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  1. Aaron,

    Did you meet your current partner randomly(ex. met her at a bar, had a good time, kept her) or did you meet her in an environment that inherently skews to having higher quality people? Was it slow courtship or did you try to get her in the sack quickly?

    1. You should be able to easily answer those questions yourself, as they are self-evident. (No, I don’t live in a parallel universe where top-shelf women get wasted on the weekend and go home with randoms. If they did, they wouldn’t be top-shelf women.)

  2. The events in Berkeley, Charlottesville, and the Utah nurse incident prove beyond any doubt the rule of law is dead and the police are not only militarized and politicalized they know they are untouchable as their political puppet masters will protect them from their crimes. Political elites have turned the Red Guards, Antifa, of America’s cultural revolution loose. Dark days are ahead and the storm will unleash its fury in your lifetime. Question; What are you doing to prepare, or are you going to continue on with your head in the sand eating junk food and watching football?

    1. You should read about the post-WWI Germany and the Revolutions of 1918-1919. Really important historical events that are sadly overlooked by your average history textbook.
      If SHTF you can be sure that groups of Red Guards and Freikorps will clash on the streets.

  3. I’ve been thinking about something, and I just realized something. On some post made days ago, Alek asked you about what does “testing the waters” meant. I assumed that it was just a transition between the levels of intimacy between partners (from just meeting to sex), yet I realized that I left physical escalation out.
    Is physical escalation part of this concept? Things like caressing, the lingering touch, holding her by the hips would be ways to probe her interest, as if she doesn’t get upset or icky then she *could* be interested (yet that can’t be granted until sex).

    Now that I’ve wrote all this, my gut feel is telling me that maybe I’m on the right way, yet I’d like to read the opinion of more experimented men.

    1. When you want to get into a pool, won’t you check if the water is too cool or even too hot (if you are in the tropics) by tipping a toe in? There you are literally testing the waters.

      Testing the waters concerning women is also the same concept. You test whether she is cold to you or hot towards you by doing certain things akin to tipping a toe in the water.

      If she’s hot you proceed to make further tests of the water after the other till you are fucking her already (hopefully but not in any order though) and if she’s not and is cold towards you, you can decide to make another move later or move on form her entirely.


      You mentioned physical escalation. So, lets say you kiss a girl at a club and then, you can ask her to leave to home with you saying “I am thinking of leaving” for instance. If she says lets go, she’s very hot towards you and anything else is cold.

    2. That’s the reason why I asked about it a couple of times. To me how Aaron explains it… it’s kind of vague. It’s not clear where testing ends and where escalation begins. Or what is done before a single word is said, what’s after you’re interacting…

      Not that it matters really. To me it’s all escalation, from the moment you enter the same room to where you’re at home naked… Every step in between. Is it important to precisely define which part of that is “testing the waters” according to Aaron… not really.

      As long as you get the overall concept you’ll be fine. The overall concept is just move at the level she’s at, not too much, not too little, just right.

    3. Yes, testing the waters is technically the beginning of the escalation, but it can be non-physical, for instance via strong eye contact or invading her personal space, i.e. standing a lot closer to her than would otherwise be socially acceptable for a stranger.

    4. Technically, you’re constantly testing the waters. Even when she’s at your home for the first time and naked, you’re “testing the waters” to see much how you can do with her and what kinds of kinky stuff she’ll be up for (or not).

      In that sense all escalation is “testing the waters”, if you’re doing the right amount (not too much).

      – If she’s at level 4, and you do a level 5 move, you’re testing the water
      – If she’s at level 50 and you do a level 51 move, you’re testing the water

      If she’s at level 4, and you do a level 20 move (lame pua-style escalation I guess?) then you’re being a dumbass who’s playing the numbers game.

      I guess the term “escalation” has gotten a bad rap because of how PUAs use it. Like run up to a random girl and get all into her face. Or if a girl is merely social he starts going super-sexual (skipping levels).

      To me, escalation can be like Aaron said, even something as small as the eye-contact you give as you walk into the room can be escalation. What I’m starting to gather now is that “testing the waters” is actually escalation.

      Just a way to distinguish it from what PUAs call escalation (i.e. skipping levels or doing too much) versus doing it intelligently (i.e. just the amount that it takes to get the information if it will be welcome).

      It’s also in contrast to “hitting on chicks” which girls hate. I went into that here:

    1. Makes no sense to watch it! It’s like a fat person talking about loosing weight: yes it’s helpful to have a strict diet, doing sports at a certain heart rate…but there’s a difference if you just know it or if you understood it and live be it!

      Most women know they’re going to a dead end with their demands. But rather than using their brain to figure a way out, staying lazy and wishing for Prince Charming is more pleasant.

    2. Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone are not really traditional women. They just like all the attention and money that comes with it. if they were traditional they would have been married and have children. Instead they just talk about it. And i really dont believe they’re virgin’s. Basically they only increase their prices and advertise them selfs on the internet. Trying to milk the beta’s before choosing a man that can pay for their wishes more permanently. And i’m pretty sure this video is a direct reaction to mgtow. This is one of the main reasons men go mgtow and one of the most discussed issues among mgtow.

    3. And i know Lauren Southern had some discussion with some mgtow shortly before the release of this video. (getting a lot of shit and some genuine issues like this one)

    4. The only woman that’s on youtube that really walks the walk from the alt right/light that i know off is called housewife with a purpose or something like that. It’s the only one that has 5 or 6 children and homeschools them. She was also one of the first being labelled a extremist for it. She’s even banned from some sites. Just for talking about being a housewife and a mother in a more traditional role. It even made mainstream i believe.

  4. Gotta be careful with these terms “testing the waters” or “escalation”. Most important thing to note is that they are umbrella terms for numerous interaction skills that cannot be conveyed easily through words. You learn best when you do them.

    Escalation is good, as it conveys a ladder of actions. If you like, we continue, if you don’t, I will step back.

    1. Indeed, I was actually quite wary when stating my point at my comment above. I was about to use the term “vibe escalation” to talk about eye contact and stuff like that, but I thought it sounded too PUA for my taste, so I abstained from that.

    2. Yeah, that’s why it’s important to get the overall concept and get bogged down in terminology. It’s also why I prefer “levels”, as in “levels of intimacy”.

      – Intimacy isn’t binary (complete strangers vs people fucking on a kitchen table)
      – There are steps in-between (levels)

      Knowing when and how and when you can increase the level of intimacy is what you need to master.

    3. Alek, are you thinking about writing a book to better elaborate your theory on levels of intimacy?
      I think quite a few of us would be interested to dig further into this topic.

    4. @Dextter. Lol

      It’s not a theory. It’s a model. A way of describing reality. The same reality that social psychologists and athropologists have observed in mating.

      It’s also the same reality that Aaron teaches you about in his books.

      My “levels of intimacy” thing is just a different approach to trying to explain it. But it’s nothing new. It’s the same thing that Aaron or Social Psychologists describe.

    5. @ Alek Novy
      I have never come across something similar to this model is Social Psychology books. I always read the wrong books. LOL

    6. http://www.sirc.org/publik/flirt.html

      Just one link off the top of my head. If I wanted to I could spend 20 hours compiling links to studies or pages of textbooks, but I won’t. So you’ll just have to trust me on this.

      There are even docummentaries on youtube about how “human mating” works or attraction or whatever. Many of them discuss this whole concept about increasing levels of intimacy, how human females send signals, how males respond to them etc…

      It’s not exactly a far out topic. It’s pretty well-established and covered.

  5. Alek, thank you once again for your clear explanation and your patience. Because it ain’t the first time you mention this stuff. What you guys teach is the golden mean to me. PUA’s are so systematic and exact with their ‘steps’ that they can’t be taken seriously (and honestly, it just makes your brain hurt and i can’t even imagine how i used to be into it, was i mentally ill?), yet, it’s absolutely not my experience that just being ‘normal’ as in: do nothing and pussy will come to you naturally. Even if they get all wet for you, they won’t do shit most of the time. What you describe is now mainly common sense stuff to me, and a matter of social acuity. I can imagine how moving too fast can make her feel ‘easy’ or how it puts her in a position to be judged, but as we know around here, that’s just a part of ‘not fucking it up’ and definately not some kind of vague ‘game’. And if she’s attracted, she wants it to happen too, anyway. So there is some room for error. To me it’s not some genius insight, instead other men just go about it in a completely retarded way. My recent experiencies just match so precisly with what you guys teach. You are the real deal, and honestly the only fully legit ‘gurus’ i came across. Bravo!

    1. And would you believe that this stuff now feels so normal to me, yet i was into retarded manosphere/game/pua theories/you name it for years. Nothing has opened my eyes so much and improved my progress like your stuff, so ty once again for potentially saving more years of life wasted.

    2. Yeah it’s ironic isn’t it. This shit is all common sense, yet in a field of bullshit if feels “genius”… Just because charlatans dominate the fields.

      It’s like this in every area btw. I watched a docummentary on this called “experts”, and it discussed this from a psychological perspective. Apparently there’s a reason why most fields are dominated by dumbass “experts”, whereas the common sense “true experts” fade into the background and capture very little mindshare.

      It’s because common sense isn’t sexy, it’s “boring”. Minmaxers and bullshitters get attention, because common sense isn’t that interesting.

    3. “do nothing and pussy will come to you naturally”
      I’ll sit on a bench at the park and I’ll let the Universe to send the pussy to me, hahahahha.
      Ok enough shitposting, I get your point. But it’s less of “do nothing” and more about being comfortable with yourself.
      If you don’t like how you are, you’ll always think you need something else you don’t have, something to compensate your “unhottness”. Many, many times guys have told me how much of a retard I am, because when I’m with them I’m quite easy going, funny and loud, yet when I try to approach a girl I like, I become too serious, kind of try hard, kind of boring. And I must say they’re right.
      It always happens to me that the girls I don’t like or I overlook end up developing huge crushes on me, since I don’t try to put my “Oh I’m so suave and smooth and non reactive” stupid act on them, and I behave like I normally do. And when I realize this, I start to behave like a fucking retard and I start fucking up shit with them, since I start to get nervous about “now how should I make some moves with her?”
      It’s quite frustrating actually.
      BTW these 2 articles gave me the insights I expose

    4. Actually, it reminds me of that phrase of shitty self help books: instead of stepping out your comfort zone, you should enlarge it.
      And that is related with one of Aaron’s advices: find a scene/niche and focus on it.
      For example: you’re a huge cinema nerd, yet you want to get your dick wet. Whatcha gonna do?
      a.) Going to a nightclub, even if you despise them
      b.) Going to a gym, even if you rather keep you fit by sprinting at the beach
      c.) Seek events on your city related to your passion and start meeting people there
      Guess which will be more satisfying and less stressful.

  6. I came across this video of a guy trolling Southern Californians about how Trump’s kids are hunting extinct animals.


    I’ve never been any where near California, but I’m really wondering if you can actually get such a significant sample of morons like this on a daily basis?

  7. Given that we have a lot of people interested in personal development on this forum, wouldn’t it make sense to make a post on 80-20 in other areas of life?

    f.e. stock or option trading, learning a language.

    I would be especially interested in option trading. A friend of mine recommended tasty trade,which is a youtube channel.

    1. I just looked up Tastytrade. The problem I have with people like that is that I just can’t overcome the cognitive dissonance between what they pretend to be and what they are because if they are raking it in as traders, why do they bother building an online audience? That’s similar to online marketing gurus whose only products are related to their own marketing of their own products. A very prominent example is Ramit Sethi’s getting rich material. His story is that he pretended to be a finance guru, faked it until he made it and started making money off gullible idiots — and still everything he sells has nothing to do with how he makes money.

    2. To be fair, with online marketers “who only have products related to online marketing”. That isn’t always true. They use different aliases/pen names in other markets.

      Like how Eben Pagan went as “David DeAngelo” in the dating niche. A lot of online marketing gurus are of this variety yes. The kind who’s only way to make a lot of money is to sell products about making money. But it’s not all of them. Some do actually have businesses selling products in multiple industries.

    3. True, David DeAngelo’s online marketing shtick is a counter example as it’s (presumably) based on his experience marketing his dating products. On the other hand, his dating business was based not on the claim that he’s such a great seducer but that he’s read every book, attended every seminar, so you don’t have to.

    4. Aaron has made a post covering the 80/20 in most areas I’d say. And every are has been covered sometime somewhere as a comment or a forum post.

      Someone would need to track all of this down and create list linking to each though…

    5. If Aaron went through the work of finding each time he answer about the 80/20 for each area and compiled them, he could easily publish it as a book.

    6. DeAngelo isn’t a good example. I mentioned him because he’s an example people know about in these parts.

      But ever since I’ve studied IM courses (15 years now), I’ve always seen gurus sharing examples from their other niches.

      For example they’ll teach how to launch a product. And they’ll show how they launched a product for pet owners. Or for real estate or whatever. So they actually walk the walk.

      Let’s say that there are 3 types of ‘make money gurus’

      A) Some IM gurus only make money by selling make money courses. So 100% of their profit is from the make money niche.

      B) Others will do a mix where they’re into 10 different things. So they’re into selling make money products, but also involved in 9 other unrelated niches.

      They will however make most of their profit from selling products on how to make money. So, let’s say that 95% of their profit comes from selling ‘make money’s courses. And the other 9 niches only account for 5%.

      C) There are some marketers who make most of their profits in other niches and only do “make money” products on the side.

      I can see how the stereotype formed. It’s based on the first two types, but completely discounts the third type.

      And there is a fourth (D) type. There are plenty of guys who make a lot of money with IM but have never released a product on making money.

      The stereotype ignores them too. Because a C type is only a D type who decided to release a product.

      My business partner is like this. He has plenty of profit from different IM ventures. He also has this biz with me (it’s not an IM biz).

      My friend (the guy I mentioned going to expensive escorts) is doing extremely well off of IM. Never sold a product on how to make money. But he might as well.

  8. “I just looked up Tastytrade. The problem I have with people like that is that I just can’t overcome the cognitive dissonance between what they pretend to be and what they are because if they are raking it in as traders, why do they bother building an online audience? ”

    EXACTLY! It’s always the same within finance…

    Good thing about it, contrary to PUA, you can ask for an AUDITED track record.
    You don’t have one? Get outta here.

  9. Thanks for the replies guys!

    I’ll see if I can come up with a selection of posts on how this principle applies to other areas of life.

    There’s a lot of knowledge (neutralrandomthiughts on finances) on this blog so once I have collected some posts, I’ll show you my findings, so that it can be citisized.

    1. I might have to run over my ramblings and edit some stuff.
      I wrote a lot of things which were fueled by quite some unnecessary negativity. I’d say stuff differently today.
      Thx for considering my inputs though.

  10. I recall Sleazy mocked that Elizabeth something with her scammy blood-testing company. All I recall about that founder was she wore a black turtleneck like Steve Jobs.

    Seems that is the cliche now for a female tech founder to do. Wear a black turtleneck, be decent looking and oh yea, ‘fight the misogyny in Silicon Valley!’.

    I saw this cover of Wired magazine featuring the founder of Bumble (a knock-off of Tinder). I only skimmed the article (here: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/bumble-whitney-wolfe-sexism-tinder-app) but thought it funny as follows:
    1) the Bumble app is seen as some innovation but it was nothing more than a rip-off of Tinder – in fact, the female founder (who probably doesn’t code) left Tinder amid sexual harassment allegations.

    2) the article riffs on the repeated trope of “gender gap” in tech…and celebrates how the Bumble company is like 80% female (so, it’s not OK if there lots of men, but it is equal when a company is predominantly female)

    3) Bumble is about the woman making the first move (i.e. a conversation can only ensue if the woman swipes right or something). Sleazy has discussed how only the top-shelf guys really get the 80% of the women out there. I am sure this app confirms this where only Chad and Brad can get any success on this app. Hypergamy in digital real-time!

    I’m surprised Bumble hasn’t folded but I guess there are cucks backing/funding this company.

  11. I can’t believe that BuzzFeed ran this article.


    It’s about how google/Facebook censor non-leftists and the dangers of Google having so much power.

    Earlier I saw leftist publishers running pieces about google censorship and the dangers. It does seem to be a bipartisan issue. Even though google is using it’s censorship powers in favor of political correctness. Even the pc-side is like woah google is getting scary powerful… This ain’t good.

    1. So the refugeee-hugging, feminist Buzzfeed is warning us about how Google is turning into some Orwellian nightmare?
      I guess that indeed, a broke clock gives the right hour twice a day.

  12. Okay, so I just google imaged the new Miss America 2018. Every photo of her victory makes her look like a slack jaw idiot for one, but she’s honestly not any hotter than your typical 7 or 8 imo.

    And of course she took it upon herself to push her poilitical agenda, as if anyone with two brain cells to run together would take this woman seriously.

    1. There was a case were the most attractive contender of some beauty contest got disqualified after stating that she considers same-sex marriage to be wrong. I think it was a Miss California contest a few years ago.

  13. Came across this article that is funny. Microsoft developed A.I. software to create factoids based on Google news and images. The AI has been deemed sexist and racist because factoids it created confirmed gender/racial stereotypes. For example, women were associated with housework and men with innovation.

    Solution? Feed the A.I. new “facts” so that it’ll fit politically correct narratives.

    The story is here: https://mspoweruser.com/microsoft-aims-lie-ai-reduce-sexist-bias/

    Some of the comments made by readers are pretty insightful.

    1. Even from a point of view of SJW that is nonsense. It is just an AI.
      It reflects society so what is the point correcting it?
      When they always complain about sexist and racial bias and then an AI confirms their hypothesis they get mad and correct the AI.
      Liberals are retarded children.

  14. I recently came across this on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskWomen/comments/5d9alj/what_are_some_femaledominated_hobbies_that_you/

    Its a reddit where people ask questions from women and the question above is what hobbies women think men should try but are currently female dominated. The most common responses are as follows.

    Knitting, Yoga, Cooking, Horse riding (Mainly fancy riding games), Dancing (mainly ballet and shit) and Farting.

    Okay, I made that last one up. But come to think of it, women must be bored out of their lives if that’s all that they find interesting. Fuck, where are the rocketeers and engineers.

    I can think of myself going to a dancing lesson or yoga but, fuck knitting? So much for Aaron saying find a hobby with a social aspect to it.

    1. You surely know what a representative sample is. Knowing that, you may then be able to easily deduce why your sample is not representative.

    2. This relates to another point made earlier. Many young guys will spend years with a warped view of women, because feminists online pretend to speak for womankind.

      Previous related posts:



      I can’t seem to find it, but one of the open threads had links to some woman’s webaite. It was a bunch of articles about women whining about what men need to be like and do.

      If you read the articles you’d assume this is a bunch of attractive women who can get any guy they want. That’s how they phrase things, as if they’re attractive and lusted after, experienced women.

      And then you google the authors. You get a whole bunch of dykes, blue-haired masculine tomboys, etc.

      Trust me, hot petite feminine girls are not sitting online writing rants about what guys should be like.

      They’re busy hiking somewhere or doing a yoga class, dance class, business seminar or in the middle of a photography project. Not sewing at home and writing about it on Reddit.

    3. “They’re busy hiking somewhere or doing a yoga class, dance class, business seminar or in the middle of a photography project. Not sewing at home and writing about it on Reddit.”
      It’s actually the same for both men and women.
      The guys who are getting laid are the guys who are doing something useful at all instead of spending the day feeling sorry about themselves.
      I recall some thread of a depressed guy in /k/ (of all places) and one aussie told him that he was clinically depressed, and one day he just realized he was just wasting his time with therapy (he refused to take psychiatric drugs) so he started to doing shit. Hiking, camping, spending time innawoods, and suddenly he started to feel great. He got a new job, started to get dates again, and ended his post saying that life is beautiful and the best is yet to come.
      If that aussie instead of fulfilling his personal ambitions and going his own way, just stayed glued to his PC whining all night on how no one liked him, he’d end killing himself.

    4. Also, it’s not only feminist, the mainstream media also feeds men with insecurity.
      Since you’re a kid, you’re told that you must “respect” women. But as you grow up, no one tells you that, as Feynman understood, if you want sex you should “disrespect” women.
      I’ll elaborate: they tell you you should respect women, but never ever explain the difference between respecting them and FEARING them. This is specially true if you grow up with a very dominant female as a parental figure. You feel like walking on a minefield, never sure if what you’re going to say is going to piss her off.
      And then mainstream media feeds you with some distorted version of flirting. They tell you you should be a “cool” guy. A funny guy, a clever guy, a incredibly social guy. And it starts to fuck you up in the head. Just watch any romantic comedy sitcom or movie. Then you just grow up and realize that this is just bullshit. You don’t need to try too hard to be like this way or another way. That you’ll know that you’re on the right way if you and that girl stare each other, smile and your dick starts to get hard as you feel you’re on the right track.

    5. At some times, if you want to see that this girl is just a teaser or really wants a dicking, you must make riskier moves. This clashes with the “respect” brainwashing.
      “-I think I should grab her waist”
      The worst thing it could happen is that she’ll just take your hand off. Unless she has some personality disorder, most women are savvy and polite enough to not make a huge fuzz about it.

    6. I’ll elaborate: they tell you you should respect women, but never ever explain the difference between respecting them and FEARING them.

      Great point.

      The worst thing it could happen is that she’ll just take your hand off. Unless she has some personality disorder, most women are savvy and polite enough to not make a huge fuzz about it.

      Half-true. It’s only true when you’re that guy who can get away with it.

      – In many contexts I am that guy. I skip many levels and go super-sexual. Like whispering to a married chick how hard I would fuck her and how fucking out of this world her super hot body is as I trace down her waist with my fingers. All of this as her husband is in the same room… and she squeezes my arm and smiles coyly “politely rejecting me”.

      But what if I did that in a mainstream nightclub? That is a place where I have no status, and am quite a “beta”, I act and feel uncomfortable… That same approach would net me a disgusted “get away from me creep” reaction from most chicks, not just personality disordered chicks.

    7. @Alek

      Was that website you mentioned http://www.bolde.com ?

      Yeah, all the stock photos of cute models littering that website are kinda misleading….

      That site is ridiculous to the point of being hilarious if you are a guy…

    8. Cooking is a great hobby. At least, it’s a great life skill.

      Women these days are terrible in bed, terrible in the kitchen…and simply terrible in the flesh (i.e. dealing with their BS, hypocrisy, etc etc).

    9. How are they terrible in bed?

      Laziness is the most common form of sucking in bed for women. Oddly enough a lot of slutty chicks are like that. Whereas a lot of conservative women fuck like a pornstar.

    10. A slighly simplified generalization, but true enough to be interesting:

      – Chicks who dress like pornstars are like nuns in bed
      – Chicks who dress less sexual tend to fuck like pornstars in bed, on the table, against the wall etc…

      It’s almost like all of their sexuality went into appearing sexy, and none is left for the actual act.

    11. “Whereas a lot of conservative women fuck like a pornstar.”
      Also, what makes a woman terrible in bed is refusing to accept certain realities about what pleases a guy and therefore not doing it.
      I don’t know any guy who doesn’t like blow jobs. Yet I’ve met a couple of women who refuse to suck cock in bed, although we can say that oral sex is kind of a standard. It’s frustrating.
      Also, lack of reactivity in bed pisses me of (it’s quite the same what Alek calls “laziness”). So, I do all the work, she likes it, gets wet, and then I give her the chance to take over a bit, say sit on top and she behaves like “what? I gotta do somthin?”
      Oh, and riding… few can do it right.

    12. @Yarara
      That http://www.bolde.com/ link….
      Now isn’t that a retarded bunch of idiotic nonsense.
      “9 Excuses Guys Made For Not Wanting To Commit That I Was Dumb Enough To Fall For” :
      –> e.g. “I need to focus on work.”

      Yawn… typical girl shit.

  15. I recently ran into the subreddit RPW, “Red Pill Women”;

    I’m not too sure what to make of it. I appreciate that these women are real and out in the open as a contrast to the amount of feminist-leaning subreddits that there are (example: TwoXChromosomes), but these women still seem crazy and unhinged. Maybe it’s not just feminism and liberalism fucking these women in the head, it’s all of the west in general.

    1. As an example, here’s the most controversial thread in the subreddit:

      “Hobbies. Get them, now.”

      The author gives great advice to women; if your only redeeming quality is your vagina, and you spend most of your time on social media, get some hobbies and become a more intering person than a girl who replies “lol” all the time. This was met with incredible criticism in the comments section.

    2. Thanks! I’m skimming that forum right now, and I’m cracking up. Their “Tarot Tuesday” had me in stitches. If this is the most in terms of rationality Western women can muster, they should get their five cats already and give up on getting a high-quality white guy. While not all of that forum is horrible, it is very rare to come across a post where those women are brutally honest with each other. For instance, they perpetuate that they can be “even more attractive” once they are in their 30s than they were a decade earlier.

    3. seems like another “space” that women have invaded.

      Like, “oooh, men have this new red pill forum…let’s co-opt it and be different and be bad ass red pill women”.

      Seems similar to so-called “conservative” women or anti-feminist females…are they trolling for attention?

  16. Can somebody say the proportion of looks, inner game & others in attraction in percentage terms? Just curious because, I believe its 100% looks.

  17. What are some hobbies do you recommend that I take up? I have interests in Boxing and Surfing.

    I am leaning on the side of boxing as it is not required to be fit for to start it. While surfing as a chubby is a bit awkward. (I have gained a bit of weight again)

  18. Aaron,

    I had a relationship a while back that caused me a little bit of emotional/psychological damage that still pops out in current relationships I have with women.

    How does one “heal” from these? Do you believe in sexual therapists? Psychiatrists? Do I just try to “suck it up”? Writing exercises? Any advice much appreciated.

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