    1. Youtube comments – Acromegaly face. Deformed face. Big noose.

      5.5 is too much, im 2 or 2.5 in face.

      Nobody want to tell me, but youtube comments are genuine.

      When Assanova saw my face on his blog, he tried to not offend my ugly face.

    2. YouTube comments are unfiltered. They can be more genuine than real-life comments. On the other handy, there are a lot of trolls there as well. I bet you could easily find a group of users who would tell you that you should “rope” because it’s over for you.

    3. Aaron why you continue to enable this guy?

      Lisbon, you have mental problems you need to see a therapist for your depression. Your crippling depression shows in your face and makes you ugly.

    4. That’s why people make fun of me, and Assanova is saying that money is very important, i have money and people laugh at my face, just looking to my face. Your face and race is everything.

      Money is just a cope, with money you just buy pussy, there is nothing genuine, thats it, you buy pussy. With money you are trying to get people to like you.

    5. Now i will sleep in my dark room, without food, until february, if i die doing the fast, oh god, thanks. This is very painful life. Without female intimacy, life is dark.

  2. Mr. Sleazy! I want to say thanks for everything. I wanna hug you for all what youve done all this time. I will not visit this blog and blackpill forum anymore. Time to say goodbye.

    1. we have been here before. still you are way too unstable. this if we take what you write at face value.

    2. You are welcome. I think you need to get a clear head. Within the last few months, you told us of three women you met in the club who were down to fuck. You would not get random make-outs if they didn’t find you sexually attractive. Thus, your issues are in your head and you need to actively work on them if you want to overcome them.

  3. Try ditching online dating. It is way too competitive for anyone but the top tier in looks.

    I was too poor and paranoid to pay for a consultation with Aaron, but clearly you are not. It is one of my regrets as it would have saved me a lot of heartache. What else do you have to lose?

    1. Alternatively, you can try for chemical castration, which is reversible whenever you decide to stop taking the libido-inhibiting drugs. Once your intense need to procreate with top shelf women is gone, then you can think clearly about how you want to live your life.

    1. He still has the money. It depends on what Meghan’s gameplan is. She got a child from him already. I’d say five to seven years would be an optimistic estimate.

    2. Aaron,

      Do you really think she will leave him? I would agree with you if she were mid 20s but she is almost 40 and not smoking hot… how will she logically do better than him? Honestly, maybe he will encourage her to leave if she doesn’t look that good anymore LOL.

    3. I have a post on this in the pipeline to clarify this issue. Hint: don’t expect rational thinking in those situations.

    4. Women don’t need a solid reason to leave you, watching a movie and getting a feeling is enough. Renouncing his royal status was the dumbest move ever.

      This guy is just dumb. Even if she would have had divorced him, when you are a member of the royals you have all the power on your side, the state will do everything to prevent divorce raping in this case.

      With his dumb move he now took a big dump on the dining table of the queen, after resolving his royal status no court will save him.

    5. My guess was around the 5 year mark. I looked into the issue a bit more and it appeara that the royal family isn’t too keen on Markle’s spending habits. Is it true that she has spent 1 million on clothes alone? If she keeps this up, they’ll both be broke in no time.

    6. I don’t follow celeb gossip, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that is true. Besides, if you think money is no issue and are willing to pay high-end fashion designers for one-off pieces, then one million bucks probably don’t even buy you that much. I would guess that you can easily drop several tens of thousands of dollars on a single dress this way. Of course, I don’t write this to make excuses for her. In fact, it makes her appear even more wasteful as she won’t wear such designer wardrobe much in public either. Some may be one-and-done affairs.

  4. Has anyone seen the Stefan Molyneux wikipedia page recently?

    “Stefan Basil Molyneux (/stəˈfæn ˈmɒlɪnjuː/; born September 24, 1966) is a far-right, white nationalist[2] Canadian podcaster and YouTuber who is known for his promotion of scientific racism and white supremacist views.”

    Apparently, the page is locked and cannot be updated.

    1. Wikipedia is an incredibly biased resource. On a related note, Jeffrey Epstein’s summary used to clearly state that he was a Jew. Those references were removed quickly after his recent imprisonment and his, er, assisted suicide.

  5. What do you guys think about the idea of being “photogenic?” I used to think it was bullshit but now most people live online and I believe it is confirmed (and I’m not talking about touched up photos). I look like shit in photos but women think I’m handsome in real life. So I’m fucked online. I’ve seen girls who look hot online that are just average in real life. It goes both ways. I think the moral of the story is to live in reality and not online ( but obviously it’s ok to table online) 🙂

    1. I’ve never considered myself “photogenic,” yet I slay it in online dating. You probably just have lousy photos. Hire a professional photographer, or get a friend with a decent camera. And most importantly, get lots and lots of photos. The vast majority of photos of me are unusable, but I get so many of them that I come across the occasional gem that I end up using. Also, there’s nothing wrong with touching up your photos – most women do this.

    2. I agree with your point. If a woman isn’t “photogenic”, then the issue is the photographer. I have met people, men and women alike, who look better in real life than on pictures, for that very reason. On the other hand, if a woman looks great on pictures but so-so in real life, you can blame Photoshop and image filters for it, or simply the passage of time.

  6. I was watching Tucker Carlson tonight (IMO the only one on cable news worth watching). He was saying that the New York Times printed that it was RACIST to be against war with Iran. WTF? Actually, I know WTF. Tucker didn’t say it but I know a lot of you guys get what the NYT was saying……considering who owns them and most of the media.

  7. Before i go, this message is for Assanova because of his last post: Is Chad Just An Excuse?

    This post from Strenght by Sonny is more realistic than your posts. You should read.

    Assanova, you are delusional. You dont even had balls to say that my face is deformed and i look like shrek. thats why everybody makes fun of me. All your post here are blue pill.

    You are saying that money is very important, ok! I have money and people laugh at my face, just looking to my face. Your face and race is everything.
    Money is just a cope, with money you just buy pussy, there is nothing genuine. Thats it, you buy pussy. With money you are trying to get people to like you.

    Another video you need to watch. Society will let you know, where you stand in the world.

    You think i dont tried? I was in shape before, years ago i was big and ripped, i was injecting HGH.

    You are another scam artist following the 48 laws of power, giving people HOPE, you are delusional and blue pill. You don’t have empathy.

    And Aaron, im not alone here, some of your blog readers complained about Assanova, why you are promoting blue pill website?

    1. Lisbon I was getting more pussy when I was blue pilled than the times when I was hardcore black pilled. I have the same extreme tendencies like you have:

      ‘You don’t even had balls to say that my face is deformed’
      ‘ I was in shape before, years ago i was big and ripped, i was injecting HGH.’

      Dude look at this pattern, going from one extreme to another.

      You know why I was getting more action when I was blue pilled? Because I thought I had a chance and I tried it. Than this whole black pill bullshit fucked up my mind because of my extremist tendencies (I came across black pill after a harsh break up). Again, take your money and go to a therapist or at least buy aaron’s meditation book.

    2. Scam artist, yet I haven’t asked for a penny from anyone. Scam artist, yet I have posted actual messages from women and screenshots of my texts, in spite of my face being average. I could care less about your what you look like or appearing macho to you. You don’t get women because your are angry, negative, and insufferable. I would also bet that you don’t have many friends IRL, because no one wants to deal with your constant whining. You’re that guy that just shows up to be negative and whine. Blue pill, purple pill, black pill, whatever pill; I just go off of results based on experience being successful. While you’re caught up in pill colors and how you appear to a bunch of incels you’ll never meet, there are men getting laid. Who cares what pill it is if you’re getting the results that you desire.? Does your dick care how it gets laid? You need love in your life, and you’re not going to get it until you fix that insufferable “whoa is me” personality of yours. And it really is rude to post links to my blog here if it does not directly contribute to the discussion.

    3. Why do you think i dont have friends in real life? Because of my personality? Low self esteem doesnt come from nowhere. Its take years and years of negative reiforcement. You are giving people false hope, you are trying to sugar coat stuff. This is 2020, social media era, things have changed, your pua era is gone. It’s all about looks. This is era of chads. This is era of lookism. I can see what kind of guy are you, you are the guy that like to pay for pussies, you try to get girls to like you showing them money. There is no genuine attraction. I have balls to show my face, i don’t hide my face like you and i am the second blog reader telling that your blog is delusional, and Aaron never will promote you here.

    4. Keep in mind that you’re not an 8-10 man to all women all the time. While I have gotten a lot of extremely strong positive reactions from women, it wasn’t the case that I could just walk up to any woman and have my way with her. That’s why it is very helpful to be able to “read” a woman and detect subtle as well as not-so-subtle signals of sexual interest.

    5. Lisbon’s problem is his personality kills anything that he has going for him. It’s an instant turnoff for women, even if they were initially into him. He needs to practice fuck-up avoidance. Of all the pictures and videos he has posted, did he look genuinely happy in any of them? In all of the comments he has posted, has he ever said anything positive? Anything at all? It’s like he has placed all of his happiness on whether or not he gets a woman, and it shows.

    6. While I don’t promote drugs and alcohol, I think he would benefit from it simply because it would help him get out of his head. The alternative is meditation, which would lead to a more profound change, but that would be as far from a quick fix as you can get.


      Two years ago, I had an average build and had an above average sense of style. I would have considered myself a 7, although considering women blatantly checked me out and cold complimented me, I might have been an 8 according to that article. Yet, I simply froze up when a woman complimented me out of the blue. I would get visibility nervous, mumble “thanks,” and continue going about my business. Furthermore, I was generally just too trapped in my own head and oblivious of my surroundings to notice women checking me out or trying to make eye contact with me.

      My situation is much better now, thanks in no small part to gaining more experience and working on removing my anti-game, and it doesn’t hurt that I have a much better body. But if we use the Don Giovanni from a couple years ago as an example, we can see someone with a level of experience and confidence that was significantly below his level of appearance.

      I don’t mean to say that, if a guy isn’t physically attractive, looks aren’t the problem. But I will say that if a guy is a 7 and believes he’s a 3, his success will be rather limited. He probably won’t even take the chances he needs to take to have any level of success with women.

      There’s a legit mental disorder – body dysmorphia – in which a person believes they, or a part of their body, is hideously unattractive, and these beliefs tend not to correspond to reality. I have to admit that I’ve suffered it to an extent, but thankfully, repeated success with women has helped shake it somewhat. I really do have to wonder how many self-described “incels” have a form of this.

      I would have qualified as an “incel” if we go back several more years. Yet, the defeatist thinking caused me to avoid the movement. We’ve all been given some advantages and some disadvantages in life. The fool counts his disadvantages, and constantly uses them as an excuse for why he isn’t doing as well as he’d like. The rational person makes the best of what he has.

      “Looksmaxing” would firmly be considered making the best of what you have. I don’t know what your face looks like, but have you built a nice body? Have you achieved a low enough body fat percentage that you don’t have any visible facial fat? Do you have a skin care regimen? Do you carefully groom your facial hair (or lack thereof) in a deliberate manner? Did you go out of your way to find a good hair stylist? Do you dress with a sense of style that suits your personality? Do you have eyeglasses or other accessories that fit with your sense of style and suit your face well? Do you whiten your teeth? Because I do all of these things.

      I don’t know your story, maybe you’ve already looksmaxed, but I feel that there are very few guys who have been given a huge genetic disadvantage when it comes to their face. And even if they have, they can either bitch and moan online, or they can suck it up and deal with it.

  8. Those messages and texts I showed are from the social media era. And I’ve been around people like you. The same kind of people that stay in dead-end jobs complaining and expecting handouts. I hope you get the mental help that you need.

    1. Lisbon will be back. I haven’t given up on him and it doesn’t look like Aaron has either. I used to be just as negative as he is and have grown out of it. The biggest difference between he and myself is that I’m actually aware that I’m good looking, yet he does more approaches than myself. Guys like Aaron helped improve my self confidence and there is still hope for him.

    2. He is just inexperienced and suffering from the traumas of his youth. He copes with alcohol and arguing with people online.

      He is also a bit picky as he only wants top-tier white women (which ironically he has had some success: a woman once told him straight up she wanted to fuck in the bathroom).

      Unfortunately he is so egotistical that he would rather be right in his beliefs than be proven wrong by taking the advice of the posters here.

      Quite sad as he actually has a lot of potential if he would only listen instead of argue.

    3. ‘Social media era’ when we now have a growing trend where more and more millennials leave facebook & co?

      Like ‘all women are on dating sites now’ – statistics show that 70-80% of dating app users are male and a healthy portion of female profiles are fake accounts…

      Or ‘All people go nuts now’ – no, it’s just the 10-20% of people who always been promiscuous now completely lost it and we have phones to document it and algorithms on the internet that constantly shows us this shit because it gets clicks.

      ‘Chad’ doesn’t win because of social media era, he wins because people don’t get married anymore and divorce constantly and because nobody punishes adultery/divorce anymore and in some cases you even get a reward for it (alimony)…

    1. Society is rapidly going downhill. The scary part of this is that it can’t get much worse. I believe we are close to a breaking point, which could easily be triggered by an external event such as another natural disaster. For instance, in Sweden funding for firefighters was wasted on diversity initiatives and when they last had some forest fires, they needed help by Poland to get them under control. This can’t go on for longer because if a country can’t help itself anymore, it will quickly reach the point where other countries either cannot or will not help out. Given how much goodwill countries like the United States, Germany, or Sweden have squandered, I see a gloomy future ahead.

    2. My aunt is a doctor and raged because she couldn’t prescribe medication for a sick kid and the parents had to pay 300€ a month themselves because insurance didn’t want to pay for it. At the same time she had to prescribe medication for a transidiot, it was not a problem – insurance payed it. What I rage about is the fact that about half of those transpeople regret it afterwards.

  9. Aaron,

    1. What happened to Alek? I have noticed that he hasn’t been active lately.
    2. I recall in the past that you were planing on publishing a book on relationships. Are you in the works of publishing it, or did you changed your mind?

    1. 1) I don’t know. Over the years, he has always had phases of commenting frequently followed by some absences. I assume he’s simply busy with his business.

      2) This is still coming. I just finished Sleazy Stories IV. My book on online dating is also shaping up quite nicely. Once that is done, I’ll fully focus on my book on relationships. Because people ask me about the status of my upcoming books every once in a while, I’ll probably soon add a separate page to my blog that outlines what I’m working on.

  10. I was reminded recently of a movie with John Cusack from the 80s called Better off Dead. There was a scene where he first met his girlfriend at a park, and while making conversion he was completely in his own head. He kept wondering if there was something on his face, and that was the reason the girl looked uncomfortable. But the reason the girl was uncomfortable was because she was just as insecure about how she looked. And they both just kept wiping there faces with napkins as they tried to uphold a conversation. I’ve always thought the scene was funny, but when I was a kid I didn’t quite get it. Both sexes are hyper insecure about how they come off to people they are attracted to, and falsely assume that the other person is totally secure. This is a big problem for myself and many men (and women).

  11. I read Aarons book club game just recently. It’s great. I have one thing to clarify.

    If it is the case that some types of groups at clubs are more open to being approached like in the case of a two girls talking to each other, isn’t it a bit rude to interject or is it okay to just pull in and say Hi to test the waters? What are your thoughts?

    1. This is discussed in the book. You read their body language, and if they seem open to being approached, for instance by giving off general signals, or a signal that targets you, you approach. Or you just don’t care and barge in, but the latter you can’t do that often in any given night, particularly in a small venue.

  12. Anyone see this yet?

    Either his religion has him by the balls, or he is going scorched earth to try to have a life post-pickup. Ever since he launched Return of Kings and started getting hounded in public, I always wondered what he would do for income and to try to have somewhat of a normal life again. I think this is the only move he has left if he wants to stay out of the poorhouse. Reminds me of felons that get out of prison and preach about god because otherwise, their life is complete screwed and no one will hire or associate with them.

    1. So I clicked on the link and skimmed. I didn’t it was possible to disrespect this guy anymore. What a sociopath.

    2. Regardless of whether he’s serious or not, this is precisely the kind of thinking exhibited by pious Christians that makes me uncomfortable. I’ve seen it in some of the people around me. A variation is when an outcome didn’t turn out the way they would’ve liked, so they comfort themselves by saying that God had other ideas for them. When they’ve made peace with the undesired outcome, they even feel renewed and strengthened faith because they overcame the “test” that God had set for them. Maybe I’ve confused cause and effect– to reach acceptance, they have to believe in God ever more fervently because the disappointment is a test by Him to see if their faith wavers.

    3. I don’t follow Roosh. When I first heard of his religious awakening, I thought it was a joke. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. Has he talked about his new plans? Maybe he now wants to find a good, religious wife and settle down.

    4. There is a huge former pick up audience that didn’t had any noticeably results and now they go down the christian route of virtue signalling, to finally pin down a new born ‘virgin’ roasty.

      I don’t get this guy there are so many way to make money on the internet without showing your face, he could be a blog ghostwriter with ease…

    5. This is a very good point. What happened to the armies of unsuccessful PUAs who didn’t become Christians? Plenty of them turned towards the MGTOW and Black Pill communities. I’m wondering why Roosh didn’t pivot in that direction as well. He could have kept his audience, too.

      I think Roosh is a narcissist and wants to see himself in pictures and videos online. Also, note that the most recent footage reveals that he is styling himself as a messianic figure (long beard, white robe). This is deliberate.

    6. I thought it was a joke too. I think he is dead serious, mainly because he doesn’t have any other options. Cancel culture will ruin you and your career prospects in America. He was done the instant he became demonetized and they started taking down his books everywhere. And if he didn’t find a good wife during his travels, he isn’t going to find one in America. I don’t think it’s about finding a woman, though, as it should be pretty easy to get a woman to marry him for a green card alone.

    7. Let’s see how it plays out. The way he talks about religion and his former life as PUA, however, just does not make me believe he is serious. Look at this:

      God saw my distress and allowed my conscience to remain clear upon banning only some of the books, which still fell short of His expectations. He let me complete the tour with no worries about where my future income would come from. Once the tour was completed, and I rested for a month, he deemed me ready for the next step. He enlightened a fellow Christian to help re-activate my conscience, and then allowed me to complete the job of removing the rest of my books when I was spiritually stronger and more able to handle the prospect of not earning a sufficient income. This time around, I was only mildly afflicted for one night before becoming overjoyed at the prospect of making an honest living. I’m happy to announce my retirement as a peddler of sex.

      Apart from the fact that Roosh was infamous for being a PUA who barely got laid, which hardly makes him a “peddler of sex”, his entire writing is one of a religious nutjob. I grew up in a religious environment myself, and one big topic that was stressed repeatedly was to not “test God” by making dumb decisions, i.e. don’t do something stupid and expect God to somehow bail you out. As a child I was taught that doing so would mean that you only have a naive understanding of faith. Children were told that doing so was “child-like”, which is some pretty good manipulation because as a kid you want to be a grown-up.

    8. @Dude

      Ghostwriting isn’t his style. He needs to be front and center and in the limelight. Look at me everyone! Shock value!


      Could it be possible that this rebranding will help get his new works published? I scrolled through his twitter feed and saw that he routinely ridicules ‘albanians’, which seems kind of counter productive and doesn’t really fit the whole Christian narrative. So, I’m a bit confused.

    9. I wasn’t aware that he has discovered “Albanians”. I don’t see where Roosh is going. To me, the most plausible explanation is that this is all an elaborate hoax, but he has been playing it for a bit too long at this point.

    10. Nice catch with the beard and hair. As for the former PUAs, I’ve kept tabs on some of them for a few years. The ones that weren’t successful did go the MGTOW route or shifted those efforts to become very successful with their careers. Roosh isn’t the only one to ruin his career prospects. We have a local that got blasted on our local reddit and news websites a few years back and has his face and videos plastered everywhere. He is actually banned from quite a few local establishments. Guy will never be able to find a decent career if anyone googles his name.

    11. @Assanova
      From the stuff Roosh pulled there is no coming back. Any female coworker he might have can instantly claim he’s creating a hostile work environment. He is a walking liability for any employer. He lived by the creed that any attention is good attention. In his case that’s obviously wrong. – On the topic of marriage, any halfway decent woman wouldn’t touch him with a 10 ft. pole.

      I have to say the thought crossed my mind what Roosh would do if the PUA train left the station. It was pretty clear he couldn’t relate to his audience anymore in the last few years, if he ever could. But the religiosity wasn’t my first bet.

      But I have no compassion for him. He made his bed and now should sleep in it.

  13. Putting aside how you guys feel about Bernie Sanders’ policy positions. How do you feel about how Elizabeth Warren, CNN, and probably the DNC are trying to paint him as a sexist?

    1. It’s called the woke implosion. They are eating themselves. May Bernie go to hell along with all of those woke leftists.

    2. Bernie is an isolationist and so the establishment is trying hard to make sure the US presence in the Middle East doesn’t get interfered with.

      He is also for raising taxes astronomically which even the most retarded wealthy wokester (see Cardi B and her complaint re: her tax bill) doesn’t want.

  14. He is on to something and saying what a lot of people are thinking, so they are trying to smear him as much as possible. I make a lot of money, and paid a crapload in taxes this year, and I hope he wins just because I am sick and tired of corporations calling all of the shots. If anyone reigns them in, then that is good. In spite of the ridiculous taxes I already pay, I am all for free healthcare and education. even if I am taxed even more than I am now, it is worth it. I have more money than I can reasonably spend anyway. Tired of corporations gaming the system, privatizing the profits while socializing their loses, and getting all of these tax breaks and laws in their favor while the common person gets nothing. And I’m saying this as someone that leans right.

    1. You would pay a lot more in taxes if Bernie gets his way. As much disdain that l have for big corporations, at least private industry has an incentive to provide value whereas none exists for government (except maybe law enforcement when they are not being neutered by the politicians).

      I would also rather have corporations calling the shots than the SJW mafia.

  15. Does anyone else here feel lonely? I feel that most of my life consists of keeping my opinions to myself and pretending to be part of the mainstream. Posting on here is basically my coping mechanism. It’s probably the closest thing I can compare to being a closeted homosexual. It gets frustrating that l cannot express my own opinions for fear of reprisal. It gets frustrating that even my most benign of opinions gets met with silence or overrun by someone else’s mainstream opinion. Sometimes l wonder whether it would be better off to be stupid and happy rather than intelligent.

    1. I don’t feel lonely, but I do share your feeling of intellectual isolation in the real world. For what it’s worth, wherever you may be, I can assure you that it can’t be worse from what I’m experiencing in Sweden where the corridor of opinions you are allowed to publicly utter is extremely narrow.

      I have little interest in talking to normies, so it does not bother me that much. Then again, I do feel a lot better when I can freely speak my mind, which, as strange as it may sound, I can only do in supposedly repressive countries like China or Singapore. I also have some friends with whom I can speak openly, but there the issue is that this only works in one-on-one settings. As soon as some third party joins, you start to self-censor again.

    2. Censorship in the US is technically illegal, but the media and Hollywood have found a loophole by intimidating people to comply with their agenda.

      I whole heartedly agree with you, brother. It’s a hard life, but we are stubborn about the TRUTH. We are rational and fighting for truth is in our nature. One of the worst quotes I’ve ever heard was, “you can’t change the world, so you have to change yourself.” If that were true nothing would ever evolve. There would be no Socratese, Galileo, or Thomas Paine. Conformist might be happier but they don’t make the history books.


      I was once asked “Why do you question things?” I responed, “That’s who I am.” Ever since I was a kid I saw major flaws with society. Just today I was reminded of the way WWII is glamorized, and Vietnam is demonized. War is war. The baby boomer spoiled generation is partially to blame. I remember when I was a kid my aunt was going off about seeing holes in babies after a war crime committed by American GI’s. Nobody talks about the children we incinerated in WWII. The only difference is that in Vietnam the guys were court marshalled and convicted. Nobody was even tried for the civilians we murdered in the Second World War. It’s all agenda driven at the top, and the people are puppets and sheep.

    3. Oxford evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins who is close to a deity in atheism than anyone else and he was an atheist before it was cool to be an atheist. At the time he started not only speaking openly about atheism but he wrote a book about it called The God Delusion which, is the greatest work on anti-theism and unbelieving yet.

      What most forget is that ideas like atheism and other are not a reflection of the person holding them. In fact, even he Richard Dawkins could be a devout religious person the next day as he himself said so if the evidence provides for it. More importantly, he argued respectively about his positions with others that made him more open to be enlightened yet, they were not convincing so, he still is a great atheist.

      That is my point, it makes no sense to hold yourself back about your opinions and not express them regardless of how non-mainstream they are at the moment. Atheism was more non-mainstream than anything else. But this can only be done if you are willing just as much as the other party to change yourself if you are proven wrong.

      For example, let’s say you are a climate change hoaxer. I use this example because I was one before. But I argued about with who ever I could and did so respectfully which basically means I didn’t use adhominems these days. Now I am a climate change advocate and am actively looking for solutions better than the ones the lefties suggest in their green new deals.

      What changed to make my shift? Well its this and a few other things.

      Everyone is supposed to have an opinion and however much non-mainstream it is is fine. Just be open to changing and you might one day become the next Jesus but I will be happy with being the next Richard Dawkins.

    4. You must live in an alternate reality. When Dawkins wrote about atheism, he was already financially independent. Furthermore, questioning God in the early 21st century is extremely safe. It is not a ballsy move by any means because Christianity is no longer a factor in public life. Had he done that in conditions similar to the middle ages, I’d have some respect for it. For a modern-day equivalent, picture a Muslim who questions Islam while residing in an Islamic country.

      In the current year, people can and do lose their job for voicing non-mainstream opinions. This has happened t to people anywhere on the status totem pole. At the top you have a president of Harvard and a Nobel prize winner, at the bottom you have rank-and-file employees who get fired for stating that men are different from women. If you live in a country that is less oppressive than the West — there are some — you may simply not be aware of how bad things are in other parts of the world.

    5. What you say is only true if you hold an opinion that is already disproved like nazism. I don’t see how feminism can be that powerful. Islam is the only exception and that is why it is a dangerous bad idea. Because it shames people criticising it. Which in itself is dangerous.

    6. Isn’t it funny how Nazism has supposedly been disproved (by the rest of the world ganging up on Hitler), while another ideology that has failed over and over and over while killing hundreds of millions and impoverishing billions gets constantly propped up by the mainstream?

      I know people who have lost their job for making statements critical of state ideology on private, i.e. non-publicly accessible, Facebook and Twitter accounts because their colleagues ratted them out. There are also countless stories of dismissal due to wrong think to be found online. In the current year, the mere allegation, without any proof, is enough to get you into hot water. If you don’t believe this, you need to do more research, talk to more people, or work for a Western company with an HR department.

    7. What you say is only true about some of the most controversial subjects. It is not true about everything else. Hitler did killed a lot people if don’t know.

    8. Sure, today it’s “most controversial” to say that men are not women, that socialism killed more people than fascism, and that man-made climate change has not been scientifically proven. All of those are facts, however. The Left has a word for that too, they call them “hate facts”.

      Hitler doesn’t even make the top 5 in the militant dictator league tables. Stalin makes him look like a choir boy, yet the latter is revered by the mainstream while we are supposed to believe that Hitler was the devil incarnate.

    9. Hitler and Stalin are equally bad.

      If you keep silent about feminism, you may have to stay silent for a long time. That’s especially sad since you don’t have to. Much like Esther Vialar did before.

    10. How are Hitler and Stalin equally bad when you look at their respective death counts, of course assuming that exactly six million “Albanians” perished at the former’s hands? Make an argument instead of a mere claim without any substantiation, please.

      I’m critical of feminism on this blog. What do you do?

    11. Sampath,

      1. Dawkins wrote about atheism exactly when it was “cool” to do so. As Aaron said, it would have been brave had he written it in the Middle Ages.

      2. Do you believe that global temperature is 100% due to manmade carbon emissions? Have you considered that the planet is billions of years old and we only have 100 years worth of temperature data, of which roughly 30 have been measured digitally (i.e reliably)? Is it impossible that the fluctuations in temperature is a natural occurrence which will correct itself?

      3. What are some opinions that you have that are not mainstream? Have you expressed these opinions in public, and what was the reaction? Judging by your views on climate change, it seems like they were successful in converting you with minimal resistance.

  16. Roosh unpublished his pua books. He claims they are against his new Christian faith. What do you think? Is he genuine or is there an ulterior motive? Personally I suspect he is afraid of getting sued. Maybe a feminist will claim he promotes street harassment or if someone convicted of rape has one of his books he may be somehow liable. It’s not fair but I can see something like that happening in the west.

    Also what’s your opinion of Roosh’s advice? I read day bang and have used some of his suggestions successfully. My opinion is that he did have some good advice when it came to openers and meeting women but he is not a very smart man so a t least 30% of his material was kind of wired. He was better than most PUAs though.

    Third I’m lifting and dieting now. Do you think people will be more willing to take my very right wing opinions seriously as I get more fit? Right now I have to hide my views to keep my job and social life. On occasions when I have voiced my views in the past it alienated people. So when some friends last week told me they were excited to meet some drag queens coming to town I had to stay quiet.

    1. We discussed Roosh quite recently.

      What I read of Roosh in terms of PUA advice didn’t quite convince me.

      Better keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job, particularly in BigCorp. It doesn’t matter to HR that you’re buff if you oppose the Cultural Marxist mainstream.

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