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89 thoughts on “Open Thread #55

  1. So a lot of talk around here focuses around LMS, but what exactly are the dynamics at play when a woman sees someone often like a guy coworker at the office?

    Can she be not attracted to the guy but the guy can still “get in”, no pun intended, by building comfort with her over time since this is not the context of a club where a move needs to be made? Or
    maybe it’s not even that but he’s the only guy she can really meet and talk to during her daily life because of her life works? So the guy in that last case just happens to be the only thing available to her.

    I ask because a woman i know of through some people made a comment a while back how she would never sleep with so and so from work “like no way no way” and she ended up sleeping with him a couple of weeks later.

    1. You can’t build attraction. What can happen, though, is that a woman learns about the resources some man provides, which suddenly makes her interested in him. You can observe this more with women who are at the tail end of their partying years.

      The woman in your example may just have been “virtue signalling” and have had the hots for this guy all along. “No, of course I wouldn’t fuck Chad. No way!”, she protests, while her panties are getting soaked through by the mere thought of it. What was the dynamic like, did the guy just pump and dump her?

    2. Aaron,

      So a bit of back story: Russian couple in their mid/early 30’s, immigrated together to where I am in North America 10 years ago, have since got married and have 2 young kids. She’s about a 6/10, guy is tall about a 7/10. She’s thin and pretty but not turn head worthy. Haven’t met a lot of eastern Europeans but she seems to have that calm, conservative slant to her yet still modern and feminine.

      She told my girlfriend that the husband approached her about texting a coworker innocently and the husband went and threatened the guy and she told my girl friend “no way would i do anything with such a guy, this was innocent convo, he’s not even my type” (though i feel she leaving stuff out of that story if the husband felt the need to threaten after “innocent convo”). She told my friend that “coworker is really nice to me and makes me feel special”

      Then apparently 1 week later she slept with the coworker.

    3. She’s simply cheating and was trying to cover her tracks. I bet her texting was not at all “innocently” and her husband had the right reaction, i.e. to be upset about it. However, he should have been upset at her instead.

    4. Aaron,

      But what about her really not being into him? I read this in one of Assanova’s articles in November about the friend zone:

      “…but under the right circumstances, these guys do occasionally get laid by the women they pursue, even if it is just a one time thing. Sometimes, women are just horny, and will sleep with an ugly man, because it’s easy, they are familiar with the guy, it’s right there in front of them right now, and they know they won’t be rejected or have to work for it.”

    5. I didn’t read that article by Assanova, but I think what he refers to is when she is, for instance, horny and willing to go home with the first guy who makes a move and (!) meets her looks threshold. The window of opportunity is very small, hours at best. In your example, on the other hand, there was prolonged flirting and an interaction that stretched over many weeks. If she hadn’t been interested in him, she would not have texted back and forth with him.

    6. Mere-Exposure-Effect. It happend to me, I felt in love with a girl in school that I didn’t liked the looks of in the beginning. She was not ugly tough, at least average – just not my “type”. Also taste changes. Today I like girls that I wouldn’t had considered some years ago

    1. Do you know what’s so shocking about it? That absolutely nobody could have seen this coming. I mean, who could have predicted that if you import around two million people who will, for the most part, never work and, if they do, not make a positive contribution to the welfare state throughout their life, the result will be that you run a big, fat deficit. In all seriousness, this was obvious from the get-go. Yet, if you had pointed it out, you were branded as some kind o ultra-right-wing Nazi. Also note that the original claim was that Germany would receive “doctors and engineers” or, more generally, the most highly qualified refugees there are. Oh, and they were also supposed to be in perfect health, much healthier than the sickly German. The Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper had a big story about the “diffuse fears” of the native population because now all those highly educated refugees have shown up (hint: refugees aren’t supposed to be economic migrants, so the entire argument is nonsensical).

      If you told me that the refugee crisis was engineered in order to bankrupt Germany, I could not really present a good counter argument as that would indeed be a good explanation. We have had ministers who have proudly stated to not be proud of Germany. Some even support domestic terrorists like Antifa, like Claudia Roth.

      I just recalled a most fitting quotation by Friedrich Hebbel (1813 – 1863), with my own translation afterwards:

      Es ist möglich, daß der Deutsche noch einmal von der Weltbühne verschwindet, denn er hat alle Eigenschaften, sich den Himmel zu erwerben, aber keine einzige, sich auf der Erde zu behaupten, und alle Nationen hassen ihn, wie die Bösen den Guten. Wenn es ihnen aber wirklich gelingt, ihn zu verdrängen, wird ein Zustand entstehen, in dem sie ihn wieder mit Nägeln aus dem Grabe kratzen möchten.

      Freely translated:

      It is possible that the German will once exit the world stage for good as he possesses all the characteristics that are needed to gain the heavens, yet not a single one that enables him to survive on earth. All nations hate him, like the wicked hate those who are virtuous. Should they really manage to exterminate him, a situation will emerge in which they want to scratch him out of his grave with their fingernails.

      When I first came across this quote, it gave me the chills. I would say that this prophecy has already come to pass.

    2. @Sleazy

      Yes, it is mind-boggling. And now “they” (our Politicians) put on a surprised Pikachu face and play possum. Seems like our Politicans are unable to operate the four rules (+, -, , ÷). Two million without joining family members, so it’s probably more than just two million. It was obvious that this would happen, but nobody wanted to listen. If you mentioned it, you were a far right baddie and you got confronted with the original sin…

      “Doctors and engineers” my ass. Most of them can’t read or count to 50.

      I still believe that the refugee crisis has been engineered in order to bankrupt Germany. Either some German Politicians have been blackmailed and now follow orders from their new masters (think of the Rosenholz papers), or maybe Merkel is a revenge-tool of deceased Erich Honecker or…. many possibilities.

      by the way, that is an interesting Hebbel quote. More actual than ever before.

  2. Here is a good example of how stupid PC culture is. You can criticize people for being a druggie, you can criticize people for being a drunk, but you can’t cant criticize someone for being fat. They are one of those protected classes. Fat women seem to even have a civil rights movement going on.

    1. I have to correct you here because some people claim that alcoholism is a “disease”, i.e. you didn’t become an alcoholic due to your own actions. Instead, you caught alcoholism like other people catch the flu.

    1. I’ve watched two of those livestreams. It’s ridicoulus to watch. A hard case of maslows hammer, doesn’t matter what – it’s always looks. They cherrypick carzy reality tv sluts and blame her stupid behaviour on the guy for not being good looking enough.

      A pile of delusional and depressed losers. Cringe comedy factor is high though

    2. In all fairness, though, looks play an infinitely greater role than blue-pilled society is willing to acknowledge.

  3. How do you guys account for the difference between confidence and arrogance? Most people don’t seem to know the difference. I used to be one of those people. *Used to.*

    1. I can distinguish it. I meant that most people can not. I wanted to get your guy’s opinions on it to see if they coincide with my own. I’ll let you know what I think after a few replies.

    2. most don’t distinguish because blaming someone to be arrogant is easier than calling him confident, hence admitting he has a reason to be confident i.e. admitting he has and they don’t.

      It’s this easy.

  4. Aaron,

    “You can’t build attraction. What can happen, though, is that a woman learns about the resources some man provides, which suddenly makes her interested in him”.

    There are two female acquaintance that I know of on a semi-personal level.

    One of them is a high caliber woman (9/10). She is 23 years old. When I met her, she claimed that her boyfriends have all been “average” looking. None of them were financially stable, nor did they have status. Some had entry level jobs while others were students at bottom tier Universities. What is the catch here in her situation? None of these guys have resources, status despite being average looking.

    Second, the other female acquaintance is 19 years old. She is not attractive. I give her a 5 out of a 10. Her ex is 37 years old and average looking. An age gap of 18 years. They both met work. Both of them work at a major airport. They both make an hourly wage $17 an hour. When I question what the attraction was to him, she couldn’t explain it other than his level of ambition. Again, I cannot understand what the catch is here in her situation other than his level of ambition which doesn’t really say much since guys can be all talk just to get laid.

    What are your thoughts on these situations?

    1. when women consider 0.8 of men to be below average,if she considers him average he already is above average.

    2. 1) Can you get pictures of those guys? If she’s really hot, then those guys were most likely Chads. Hot women can get hot guys, so that is simply their “average” as guys she doesn’t find attractive are invisible to her.

      2) Unattractive women may have to settle for average-looking guys. I don’t see what the confusion here is.

  5. Interesting take from this far right side on modern seduction. I myself have contemplated getting tattoos to filter in DTF girls.

    1. With Andrew Anglin, you have to take into account that he uses hyperbole as a stylistic element. Still, the basic argument is correct. There is no seduction. I made the very same point already when the PUA scene was in full swing, more than a decade ago.

    2. if you brought it up does someone think it worth to get tatooes to get slutty women to more easily show their interest?

    3. I would not do it. However, tattoos will certainly help you get the thug look down. Of course, this only works if you already look intimidating. Soy boys also get tattoos, but I doubt it helps them with getting laid.

    4. @CENA I’d say the reason I don’t plan on it is that I haven’t given up on having kids and growing old with a decent woman. Idk if I’ll get married, but I would very much like to have children one day. It is nonetheless tempting as I’m 30, and I don’t anticipate gearing up to have kids until I’m 36. It would be nice to maximize my ass getting potential during that time, but oh well. It’s not necessary, of course. I also suspect that having that ink live in your skin is probably unhealthy, but don’t quote me on that. I’m not as scientifically minded as many here. More of an instinct guy.

    1. A common problem with those studies is that they tend to confuse causation and correlation. Sure, there may be a correlation, but the causation is not from “more housework” to “less sex”. Instead, it is likely that beta cucks who never got much sex to begin with are all too happy to be their wife or girlfriend’s little bitch boy.

      EDIT: I was happy to see that the first commenter on that thread likewise pointed out the issue with correlation and causation.

  6. Aaron,
    The confusion part is the age gap and their hourly pay. She’s 19 and he’s 37. He’s not financially set. Most women would consider an age gap of 18 years to be creepy. Or is “creepy” just a case where a woman does not find the guy attractive? Wouldn’t most women prefer a man in close age proximity? Usually within a 3 to 5 year age gap. You don’t find age gaps like that in West. I’m from Los Angeles. Usually, when you find an age gap like that its usually cause the guy is financially successful and stable, and/or is good looking.

    1. There’s a correction I need to make…
      Wouldn’t most women who are 18-25 years of age consider an age gap of 18 years to be creepy? You often hear women of that age bracket complain how men are creepy. Finally, if she wanted a relationship why a 37 year old, and not someone in close age proximity? The guy is not set if in life.

    2. That would depend a lot on the individual case. Besides, you need to translate “creepy” from woman-ese to English. It simply means “unattractive”.

    3. Aren’t they both losers? I have a hard time even grasping your argument. It’s not as if successful, established men want to shack up with underclass women. Western society is very stratified nowadays. Today, Doctors marry other doctors instead of nurses, and CEOs no longer put a ring on their secretary. Sure, there are certainly still exceptions, but the times where a bottom-tier woman could fuck herself into high society are absolutely gone. I would even say that this was always quite an exception.

    4. I don’t agree that the Western societies (at least in Europe) are stratified.
      It surely is, as Aaron says, that the same class-people marry to each other, but if somebody has charme, charisma or fascination this overcomes their different level of “wealth”. This is my opinion.

    5. For a hookup, maybe. For marriage, it’s not the case. The exceptions only prove the rule.

  7. Aaron, have you heard that Vince Kelvin had sex with a 16 year old prostitute when he was in his 40s? He did it overseas, where he could get away with it. I remember seeing this bit of info on the internet somewhere, but I don’t remember where. Let me know if you’ve heard about it.

    1. Well, if it was legal where he did it, what’s the big deal? The age of consent in most of Europe is between 14 and 16. So, be careful when applying US moral standards, and hypocrisies, to other societies.


    Exercise equipment vendor made a relatively innocent add in which husband gifts his wife a bike for Christmas. Unfortunately for the vendor, this has mass-triggered SJWs all over. It appears that the revolt was of such magnitude as to cause stock value drop of 10%. For a company whose total valuation on the stock market is $10 billion, the 10% drop is quite significant.

    Gist of the matter is that SJWs interpret the add as an attempt to body shame women. A husband gifting his wife an excercise bike is implicitly saying that she needs to cut some weight. Of course, this doesn’t make sense because the female model is already quite slim so you can’t really fat shame her. More reasonable assumption would be that the gift is meant to help her save time so she doesn’t have to go to the gym, or if she joggs she can exercise in her home when the weather is bad.

    Nonetheless, this add sparked an outrage which caused significant financial loss to the company. The amount of power SJWs can levy thanks to social media is incredible. I wonder whether this negative response was a product of chance or a product of ‘The Woke’ blogosphere which is able to mobilize the vocal minority.

  9. What do ya’ll reckon the Conservative majority in the U.K. means for the future of Western Europe? Anything promising?

    1. This is pretty incredible. Then again, it is quite common for women to not regret cheating on a guy. Instead, regret comes in once they get caught. However, plenty of women still don’t feel any regret. Instead, their negativity turns towards the people around her. Obviously, nothing is her fault, so if she was caught cheating, it’s the fault of the person who caught her cheating.

  10. Yeah, always the same… it’s never their fault.

    But then again, thanks to reddit, forums and blogs like this one for showing their true nature so that men know better when going for a relationship. Or better yet, ignoring women completely and focusing on themselves.

  11. Now that we are entering another 20s I got to thinking……The US gave women the right to vote in 1920. The feminists will probably make a big stink about the anniversary. Shortly after women’s sufferage prohibition happened. Huge fucking fail. It’s the only amendment that was reamended in the history of the US. It’s VERY difficult to amend the US Constiton, much less reamend it,
    yet even those feminists had a change of heart.

  12. Aaron has talked about the myth that “women are the gatekeepers of sex, and men are the gatekeepers of relationships,” pointing out that it’s only Chad that’s keeping the gate closed for a relationship after sex, and if these women weren’t banging guys way out of their league, they’d find guys who would love to settle down with them.

    In my experience hooking up for the past year, it seems that women are rather lousy gatekeepers of sex. The gate is usually left wide open. But it seems that the gate is rarely open for more than a one-night stand – whether that’s as a fuckbuddy, FWB, or “dating” in some capacity, Even if I’m lucky enough to fuck them a couple of times, it’s rare for, say, a monthslong ongoing situation to take place.

    If I compare the qualities of girls that are willing to stick around vs. those that just want a one-night stand, it appears to be almost always determined by the woman’s sexual market value. Women that are young, fit, and pretty are hard to lock down. Women that are lacking in some or all of those qualities are easier to lock down. Age seems to trump everything else, and I will say that younger girls are at a stage in which they’re still exploring, but I can’t help but think a huge part of the issue with the younger girls is simply that they’re in the most demand.

    So it appears the most desirable girls are indeed taking on qualities of Chad. If it’s okay for dudes to pump and dump tons of girls, then it’s okay for girls to do it, too, or at least that’s a conclusion that might be reached if you consider yourself a sex-positive feminist. Of course, since the bottom 80% of dudes are subhuman, a 5/10 girl might think a little harder about pumping and dumping a 9/10 guy, but the hottest girls will have no hesitation whatsoever.

    So that was my little rant – feel free to give me feedback if you have any. But now I guess I’ll pose some questions for readers:

    – Is it your experience, too, that it’s hard to get something ongoing with a hot girl?
    – What strategies would you recommend for keeping them around? I’ve heard a couple: (1) Deliver an outstanding performance in the bedroom; (2) Assuming the first date was a low-key meet & fuck, for the second date, take them to a show or do something more “datey,” and then fuck them – this is assuming you want more than a fuckbuddy. The idea would be, now you’re bringing more to the table than just sex; (3) Beware common “anti-game” traps like becoming too clingy.

    1. Giovanni,

      I’ve noticed that too… thing is if you are decent looking you can hook up with a good amount of women, just don’t get too attached. But I think it’s the same with girls and guys… when you have options you tend to exercise them. I think it’s fine if you don’t want kids or anything (like me) but for guys trying to get the family thing going I can see how it would be frustrating.

      Also, I don’t think there’s much you can do other then not get “too clingy” as most hot women will simply get bored of a guy unless he’s a gigachad.

    2. They are lousy gatekeepers for you because — I hope you don’t mind me sharing this — you are a good-looking guy. You’re probably in the top 1% in terms of hookups, so you shouldn’t generalize from your experience.

      Oh, pillow talk and cuddling after banging her senseless also works well. My experience has been that the issue is that girls get too clingy too quickly, not the other way round. On a related note, when I moved out of a shared apartment in Berlin, I emptied out a box in which I had kept items chicks left at my place. It was a lot more stuff than I had realized. In fact, this is a very good indicator that she wants to see you again, i.e. she leaves some stuff so that she has an excuse to reach out to you again. Plenty of girls are also open to gambling, i.e. they leave stuff behind even if they don’t have your number, hoping that you will contact them again.

  13. Hi Aaron, this is Stefano from Italy.
    I bought long time ago a book of yours (the one about getting girls in the night clubs) and my question is:

    Which were the main 3 obstacles at the beginning for setting yourself as a trustful person in this domain?
    How much can you earn with your job (opposite to the fake PUA)?


    1. Thanks for buying Club Game. I hope you found it helpful.

      I started out by posting about my adventures on a forum that is long gone now (mASF) and quickly gained a following there. This was in 2006/7. Sure, you can now say that it was only based on writing and anyone could write anything, just like how anybody can stage a video recording. However, with a bit of experience, you quickly see through b.s., which was what made me realize that a lot of material people were promoting did not make any sense. Over time, I got contacted by more and more people, asking me for advice. In fact, it was only due to strangers on the Internet who asked me how much I’d charge them to talk to me or to meet up with me. Note that the latter happened only after other guys on that forum reported on their nights out with me.

      My day job is well-paid. If I did short-term project work, I could make more, on an hourly basis, than I charge for consultation sessions.

  14. I’ve never been to Germany but many people I know have been. I live in San Diego which is a huge military city and have known veterans who were stationed there. I don’t know if my German friends here have been to the US but I’ve heard that German women are smoking hot in comparison. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. Havent been to the US, but based on the tourists that arrive here in my city, I would not see much of a difference, except US chicks tend to be chubbier (obesity epidemic?) while german chicks are less feminine.

      None compares to latinas ?

    2. Holy shit! Less feminine than American girls!? I didn’t think that was possible! Every time I look into modern Europe I see that your problems are even worse than ours. WTF is wrong with you guys?

      All kidding aside, they guilt trip you over WWII. You guys are seriously messed up, but it’s not your fault. They even call American conservatives Nazis. Even though we unfortunately killed each other during the war. Pat Buchanan calls what is happening to the West “Adolf Hitler’s posthumous revenge.”

    3. Those are cliches you often hear about Europe / Germany. You often hear that in Europe every women wears thong bikinis at the beach, that all women are thin and cute, that Europeans are way more civilized than say…. US-Americans. Complete bullshit. Don’t buy into these “the grass in Europe is greener” sayings…

    4. You should visit yourself. Among teenagers, obesity, or just being pudgy, is so uncommon that you notice when a girl is not in top shape.

    5. I noticed especially in porn. Western porn stars are becoming more porky every year. Japanese porn stars on the other hand…. man, they look goooood. I also noticed @ college, where we’ve had many Chinese exchange students. The chinese females were thin without exception. And now compare with the common western fatty.

  15. Happy New Year everyone! Another year in this spinning madhouse that is planet Earth.

    I started the New Year drunkenly arguing with some bluepill moron (european tourist, about mid thirties) who took issue with the fact that I declared myself antifeminist. While I respectfully laid out some opinions about feminism he did not like, he resorted to ad hominems and called me a “disgrace” ?

    Additionally, in typical chick fashion, he called me “insecure” because I sleep with too many women ?? (he overheard me giving dating advice to another guy). At one point I thought he was going to get physically violent, but he just left.

    Another guy, about ten years younger than me, stayed behind to talk with me. I really hope he learned something.

    In all, I think it was a good way to start 2020.

    1. Additionally, in typical chick fashion, he called me “insecure” because I sleep with too many women

      It’s a general leftist silencing tactic where you are always declared disqualified by having the wrong quantity of something.

      You’re not allowed to disagree with feminists because you obviosly dont get laid enough… and that’s a character flaw, and it disqualifies you from having an opinion on these subjects.

      But if you get laid enough to the point where they cant use the first card, then they accuse you of getting laid too much.

      Which is again a character flaw which disqualifies you from having an opinion of feminism.

      The trick is that there’s no right amount at which you’re qualified. You’re always under or overqualified.

    2. They use this in all contexts. For example if you’re a small business owner and want to disagree with a socialistic policy affecting small businesses.

      If your business is below a certain size they will mock you and say that you’re obviously unqualified and suck at business and economics. That’s the only reason you “fear” their socialistic policies.

      But if you have enough success they will say you’re obviously disqualified from disagreeing coz you are too successful which is also a bad sign.

      The trick is you’re never qualified. You always either make too little or too much money.

    3. @Alek

      Is this coming from some playbook of theirs or just human psychology finding reasons to disqualify opponents? Or maybe some psychological trait that all leftists share?

    4. I think Alek is talking about cult-like behavior. Feminism is a cult so it follows siut. But it extends to all cults. Rig the game so you always have the advantage. It mirrors what I have dealt with in my family. If someone fucked with me it was because I was “arrogant.” If that fell flat, it was because I “let them.”

      I used to “let” assholes take advantage of me and now I let those fuckers have it. Now it’s that I’m “defensive” or “have a chip on my shoulder.”

      Don’t listen to these people. They are fucking toxic.

    5. What Alek said is why I never really bother arguing with anyone in general. They will always find a way to be right, no matter how many facts you lay at their feet. It is why I hate talking politics with anyone, both left and right. Completely pointless because you will never change their mind.

    6. Yeah, sometimes I tell myself that too. But I have a tendency to argue about politics anyway. I kinda enjoy it.

      Plus I remember that plenty of people are actually centrists or conservative, but they are used to keep quiet in the face of vocal leftists. The guy who stayed behind with me seemed genuinely interested in understanding my arguments.

      I may very well be wrong, but if so I am open to be proven wrong. In the mean time, I refuse to stay silent in the face of bullshit. Like Edmund Burke supposedly said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (actually, it was not Burke but John Stuart Mill who said something similar)

      I refuse to do nothing.

    1. I recall that song. The fate of one-hit wonders is surely not great. I once looked up a girl who was featured in some music video and found her website. There, I learned that she was the “girl in the red dress” in that video, and it was one of the highlights of her short career.

  16. I almost got laid. Some french girl came to me and told me to fuck her in bathroom of the club, she was white, brunette, blue eyes and botox lips, very cute. She doesnt wanted to come to my apartment. When i followed her to the bathroom, the security guard blocked my entrance. After that i saw her leaving the club with 2 white guys. I drank too much alcohol, almost 13 shots of tequila, 5 or 6 cups of whisky cola.

    1. tell me is it worth going to the clubs for you?
      a lot of time and alcohol commitment.
      she didnt want to leave with you but left with them
      that probably sting.

    2. Cock blocked by the guard. That sucks. Did you consider banging her behind a dumpster?

      My tolerance to alcohol is much lower than that, but last time I tried fucking drunk I just wanted to lay down and lost wood.

    3. That’s what happens after Cologne 2015/16. Every “dark(er)” person is being perceived as rapist…

    4. See! You can definitely get laid. You could have tried to leave the club with her regardless. It’s quite common that a girl would tell you that she can’t fuck you, yet she’s following you willingly. What happened afterwards? You probably stalled. Otherwise, you could very likely have salvaged this.

  17. >>When i followed her to the bathroom, the security guard blocked my entrance<<

    That's what happens after Cologne 2015/16…

    1. Indeed. I noticed a massive increase in the numbers of security staff afterwards in every club I went to.

    2. Or look at the massive reinforcement in shop security. Every plain Aldi know has security stuff, because of massively increased theft rates.

      Germany will change and not for the better…. :=((


      “Unser Land wird sich ändern, und zwar drastisch. Und ich freue mich drauf!” – Katrin Göring-Eckardt

      “Es geht einerseits darum, sind wir ein Land, was für Migrantinnen und Migranten offen ist, was Leute anzieht. Die wir übrigens dringend brauchen. Nicht nur die Fachkräfte, sondern weil wir, weil wir auch Menschen hier brauchen, äh, die, äh, in unseren Sozialsystemen zu Hause sind und sich auch zu Hause fühlen können.” – Katrin Göring-Eckardt

      Die Fraktionsvorsitzende Katrin Göring-Eckardt wagt einen positiven Blick in die Zukunft: “In München reden sie heute bei der CSU davon, wie man Grenzen dichtmacht. Wir reden darüber, wie unser Land in 20, in 30 Jahren aussieht. Es wird jünger werden. Ja, wie großartig ist das denn! Wie lange haben wir über die Demografie gesprochen. Es wird bunter werden. Ja, wie wunderbar ist das! Das haben wir uns immer gewünscht. Wahrscheinlich wird es auch religiöser werden, na klar.” – Katrin Göring-Eckardt

  18. You guys ever seen The Bridges of Madison County? It’s a movie from the 90s with Merrill Streep and Clint Eastwood. Basically Streep is a married woman and fucks another man in her husband’s bed while he is out on a business trip making money for her and their kids. Women loved this trash. I think it won awards even. Can those scum bags in Hollywood glamorize a man doing the same thing?

  19. Marilyn Manson is Black Pilled since early age. Here is Marilyn Manson song:

    Marilyn Manson – Para-noir:

    I fuck you because you are famous
    I fuck you for your money
    I fuck you to control you
    I fuck you so someday I can have half of everything you own
    I fuck you to fuck you over
    I fuck you until I can find someone better
    I fuck you (fuck you) in secret
    I fuck you because I can’t remember if I already fucked you before
    I fuck you out of boredom
    I fuck you because I can’t feel it anyways
    I fuck you to make the pain go away
    Fuck you because I loved you
    Fuck you for loving you, too
    I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do
    Fuck you because I loved you
    Fuck you for loving you too
    I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    I fuck you so I could feel something, instead of nothing at all
    I fuck you because you are beautiful
    I fuck you because you are my nigger
    I fuck you because I am your whore
    I fuck you because you are a whore
    I fuck you for fun
    I fuck you for fun
    I fuck you because I can’t
    I fuck you so I have a place to stay
    I fuck you so you will protect me
    Fuck you because I loved you
    Fuck you for loving you, too
    I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do
    Fuck you because I loved you
    Fuck you for loving you, too
    I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do
    Hate you the way I do

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