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Assanova is Back!

Those of you who have been around for a decade or so are probably familiar with Assanova. If not, then maybe you have had a look at the few sites I link to from this blog, which includes an archive of some of his posts. If you are not familiar with him, then maybe you’ll be more tempted to check him out after telling you that I consider him a stellar source of information about male/female dynamics. It is not just the case that I disagree less with him than with many other writers in this niche. Instead, I find myself agreeing with him over and over. I don’t think I have ever read anything by him that did not make any sense, based on my own experience.

Assanova is a good guy. Once a frequent writer, he disappeared around seven years ago, seemingly without a trace. He was sorely missed, and now he’s back! He very recently started another blog, Money Made Men, so keep an eye on it. I hope that we get the chance to read a lot more from him in the future.

41 thoughts on “Assanova is Back!

  1. Great to see he’s writing again, will not say he’s back, because there is no way back, we all moved on.
    I‘m looking forward what topics he will be writing on.

  2. Thanks. I still think that it is crazy that almost everyone has up and disappeared as well. As I understand it, most people have moved on from blogs and on to Youtube and other forms of social media.

    1. I was reading your post (Opportunity Is Better Than Attractiveness)

      This is a cope?

      I have my own apartment. (Check)
      I have money, alot of money (Check)

      But im incel, you don’t know what is like, i see face of repulsion from women. And bonus im indian guy. Even girls from my race want white chad. I learn in the harcore way about looks.

    2. No, it isn’t a cope. What I am saying, is that after a certain point, when it comes to attractiveness, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I think that once you are at a baseline level of attractiveness, like say women aren’t repulsed by looking at you, you’re going to get more value out of giving yourself more opportunities to potentially have sex than focusing on attractiveness.

    3. In other words, you were describing diminishing returns. This idea should not be controversial to my readers. Alek Novy also uses the term “micro-optimizations”, i.e. wasting an inordinate amount of time, money, or effort for minuscule gains.

    4. As a medium, blogs or, in general, the written word, are in decline. With regards to YouTube, I think that window of opportunity has closed, now that the big cleanup is well underway. Not only has YouTube kicked channels off their site, they also unsubscribe users from your channels or limit your reach. Even big names like Stefan Molyneux have started to feel the heat. Compared to the typical game/redpill/mgtow channel, his is pretty tame, though.

    5. @Lisbon, another way to put is…

      Assanova is not saying becoming better looking doesn’t improve attractiveness. Of course it does. Of course being a 9 in looks will get you laid more than being a 8 in looks (all else being equal)… Doh.

      – He’s just giving advice where to invest your energy… As in “bang for your buck”…

      We’ve discussed this before in topics regarding “min-maxing”… The easiest example is working on your physique.

      – If getting to a top 10% physique requires 1000 points of effort
      – Getting a top 5% physique requires 100,000 points of effort

      But you don’t get to lay 100x more chicks with a 5% physique versus a 10% physique… but it takes 100x more energy and effort and to achieve and maintain.

    6. @Lisbon

      You are not that bad-looking. Don’t be delusional and go see a doctor about it. You probably have Body Dismorphic Disorder.

    7. Lisbon, I have a serious question for you: have you considered the final solution in getting a female sexual partner – matchmaking?
      A guy like you (european citizenship, money, handsome by indian standards) should be able to get married with a beatiful young virgin from India by enlisting the services of a professional matchmaker.
      Of course, you will have only one sex partner rather than the several most guys dream of, but for an incel this should be an acceptable compromise.
      How does that sound to you?

    8. I’m afraid Lisbon has built an ego around his lack of success with women, so constructive feedback may not have the effect you intend.

    9. @Burt

      Lisbon has got much deeper issues to handle first regarding his interactions with women. Trying to push him into an arranged marriage, or any serious relationship for that matter, will be a recipe for disaster for both parties.

      I dont know how much you lurk around here, but Lisbon has been doing the rounds whining about his lack of success while getting some solid advice from the community, but he seems unwilling or unable to get out of his defeatist mood.

      He sounds a lot like welptydoo (run a search for that username in the forum archives and you will see what I mean)

    10. Welptydoo was different in that he was almost like a parody of the stereotypical “nice guy”. Lisbon sounds a lot like Elliot Rodgers: got money, is not bad looking and entertains power fantasies of becoming the Joker. :/

    11. @Burt
      doesn’t sound good.
      In this case i prefer suicide… or maybe hookers for the rest of life.

      In the past, an Indian woman wanted to marry me. I said NO. I was not sexually attracted to her. Even taking cialis or viagra, I would never get an erection. She is ugly.

    12. Isn’t this woman very slim for Indian standards? I don’t know what you’re looking at, but from my outsider’s perspective, she’s way above average for Indian women. This is based on the Indians I see in the West.

    13. If he has everything that he says he has (looks and money), then I can almost guarantee that it is his accent and / or not fitting in culturally that is turning women off. All of the Indians I know that do horrible with women have very strong accents and don’t fit in culturally with everyone else.

    14. Im portuguese, i have portuguese accent. You are white, and good looking, right?… thats why your post in your site are delusional for ugly guys. Reading your post its like asking Brad Pitt how to get laid. You cant win this game being ugly. All indians are ugly.

    15. Aw man I remember you from WAAAAAAY back! Like… Lady Raine, 2008-09 way back LOL. Damn I just happened to run across this post and ofc I’m late to the party. Why did u shut down this newer blog?? Did you archive it or anything or will it be back up? Saw a couple of the articles on the way back machine, good stuff as always. You have some great insights and it’s a shame you took that site down man, if there’s any shot of you sending me an archive I would be willing to even pay a fee for it.

    1. but still 0 ioi.

      Since you mentioned this a couple of times. Can you define an IOI and how you think women actually show interest to men they don’t know?

    2. I don’t expect any meaningful or constructive conversation to come from this guy. He posted a while back that he had some girl making out with him in a club or a bar, but he probably didn’t realize that was an IOI either. His next post will probably be something along the lines of, ‘woe is me!’

      I don’t intend to sound harsh, Lisbon, but this is what you keep doing. It’s like you almost intentionally keep missing blatant social cues (even ppl on this blog outright addressing you about an issue) and default back into your preferred mode of self deprecation or something. I’m not faulting you, man. I understand how people can arrive at certain conclusions, but this is probably going to be the last time I even attempt to relate or respond to you. You’re almost coming off as a troll and if I didn’t know better than I would assume you were one by now.

    3. The thing with blackpillers is that it’s hard to distinguish them from trolls.

      You cant tell if its someone trolling for the lols, or someone that’s genuinely been screwed up by the black pill/lookism stuff.

      In the later case you feel like you want to hell them snap out of it. But you dont know if they’re just trolling for the lolz or someone genuinely messed up by those ideologies.

    4. It is true that lisbon is a very negative guy, but i think that his situation reflect our actual dating society. The average guy have it more difficult than ever before nowdays so its expectable that low self esteem and pessimist guys like him can end in a self mental destructive cycle

  3. IF LISBON HERE IS A TROLL then he trolled you all.
    cause allmost all of you buy what he says(poor defeatist fellow)
    now lisbon maybe show us your cards.
    now his post rate is suspiciously high and repetitious for a guy that gave up.

    1. We are going to see the next mass shooter in the center of lisbon. They will tell how the guy was unstable and depressed and already known to the police department. They will also tell how he radicalized in the internet, in particular in one blog he used to post about. They will then proceed to arrest the “misogynist ultra white nationalist racist” guy who runs it for international terrorism, life sentence

    2. Good point, Lucas! Lisbon, if you want to go on a shooting spree, drop me an email beforehand so that I can make sure to bugger off to Thailand. This is the least you could do.

    3. There has to be a reason, unrelated to my looks.

      Your massive scowl? At least 99% of humans on this planet can’t get away with with that facial expression you carry. People will react very negatively to anyone who carries that scowl (unless he’s a super-celebrity or top 0.00001% in looks).

    4. “People will react very negatively to anyone who carries that scowl ”


      That scowl is my natural facial expression. I can’t change, i tried and it’s impossible.

    5. That scowl is my natural facial expression. I can’t change, i tried and it’s impossible.

      I know it’s hard, it took me years years to change it. And it’s still my default state if i’m not consciously thinking about not having it, or have a couple of months working 16-hour days on the computer… need couple of months to train it back.

      a) It is hard to change
      b) If you force yourself to have an ear-to-ear smile and go to social events, you will notice women treat you much much better

      Did your looks change? No, you just removed the scowl.

      If you force yourself to have an ear-to-ear smile and go to social events

      I know it’s the equivalent of forcing yourself to hold a 100 pound weight over your head… But it’s like a muscle that’s built.

      – I had to force myself to hold it for 5 seconds on empty street with no-one around
      – Then upgraded it to minutes on empty streets/rooms
      – Then gradually got to do it (hold a smile) with people very far away (impossible with people nearby)

      Took years to get to where I can go into a social event and hold an ear-to-ear smile for a few hours… and that is my max for sure. But women kiss my ass when I hold it. Whereas how women treat me when I have the scowl? It’s far worse than what you describe.

    6. DUDE girls tell me i look sad or angry
      i feel you.
      if i will socialize more i am sure i will get this comment alot more and i also cant help it ,my natural face expression as well. now remember that black pill research wiki? there is one section there where it said that people can judge your mental health by facial expression. yeah we are fucked.

  4. All this posts from Assanova is not going to work for average or ugly guys:

    How To Win The Tinder Game (Doesn’t matter, ugly guys are ugly, they are ugly in all angle)

    The Hidden Sex Network (Networking is not for Ugly guys)

    How Ugly Men Get Laid (There is no way, it’s impossible)

    I have alot of respect for Aaron Sleazy because i read all his books. Steve Hoca and Aaron Sleazy and Face and LMS opened my eyes about looks.

    But man… this posts from Assanova… there is no way. It’s false hope. This is my opinion.

  5. This is my last post here.

    I’m tired of black pill, red pill, mgtow, incel and pua content and i need to detox.

    I will not watch anything about manosphere. I’m unsubscribing from all youtube channel. And don’t want to visit this blog again. I know everything about girls and their looks hypergamy. There is nothing i can learn anymore, my mind is heavy.

    One thing Assanova is righ… Constant complaining.

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