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Women are more Threatening than Men: Reflections on #metoo

Even after well over a year, the #metoo campaign is still going on. There has certainly been some fallout. Guys like Harvey Weinstein had their career ruined because they traded film roles for sexual favors. At the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to stooges in business, something else is happening: Men refuse to mentor women and insist on never being alone with a woman in whatever setting. This is the “Mike Pence Rule”, which was supposedly designed by his jealous wife who did not want her husband to get tempted by hot, fresh pussy. Of course, now women are complaining because they no longer get some of the handouts they were used to getting.

One supposed “rule” that would help men is, in the words of a commentator on Forbes, I think, is “to not be an asshole”. Yup, that is the same claim as “tell men not to rape.” It is victim blaming, plain simple. Men are the victims who get falsely accused of sexual assault or rape. Being falsely accused of rape or sexual harassment can get you in deep shit. Heck, it may even interfere with your nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.

A defense I recently heard, by a supposedly “critical feminist”, was that despite all the negative consequences for women and men due to #metoo, it is still the case that men pose a much bigger threat than women. The example she used was the following: Imagine you are a guy and a woman flirtatiously blocks the way. Now reverse the sexes. How would you perceive the situation? You are probably supposed to imagine a complete brute of a man who would just rape some damsel in distress in the middle of the office building. Yet, chances for this to happen are essentially zero. Sure, if you are a woman keen on venturing into no-go zones, trying to make the point that all the female empowerment they exude will prevent them from getting raped and beheaded by third-world men, that is their decision to make. However, in polite Western company, no man who got turned down will throw you to the floor, rape you right here and there, and cut off your head with a machete. You’d have to travel a bit further south for that kind of experience.

In reality, the threat posed by the woman in that example above is indefinitely larger. You have probably heard of the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. There is a reason why this is a proverb. Some women are completely vicious if they do not get what they want. What if Stacy wants to seduce her male superior but that guy insists on the Mike Pence rule? If Stacy gets really pissed or is gunning for that guy’s job, it is entirely plausible that she will just pull a false accusation of sexual harassment out of think air. Even if she is not, the possibility is always there, so men are justifiably wary of interacting with women. Whenever you are interacting with a woman, imagine the sword of Damocles hanging above you.

You could also make a numerical proof why women pose a much greater threat than men. Just look up false rape accusations. These outnumber “real” rape by a wide margin. This concludes the proof right there. Surely, a woman falsely accusing men is much more harmful than men not raping women. With that said, guys, stick to the Mike-Pence rule. This may not protect you completely at university or in corporate life, but it certainly will make our life easier. Who knows, maybe #metoo has been ushering in a new age of sex segregation and we just aren’t aware of it yet?

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3 thoughts on “Women are more Threatening than Men: Reflections on #metoo

  1. There’s only so much you can do to protect yourself as a man. And you don’t have to be a high profile guy. This can happen to anyone. I was falsely accused of rape because i rejected a woman. I didn’t exactly follow the Mike Pence Rule. I had a reputation of a womaniser at work. But i wasn’t an asshole to them. Women always reacted positively. I never pushed it to hard at work or anything like that. She just panicked after realising her boyfriend might find out about her trying to cheat on him. And her own reputation at work for going home with a known playboy. So she played the victim card. I was very lucky it only damaged a couple friendships. I didn’t even lose my job. But it definitely changed the way i interact with women. I wouldn’t say it was the only reason for going mgtow. But it’s one of the contributing factors for sure. It never even crossed my mind that it could happen before it did. So i would definitely support teaching younger guys the Mike Pence rule. It’s better they learn about this stuff.

  2. “One supposed “rule” that would help men is, in the words of a commentator on Forbes, I think, is “to not be an asshole”. Yup, that is the same claim as “tell men not to rape.” It is victim blaming, plain simple.”

    ==> Yup, this victim blaming and making men the bad guy is all over media…and soon to be ‘conventional thinking’ or conventional ‘wisdom’.

    I came across this article from Men’s Health and this articled penned by a woman talking about “guidelines” on how to not be ‘creepy’:

    The author of that article seems more about creating plausible deniability for womyn…

    Like in that War Games movie (and Aaron said this before)…the only winning move is to not play the game!

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