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I think 2018 was a reasonably good year for me. I have posted fairly regularly on this blog. On my other blog, the one I write on as Aaron S. Elias, I did not post as much, but it has been serving its purpose very well, which is to offer an outlet for topics that would not naturally fit this blog. A good example of this is my extensive summary of my stay in Singapore, which I turned into an 18-part series. (I intend to write a series of posts, but not nearly one as long, on a recent stay in China as well.)

I have released Sleazy Stories II, nine years after releasing Sleazy Stories. Waiting that long was probably not a great move, but I had my reasons. Life got in the way. Also, other books, such as Minimal Game, Club Game and, yes, Meditation Without Bullshit, I considered more important to release. There is more in the pipeline. Sleazy Stories III will be released this spring. I think you will enjoy it.

In addition to releasing Sleazy Stories III, I have further plans for 2019. There is still a lot of material for follow-up books in this series, so that is something I will look into. Also, I have been gathering thoughts and material on sexual relationships, which I expect to refine and turn into a book. It will cover the whole gamut: one-night stands, friends with benefits, long-term relationships, and also a discussion on living on your own as an alternative. I share some thoughts on polyamory as well, which will surely not sit well with people in that camp.

In the best case, I will be able to finish my book on relationships in 2019 in addition to releasing Sleazy Stories III and Sleazy Stories IV. That may be a bit optimistic on my part. I also have a number of smaller drafts, which I could imagine releasing as cheap Kindle ebooks. One is on online dating, which has been languishing for quite a while, and which I have briefly mentioned every once in a while. This one is still not a priority. I think that given my real-life constraints I’m quite productive, but I would not mind getting even more done.

Of course, I also intend to keep publishing new articles on my blogs. Last year I took two long vacations, totaling about 8 weeks. All of this is thanks to European-style socialism. We live in relative poverty compared to you ballers in the US, but at least we get some time off every once in a while. My rather substantial absence probably could not have easily been inferred by the reader. This year, I have no trips planned, so I hopefully get to write more. I have a long list of topics to write on. Of course, there is always more happening in our gender gaga world, which is worth commenting on.

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8 thoughts on “Outlook for 2019

  1. Have you thought about going mainstream? As a conservative, that could be a very frightening endeavour though.

    1. Why would he do that? That will bring more hate than a feminist can ever understand. We love Aaron and isn’t that good enough.

    2. @Manuel S: He doesn’t have to go mainstream. Mainstream will come to him. Red pill and MGTOW are blowing up. The audience for some of his views is growing. It’s just a matter of the audience finding him. Some promotion might help. But i wouldn’t change the unfiltered, no bullshit and in your face presentation. That’s exactly what young guys are looking for these days. He would lose that if he wants to go mainstream tradcon. You can’t say anything critical about women in those circles. It’s all about making white baby’s at any cost. Men pretending it’s still 1950. While women slut it up until their 30’s. And conveniently find jesus and conservative values. Just when their clock starts ticking away. Dont think that’s going to work for Aaron. Following him for about two years now. I don’t think he could stay silent about behaviour like that. Tradcucks can be just as bad as male feminist at times. I don’t think Aaron belongs there. Even if you agree with some of the conservative views. It’s not 1950 anymore.

    3. @Don: even though I think it would be interesting and “cool” to see Aaron go mainstream, I didn’t actually *encourage* him to do so, I *asked* him his opinion about it.

      @ben: yeah, when I said “mainstream” I didn’t mean “sanitized” and tradcon. That’s why I think it would be so scary, when even tradthots get attacked relentlessly despite more or less conforming to current society.

  2. The Sleazy Stories book have been good reads so far, but they don’t have much relation to my own life. So what I am really looking forward to in 2019 is Aaron sharing his wisdom about relationships in a dedicated book!

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