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The Downfall of “Oregon State Library Girl”: Kendra Sunderland is fucked, as predicted

Almost exactly two years ago I wrote a post on Kendra Sunderland, also known as “Oregon State Library Girl”. She gained some fame online because she filmed herself masturbating in the library of her university. Somehow, she failed to parlay this into a glorious career. In 2017 she was already doing porn. A reader gave me an update on young Kendra:

2019 – Kendra is now a stripper and a prostitute. She is also shooting her own crappy porn now and then. She is spending all of her money on drugs and behaves like a spoiled brat all the time. Her beauty is fading quickly. Its sad really… The article is right: she is fucked.

A quick online search will lead you to websites that allow you to book Kendra Sunderland. Her hourly rate is $1,500. I bet this is negotiable. If not, it’ll be negotiable very soon.

One of the perks of running a blog for a few years is that you see your predictions unfold. You write a post in which you extrapolate the status quo based on known information. Afterwards, you lean back and just let time take its course.

What’s next for Kendra? I bet that she’ll spiral further down into hell.

How washed up will she be in another two years? Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show. My money is on personal bankruptcy. I don’t want to rule out a drug overdose either.

Of course, I am not gloating in any way at the misfortune of Kendra Sunderland. I think that every empowered woman should chase that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The pot was never there, but that does not mean that Kendra Sunderland’s existence is not valuable. Instead, she’ll serve as a great warning example for every young woman with half a brain.

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10 thoughts on “The Downfall of “Oregon State Library Girl”: Kendra Sunderland is fucked, as predicted

  1. She looks completely different now. Why do so many women morph into identikit bimbos after doing porn for a couple of years?

    If she has any braincells left she will get married. There are plenty of desperate guys who would be stupid enough to wife her up and even think that they were the lucky ones. Nobody she would find attractive of course, but if she got into cosplay she could probably find some inexperienced nerd with no common sense.

    1. I’d love to see some incel marry her because the fallout would be splendid. I doubt this will happen because of that woman’s boundless narcissism. Besides, she has a long history of making poor decisions.

      By the way, you should check out her Twiter account! Kendra just went to a “divorce party” of a slut friend of hers where they had penis-shaped cakes, which they chopped up. Her friend will likely regret that divorce in a few years.

    2. Not really. There was one girl I hooked up with I’m pretty certain that she worked as an escort. Then there was one teen who did some camming on the side. Of course, there could have been others who just didn’t talk about it.

  2. Isn’t insane what this society is doing to women? I see it all the time and know women likes this. Instead of actually cultivating themselves and finding a decent guy, they go to college taking on huge debts for b/s and take on lots of dicks. Totally destroys them as anything resembling a decent partner. They are literally reverse dowries for men now. As insane as it is, MGTOW is becoming more likely for the decent men to follow. How fucked up is that? LOL
    In fact, if a dude in the US isn’t 75% MGTOW at this point I think they might be out of their mind.

  3. I might be cynical and pretty fucked up, but why pay $1500 an hour for a washed up American girl when you can just go south to Colombia and perhaps bang a Venezuelan expatriate girl for 20 times cheaper.

    1. I don’t think there is anything cynical about it. The price of porn stars has come down simply because there is a lot more competition now.

    2. You dont have to travel to get a much better looking girl for less. There are plenty better looking girls that will do it for a drink at the bar. Or even if you go for a hooker you can get a better deal almost everywere.

  4. I wouldnt fuck her for free. She’s worse than most prostitutes. She fucks multiple guys at a time without condom. Do you realy want to stick it in that hole of hers? Why not just play russian rulete with a revolver on your dick? It’s the same thing. She’s probably not even capable of having children anymore with all the stuff she’s collecting in that hole of hers. This is the most lowest of the low when it comes to females. Why would anyone pay for that? Thats only interesting for making a profit in the industry. And she’s almost done already. Outside the industry, she’s worthless in every way. Not even worth a free fuck. That would be to risky.

  5. I remember her back in early day’s. She was cute, and seem sweet. But, now she sure has aged much. She does look terrible. It’s sad really. I remember when she was doing an interview, and she asked if she would ever get into porn. She replied that she didn’t think so because how it messes up so many girls. She went and did anyways. Look what happened.

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