The Coming Collapse of Casual Dating

Women are already complaining that there are “no good men left”. Of course, women who make those laments are commonly not what one would consider good girls. So, the issue is not that there are no good men left, but that those good men either pick younger, more attractive, and mentally healthier women or they simply stop bothering about women, as the growing numbers of men going their own way illustrate.

The supposedly dwindling numbers of “good men” are a problem for women who are looking for a meal ticket. However, those women are in the late stage of the life cycle of the typical Western woman, the 50 years of despair and loneliness. These dreadful 50 years follow roughly ten years of fun in their youth, which consisted of tasting a myriad of dicks. Now, what do you imagine would happen if even those young women who so eagerly spread their legs end up not getting any marriage proposals? I’d predict a meltdown on social media. While wrinkled and out-of-shape feminists who never got laid much, if at all, proclaim that there are no good men left, young, tight women (with abhorrent attitudes and shallow personalities) will probably lament that there are no “assholes” left either.

For this to happen we only have to let economies of scale run their course. Of course, I am once again referring to sex dolls. Right now, you can get a high-quality sex doll for $2,000. On the website of an importer, I recently noticed a sale where you could get last year’s $2,000 models for $600. That’s the cost of a PlayStation and a couple of games, or two proper dates, but only if you value your time at $0. Technological progress will ensure that sex dolls become affordable for everybody, similar to video game consoles if not smartphones. Today you can buy a cheap Android phone for $150 that runs circles around the top-of-the-line Apple iPhone from a few years ago. While there most likely will be a premium segment, there will be perfectly adequate products for the mass market.

Once we get to the point where you can get a high-quality sex doll for a few hundred bucks, the tables will turn. If some anime vixen would be yours for $400, would you even bother with real women anymore? I know, I know, it’s different with real women. They get moody and bitchy, give you STDs, and drum up false rape accusations. Sure, if you want that, a sex doll just can’t compete. But in terms of sexual pleasure, taking a projected future low price of a high-quality sex doll into account, “real women” will sound find themselves completely priced out of the marketplace.

Thanks to social media, women are already more depressed than ever before. Once they find that even alpha men who used to rail one slut after another prefer a sex doll, there will be a bona fide epidemic of women suffering from depression. After all, it is not as if they can easily switch to other men. They know that top-quality men are out there. They just aren’t getting them anymore. (You should see the hostile looks Western women give my girlfriend when we’re out and about.) They won’t settle for Billy the Beta. They will also have a problem getting involved with those “doctors and engineers” from the Middle East and Africa. After all, those men are primarily considered by women from the underclass. Thus, I would not be surprised if we see the rise of the teenage cat girl who will gradually morph into the obese, red wine drinking cat lady of 40.

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6 thoughts on “The Coming Collapse of Casual Dating

  1. The guys on top are still fucking the good looking young girls. They just don’t settle with them. As it’s just to risky to do so. Divorce laws are horribly anti male. And hypergamy floats. So if you elevate one of these girls. They just use it as a platform to launch a new climb on the social and financial ladder. Picking you clean in the process. So it’s just not worth the risk. I also heard of a trend of young successful guys getting vasectomies. Often millionaires in their 20s or early 30s. So they are secretly laughing their as off while these girls are fucking their brains out trying to baby trap them. And feminist were already freaking out about it. They want to make it rape if a guy doesn’t tell about his vasectomy. (not surprisingly) Even if the woman is lying about birth control. But now with the metoo bullshit, who knows what will happen? It’s hard to predict. I understand why guys are getting sex dolls. I just don’t really see myself fucking one. I do think the sales will increase. But how much?

    1. The New York Post reported several men living in the Hamptons Getting a Vasectomy.
      I can’t find the original anymore. But this is basically it.

      It’s also popular with upper-middle class MGTOW guys that still get laid. And most guys going MGTOW have savings and investments. That’s the funny part about it. Women want guys with money. But the guys not interested in settling down are the one’s with most savings. Mostly because they are smat enough to avoid getting picked clean by women. And because they think with their big instead of their small head.

  2. “$600. That’s the cost of a PlayStation and a couple of games, or two proper dates,”
    $300 for a date?
    Dang… that’s a very expensive date man…

  3. “You should see the hostile looks Western women give my girlfriend when we’re out and about.”

    Is this always the case? Irrespective of how you dress? (I guess it is because the age difference must be quite obvious between you two).

    I’ve noticed this only when I’m in town with my girlfriend right after work i.e. I wear a suit. To top that, she dresses quite contrastingly, she kinda pulls of a country girl hippie look (to her defense, she is a country girl^^). Under those circumstances we get a lot of “what da fuck/how did that happen” looks.
    But otherwise not so, I guess it’s because typically I dress like I work at the local supermarket…

  4. I can see a problem with your analysis. Simply put, I don’t see any cat women ever. If they are there, they know to hide well. Sex dolls are only going to be a wired oddity. Its not going to proliferate sex.

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