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New Lows in Gym Thottery

I have written a few posts about my run-ins with gym thots before. I thought I had seen plenty of obnoxious behavior already, all aimed at getting the maximum exposure to men. Yet, two behaviors stood out to me recently. Both happened in the free-weights section.

Here is the first one. Imagine you are a slightly overweight woman who is not getting any attention despite strutting around in yoga pants and a tight top that reveals those yummy fat rolls. Well, one attempt would be to make a lot of noise, hoping that all those Chads finally notice you. This is what this woman did: first, she did a few deadlifts with an empty bar, huffing and puffing, groaning and moaning. After the last rep, she must have lifted the bar some more, just to throw it down with a bigger thud. Clearly, just dropping the bar would not have been that loud. Afterwards, she took one of those mobile benches, moved it to the middle of the free weights section, and did some dumb exercise where she jumped up on it from the left, then down to the right, and back, and so on. She did this with her shoes on, and every step was accompanied with a loud, “Aaah!!”, about as loud as chicks in porn moan during sex.

As obnoxious as the previous woman may have been, two thots recently managed to surpass even that. At first I briefly thought I was hallucinating because it just could not be that there were two dumpy women doing yoga in the free-weights section. Yet, that was precisely what they were doing. To add insult to injury, at that very time, a yoga class was taking place, but instead of joining that, they did some warrior poses in front of an uninterested audience. If you don’t know yoga, then consider that those take up a lot more space than many other poses.

It is almost as the thots I just mentioned are mentally challenged. They don’t seem to grasp that men don’t hang out in the free-weight section for fun. On top, those less-than-attractive women don’t seem to understand that if absolutely nobody pays attention to them, it is not because we somehow did not know that they were there. Doing yoga in the free-weights section or grunting like a caricature of a bodybuilder while lifting baby weights, or no weights at all, does make us suddenly notice them.

The tragedy, though, is that there are also plenty of pretty decent-looking thots around. Those do squats with the empty bar or at most some light plates. Taking this into account, I wonder if those wildebeests-in-training thought that if they just took up more space or screamed louder, the more attractive women would become invisible. Could they really be that deluded? Quite frankly, I would not be surprised if they were. In any case, thot behavior in the gym is getting more ridiculous. Let’s hope that this was now the worst they have to offer. I won’t be holding my breath, though.

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19 thoughts on “New Lows in Gym Thottery

    1. They may as well do yoga in lingerie if this trend continues. I wonder how women would justify that kind of outfit as being “comfortable” and having nothing to do with wanting male attention.

    2. @Sleazy
      >>I wonder how women would justify that kind of outfit as being “comfortable” and having nothing to do with wanting male attention.<<

      Ah you know, it's so hot in here and climate change and so on… less clothes = more cooling or something like that ;=)

    3. I bet if 4chan made an attempt to turn this into a meme, women would eventually pick it up as using virtue signaling as a cover-up for their innate sluttiness would be impossible to resist.

  1. Aaron you should write about your approach with workout, gym… in “minimal game style”.

    Maybe covering it in a major post about male body in general

  2. I barely see women in the gym. The time when they really took care is over. Not even before going on vacation they try to hit the gym. They’re fat, got big boobs, take special pictures and guys fall for them. Why hit the gym if everyone is fat?

    1. The trend is certainly there. Women are getting more and more obese. The change is gradual, though, so a lot of men may be oblivious to it. Then again, increasing numbers of men are dropping out of the dating scene, partly because they no longer find the women who are available all that appealing. Partly, this is a conscious decision, but there are surely many men who just no longer have any motivation to approach women. They don’t think about it and don’t verbalize it either, but if they did, they’d probably realize that it’s because of women getting heavier and heavier.

    2. I remember looking around the room at a social gathering during my undergrad years and realising that every girl in the room was too overweight for my tastes. At the time it made me feel weirdly angry. Now I just don’t bother trying to meet women through social circle, nightlife still attracts a decent amount of slender women if you go to the right places and sometimes you get an opportunity to meet a hot girl in the day.

    3. @overdrive:

      Go to Copenhagen, Denmark. You will be amazed how beautiful women can be. On tinder you almost always swipe right.

    4. “Then again, increasing numbers of men are dropping out of the dating scene, partly because they no longer find the women who are available all that appealing.”
      Do you have any data for men actively leaving the dating scene? I have the same feeling but can’t find any. I see it rarely in the 30+ crowd where the men went through the wringer once or twice. But more often than not the men jump back on the wagon.

      The only thing I know is that the majority of women won’t find a partner to date up to, because of the severe discrimination of boys/men in the education system. This will be a rude awakening.

    5. I haven’t looked into any studies. It’s all based on anecdotal and circumstantial evidence. However, I recall coming across a few articles in the mainstream media claiming that there are more singles than ever. Also, you need both men and women in this, so women increasingly complaining they can’t find a partner seems to imply that fewer men are looking. Sure, you can assume that all those men now go for women in their early 20s, but there is not an increased supply of those all of a sudden just because there is now increased demand (that kind of argument is made in economics, by the way). Consequently, it seems safe to assume that more men are, voluntarily or otherwise, dropping out of the dating market.

    6. On the other hand you write that “You’ll rarely meet single women”. I’m not trying to give you a hard time. I just don’t believe there’s a shortage of men driven by men’s decisions. Quite frankly I think this is a “red pill” revenge fantasy (emphasis on fantasy).

      To sum my thoughts up: Marriage seems more difficult to achieve for women above 35 nowadays (one part of the wails). Men with a stable income seem to be harder to come by (another part of the wails). I can’t see a “strike” of men. Women don’t act like there is a shortage, some act quite contrary though unfounded (last part of the wails). Women in their 20s are still the queens of the dating market. The majority of women still marry.

    7. I assume that you only approach attractive younger women. Those are the most desired and they consequently tend to have at least one guy in their life. As they get older, they become more available. I’ve had a few sluts in their late 20s confess that they haven’t gotten laid in “ages” (i.e. one or two months), which seems to have bothered them. Clearly, their sex life was more active when they pursued some b.s. degree in college and partied five days a week.

    8. There was a study that was discussed a few months back. It was interesting because it showed that both “men are dropping out of the market” and that “it’s because 20% of guys get 80% of the lays”.

      Leftie/feminist media was talking about the study in these terms (I kid you not):

      “It’s so disheartening that this study was published, it’s just gonna give more ammo to those incel and mgtow guys, fuck this study”. Basically not that it isn’t true (they couldn’t refute it). They were just mad that it exists since it proves blackpillers (etc) right.

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