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Beware: Modern facelifts shave decades off a woman’s face

The manipulations of women with regards to their appearance are a recurring topic on this blog. We have discussed make-up, image manipulation, and video filters. Of course, standard cosmetic procedures are also part of the wilted Western woman’s toolkit when she is bracing herself for a last-ditch effort of snagging a man, after spending her teens and twenties partying and sitting in a cubicle. With younger women, cosmetic procedures often look comical. If you think they don’t, then you should go to a fancy night club and look at the ditzes with their nose jobs, lip fillers, and boob implants. Getting tanned is also quite popular. What not all women seem to know, though, is that excessive tanning leads to premature aging of your skin so that 30 is the new 40.

I suggest you do not underestimate what can be done with modern beauty surgery. Here is what 13,000 pounds sterling for a facelift did for a woman:

This is quite shocking. The woman on the left has not just hit the wall, she crashed right through it and got buried under the debris. The woman on the right looks easily 20 years younger. You can certainly see the resemblance. They are like a mother-daughter pair, except that it is a before/after picture.

Let’s not panic yet, though, because what the Daily Mail article does not point out and most likely deliberately hides is that a low-resolution image has the effect of making her look better than she does. Obviously, her looks have improved tremendously, easily enough to trick some men into believing that she is still fertile. Yet, I bet if you saw her in real life, you would not think that she looks like a woman in her late 20s because something would feel off. Youthful skin is supple. She didn’t get fresh skin, so close-up and in motion, she will probably look quite strange.

Have you ever met women who got botox injections? It’s the same effect: on pictures, it might look like a big improvement, but in real life it’s just not convincing, and it gets worse the older the women are. Facelifts are also hardly a new procedure. What may be new is that it’s not vain women in their 60s or 70s getting them but younger ones, such as in the example above. I bet this won’t matter for some dude who picks her up in a nightclub. It’s a win-win because the dude doesn’t care anyway and she wants to “feel young” again. However, there is no way she is really able to turn back time as she will find it impossible to compete against women who are as old as she would like to look.

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5 thoughts on “Beware: Modern facelifts shave decades off a woman’s face

  1. Hmm, the article mentions that middle aged women are doing this because they have:

    “excessive loose skin – usually as a result of weight loss, sun-exposure and smoking”.

    The woman in the example is 49 and says

     been a sun-worshipper in my youth and never realised it could cause wrinkles and sagging skin. Then I lost weight and started the perimenopause and the loose skin on my neck and face worsened. I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror any more.’

    So I guess this gives us all advice on how to age better and find women who will do the same. Stay lean, don’t smoke, don’t tan.

    1. to be fair if a 20 year old 500 pounds girl lost fat and became slim her skin would be saggy as fuck.
      there is no way the skin can recover from so much stretch.

    1. I covered this incident in the article accessible via the second link in the post. It is quite something. I looked more into real-time video filters and was amazed at the current status quo. We are now at a point where you can neither trust a woman’s pictures nor her videos.

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