She’s not emotional, she’s crazy

It amazes me to what length people go to excuse the utterly inexcusable behavior of women. One of my favorites is calling a woman “emotional” when she’s instead emotionally unstable and should much more appropriately be called crazy instead. I first noticed this when I did some research related to a draft of a book on online dating I received quite some time ago (that project is in limbo but not dead). I don’t like online dating because women just lie so much.

Anyway, when looking at a few profiles, I noticed that some women described themselves as “emotional”. I found this rather peculiar because I could see absolutely nothing positive associated with that. No, of course I don’t mean that showing emotions is a negative attribute. Instead, a woman being “emotional” means that she is e.g. combative, unable to control herself, or abrasive. Who in their right mind would want that in his life? I certainly don’t.

Women calling themselves “emotional” in an attempt to excuse that they have the emotional maturity of a really badly brought up five-year-old is laughable. Even more laughable is it when they, after an outburst, try to excuse their behavior. A woman I knew thought it was an adequate defense to accuse me of being “unemotional” because I, unlike her, am able to control myself. That made for a fun interaction. That was not even the worst. Blog reader ‘meszi’ pointed out another aspect of defenders of emotional women, which adds insult to injury. While calling a woman ’emotional’ could be seen as at least a partial admission of guilt on her behavior, the new trend is calling the husband or boyfriend a narcissist — and excusing her behavior entirely!

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18 thoughts on “She’s not emotional, she’s crazy

  1. women are crazy-> can confirm, most troubles
    come from them interaction related wise.
    some of them are crazy and stupid too.
    actually scratch that a lot of women stupid crazy
    who take it for granted it is ok to fuck with people’s lives.
    female entitlement is taken to the extreme.

    fuck this shit i am out baby.

  2. (the new trend is calling the husband or boyfriend a narcissist) Even in psychology there is a trend to label everything to do with musculinity as narcistic. They mix and match all traits of musculinity (Alpha male behaviour) And they present them like signs of a narcissist. In other words. If you’re not a soyboy, you have toxic musculinity. And when the alpha’s dont commit after fucking. She’s not a slut for riding the CC. They are all narcissist. It’s never the woman’s fault. Under the new criteria, every inspiring PUA is a narcissist. Every man that doesn’t let himself be cucked is a narcissist.

  3. Yes, having some sense of dignity and self-respect in now narcissist. This is just sheer bullying men to obey at the whim of their wives.

  4. some might call it narcissism, others might more accurately call it masochism. just more female projection at work.

    I always admired afor’s female argument staller tactic. “you’re fucking delusional, bitch!” it doesn’t calm her down, but it’s so much less stressful than pretending like she has some point.

    1. I’ve heard about it. It’s pretty crazy.

      To provide some context for other readers: the goal of that legislation is to declare any kind of sex as ‘rape’ if there was no clear verbal agreement by the woman. If she’s dripping wet and puts your hard cock in her pussy, it’s ‘rape’ if she did not verbally state that she wanted to have sex with you. Also, those laws are supposed to govern all kinds of sexual relationships, ranging from hookup to long-term marriage. I guess to be on the safe side, better print out a pile of consent forms.

    2. Aaron: (I guess to be on the safe side, better print out a pile of consent forms.) That wont work. She just tells the judge she felt pressured to sign it. Legal documents have no value when they are signed by a woman. Judges throw them out all the time. If you are a young attractive Western woman. You can even stab someone and get away without even a criminal record. A man in the Western world is simply fucked whenever a woman makes a accusation. Even if she doesn’t file with the police. A trial by facebook can be enough to destroy a man’s career and personal life. I was accused of rape by a girl i didn’t even had sex with. She couldn’t deal with my rejection. Can’t have forms signed by every woman you didn’t have sex with. It’s a witch hunt. Logic and reason doesn’t apply anymore. Western men are damned if they do. And damned if they don’t. That’s wy i take my bisness elsewhere. I simply avoid interacting with Western women. If i want some i’ll go to Eastern Europe or Thailand. Problem solved.

  5. Hey Guys ,

    Off topic but what are you’re thoughts on someone who is pride of being white and wanting to continue the European line but has met a 9/10 Indian girl who is white washed and legit wifey material. Looks more Spanish than Indian.

    I’m at a loss because this is is legit proper, not a slut, actually a virgin believe it or not. But at the same time if I have kids with her I’ll have this feeling of guilt that they’re not European but now bi racial…..

    Still looking for the proper white girl……

    1. I would say race is overvalued, might have some impact on the iq of you kids but hell if anyone knows how to predict that accurately.

      My opinion is culture matters a lot more, so without knowing the specifics, yours doesnt sound like a bad deal.

    2. You seem to have stumbled on the wrong blog. Most of us are not very fond of white girls.

      Most regulars here prefer non-white chicks.

    3. Deus: (Still looking for the proper white girl) Good luck! Maybe look in some small village in central or eastern Europe? Proper white girls are very rare and in high demand. I only knew one white woman that i consider a real lady. Sadly she wasn’t marriage material because she was 84 years old. Maybe you should take some time off from women. Figure things out about yourself first. Work to increase your sexual market value. Advance your career. Save some money. Travel the world. No need to rush things. Selecting the mother of your children is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make. And looking at the numbers of broken families. It’s save to say. The odds are against you. So better figure things out before you rush things. Selecting the rong woman can seriously ruin your life. And the life’s of your future children. What good are your white genetics if your children end up being raised by a single mom? What’s your obsession with white genetics about anyway? Are you really ready to settle down?

    4. Actually Deus, we should all race-mix for a better world, and to beat racism. Which is why I as an asian guy, will find myself an exotic white woman with golden hair, sapphire blue eyes and snowwhite skin, to race-mix with. After all, race is just a social construct and should never matter. You don’t want to be racist do you, by not race-mixing?

    5. Good luck, Jon! I’m sure tall, blonde Western women are lining up outside your house. If not now, then surely once you’ve become a billionaire.

  6. Hey Aaron,you may want to have a look at this little gem here:


    …I can’t believe this. The host and most of the fucking female audience is actually APPROVING this crazy bitch’s idea into trick her man into having another child(and what’s worse,there’s actually a guy in there clapping with them!! fucking cuck.)

    Imagine if you turned this scenario around “Well,she promised me we’d have sex tomorrow night. Should I rape her?”
    Imagine how many people would be clapping at this idea. Ugh!

    1. And women are wondering why we don’t trust them. If a guy would trick a woman in a unwanted pregnancy it’s rape. If a woman does it she gets applause.

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