Admin: Brief Update on Sleazy Stories II

Meditation Without Bullshit is not the only book I’ve been working on. With that book now available (buy it!), my focus has now fully shifted to Sleazy Stories II. I have been working on it on and off for the last few months but put in quite some time recently as it is the only project I am now working on. As a reminder, Sleazy Stories II has existed as an essentially complete draft since 2009. It needed editing, though. (On a half-serious note, my ex-wife was vehemently opposed to me publishing that book, so I also had to get divorced.)

The current status is as follows: Sleazy Stories II exists as a complete and substantially edited draft. I will read through it once more and fix whatever issues I notice, i.e. I have yet to copy-edit the book. I expect to be done with this by December 22. Afterwards, I will send a draft to three people who have indicated their interest in proofreading (you know who you are; thanks again!). To give you some rough numbers: the current draft is around 210 pages long and has a word count of around 45,000. With a bit of luck, each proofreader will need only about two weeks. As a rough estimate, the final draft may be ready in early February 2018. The final release may happen as soon as March 2018. Those dates are subject to change. In any case, I will keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Admin: Brief Update on Sleazy Stories II

  1. How would you advise one to utilise Sleazy Stories in general – if at all.

    Minimal Game directly and Meditation without Bullshit overall. So is it meant to inspire possibilities, get energy flowing, add technique or is it just for fun?

    1. Sleazy Stories is for entertainment and inspiration. Depending on your situation, it may also serve as instruction.

    1. No, she is not. She just didn’t like to see me devoting time to a hobby. It didn’t even matter what it was. The “Aaron Sleazy” persona is a bit edgy, of course, but my wife also didn’t like when I read, for instance, academic papers on economics in my spare time. As you can probably guess, I viewed this as her problem, not mine. In fact, her increasing intolerance to me having intellectual interests was one of the reasons why she had to go.

      EDIT: A big reason Sleazy Stories II has had such a long gestation period is that I wanted to first release Minimal Game, Club Game, and Meditation Without Bullshit. My ex-wife was just as displeased about any of those book projects.

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