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86 thoughts on “Open Thread #51

  1. What do you guys think of Frank Sinatra’s music? I had always respected him, but just thought it was not for me. Lately I have been listening closer to the lyrics of songs like “My Way” and “That’s Life” and have gained a new respect for the music. Although he did not write these songs, his crooner style does a great job at delivering the message and you can hear everything that he says. The messages imo are about masculinity and responding to the ups and downs of life. These would be good messages to the male youth of today. Unlike the narcissistic and unrealistic messages they hear in rap music.

    1. I started to listening to country music two years ago. Though I don’t listen to the sad songs about breaking up etc. I think it’s more lively and makes me feel proud/ patriotic.

  2. From “My Way”:

    “To be a man, what does he GOT!?
    If not HIMSELF, then he has NOT!!
    To say the things he truly feels. And not the words of one who KNEELS!
    The story goes, I took the blows. And did it MYYYY WAYYYYYYYY!!!”

    Emphasis added ?

    1. Not yet. I like Scorsese’s movies. I’ll watch The Irishman sooner or later, even though the abysmal box office performance (< 5$m on a budget of $150m, excluding marketing) tempers my expectations.

    2. I’ve now watched The Irishman. It is the best movie I’ve watched in years. This does not necessarily mean that it is one of the all-time best. Instead, the problem is that modern movies tend to not interest me at all. I enjoyed the somewhat complex plot (for movie standards), with interesting main characters, and extensive dialogue. You don’t get this a lot nowadays. Before I cast judgment on The Irishman, I’ll have to watch it at least one more time. Due to the non-linear narration, it may pay off to rewatch it with the knowledge of the plot. Maybe Scorsese snuck in a bit of foreshadowing here and there.

      One aspect I found quite remarkable — minor spoiler ahead — is that the frailty of old age is a major theme at the end. This took me quite by surprise as I was expecting a somewhat more heroic send-off of the main characters. I’m getting goosebumps just recalling a few scenes as I am typing this.

  3. Health related question.

    Anyone doing anything to naturally boost their testosterone?

    I’ve been on a keto diet this entire year almost and feel huge benefits. Cut out sugars and carbs. Feels like my voice got deeper/ I’m more aggressive.

    I’ve also started to take cold showers – 4 months now.

    Now I just have to quit smoking and start meditating.

  4. In your post “Do not Wait for Strong Signals!”, you encourage men of an average level of looks and status or above to test the waters by talking to women often as a viable way to understand which women are open to having P-in-V sex with you. It might be a foolish question to ask in your opinion yet, it is imperetive for me to know how do I talk to women who are relatively unapproachable due to being part of a larger group of people both men and women?

    Few sentences of a reply or a link to a previous post is good enough. Thanks.

    1. Okay, I’ll buy it and read. Do you also have a book of pickup on instagram? If not, what are your initial thoughts on instagram as a dating tool? In terms of its viability and any third party books/media you can recommend.

    2. Thanks for your support. I’m currently working on a book on online game, which may be helpful.

  5. Any advice on picking up girls while they’re working? I mean directly serving you. Bartenders, waitresses, hairdressers etc.

    1. A good starting point is making chit-chat and gauge if there is some interest. Also, keep in mind that in more upscale places staff may be prohibited from giving out private contact information, i.e. she could lose her job if management found out that she just slipped Chad her contact details.

    2. Be mindful that plenty of them will be friendly (or even flirty) to you for work reasons, especially if they depend on tips like waitresses, so you run a higher risk of false positives.

      Avoid trying to pick up girls who work at places where you are a regular.

    3. He only has to make one bold move, like asking when she gets off work and whether she’d like to hang out, to differentiate between a woman who is friendly because she has to and one who likes him. Also, I think that there is a noticeable difference between the former and the latter. I think you can probably tell when a waitress might be into you.

  6. Does anyone know if there are examples of homosexual acts imposing a health cost on someone who didn’t participate? E.g., a sodomy orgy in one house unleashing something that infected the neighbors who did not participate, but got infected by virtue of being on an adjacent property.

    Googled a bit and got a bunch of pornographic links had zero interest in.

    1. Your last sentence is unintentionally funny. Well, in the grand scheme of things, we are all paying the price of rampant homosexuality. In times past, successful homosexual guys still tended to keep up appearances and got a wife and kids just for show. The genes of someone as smart and accomplished like Peter Thiel should be passed on. Instead, he’s depositing his sperm in some dude’s rectum. Also, AIDS/HIV is a huge burden on the healthcare system. In socialized healthcare, you pay for that and, without rampant HIV/AIDS, you would pay less. Then there is the associated problem of resource allocation. If HIV/AIDS wasn’t a problem, we could dedicate the money and manpower to something else.

      More concretely, plenty of women fuck their gay friends, which leads to spreading STDs. I would love to see an epidemiological study that traces HIV/AIDS among heterosexuals as a consequence of homosexual activity, i.e. some slut bangs her gay friends on drugs, and a few days later a straight dude puts it in her butt. Due to political correctness, we’ll have to wait for the Chinese to take over the West and liberate our academics. This presupposes that there are some people with an interest in researching this topic, which I believe. The reason they don’t pursue it is due to the fear of social and professional repercussions.

    2. I have a passing familiarity with the homosexual world. Gays being a very small minority (3% to 5%) of the general population according to most reliable estimates, the impact of their sexuality on population stats is negligible. Socially pushing them to marry and reproduce with women like in the past will only succeed in making a bunch of ppl miserable.

      The fact that the cost of the AIDS epidemic is imposed on taxpayers a consequence of socialized healthcare, not different and probably less significant (i am speculating, i dont have time to look up stats right now)than the socialized health costs imposed on us by smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc… The solution is to privatize and have everyone take responsibility for his or her life choices.

      Also, the AIDS epidemic is by and large contained within the gay community, at least in western countries, the crossover to hetero population is pretty small overall.

    3. Good replies. The welfare state being eviscerated would certainly rectify some perverse incentives although I don’t see that happening.

      What brought this on was me saying something to the effect of “I don’t think we should take a dogmatic approach to homosexuality. Attaching morality is dogmatic, but so is the idea that family-oriented communities not allowing neighbors to have sodomy orgies are homophobic.” The dude (straight) was obviously offended, and encouraged me to research and find a time when a neighbor was negatively affected by a sodomy orgy if he didn’t participate. He accused me of making an “80s argument”. Not sure how to couch my thoughts on this in philosophical/scientific terms.

      My main thing is pure instinct, I can’t wrap my head around how more people don’t just instinctively reject the stark juxtaposition of a wholesome family and a sodomy orgy. “You don’t like it? Don’t participate in the orgy then!” It seems dogmatic and childish to me.

      My other issue I suppose is instinct as well. Is that really how it works? You have an orgy involving hard flesh penetrating an orifice that is prone to tearing. Feces and blood. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Just typing it seems bizarre, but if it truly is the case, where you can have a sodomy orgy and the only thing there is to worry about is AIDs, then ok. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that stds are literally the only thing one needs to worry about when flinging feces and blood.

    4. Another aspect is that you can’t just maximize people’s personal happiness. Sure, we could all be degenerate hedonists, but keep this up for one or two generations and society will go completely to shit. I think there is a lot to be said for coercion for the greater good. There is coercion right now as well — just think of all the crap kids learn in school (anal sex and transgenderism in kindergarten and primary school) —, so it’s not as if I’m arguing for a completely outlandish position here.

    5. Well, even if you are standing right in the middle of a gay orgy, if you are not participating actively chances to catch any STD are close to zero.

      Even during heterosexual intercourse, among serodiscordant couples (meaning one partner is infected with HIV and the other is not) the chances of transmission per act are low, even during unprotected sex. And even then the, risk of transmission is greater from male to female than the other way around.

      While I am all in favor of a traditional family as the basic societal unit (as I believe this has proven to be the best model throughout history) we must also make room for a certain percentage of the population (10%? 15%?) for which this model will not work well.

      So, if your sexual tastes or preferences fall ouside of the mainstream, being discreet and not shoving it into other peoples faces should be enough for all to get along.

    6. With cum, feces, and blood splashing around, I would not be so sure.

      Also, I think that way less than 10% of men are gay. We are probably talking around less than 1% of actively gay men, i.e. no “find some men physically attractive” bullshit. The litmus test is if a dude bangs other dudes, not him stating some politically correct crap about “being open-minded”. Yet, because homosexuality gets relentlessly pushed in mainstream media, people believe it is much more prevalent than it is.

    7. To the last point, the difference would be between your neighbors doing their buttsex marathon in the backyard, in open view of other houses, or doing it indoors.

      Even so, being witness to such an event, as uncomfortable as it might be, will not turn you or anyone else gay. 🙂

    8. Right, I get that you won’t get an std if you don’t participate. I’m sharing my experience of feeling incredulous at the idea that it’s only stds that could get passed around when you’re dealing with feces.

      There’s also the issue of homosexuals being disproportionately pedophiles as Sam Hyde hilariously outlines in this stand up performance in Williamsburg, New York, the hipster capital of the world (important context when viewing this).

      Again, I’m not arguing that homosexual acts are immoral. I just think that the whole “you don’t like it? Don’t marry a gay person” type stuff is narrow and dogmatic.

    9. A big problem I have with those subcultures is that it gets pushed so hard in mainstream society. If some dude likes to plow other dudes I couldn’t care less, but that is not really what is happening. Instead, gay men need to loudly proclaim that they like fucking other men. Do we need to hear this? We have mass celebrations of sexual deviancy such as Pride and Christopher Street Day. I bet there are more white guys around who like having sex with Asian women than there are faggots. Where is our festival? Why do we have a democracy that is apparently run by minorities for minorities?

    10. Herkerderker, you are right that STDs aren’t the only risk from anal sex. There is also a strong risk of catxhing shigella/dysentery:

      Scroll down to the bottom to see the list of causes and anal sex is listed.

      However, it still seems unlikely that you would get sick because your neighbours were doing this.

      There’s a lot unhealthy stuff going on in the gay sex scene though:

      One way to think about homophobia vs other forms of disapproval is “Would I be okay with heterosexual people doing this?” Would you be bothered by straight orgies or swinger parties on your street?

    11. I think the worst part of the gay scene is “bug chasing”, i.e. guys wanting to get infected with HIV. It’s a sickening subculture.

    12. Bug chasing? People wanna get HIV? Is that seriously a thing? Never heard of it. I can’t imagine it’s more than a minority among gays that are into “bug chasing.”

      Could it be one of those things that’s cool to say, but nobody actually wants it? The closest analog I can think of is goth culture and all the talk of death and suicide and yes some unfortunately do harm themselves and commit suicide.

    13. GMoney, have you actually met many goths? I don’t think goth culture actually has that much “talk of death and suicide” but you certainly meet some “interesting” characters when you move in those circles.

    14. Overdrive. I don’t have the same visceral reaction to swingers, but I wouldn’t like the knowledge that it’s happening in my neighborhood.

      One question I have is should communities be allowed to have some standards regarding who their neighbors are?

      Having a family is something I aspire to, and I know that if I had one, I’d want neighbors who were predominantly doing the same thing.

      I get that the perfect can’t be the enemy of the good, but man, there have to be SOME kind of standards we can get behind.

      I think no orgies across the board in family-oriented communities. I don’t want the types of people who are into that in my neighborhood. Also, gay couples should not be adopting and raising children and should conduct their sex acts in private. Any attempts by homosexuals to promote homosexuality as anything other than a defect or promote non traditional gender stuff to kids need to be expelled immediately.

      I certainly think the above standards would have enough people agreeing that polities with these kinds of standards could form. The planet is big enough to have family-oriented communities be just that, and hedonism-oriented communities be just that.

      The problem is that we are in such an emotionally reactive and feminized state that any talk of standards and exclusivity is immediately deemed homophobic.

    15. @Overdrive

      Maybe I could have expressed myself better, but that’s the point I was making. From the outside one can get the impression that death and suicide is what goth culture is about, but that perception is wrong.

      Similarly prehaps “bug chasing” in some gay subcommunity is like that too. I had never heard of “bug chasing,” but it’s really hard to imagine why anyone would truly want to catch HIV except a very small minority of mentally disturbed individuals.

    16. For what its worth, a lot of regular gays are not on board with what we usually identify with the “gay lobby”. My best and closest male friend is gay, and we work together. I have gone to gay clubs with him often, thats why I am familiar with the gay scene. As far as I can tell, most gays just want to be left alone, and maybe allowed to marry (No objections on my side). The militant in-your-face queers are a disgrace for everyone involved.

    17. Sorry if I post too much today, but as mentioned elsewhere I am drunk as fuck tonight.

      “Bug catching” is a fucking disgrace among gays, I personally dont know anyone involved thankfully.

      As far as I can tell, most gays and lesbians would be perfectly happy to live normal family lives and rising children despite being themselves abnormal couples. Basically being like everyone else. Some of them will even aknowledge that they are not “normal” and ask for help (eg a lesbian couple I am friends with asked me to be the “Uncle Yarara”, the male role model for their offspring,) because they know they are not a normal couple and therefore their children would be missing a masculine role model.

    18. @ Aaron

      There is no universally agreed upon definition of what gay is. Is it men who just like dudes? Men who love dudes? Meb who fantasize about platonic relationships with dudes? Men who fuck dudes? Often? Ocasionally? Once in a lifetime? (Same applies to lesbians). But yes, media pushes it so much that it looks bigger than it is. Homosexuals os both sexes are at most 5% of the genersl population. They mostly deserve our respect to do their thing as long as they dont bother us hetero ppl. A lot of them will gladly join you in the fight against the surveillance state or the crony capitalism if you allow them.

    19. This is a good point! I once came across the claim that you’re only gay if you take it up the ass, i.e. you can bang as many dudes as you want but as long as you’re the penetrator, you’re not gay. The reasoning is that the man you’re plowing in the ass could as well be a woman. Yet, you can’t make the same argument if you’re the one with a dick in his ass.

    20. while some of it seems very plausible in some of the cases how do you know it actually happened and not girls just straight up lying to cover for their whoring like they always do.

    21. I knew gays who told me they have fucked some of the chicks they hang out with. Your argument is a very good one, though. Some women tell themselves that it “does not count” if they fuck a guy who is gay. I’ve been in uncomfortable situations where a chick was grinding her ass against me, only to be confronted by her boyfriend. They then tried to weasel themselves out of this situation by claiming that they thought I was gay or just claiming that there was nothing to worry about because I was gay. I don’t understand the argument. Then again, you don’t have to. However, you can bet that the average boyfriend is not fine with his sweetheart swallowing a load of cum from a guy she claims to be gay.

  7. @Aaron

    The girl I want to pick up works at a nail salon. It’s a nice place but I wouldn’t exactly call it upscale. She is Vietnamese (All the nail salon workers in California are). She is super hot, easily an 8. The salon is right next to my work. We have passed by each other, made eye contact, smiled at each other and said hi. But that’s it so far. I’m thinking about going in for a pedicure. They even massage your legs ?

    I like Asian girls just like you and everyone else but the Vietnamese accent annoys me a little bit. Meh, I’ll get over it, she’s gorgeous. And I think they know how to treat men.

    About “The Irishman,” I think it has done poorly at the box office because it is only in selected theaters. For instance, here in San Diego it is only playing in one theater in the entire city. Most are going to watch it on Netflix, which it is now on. The production companies would not give Scorcese a good contract because this movie could not make the merchandising sales of a movie like the Avengers for instance. To cover the costs of a 3 and a half hour movie with that cast and the de-aging CGI, Scorcese needed a better deal so he went with Netflix. Their going to make a killing. They just gained a customer in myself. I’m going to watch that movie 17 million times like I do with all his films ?

  8. Hey Sleaze, will you doing a write up on Mr Pierre Woodman, the legendary French porn producer extraordinaire, father of “se anal sekrett”? 😉


    Lucretius C.

    1. Hey Sleaze
      is it because you don’t want to comment on Woodmann or because you don’t want to comment on butt sex? 😛

    2. To do this topic justice, I’d have to watch more of his videos and I can well do without it.

    3. Woodman used to be the man who found beautiful young women in the former soviet union and took their innocence on camera. The girls were often nervous and shy, but obedient, determined to earn western money and make a better future for themselves. He would show them a porn magazine and flip through the pages: “Can you do this type of scene? And this? How about with two boys at the same time?” The girls would blush and be fascinated, they had never seen such a thing. Then Woodman would take the girls’ anal virginity while they cried and screamed, but they let him do it because he said he would make them stars in the west. There was never any poop in the videos, probably because Woodman taught the girls how to clean out their asses before the shoot.

      Now things have changed. Thanks to Woodman and others like him anal sex is the norm. Every girl Woodman meets now has lost her anal cherry to her boyfriend when she was 14 years old if not sooner. And they saw high resolution porn videos when they were 12 years old, so they know what they are getting into. Young women don’t have any innocence to take away anymore.

      So Woodman has taken things to another level to make the viewers feel that the girls are still being “broken in” and degraded. He gets multipled guys to fuck the girl in a DP or airtight. He pisses in the girl’s mouth. And if the girl hasn’t cleaned her ass properly so one of the guys gets shit on his dick Woodman zooms in on that brown streak and encourages the girl to take it in her mouth.

      I find this escalation disturbing. What comes next when making the girls gangbang and eat shit and piss becomes normalized and boring?

      The japanese have been making porn where they just plain torture women and rape them. There was a case where a woman got permanent brain damage from “breath play” when they held her head under water for too long. Just a matter of time before this trend comes to the western porn industry.

      But porn is “art” and protected by freedom of speech and the women are paid professional actors so it’s all good, right?

    4. I just looked into it. In the current year, of course, women cannot be held responsible for their actions. I certainly believe that the GDP guys are shady characters, but the whole “we didn’t know what porn is” angle, which is an apt summary of what those girls claim, is ludicrous.

    5. It seems to me that the GDP guys were taking advantage of the girls stupidity/naivety. We are talking about 18 year olds here. I don’t think that just because someone us stupid it’s okay to scam them.

      There was clearly a lot of lying, abuse and manipulation involved: the job advert didn’t mention porn, the girls were told the videos were for a private collector, the guys paid women to give fake references, the girls had to sign the contract after being locked in a strange hotel room with a bunch of guys far away from home and no way to get back home if they didn’t cooperate, they were pressured into doing sex acts they didn’t want to do, they were paid less than they were promised and the producers went out of their way to make sure the girls friends/family/colleagues saw the video.

      I don’t think people should be allowed to do this in the name of “entertainment”.

    6. I am not saying that you are wrong. However, it may make sense to wait until the conclusion of the trial. In particular the claim that the GDP producers stalked the girls and send the videos to family and friends sounds a bit far-fetched.

    7. fuck just posted in the wrong place here

      while some of it seems very plausible in some of the cases how do you know it actually happened and not girls just straight up lying to cover for their whoring like they always do.

    8. @CENA

      Because more than 20 girls had the same story. One of them was 16 at the time. The women giving fake references also already admitted that the producers paid them to lie to the girls. There’s also evidence that the producers intentionally made sure the girls friends and family would find out by spamming them on social media with links to the vids.

    9. Well, say what you will, but many of the GDP videos were pretty hot and wankable.
      Call me an abject asshole, but that’s my assessment from far away

      Heck, men have been exploiting female stupidity and naiveté for ages (just recall that infamous line from “Life of Brian” when Brian discovers he’s actually Roman: “You mean he RAPED you?” – “Well, at first, yes…”), just as women have exploited male romantic stupidity.

      Also, with regard to Mr Pierre Woodman- honestly he’s one of the very best fuckers out there. I learned a shitload as lover from his castings and from his sleazy shamelessness. And his “Anal Sekrett”, along with other Tantric techniques of comparable power, is pure Gold. It takes a bit of practice, but it is literal dynamite. In addition to that I immensely profited from the “educational” video named “How to eat pussy like champ”. You will still find it on some porn sites.

    1. Also, I’ve been seeing cases popping up where guys are being jailed for posting nudes of chicks that have willingly sent the pics in the first place. Not like in South Korea where chicks are being secretly filmed, but just women using very bad judgement, then getting mad when the douchebag they fucked around with posted their pics on some porn site.

      I’m not arguing that it’s right to post someone’s pictures that sent them to you in confidence, yet we should set and example for women in the first place to not participate in such behavior vs. just jail the men and teach them a lesson.

    2. This is quite interesting. I can readily picture women falling in love with those model types. There are men who pay money to women just so that they can talk to them about random stuff. The trend of women going gaga over videos of male models seems to indicate that the exploitation gap between the sexes may close.

    3. @aaronsleazy: “There are men who pay money to women just so that they can talk to them about random stuff. ”

      ==> what remains to be seen is if those women who talk up Chads on TikTok are willing to pay those Chads (or pay for their sweaty t-shirts, used bath water, etc.)

    4. I don’t think it will happen that young women do that, mainly because they lack the funds. However, there is an equivalent: middle-aged women happily send money to their African virtual lovers. There is heavy sex tourism of white post-wall women going to Africa and paying for sex, and keep sending those men money later. This is no different than dudes flying to Thailand, banging some bar girl, and getting strung along later by covering various “emergencies”.

  9. @ Yarara

    It’s a nail salon, I’ve never been there before. I’ve just seen one of the girls that works there going in and out of work. We almost always make eye contact, smile and say hello to each other when we pass by. Should I just try to pick her up in a situation like that, or should I go for the pedicure?

    1. Say more than just hello and try to drum up a quick conversation. See if she’ll give your her number/email/messenger account.

    2. Ok, basically I agree with Aaron.

      Initially I thought you were talking about a bar or gym, but a nail salon? Go for it. You are losing nothing

  10. I saw “The Irishman” last night. Not bad but I wouldn’t put it up there with “Casino” and “Goodfellas.” Although I heard it’s better the second time you watch it.

    **SPOILER ALERT FOR PEOPLE THAT DONT KNOW AMERICAN HISTORY** Hoffa was perplexed at why the Kennedy’s were going after the mob when they had helped JFK get elected. I myself have wondered the same. Although Jimmy did mention how he gave Nixon money in 1960 (which earned him a get out of jail free card later). But I always assumed Hoffa helped Nixon in ’68 or ’72, not 1960. Anyway they seemed to brush over it and went straight to the Castro assassination attempts by the Mafia and CIA. Good movie but it could have been better given the story-line and the length of the film. But like I alluded to I’ll watch it again.

  11. @Aaron


    Like usual I spoiled myself watching trailers, clips, and reviews about The Irishman. But yes a lot of it has to do with regret and guilt. I’ve heard that Scorsese puts this in his movies, and it’s influenced by his Roman Catholic upbringing.

  12. Ok, here’s my idea for a modern Twilight Zone episode: it starts out with this dude waiting a long line to get into a night club. He looks at his watch and thinks, “Damn! This is going to take all night!” The club’s bouncers approach him and he thinks to himself, “Geez, what the fuck do they want?”

    “Excuse us, sir,” says the huge brillo headed bouncer.

    “Yeah?” The man says rolling his eyes.

    “Would you like to cut to the front of the line?”

    A smile covers the man’s face, “sure!”

    As he walks up to the door the door man says, “Why don’t you just come in for free?” Bewildered the man walks into the club. An attractive blonde approaches him. “Hi, handsome!” she says. “Hi!” he responds. “Want a drink?” she asks. “Yeah!” the man says, still bewildered. She brings him his drink. They dance, make out and later fuck.

    The next day he is at work hung over and not doing his best. He then gets called into the office. “Oh fuck, here we go” he thinks to himself. His boss says, “we just want to express what a great job you’re doing here. We’re going to give you a raise and a promotion is right around the corner.”

    Driving home the man is on cloud 9. He is so happy he doesn’t realise he is going 20 miles over the speed limit. A female cop pulls him over. “Oh shit!” he says, “I knew this was too good to be true!”

    “How ya doin?” The cop says. “Great, how are you?” He says rolling his eyes. The cop says, “you know the speed limit is 60, right?”

    “Yeah,” he begrudgingly says.

    “Be safe and try to keep it under 60, ok?” She winks at him and goes back to the police cruiser. “That’s it!?” He blurted out. “Yes, have a nice day.” As she tips her cap.

    That’s it so far. I’m pretty sure you guys get the point. What do you guys think?

    1. Honestly dude, what was the point of that? I am drunk as fuck right now, so I read your post 5 times. But I am not sure its gonna make any sense when i get sober. Will report back in a few hours.

    2. Yep, I am sober now and it still doesnt make sense to me 🙂
      Maybe I am missing some cultural reference here?

    3. The point is obviously that the man gets treated like a woman would be treated. But the storyline is boring.

    1. Good question. It could be. Imagine you spend decades toiling in obscurity, shooting into the limelight, telling the world that we need both creators (the right) and destroyers (the left), that the Jews deserve their influenced because of their high IQ, make millions via public speaking and book sales — only to end up being a worse version of what you were before: a drug addict who can’t cope with life. It’s beautiful poetic justice.

  13. Well, The Twilight Zone was a popular American sci-fi/psychological thriller show in the 1950s/60s. I used to watch reruns of it when I was a kid. Often times the story would turn reality on its head, giving the viewer a much different perspective on life. At the end the narrator would explain the meaning of the plot.

    I haven’t refined the story enough yet, so if nobody gets it I will make it plain tomorrow what the point is.

  14. What are few ways to go to the new girls house than to your own after a night out?

    On a side note, is it safe to do so?

    1. If you can cook like I can (used to be a chef) than you say “I’m hungry, i’ll cook something for me. Come along.”
      Make sure you have dropped the fact that you can cook, previously. Not everybody is a cook, so feel free to make up some shit story like your grandpa was a cook and taught you or whatever.
      You need to be able to pull off sth different than pasta with tomato sauce, though. Chicks love seeing guys do manual work.
      Then again this is a lot of work and the groceries you’ll consume cost money. Decide if it’s worth it.

      No, it’s not safe. False rape accusations etc.

  15. I watched The Irishman again last night, **SPOILERS AHEAD** and it does get better the second time around. I still don’t understand the reason why the Kennedy’s went after the mob, but like I said I’m going to watch this movie quite a few times.

    An interesting thing I picked up was the relationship (or lack there of) Frank (The Irishman) has with his daughter Peggy. She doesn’t like Russell Buffalino and Frank relates to Russell about that. She does, however, like Jimmy Hoffa. She does a speech in class about Hoffa and how he had improved the lives of his union membership. When Frank kills Hoffa she breaks all communication with him.

    There is a part when Hoffa let’s Frank stay at his hotel sweet and Jimmy leaves the door between their rooms slightly open. At the end when Frank is in a nursing home he asks his priest to do the same. I think it hints at another example of Hoffa’s character (Al Pacino) of having some empathy.

    Another thing I picked up was how cold, impersonal, and rushed Frank’s nurse was towards the end. This is exactly how most American nurses behave. And when Frank brought up Hoffa she did not even know who he was (typical of today’s shallow, uninformed population).

    Towards the end Frank admitted to being a bad father. I think he was reflecting on his opportunism and lack of empathy, empathy that his daughter was yearning for in a father (that she saw in Hoffa). Well, that’s just my take on the second viewing. It might change in the future ?

  16. @ Shaking my head

    Oh I LOVE that episode! I think it might be the first Twilight Zone episode ever. My idea wasn’t directly based on that one, but just those themes in general. I was thinking about where I was going to take it, and yes things start to take a turn for the worse for the guy. In fact, you helped inspire me for where this story is going. I like what one of the posters said in the comment section:
    “This makes me appreciate losing.”

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