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Do not Wait for Strong Signals!

A question that is on the mind of many men who are trying to bang more women is how they can know that she is interested in you. This is easy: you will (almost) never know until you approach her. While in movies, and porn, it is commonly the woman who does all the work, in real life they act in a rather passive manner. Therefore, you need to approach them to see if she really is interested in you.

There are a few things to unpack here. First, women do indeed look at men. However, they do it when you are not looking. If you are a reasonably attractive guy, then get a male friend to go out with you. You don’t even have to a club. A shopping mall is fine too for this experiment. Tell him to observe if any woman is looking at you as the two of you walk around. You may try to make eye contact but all the women avoid your gaze. Yet, later on, your friend will tell you about chicks who stared at your crotch or gazed at your face while your head was turned away.

Having a friend on your side can be great for club game, but not because you need a wingman. There are a lot of women out there who just don’t dare to make eye contact — in that regard, I found Easter European women (not hookers) very refreshing to deal with. They stare at you as you walk through the crowd but quickly look down to the floor when you look at them. If a friend told you that some girl just checked you out, it can save you quite some time.

In general, the best rule for whether a woman is sexually interested in you is the following: Ask yourself if she is still there! Yet, it is as simple as that. If she’s talking to you, making out with you, on a date with you, taking a walk with you, sitting in your car, playing with your dick, sitting on your lap in your bedroom — she is doing that because she wants to. If she didn’t, she’d long be gone. This is how you know that she’s interested, even if she fakes being upset or pretends to be a girl who “never does that.” Her signals may be ambiguous, but her actions are not.

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12 thoughts on “Do not Wait for Strong Signals!

  1. Human females like in all mammals engage in proceptive behaviour when it comes to the mating process.

    This means that they

    1) Facilitate the process

    For example she won’t approach you, but will position herself in a way that makes the approach easier.

    2) Will do things in response to the Male’s actions… such as accepting a kiss (versus initiating it)

    1. In terms of signaling interest, proceptivity means that females show interest by not rebuking an advance.

    1. The entitlement and laziness on display here are breathtaking. Here is what you communicate I should do:
      – read that other article
      – compare it with this one
      – do the thinking for you and check if there are indeed any contradictory parts
      – write a response

      Does this strike you as reasonable?

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