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Book Review: The Feminist Lie – It Was Never About Equality by “Bob Lewis” (DDJ)

I used to really enjoy Turd Flinging Monkey’s YouTube channel. Unfortunately, he seems to have almost completely stopped producing original content such as his series on “monkeynomics” or his more philosophical explorations on living life as a man. Instead, he primarily focuses on commenting on the news: batshit insane feminists, gynocentrism, and lulz. This was fun for a while, but it has gotten too repetitive for me. Yet, he has one stand-out co-host named “DDJ” — the other guys he brings on tend to be duds. DDJ has a background in family law, having worked as a paralegal in this field for a decade or so.

What DDJ brings to the table are insider insights into the divorce industry. Some are downright chilling. If you do not know how incredibly biased against men the laws in most of the Western world are, you may want to listen to that guy and research the issues he mentions. As a primer, you could also read his short ebook “The Feminist Lie”, which he has released under the pen name “Bob Lewis”.

The Feminist Lie: It Was Never About Equality is a quick summary of some of the main issues of modern feminism, starting with a chapter on how feminists and their male enablers use shady rhetorics to further their agenda, which is followed up by a chapter that highlights some relevant history, including an excursion into the “We Wuz Kangz” era of Ancient Egypt, when several queens ruled that country, thus disproving the narrative that women have been systematically oppressed all throughout history. One could as well mine European aristocrat history to make the same point, but reading about a part of world history that is not commonly talked about was refreshing.

Bob Lewis goes on to highlight further feminist lies, including the absurdity of “male privilege”. Yup, as a man you are a member of the disposable sex. Nobody gives a shit about you if they cannot extract valuable resources from you, be it the value of your labor, money, or knowledge. This is further exemplified by him pointing out how incredibly biased the laws are. In the US, it seems that the word of a woman counts more than the word of a man when it comes to fake rape accusations and fake domestic violence claims. If your job depends on you having government clearance, then a woman can send you to the unemployment line simply by lying to the police that you have raped her. Even if nothing comes from it, you may still enjoy a few months in prison, just to be sure.

I was surprised to see also a discussion on how feminism harms women. This provides a connection to the topic of getting laid. After all, if feminism hadn’t told women that they should be sluts, guys like us would not be able to blow big loads onto the faces of all those horny cock gobblers. Women are told that cheating is fine, which further encourages them. Chad and Tyrone happily pound away, yet in the end the women end up bitter and unmarriageable. Increasing numbers of men think, “fuck this shit”, and instead of buying some harlot a house, they realize that they could as well just spend the money on themselves. Well done, feminists!

The solutions Bob Lewis points out are not fully convincing. Sure, you can “meme” all you want to point out how ridiculous feminist claims are. However, the problem is that feminists have very powerful enablers in politics. Instead, I would suggest a much different angle: Just like Cultural Marxists infiltrated society, the only plausible pushback would be if more conservatively minded people entered political careers as well or used their powers to push back against feminism. This may mean that if you can influence hiring decisions, do your best to sort out the unqualified lefties instead of going along with the bullshit narrative that we need to increase diversity in our organizations and add dead weight employees who spend their time complaining to HR. Also, you can decide where you work. If there is too much politically correct bullshit in your company and you do not think that you can effectively push back, then quitting is a good alternative. This is a lot easier if you have not spent the last ten years’ worth of your salary on some woman but instead used some of the money to build up a nest egg that lasts for some time.

There is an even more radical solution. So far, this is just an idea I have been toying with, but there is some fundamental soundness to it. It is to promote Sharia Law. (I am not kidding.) We are already at the point where we have parallel legal systems in some Western countries, such as the UK and Germany. Furthermore, feminists and SJWs wail if you demand that muzzies should follow local laws. So, just give them what they want. In Sharia Law, the word of a woman counts a fraction of the word of a man, I think it’s 1/2 or even just 1/4. In addition, the rights of women are constrained. It’s also a good system for alphas because you can have multiple wives if you are able to afford it. You’d roll back feminism instantly. This topic would need much further exploration, though. Alternatively, we could wait for a strong leader who overthrows our corrupt governments and restores sanity. Putin, how about you lob a few missiles to Stockholm, London, Paris, and Berlin, for starters?

The Feminist Lie is a quick read. It is a worthwhile read for those who would like to get a brief intro on why feminism is cancerous for society. The book breaches several important topics but treats them in a somewhat superficial manner. In particular, I would have liked to see a lot more analysis instead of the mere aggregation of sources with a bit of commentary in between. I also did not like that there was little to no editing as there are plenty of typos and grammatical mistakes. The presentation of the topics could be improved as there are a lot of very long quotations, which most certainly stretch the limits of what is commonly seen as acceptable under Fair Use. Despite all its flaws, I recommend this book. It is good. However, I hope that future books by that author will be a bit more carefully prepared as it is disappointing when poor presentation distracts from the value of the content.

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12 thoughts on “Book Review: The Feminist Lie – It Was Never About Equality by “Bob Lewis” (DDJ)

  1. I think his info about the Duluth model is very helpful in understanding the way feminist have corrupted the system. He’s not a great writer. But his stuff about family law is helpful to make men see how hopeless their situation can become. TFM was lucky to have him to share his knowledge on his chancel. They had some good programmes together. DDJ also has his own youtube channel. But it’s a bit boring without TFM flinging stuff around. I agree TFM should try doing some old school stuff again. It was much better quality. Although his news reviews are helpful with keeping me up to date about feminist pushed bullshit. Personally i liked his prager u response videos. There are plenty anti feminist videos on the net. There are not that many about gynocentric tradcons. He’s one of the few people pointing out that tradcons play right into the hands of feminist. Expecting men to stay traditional. While women and the system have totally changed.

  2. Fuc Putin, honestly. An enabler of leftist banana republics in Latin America and who knows where else. Some claim that he’ll abandon that when he’s twisted the US’ arm to a certain point in the geopolitical game, but to be honest I think he doesn’t give a fuck about this region as long as his interests in Eurasia are being met.

    1. He cares about this region in so far it provides him with ways to exert pressure on the US in its own backyard.

      See for example the nuclear bombers he just deployed to Venezuela last month.

    2. @Yarara Yeah, I know, but can’t he do that by backing better people than the gorillas Maduro, Ortega and the Kirchner woman? The 80’s called and want their geopolitics back, Putin, although we should say the same about the US establishment and their absurd notion that Russia got Trump elected.

  3. I can only re-recommend Titus Gebel’s book. He plays through a Sharia-Law state and shows where its fuck-ups are.
    Frankly, he has sold me on his idea of Free Private Cities. That’s the way to go, in my view.
    No voting mechanism, no government but governance through a predefined catalogue of rules and a maximum of competition. We don’t go and majority-vote for the next pricing model of our mobile network provider either. He introduces whatever he thinks is competitive and if we don’t like it – well, competition is just around the corner.
    Same should be Free Private Cities. Can’t live with the thought of low tax, paying, self ensured, gun carrying free citizens? Well fuck off to Sharia City and pay your yearly contributions there. See who goes broke first.

    1. It’s still on my list. I’m currently reading Rindermann’s Cognitive Capitalism, which you may also enjoy. His English is quite poor, so his writing is arguably more accessible for a German-speaker.

    2. Thanks for that recommendation.
      Gebel’s book might be something that will inspire you to a review as well, I guess it’s more of a topic for the other blog, though.

  4. Aaron, have you ever read anything by Esther Vilar? Her books are great and I was shocked that a woman would write them. “The Polygamous Sex” is a book on how women don’t want real relationships of equals and “The Manipulated Man” is a book about how society is run for the benefit of women.

    1. I think he has. Rather, I’d like to know more about the author’s later life, there’s a dearth of info. She’s supposed to be 83 years old, and who knows if she’s in a state to watch 3rd-wave feminism in all its “splendor”.

    2. She was alive as of 2016 AFAIK (according to wikipedia she still is)

      Back then she was interviewed by an argentine newpaper. I will see if I can find it again and link it here.

    3. @Yarara, sorry for the late response. Yeah, it’d be cool if you find anything about her in recent years.

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