Guest post by my girlfriend: Seeing Western women for what they are?

My girlfriend, who sometimes comments on my blog under the pseudonym Sleazy’s Gal, was eager to share how her perception of Western women changed over time. When we first met, she seemed to almost idolize them, but I have a hunch that that may no longer be the case. Here is what she has to say on that issue:

I made my first foray into Europe late last year to complete part of my education, which was how I met Aaron. Sharp and avid readers of this blog have probably already guessed that I’m not a Western woman, and that is indeed true. I’m ethnic Chinese and grew up in a densely populated Asian city. Yet, I’m bilingual in English and Mandarin.

Prior to my temporary move to Europe, everything about the West I knew of and heard about was only through the media and how my society at large viewed it. Some of these impressions were overly rosy and rather erroneous, as I have come to learn. In any case, my consumption of plenty of conservative news media and YouTube channels even before venturing into Europe had made me aware of communities that are critical of feminism, mass migration from the third world, and big government. However, I was largely unaware of the disdain for Western women and their bad reputation, with the exception of the thorny issue of single motherhood.

Hence I traipsed to Europe with the impression that Western women look great, and that casual dating involving sex was just part and parcel of European culture, just as Islamic terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city, according to London mayor Sadiq Khan. I was under the impression that people in the West generally had a very relaxed attitude towards promiscuity; it’s no big deal, and there’s no backlash either! In fact, on this note Aaron and I now amusingly reminisce on a particular moment in our getting-to-know-each other phase. I was genuinely perturbed when he very brazenly conveyed the attraction he felt towards me, and I asked him “Why me? There’re so many Western chicks out there.” Little did I know that my non-Western identity was one of my huge appeals, lol!

Having my eyes opened to the realities of Western women has helped me to explain more of my surroundings. For instance, the TCS, or Thousand Cock Stare, is a very recent addition to my vocabulary. A while back, I attended a summer school at an elite university. There, I had the opportunity to mix with the same group of Western women over the course of a month. There were a few who stood out to me for the very reason that they just seemed so…uninteresting and lifeless. I couldn’t quite put a finger on my observation then, but I certainly felt like something was amiss with them. It didn’t seem like they had any warmth or energy, and their jaded expressions were most prominent during lulls in conversation or moments of idleness. One of these women was aggressively flirting with several of the male attendees and most certainly became friends with benefits with one of them. Incidentally, I also noticed that this harlot didn’t seem to have much female company during the programme, if at all.

To be fair, except for that one strumpet who celebrated her promiscuity out in the open, I don’t know if the others had taken another round on the cock carousel, so I may wrongly accuse them of it. But all the negatives I’ve learnt about Western women, courtesy of Aaron, have surely led me to view them in an entirely different light. I now notice their heavy make-up, early aging, and the extra pounds that could be shed. In comparison, in my culture it is almost unthinkable that parents would allow their daughters to put on weight! Aaron also opened my eyes for signs of social decay in the West, and not just obvious ones like people littering all over the place or the prevalence of graffiti. Now I sometimes feel a little bit sad when I see all those women who push prams alone in public places on the weekends. That being said, I’d like to think that at least a few of the female friends I’ve made in the West are wholesome people and represent a glimmer of hope, but it’s incredulous to me how Aaron’s extensive fieldwork has yielded nary a single decent woman. Maybe you were just looking in the wrong places, hon? (Not that I’m complaining!)

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  1. Not easy to find quality in a sea of culture that ostracizes it and a culture that encourages the opposite. Nice to hear from Sleazy-gal’s perspective, I’ve heard plenty of the same from my Eastern exchange and 2nd generarion immigrants here.

  2. Just out of curiosity, what’s your age range, Sleazy’s gal? Sounds like early-to-mid 20’s.

    More on topic, do you think there’s an incipient tendency to imitate Western whore’s patterns among women back home in Eastern Asia? Some Asian readers like Isidia or Don have expressed that concern.

    1. I can’t comment of western women as my experience with them is minimal although not nonexistent. But I can surely say there are feminist nutters here as well. But usually they are old ugly women who look like bears with their skin shaved so I don’t care about them. Like Yarara has said about Buenos Ares, Argentina, it is more prevalent in cities here as well.

    2. I can comfortably give birth to 2-3 children by the age of 30 🙂

      For sure. I know of people who engage in casual sex back at home, and there’re also those who try to normalise such behaviour with the typical lines from a feminist’s guidebook: no double standards or slut-shaming, a girl can choose to do whatever she wants with her body, etc. But I think the conservative backlash against such promiscuity is still stronger, and I hope it stays that way.

  3. My youngest nephew met his wife in China and brought her to the States to marry her a little over a year ago. When I first met her she was quiet and demure and I chalked this up to her being in a strange land and having to learn. Recently at the annual gathering of the men of the family in the woods for alcohol, guns, and campfires he put her on speaker phone.

    Truthfully, I was shocked. Potty mouth barely described her. I fear she is being Westernized with the worst of Western female character. I hope and pray I am wrong. Of course I will say nothing.

    1. Did I miss a post or a hint somewhere? Well, I’m guessing you’re not interested in divulging the reasons why. Though admittedly, I’m really curious as to why you’re dating once again.

      Anyways, your gal sounds really down to earth. Congrats and good luck, man.

  4. I write from Latin America, as a developing region we are not that far down that road I think, but you can see some signs of it in the more moder urban areas.

    This being a city that receives a lot of tourists and international students, I have foreign girls pop up on my tinder constantly, and I’m constantly reminded of how unattractive and unfeminine most american and european girls are compared to locals and from the rest of Latin America (lots of venezuelans emigrating from that socialist shithole in the last years).

    We dont get many asian or african visitors here.

    Ethnic chinese, big city and bilingual english? If anyone is betting, my money is on Singapore. Second option Hong Kong. 🙂

    1. My guess is on shanghai. My type is exotic white women, but I got confused once by a young attractive shanghainese.

    2. No mandarin spoken in HK? I just learned something then. 🙂

      I am just speculating, but “ethnic chinese” strongly suggests she is not from mainland China but a diaspora community. I have heard Singaporeans describe themselves as such. The word “traipse” is not in common use in the west anymore, but I understand it still is in singlish. And mandarin is one of the official languages there.

    3. In Hong Kong, Cantonese is the main language. From what I gather, it is rather difficult for someone only fluent in Cantonese to understand a speaker of Mandarin, and vice versa.

      “Traipse” is intended to be humorous. It is one of the idiosyncrasies of my girlfriend to occasionally use uncommon words in an offbeat manner.

    4. @James

      Considering the mess the Kirchners left behind, Id say we are doing pretty well. There is still plenty to reform in order to have a more competitive economy but the country is generally moving in the right direction. The govt is likely postponing some deeper reforms for after they win the midterm elections, which are taking place in october.

  5. Sleazy’s gal speaks or rather at least writes just like Aaron. She uses similar words and sentences. It seems that her order of thoughts is quite similar to that of Aaron as well. Just saying.

    1. Agreed. He knows I’m not too happy that he’s edited my piece to speak in his “voice” this much. Don’t worry, he’s got too much on his plate to pretend play a girlfriend.

    2. Perceptive Don, that was my first thought as well. I doubted women would use expressions like thousand c*k stare. But i also noticed the use of uncommon english synonyms like harlot or strumpet. We would use different words to fescribe the same thing. I noticed bilingual asians do that alot. They pick the second or third common synonym instead of the first one. So now Im guessing shes real. Theres also a very small chance everything here is constructed by a rainman type asperger guy for a decade now, but I wonder whats the point. The time investment just seems to much to me, its a waste.

    3. @Smart asian guy

      That’s an interesting observation about bilingual Asians! I never realised that about us. Maybe it’s because we subconsciously feel like we have something to prove? *chuckles*

    4. There are people with time on their hands however, I speak several languages and I can certainly attest that I use the most uncommon words as well. So Aaron can and also can’t be a troll. We are back where we started.

    5. Its true that aaron can or cannot be. Its just seems very unlikely to me because of the effort involved. In fact it seems more likely to me that youre trolling because you have a bone to pick with aaron. Maybe because you view him as competition so you attack him instead of congratulating? Arent you an asian guy? Im too but my type is exotic white women so I dont care. Also if youre trolling the time investment is much less so its more likely.

      No its not that these bilingual asians use the most difficult words. They appear to hit the sweet spot i. e. Whore is easy. Prostitute is hardest and then use strumpet or harlot, neither easy nor that hard. But i still have to use google translate occasionally. I dont know why aaron would know about this pattern and mimic it exactly like this. I only discovered this pattern because im obsessed with difficult english words and collect them to sound smarter. Somebody with such skills could rather get rich easily doing other stuff than trolling. For example this is somebody trying to sound smart. There are alot more difficult and sweet spot words.
      I dont know why this pattern exists. Maybe because of li yang. I read a funny story once about the state of english educatio in china. To me its almost like they memorize directly from a dictionary.

  6. This post was somehow inspiring.
    Inspiring in a way that a man can go for what he feels is right. It might take a while, but it’s worth it. Also one can read your appreciation for Aaron between the lines.
    Best of luck to both of you.

  7. Your logical fallacy is anecdotal. You used a personal experience or an isolated example instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence.
    It’s often much easier for people to believe someone’s testimony as opposed to understanding complex data and variation across a continuum. Quantitative scientific measures are almost always more accurate than personal perceptions and experiences, but our inclination is to believe that which is tangible to us, and/or the word of someone we trust over a more ‘abstract’ statistical reality.

  8. I personally know a few crazies who believe that “rape culture” has “wrecked society”. Are these the feminazis you are talking about? They, like you, don’t point to anything but anecdotal evidence or very very poorly done surveys.

    There’s no doubt that left wing retards have become more vocal because universities are not teaching them critical thinking and in some cases indoctrinating them into batshit ideologies. I think we can both agree with that.

    However, manosphere ideology definitely exists, and I rarely see any evidence besides anecdotes. Feminist ideology, conspiracy theories, any theory of everything can be structured by taking various points in an unlimited matrix of possibilities, putting them together, and then believing them. And once you believe, you “see” it EVERYWHERE. It’s not their fault. It’s the structure of the brain .. and structure determines function.

    We can discuss manosphere ideology point by point .. and I would love it if you would break down each and provide statistical evidence and define your terms very carefully. For example, define “Western slut” quantitatively. Get some numbers together. How many partners? Define “wrecked society.” Prove it is causation rather than correlation. It would take a lot of work.

    1. Let’s take a prime example: single mothers. How many are there nowadays, how much do they cost society, how well do their kids turn out? Just do your research. There are many other metrics by which to measure societal decay; single motherhood certainly is a suitable one. By the way, joker, I presented plenty of figures on my blog to support some of my claims. For instance, quite recently I pointed out what an epidemic single motherhood has become. If anything, you are the one who sees a conspiracy. You believe leftist ideologues, when you could instead just open your eyes and notice that they are wrong.

  9. I don’t believe leftist ideologues. Or any ideologues. They are wrong (not in all ways, but in many ways). Reality is far more complex. I was speaking about such terms as “cock carousel.” Like “mansplaining” on the left side, there are many of these BS terms.

    We can’t deny statistically that single motherhood is a problem. I never claimed otherwise. Half of them in the U.S., for example, live below the poverty line with their child(ren). 69% of children are raised in 2-parent households, but it used to be 88% in 1960.

    70% of black children in the U.S. are raised in a single-family home. 25% of whites in the U.S. are raised in a single-family home.

    There’s no doubt that incentives like welfare are a factor to consider, along with crime and arrests of dads.

    Increases in welfare cannot explain why single motherhood grew among more advantaged women, however. This may be due to feminist brainwashing (cultural). It’s worth noting that single motherhood is more prevalent in the U.S.

    Women are more economically independent, so they can leave marriages, and take the children. Some of them make more money than men. There’s not as much stigma in divorce, so they go ahead and do it.

    We can talk about Japan’s problems … people aren’t even fucking. They’d rather have a waifu or jerk off to anime. I don’t know what’s going on there. 1 in 4 men and 1 in 7 women are not married by age 50.

    I’m just as confused about all this as the next chump. I’m willing to learn, just not in the form of anecdotes. Data interests me more than a bunch of men or women on the internet complaining “where have all the good men gone?” or “all women are like that.”

    1. As I said above, in some posts I refer to official statistics. Sometimes, though, reality hits you in the face so hard that it would be ludicrous to insist on numbers to back up your observations. If you don’t think that water is wet, then be my guest.

    2. I’ve shared this before, but I’ll share it again:

      The number one thing that pretend-male commenters do is adopt a single name username with a common male name. Actual guys called “Phil” don’t choose “Phil” as their online nickname. Especially not on blogs with sensitive subjects.

      The thought process goes as, ok I’ll go to this place where men discuss women… and to seem like a man, I’ll call myself… “Bob”. Ok good… now let’s comment away about why they’re wrong about women, “coming from a fellow man”.

    3. You ignore ideologies claiming that reality is far more complex.
      That is the problem.
      One ideology always gets dominant.
      In nazi Germany you would say that nazism is bullshit and Jews are just normal people which sound logical, but would you recognize that nazism gets more and more dominant and your argument of “reality is complex” “there are not many nazis” would not work in the reverse direction?

      Would you then make your claim for more data about how many nazis are? When would you stop and recognize that nazism is now a reality? The first numerus clausus? Hitler winning the election?

      If someone claims feminism is wrong if and the other make claims about patriarchy one of them out of the two will dominate the other whatever one’s ideology is.

      Most people are passive and just fall into line without realizing it.

      For food of thought read Nassim on why the majority is irrelevant on enforcing rules and ideologies :

  10. Aaron, everyone has cognitive biases. “Reality” hit those left wing girls hard, or at least the reality they made up in their mind (for they now see rapists everywhere). Some were raped or assaulted and now they believe in a “rape culture.” All men are potential rapists, etc. etc. No amount of reasoning with them (I presented them with stats and debunked their surveys) would convince them otherwise.

    Alek, you are dead wrong, and on top of that .. your comment was highly irrelevant. But again, you are dead wrong.

    1. You make me laugh! Essentially none of the feminists who blather about “rape culture” were actually raped, with the possible exception of imagined “mini rapes”, like observing “manspreading” men “raping the air around them” and other such nonsense. Rape culture has essentially nothing to do with real rape. With your claims, though, you out yourself as your typical Uncle Tim. Give it up man, those left-leaning feminist women are not going to fuck you just because you buy into feminist bullshit, and no man in their right mind wants to fuck them anyway.

      Just as Alek I doubt that you are a guy. Your way of arguing certainly has some, er, rather feminine qualities.

  11. I would rather jerk off to anime then being married in Japan or the western world. Marriage in japan is even worse then in the western world for men. Divorce is brutal for japanese men. And marriage is often without sex anyway in Japan. Men have lost all authority in the home and are treated like animals at home and work. What men would sign up for such a bad deal? I’m not really into anime. But jerking off to anime would be preferable over working 14 hours a day and being treated like a dog.

  12. Phil: Please go back to your savespace and stay there. Tip: if you long for male attention, shaving your armpits will have better results then trolling this website.

  13. Since the Asian created the word „baizou“ to describe the deluded western society, I hold dear to their accurate declarations.
    Nice that you shared your thoughts, hope that happens in the future more.

  14. Aaron, I’m telling you that those left wing rape culture nut jobs are crazy. I do not agree with them. They are insane. How could you miss that?

    I understand some of them weren’t raped. I also understand that some were. They are mental cases either way.

    I want to stay the hell away from them as far away as possible.

    1. The rape culture hype has to do with the feminist desire to remove do process. They want to put the burden of proof on the accused instead of the accuser and remove all possible cross examination. And in some ways they where successful at doing this. The crackpot’s are just tools they use. They manipulate these college girl’s into a state of panic. It’s not like the crackpot feminist you see screaming about rape culture are the one’s pulling the strings. This rape culture hype was a well organised attack on civil rights. If a girl points the finger at a guy in college. The guy is automatically assumed to be guilty and expelled without a day in court. And even in criminal court they removed the possibility for cross-examination. The woman that accuses a man doesn’t have to be present in the courtroom anymore. This means the defence can’t ask questions. And almost all personal information about the accuser ( like sexual history ) can not be used in defence anymore. This was a successful push for feminist.

  15. Plus, they are ugly AF. Lots of them polyamourous, anime watchers, don’t shave their pits or legs, and hand out at BDSM clubs.

    1. Japanese men behave this way for many reasons. It’s not that simple. And this stereotype isn’t entirely true. There are many Japanese men looking for women in other countries for example. Just like western men are looking outside the Western world for women. Just like Western women, Japanese women have become toxic. The courtsystem has become anti male. And all the former gender expectations have been removed from women. They struggle with the same problems as western men. And just as in the Western world all the blame is put on the men. So instead of blaming women and feminism. They create this picture that these guys are just losers that jerk off at anime. Just like all western men that dont marry are portrait like looser peter pan’s jerking off in mothers basement. Shaming tactics!

  16. I am saying that both left and right are participating in meme wars .. wars of opposing ideology.

    I am interested in data .. not subjective, anecdotal theoretical frameworks of cock carousel .. alpha male/beta male … made up nonsense.

    If you want to talk real alpha male … I think I could sum it up to being non-reactive and independent-minded. Of course, that’s not popular, but fuck it.

  17. Phil: When someone speaks about cock carousel or alpha male/beta male you’re not interested in stereotype slender and want to see data. Oke. Please show the data behind your statement about Japanese men. (Plus, they are ugly AF. Lots of them polyamourous, anime watchers, don’t shave their pits or legs, and hand out at BDSM clubs.) You’re doing exactly the same thing. Do you even know a thing about Japan? It seems to me your so called data comes from cosmo magazines or something like that. Japan has problems with reproduction. Just like the western world. But men jerking off to anime aren’t the cause. There are reasons men don’t want to marry and reproduce anymore. It has become a bad deal and very risky to do so. Simply pointing the finger and blame men and anime is just too easy. You are missing the cause of the problems completely. Feminism has changed the rules about gender roles. Women have abandoned their role. And now men are opting out of theirs. Can you really blame them? really? What’s in it for men?

  18. If men prefer anime women over real women. Maybe the problem isn’t with anime or men. Maybe the problem is with the women? Maybe the changes in female behaviour have something to do with it? Maybe the changes in the marriage contract have something to do with it? Why is a man not playing the historical gender role a loser. While women not doing theirs are just wonderful emancipation examples. If women abandon their roles, men will do the same. That’s the reason societies that adopt feminism are doomed. Modern women aren’t worth the cost. Men aren’t getting what they want from women and marriage anymore. And at the same time women are raising the asking price. It’s like selling a used Honda for the new ferrari price. And getting angry nobody shows interest.

    1. Phil, you are again “arguing” like so many e-duh-cated but really stupid women I have encountered throughout my life, namely by just dropping a link. Among those idiot women it’s also very popular to copy and paste a largely irrelevant block of text without commentary or acknowledgement of the source. So, let’s do this slowly for the intellectually challenged like you: First, I already explained to you in an earlier reply why a cherry-picked quote of yours from that 2013 blog post doesn’t constitute valid criticism. Second, you don’t present a solid argument why you think I contradict myself. Third, a blog is not like a book. You can’t go through ten years of posts, dig up two seemingly related posts that had been written years apart and claim there is a contradiction. Opinions do change, and nowadays I’d say that a 20-year old with a partner count of four or more is a slut, plain simple.

  19. Phil: You cant understand the problems with just data alone. Like it or not, you’ll have to look at men’s and women’s complains like “where have all the good men gone?” or “all women are like that.” if you want to understand why men are giving up on marriage and family. And why the modern women are not happy with all their emancipation results. Looking at the available data is a good thing. But just data alone won’t give you the full picture. And data can easily be manipulated to paint any picture you want. For example the divorce rate is 50%+ now. But only 3.6% will last 10 years. The 50% is always presented like 50% will stay together a lifetime. they will not. 50% of all marriages break down every year. But they won’t tell it like that in the newspaper articles. The data is correct, yet the picture is misleading. And it won’t tell you why this is happening.

    1. “And data can easily be manipulated to paint any picture you want.”

      My point exactly. Though, manosphere tends to be devoid of much data, they would use any data to paint the picture that they created for themselves. But that’s okay. They can live in any reality tunnel they’d like to live in.

    2. Phil, how about you get new batteries for your vibrator instead of posting one comment after another devoid of reasoning?

  20. Aaron, are you saying that most western women are “sluts” (sleep with four or more men by age 20)? Where is the data?

    1. You just revealed that you didn’t even bother to read my original post on the cock carousel, which you linked to above. If you had read it, you would have known that I am referring to a very large study (there’s your data!) according to which Europeans in the age group from 15 to 20 have had around four sexual partners. If most Western women have had that many partners by age 20 then, yes, they are sluts. However, the mean itself doesn’t tell you all that much. It would be more interesting to know the distribution.

  21. [Meme link removed]

    [Admin note: Sorry, dude, you can go back to Tumblr or Twitter if you think posting animated GIFs constitutes debate.]

    1. If a woman manages to have four sexual partners by age 20, what will her number be at age 25, or at age 30? Also, that number is an average of a group of 15 to 20 year olds. Thus, it’s safe to assume that 15 year-olds have fewer partners than that, and 20 year olds more. Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mean of the 20 year-olds was around 6 sexual partners. She’s be a total slut with a count of 4 already.

      But don’t worry, Phil! Guys like me may detest such sluts (I surely didn’t mind fucking them); betas like you, though, can still play Captain-Save-a-Ho once they hit the wall. I still think you’re a woman who is hiding behind a male pseudonym, though, because you are unable to reason logically, which is much more common among females. Therefore, you don’t need to ask us why a count of 4 at age 20 is a bad thing. Just look at the male trash you attract and ask yourself whether it could have anything to do with your notch count. Surely, the more desirable men have a good reason for staying away from you, Philberta!

  22. You didn’t answer the question. Why is this a bad thing? You can still fuck low quality people for fun.

    And you didn’t tell me if these are relationships or one night stands or both, and in what proportion. You also assumed that growing older continues the trend of fucking more people. What if it declines with age as the brain matures around 21 for females and 25 for males, or as societal pressure to settle down starts to creep in?

    You also didn’t factor in male average sexual encounters, and is there such a thing as a male slut?

    I’m truly interested because it seems that I do not understand this ideology. I would like to learn more.

    1. It seems you just don’t pay attention.

      1) Women can’t fuck around “for fun” without incurring significant emotional damage.

      2) It’s irrelevant whether they are one-night stands or longer relationships. It’s bad either way.

      3) Yes, teen sluts grow into adolescent sluts grow into adult sluts. It’s called a trajectory. Exceptions prove the rule.

      4) No, there is no such thing as a “male slut”. That term is ludicrous to begin with.

      5) No, you don’t want to learn more. You want to be spoon-fed.

    2. “1) Women can’t fuck around “for fun” without incurring significant emotional damage.”

      Aaron, what was the argument again, why men don’t incur emotional damage from fucking around? (As opposed to womyn)

    3. Phil (Philberta) What ideology? There isn’t a real ideology here. Maybe that’s the reason you’re confused. The only consensus here is that you shouldn’t accept the leftwing loony doctrine. And that men and women are different. In many cases we have to agree to disagree here. And that’s okay. You don’t have to pretend that you’re a guy. We all know you’re not. If you want to make a point for feminism, just do it already. Say whatever you have to say and move on. This bullshit is getting old.

  23. Phil (Philberta) Try being honest some time. You would be surprised about the reactions. It seems to me you’re just making drama because you have been riding the cock carousel your self. And you don’t like it when people condemn it. You have been sleeping around and don’t like it when men view you as damaged goods. Hey it’s your body and your life. If you want to have sex with lots of men you are free to do so. This will however have consequences. Most men will fuck you if you are decent looking. They will not view you as marriage material however. And every cock you jump on will decrease your value to men. Your ability to form a strong lasting relationship will go down. You can’t whore yourself and expect men to view you like a princess. Will not happen here. Will not happen with red pill men. Maybe you should try one of those hopeless friendzone type guys. They will gladly function as a echo chamber. They will gladly listen to your stories and blame everything on your ex-boyfriends.

    1. Nobody is whoring themselves. Having sex is fun and is a private matter. Damaged goods is ideological bullshit. I don’t understand where you got this idea.

    2. This makes no sense. It’s a simple value judgment you base on number of sexual partners with no evidence to back up why enjoying the pleasure of sex ruins a woman, or causes damage or unfaithfulness. You can point to divorce rates, but is this really the cause, or are you fitting this into your paradigm by using data the way you want?

    3. You are incredibly dishonest, Philbertha. Also, for someone who likes to jack off to data, you should by now have come across sources that a higher number of sexual partners for women, but not for men, dramatically increases chances of divorce.

    4. You actually answer yourself : Having sex is fun and is a private matter

      If you are a slut you don’t really make that a private matter by jumping on every second guy’s cock.
      Your pussy becomes public property.

      related Steel Panther song :

    5. A count of around four partners by age 20 is ludicrous. Let’s say, which is hardly uncommon, that she has one partner per year from age 16 onward. This leads to 32 years olds having had 16 dicks in them, plus the occasional one-night stand. That’s a high quality woman right there, right?

  24. Aaron, are you an asshole (according to your article)?

    “To make it even clearer: what kind of guys fuck women for sport? It’s guys with at least a slight narcissist bend.”

    1. Phil (Philberta) Maybe you should look into r and k selection reproduction. Spreading your seed far and wide can be a very successful mating strategy for men. Sport fucking makes sense from a biological viewpoint when you’re a guy. It makes no sense for women however. Maybe if you understand r/k selection you’ll understand the slut/stud (male slut) dilemma. It has nothing to do with narcissistic traits. It’s just biology. This is also where the “all women are like that” or “all men are like that” comes into play. because we have different strategies when it comes to reproduction. We behave differently. We see thing from a different viewpoint. Because we need to do different things to be successful in the reproductive struggle.

    2. Phil (Philberta) It only makes sense to invest resources into a woman and her children. When a man has exclusive rights to reproduce with her. A slut is more likely to be impregnated by a other man. Investing resources into a other man’s offspring. Would be a waist and a terrible lost for a man from a biological viewpoint. It would mean that he cant use those resources to attract other women. And less resources for his own offspring. Modern feminism forces men to adopt R selection instead of traditional K selection. Modern feminism is creating the players and deadbeat dad’s. It makes no sense for a man to stick around in modern times. From a biological viewpoint it’s better to just impregnate as many women as he can and don’t look back. Maybe some of his children will die. But most likely, some will survive. His genetics will be past on.

  25. Phil (Philberta) When you understand r/k selection. You’ll understand why society is breaking down. You’ll see why men dont want to settle down with sluts. It’s not in our reproductive interest to invest large amounts of resources in sluts or their offspring. When it comes to sluts we simply get them pregnant and move on (R selection). With a high value woman that’s likely to be loyal. We are more willing to invest resources into her and her offspring. Because the offspring is more likely to be ours and has better genetics (K selection). If i have 100 children and 10 die. I would still be successful in spreading my dna (R). If i have only 2 children. I better invest in them to make sure they have a good chance in the world (K). Modern feminism (R). Traditional values (K).

  26. Men have unlimited reproductive potential. We can have thousands of children. Women only have limited eggs available for reproduction. It’s mainly in women’s and children’s interest that traditional values are restored. Men however won’t stick around if they don’t have some certainties. The laws are terribly bias against men. And most western women are unreliable sluts. They behave badly. And most of them cheat. Marriage end’s in divorce and will mean that the man will loose his resources and his children. There simply isn’t one good reason for men to marry in a post feminism society. It’s not a good deal for men. And from a biological viewpoint, it’s just a waist of resources. At this point K selection makes no sense anymore for men. That’s why they just fuck around or give up on women completely.

  27. But talk to a feminist: they are all about limiting and controlling reproduction, having fewer children or none, and pursuing other roles in society beyond just making babies.

    1. How has that been working out for women? Data clearly shows that women have never been unhappier than they are today.

    2. Phil (Philberta) I’m talking about biology and why men instinctively make other choices. There are many scientific papers on R/K selection. They are mostly based on animal behaviour. But you can see the same behaviour in humans. It’s about instinct. If you understand the instinctive urges of men and women you’ll see why people behave like this. That’s when a line like “all women are like that” is justifiable. Women have different instincts because they have a different biological role in the mating ritual. It’s in the woman’s interest and that of the children that the man stick’s around. But he will only do so if it’s in his reproductive interest. A woman’s behaviour will trigger a response. A man will instinctively not value a woman that has many sexual partners. Men don’t feel any natural urge to take care of her or her children. His instinct is telling him to walk away after mating has taken place. It’s just biological instinct. Men will never value sluts. They are a liability.

    3. Aaron – My point is … the r/k selection theory doesn’t make any sense. Feminists don’t reproduce. R = high growth rates.

      Women aren’t happy for a number of reasons. It may be because careers are not the answer for them, rather, they may be happier at home with the kids. This may be true. I never said I disagreed with this. I simply disagree with the idea that having a few sexual partners in their early years permanently damages them, or somehow makes them liable to be unfaithful when they do settle down.

      I think the real problem is that both men and women now work, and nobody has time to run the household … so there is no longer any harmony in the family … with both being reduced to wage/salary earners. It’s not desirable. Stress builds, and there is no second person to relieve that stress when one person comes home from a long day at work. Also, with salaries not catching up with inflation, everything is more expensive. Debt is the norm.

    4. There is research indicating that the higher the partner count of a woman before marriage, the higher the risk of divorce. No such correlation has been found for men.

      Also, you can blame women, for the most part, for household debt as they are the fiscally irresponsible sex. Exceptions prove the rule.

    5. Correlation should not be confused with causation. For example, people who tend to avoid commitment may have more sexual partners. They cannot allow themselves to be happy. Independent of this factor, a woman who has no commitment issues may not have a problem with divorce. The idea that the very act of having 3-4 sexual partners before marriage CAUSES a lack of faithfulness, is not proven.

      Here’s a new analysis I found, which shows that women with 2 sexual partners are more likely to divorce than those with slightly more:

      Women with 10 or more partners were the most likely to divorce, but this only became true in recent years;
      Women with 3-9 partners were less likely to divorce than women with 2 partners; and,
      Women with 0-1 partners were the least likely to divorce.


      “In most cases, a woman’s two premarital sex partners include her future husband and one other man. That second sex partner is first-hand proof of a sexual alternative to one’s husband. These sexual experiences convince women that sex outside of wedlock is indeed a possibility.

      […]Having two partners may lead to uncertainty, but having a few more apparently leads to greater clarity about the right man to marry. The odds of divorce are lowest with zero or one premarital partners, but otherwise sowing one’s oats seems compatible with having a lasting marriage.”

    6. This is getting tedious. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. A woman who has a history of promiscuity is therefore likely to remain promiscuous. In any case, please name one good argument why a quality guy with options should, ceteris paribus, choose a woman with a higher count of sexual partners over one with a lower count. What you argue for is thus downright ludicrous.

      Also, the data presented in that blog is a bit odd. The problem with sociologists is that they draw a few plots and then they dream up some explanations that fit the data. It’s a perversions of science. How did that “professor” explain that in the 1980s women with more than 10 partners had the second-lowest divorce risk, for instance? To me it also extremely dodgy to throw phrases like “most likely” around when the numerical difference is rather modest. Also, note that the charts are potentially misleading due to the rather odd discretization. Why is there a bucket for 4-5 and 6-9 partners,instead of one bucket for each number? I consider it quite likely that the data was manipulated to generate a trend line that may not exist. It’s really shoddy work.

  28. Phil (Philberta) Pursuing other roles in society beyond just making babies. That’s the point. I’m doing exactly that. And because of that. Women have little value to me. Resulting in me not wanting to engage in committed relationships. I only use my resources to attract women to satisfy my biological urges. But i will never spend much on a woman. After sex i’m gone. No reason for me to hang around anymore. I don’t feel it’s in my interest to stick around. It’s very risky to do so. Because i can loose my resources. Modern women don’t inspire any affectionate feelings in me. I view them as a liability and a burden that’s simply not worth the risks involved. Why are less men willing to pay for dates or settle down? Because the price and risks are to high and the rewards to low. Modern women are simply not worth the asking price. It’s a bad deal for men.

  29. Phil (Philberta) If a man go’s to asia. He has 5 top model looking women that will do almost everything to make him happy. For the same amount of resources that a western overweight and bad mannered woman will cost him. Supply and demand. I’m going for the asian models.

    1. Philberta: The point is that Asian are willing to work on a relationship. They still understand that there is a give and take. They behave more feminine and take better care of them selfs. Most are satisfied with a much less compared to Western women. Western women are making higher and higher demands. They are like a black hole. It doesn’t matter how much you give them. It will never be enough. Some of these modern women look like a bulldog with overweight. They display horrible behaviour. Are not willing to offer anything of value to a man. But are convinced they are dating down with Jo the plumber. Because she has some worthless degree. She demands a good looking guy that makes a 100k minimum and obeys her every command. While if Jo the plumber go’s to Asia. He can find himself a beautiful Asian wife that will treat him like a king in his castle. And she will behave her selfs with some dignity. She inspires him to treat her like a princess instead of demanding it.

    2. Philberta: In Asia women still think about what’s best for the marriage and family. Western women only think about themselves. I dont see any reason to date western women. The only thing they have to offer is their pussy. And even their pussy is in the public domain. The only thing they offer is not exclusively his. He has to share it with other men. She will never be his woman. It’s just his turn. But if a man is stupid enough to marry her. His resources will be her’s. She gets lifetime access to his resources. It doesn’t even matter if she stays with him or not. He’s paying the premium price for something he might or might not get. Something other men used before him. That he’s probably has to share with others. With no certainty he’ll have access to at all. Western women pussy is overpriced and low quality.

    3. Ben do you have yellow fever? You seem obsessed with asian women, ascribing them almost supernatural qualities. Just a warning that you need to be more objective or you might get burned. Are you going to move to Asia or some rightwing utopia soon? You appear way to negative on white women.

    4. Jon: I just use Asian women as a example. There are many lovely white women in Eastern Europe as well. And there are some Western women that dont behave this way. But most Western women behave very badly. And that wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the Western governments. If the governments wouldn’t be interfering in people’s personal matters. A husband could simply set his wife straight if she crosses the line. The laws and the new age culture are the problem. The women aren’t the real problem. It’s the system that makes them like this. It’s the feminist laws that make men powerless to solve the problem. I dont really have yellow fever. I do date white women from Eastern Europe as well. And i also know that not every Asian woman would make a great wife.

    5. Jon: I dated women from different countries. So i know some things from personal experience. What about you? Dit you find your blonde half jewish communist single mom refugee yet?

    6. Ben, Why would i be looking for a
      blonde half jewish communist single mom refugee? That must be sarcasm. Im not even a communist, i just recognize that science proved everybody is a communist. Im also not looking per se for a half jewish, single mom or refugee. They just arent dealbreakers to me, the only thing is that she should have long golden hair and sapphire blue eyes, as im into exotic women as my type and into racemixing like aaron. White women just happen to have had the right combination of beauty, intelligence and kindness that im looking for, yes asian women are most beautiful looking at a single attribute, but im looking for more evenly distributed skill points.

      Btw, im still a virgin, but you dont have to worry about me. I have literally like put 10000 hours of deliberate practice(per malcolm gladwell) into studying female orgasms, for example through sites like omgyes.com and reading on history of vibrators or studying orgasmic meditation and even porn can be educational. So now im definately a sexual expert a “sexpert” who will have no trouble with women in the future.

      Also, Im happy for you. Im glad that you dont have yellow fever. I try not to judge but I find ppl with these kinds of fetish kind of creepy.Its good that you can be objective and not make broad generalizations about an individual based on a superficial group characteristic. I also wish you good luck in asia. It seems you dont appreciate the leftwing utopia in the west anyway.

  30. The harsh and unapologetic truth about how men view Modern western women (sluts)? Like a public toilet! We are happy to see one when we really have to go. But no matter how well maintained. We always feel nasty about it after we are done. And we leave them as soon as possible.

  31. Women initiate most divorces because they are unhappy. At the time of divorce, many husbands say they had no idea their wives were unhappy and considering divorce. There is definitely a problem. Are men to blame, or are women to blame? It depends. But we know that the relationship isn’t going well, and because of this .. women can leave freely. The courts often work in their favor, unfortunately.

    I think the bottom line is this – Many men don’t change until it is too late, and women expect too much from men (and not from themselves). Men have to constantly work to be better, stronger, smarter, faster…
    Women also expect attention, genuine interest in them, and communication. They want to be listened to.

    Women expect a lot. Period. It’s tough to be a man… but it is what makes men. Women want to feel desired. If they are not, and things get stale and boring in the relationship .. it will fall apart. And it is not the woman’s responsibility. It is the man’s.

    1. You really are a woman. In your world view, the man has to do all the hard work, while what you consider to be hard work for women consists of getting attention, their partner showing interest, and “communication”. Here’s a shocking concept: women can also work on the relationship. Many don’t, because they are effing lazy worthless cunts.

    2. “Women also expect attention, genuine interest in them, and communication. They want to be listened to.”

      Have you heard of the garbage that can come out of some women’s mouths? You can’t expect men to communicate with them when they just cannot be communicated with. And you can’t expect men to be interested in them when they don’t have interests beyond make-up, shopping/spending money, and social media. I myself dropped this one female companion like a hot potato because she was grating on my nerves for all of the above. Everything that came out of her mouth was either superficial or a complaint, and reflected such a sense of entitlement. I’m a woman and even I can’t stand some women.

    3. Women behave like spoiled little children in the western world. That’s why i believe they shouldn’t have (equal) rights. We don’t give children equal rights to adults because they are not capable of taking the responsibility that comes with them. Women are simply not capable of carrying the same responsibility as men. So their rights should reflect that. When a child behaves badly you enforce your authority. You don’t give them candy. If you do this, they turn into little monsters. The same with women. Modern western women don’t need more entertainment by men. They need a good spanking.

    4. The thing is that woman unhappy because they have absolutely no idea what they want in a relationship.
      That is why soap operas are popular and stupid romantic films.
      Women only have irrational vague notions on what they like about a man and what they want in them.
      Men don’t go into these relationships because they are inherently insecure, these women can change their mind anytime as there are no definite aspects to be fulfilled for them to stay.
      That is why they are pumped and dumped.
      You prove this nicely.

      “Men have to constantly work to be better, stronger, smarter, faster…”
      I had a good laugh on faster.
      Guys here please pay attention!!!
      You need to improve now how fast you can run a 100m track, you better be as fast as Usain Bolt !!!

    5. Aaron – how’s your reading comprehension? I clearly wrote: “I think the bottom line is this – Many men don’t change until it is too late, and women expect too much from men (and not from themselves).”

    6. It seems you don’t even know what the sentences you write express! This is how you wrote about men: you claim they “don’t change until it is too late”, so they are supposed to change to adapt to the ever-changing wants and needs of their wives. You don’t even consider the possibility that men may also have demands on their partner. Also, you clearly put the blame on the shoulders of men (“until it is too late”), while there is, according you, no limit to the expectations women make, and no consequences either. But just imagine some downtrodden guy doesn’t want to change is personality every second month — then it’s “too late” and he gets kicked to the curb.

      Women like you are the reason there is MGTOW.

    7. “The problem with sociologists is that they draw a few plots and then they dream up some explanations that fit the data. It’s a perversions of science. ”
      Most sociologists seem to (my very humble opinion) be not that mathematically equipped. Probability theory itself is already a very hard field, and it can get abstract pretty fast when you start studying measure theory. Applying statistical models also require extensive math background and real life experience.

      So may be, a sociologist with good math background and a player of high caliber can come up with a good and objective statistical study.

    8. I’m saying that women may be like that by nature, and so it is on the man to do all the work. Again, unfortunately.

      They expect too much …

      Should the culture of expectations change? Definitely, if the theory that we are citing is true.

      If it is not true … then the cause of divorce is entirely something else. We may be wrong about everything.

      The problem is finding the cause. You and the manosphere already claim to have found the cause. I don’t buy it. I’d more likely say that the cause of rocky marriages is financial.


    9. That’s certainly part of the reason because there are plenty of women who spend way above their means, no matter how much money they would be able to get their grubby little hands on.

  32. Philberta: When it comes to R selection there is one huge difference with humans and animals. Birth control. If there wouldn’t be birth control the population would have been huge. Almost all women would be single mom’s. They would have 7 children with different daddy’s. The instinctive behaviour is still there. The end results are different because birth control let’s women behave badly without consequences. Just like the divorce laws let women behave badly without consequences. That’s wy women like feminism. It gives them the freedom to behave badly without ever having to take responsibility. All responsibility has be taken away from women and placed on men. And all authority has be taken from men. The state will always back the women. So men have become powerless when women behave badly. All women are now state property. The government is like her pimp that shakes men down whenever a woman complains.

  33. Philberta: “when things get stale and boring in the relationship .. it will fall apart.” And this is why nice guys finish last. This is why women love to fuck bad boy’s. Lot’s of excitement, never boring. Responsible, hard working, loyal and loving husband’s are boring. This is why there is no point in being one in the western world. You can do everything right as a man and still be fucked in divorce court. Your wife, your home, your money, your children, your future income, everything you worked for all your life will be gone. All because she was bored. She wasn’t happy. And now she’s justified in destroying your life. Just so she can have some excitement with the bad boy’s again. And the cucked ex-husband can pay for the party.

  34. Philberta: “it is not the woman’s responsibility. It is the man’s.” It always is in the western world. That’s why men should have authority over their family. You can’t carry all the responsibility as a man. While the woman has all the authority in the relationship. If the husband doesn’t give in to all her demands (communication). She will run to daddy government and destroy him in the family courts. She will be backed by the full power of the state. And it will be endorsed by the culture. No one will condemn her actions. Because her happyness is the only thing that matters. And if she’s not happy. It’s his fault! Fuck him. And fuck the fact that the children are growing up without their father. Her happyness is the only thing that matters. I want it all! And i want it now! I want it! I want it! I want it!

  35. “However, the mean itself doesn’t tell you all that much. It would be more interesting to know the distribution.”

    That’s a very stimulating question. How does one find out the probability density function out of a set of random variables? Correct me if I am wrong but the number of sexual partners should mean that the random variables are discrete, for it can only take values belong to the N set. That makes the distribution function to be of discrete types (or probability mass function).

  36. “Second, you don’t present a solid argument why you think I contradict myself. Third, a blog is not like a book. You can’t go through ten years of posts, dig up two seemingly related posts that had been written years apart and claim there is a contradiction. Opinions do change, and nowadays I’d say that a 20-year old with a partner count of four or more is a slut, plain simple.”

    That’s true, eternal consistency doesn’t apply to any of us. I agree very much with that. (No sarcasm intended, in case of being misunderstood).

  37. Philberta i dont know much about Nicholas H. Wolfinger. This is however coauthored with W. Bradford Wilcox. Brad Wilcox is know to use data in misleading way’s. Basically his goal is to sell marriage to men at any cost. All his work is based on twisted numbers. If men commit suicide after divorce. He will paint it like a sign that marriage prevents suicide. After all, if he was still married. He would be still alive. This is a other attempt to counter the reasons that men give against marriage. No matter how horrible the women are. No matter how bad divorce laws are. Brad Wilcox blame’s everything on immature men. And we should all trust in the lord and marry sluts. This isn’t science. It’s propaganda. If Brad Wilcox is on the paper. I’m sure it’s twisted numbers and bullshit science.

    1. There is a great reaction video on one of Brad Wilcox videos. Wilcox video was called “be a man, get married”. One of Brad Wilcox failed attempts to sell marriage to men. The reaction video was from youtuber called Turd flinging monkey. The reaction video was called “be a man, sacrifice yourself”. He rips Brad Wilcox a new one. Brad is a total cuck.

  38. Philberta: This is exactly what i told you about data. You take data from a institution that is based on ideology. Exactly what you didn’t like. Data can be used to sell ideology just as easy as words can. Institutions like this have a political agenda based on ideology. They only use data that is portraying the picture they like to sell. (you can turn sluts into housewives if you trust in the lord and donate money to our church) The data they dont like is simply trown out or twisted. They are just as bad as the feminist when it comes to twisting numbers.

  39. Philberta: You’re not here to learn about anything. You just dont like the ideas that men have about modern day women. Men will never value sluts! Get over it. Buy a vibrator and some cat’s. I’m sure daddy government will take care of you. You made your decisions, now you have to live with the consequences. No red pilled high value man will marry a reformed slut.

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