There are no “alpha women”

When I researched what YouTuber “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast”, a faux-conservative wall-hitting reformed slut, had produced, I came across material of hers in which she talks about “alpha women”. Presumably, in her post-wall faux-conservative mind, an “alpha woman” is the mirror image of an alpha male. I’m fairly certain she didn’t use the analogue “alpha female”, but let’s ignore such trifling details for now.

“Blonde” has a rather simplistic view of an alpha male — likes sports, shoots guns, and probably bangs a lot of women too. Thus, the equivalent presumably is a woman who, well, shoots guns, likes sports and bangs a lot of women dudes. However, the problem is that promiscuity doesn’t take much for a young attractive woman to achieve. With a poorly developed sense of judgment and no understanding of social consequences of her actions, she can add a dozen cocks a month to her list with the greatest ease, at least for a few years. In the end, the issue is that the supposed double standard related to promiscuous men versus promiscuous women isn’t a double standard. You probably all know the old joke about the master key and the shitty lock. The key that opens every lock is of great value, while the lock that can be opened by every key is utterly worthless. The allegory is rather crass, but fitting nonetheless.

In order to salvage Blonde’s claim that there are “alpha women”, one could vaguely specify alphas as “more desirable sexual partners”, but this ignores the “alpha fucks, beta bucks” dichotomy that is so common, i.e. Western whores takes it from fifty Brads and Chads in their 20s, but once they hit the wall, anyone with a steady paycheck will do. But let’s just say that an “alpha female” is a more desirable partner. There is an analogue to “alpha fucks, beta bucks” as well: sluts perform the valuable service of being willing sexual partners who are readily discarded, so that prime men can focus on something more important while they don’t yet want to settle down, while marriage-material women focus on being desirable partners for a long-term relationship, and only consider quality men. Oh, and they also aim to settle down while they are young.

The “alpha male” stands out, sometimes quite literally in the case of above-average height. The beta male is the one who is easily ignored. With women, though, it’s the exact opposite, which reveals why “alpha woman” is such an oxymoron: those women who seek attention and who throw their pussy at every alpha male who comes around are the least desirable for a long-term relationship. They essentially behave like poor parodies of “alpha men”: they drink, smoke, do drugs, and happily engage in no-strings-attached sex. However, you wouldn’t describe a woman who engages in such activities as particularly female. So, Blonde, let’s just call those Western whores what they are, i.e. trash, cum dumpsters, the cheap alternative for guys who don’t want to pay for hookers. There is nothing “alpha” about a woman who are cheap whores.

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  1. It is astonishing how the “promiscuity double standard” trope will not die. I remember a girl referring to a player I knew as a “male slut”. I was genuinely puzzled, and went on to explain how that was a nonsensical term. A slut is freely giving something away that should have value. It requires no effort, discipline, or willpower. A player, on the other hand, has to be fit, dress well, be charismatic, and put forth a lot of effort going out to clubs and initiating interactions/approaching. A chaste woman is a better analogy, as this requires effort and discipline. Even this, which is basically resisting temptation and saying “no”, doesn’t come close to the positive effort men have to put forth to be comparably top shelf-hours at the gym, years of study and hard work, and the mental toughness to put yourself out there, risking rejection.

    1. “A player, on the other hand, has to be fit, dress well, be charismatic, and put forth a lot of effort going out to clubs and initiating interactions/approaching. ”

      On a side note, one should be cautious about this particular stereotype of a player. If you are a very handsome man. IT IS INCREDIBLY EASY for you to NOT get fucked by women. It takes the same amount of discipline and…well… mental problems or whatever to not sleep with these chicks who oggle you.

      Sure, you will have to make efforts, as you are a male. But more the time you invest in, the more chicks you ever get. Your ratio of success and the quality of your gals are so high that even a guy who is doing well for himself may have a hard time struggle to understand.

      Take that from a 7 (with efforts) who has been close to one 9 and one 10 and learn tons from them.

  2. There is no such thing as an ‘alpha woman’ or an ‘alpha female’. This is because there is no such thing as an ‘alpha’, period. David Mech, who first proposed the concept of the ‘alpha male’ in his book, ‘The Wolf: The Ecology and Behaviour of an Endangered Species’, has since denounced the term, claiming that it’s untrue.

    The ‘alpha’ males you refer to here (the ones which ‘stand out’) are probably just horrible people with backwards perspectives on the world but I guarantee you that they are not ‘alphas’. That’s about all I have to say, aside from the fact that I think you’re a piece of shit and should probably be put in jail.

    1. LOL. How’s life in beta land? Personally, I think people like you who are unable to reason properly and think that insults and appeals to authority are the way to go should, at the very least, be stripped of their voting rights, because it is thanks to people like you that democracy is such a rotten form of government.

      Also, keep in mind that women normally have a pretty good idea who the “alphas” are, so even though we are no longer pack animals living in nature, it is rather clear that a few men are seen as dramatically more desirable than most others. Essentially, the top 20% of guys get all the action, the rest gets scraps. Sorry to hear that you’re in the latter category.

    2. You (ned) are missing the point in regards to alpha, it is an abstraction, just like in the gaming world people are called ‘noob’ or ‘leet’. (the bottom players, and the top players respectively, can also be used mockingly, as in ‘what a leet move’ when you do something stupid, or jokingly a good player calling himself a noob). And even withing gaming, noob and leets do show different behaviour, just like you could ascribe certain modes of behaviour to alpha and beta’s. (For example, go read the ‘playing to win’ article by David Sirlin. He is just showing you can go from ‘noob’ to ‘leet’).

      And just like in gaming, some of the good players are indeed assholes, and some are genuine nice people. Just like with alpha’s and betas.

      For example, I think people who think that others should be put in jail just for being pieces of shit, are also pieces of shit themselves. Being an asshole should not be illegal, if it is, everybody will end up in jail.

    3. Saying there are no alphas is saying there are no dominance hierarchies which is patently false.
      In most species small number of males mate with majority of females. Such subgroup of males is labeled alpha males.

      In human affairs things are more complex because we have multiple dominance hierarchies ie there’s more than one way to be attractive. Some men are well-built while others make a lot of money or have status in specific niches.

    4. @you proved the point in the second paragraph of your comment. That’s exactly why there’s no such thing as alphas in humans.

    5. So David Mech is the end all be all of opinions? How about you think independently. And ya there is definitely no such thing as an alpha female. The term alpha will always be an everchanging term based on the evolution of societal needs. Alpha=adaptable & successful

  3. You know why there’s a double standard regarding the slut subject? Easy. The women who should be slut shaming bad boys with multiple baby mamas are instead banging them.

  4. Whenever I hear the term “alpha female” the image that comes to my mind is of women with male alpha traits – ambitious, competitive, driven, real career women (as opposed to those who just wanna check boxes in the feminist game of Life) I know a few, but they are certainly a minority. In my experience, they are also sexually proactive, not unlike alpha men.

    Problem is, its these traits are rather masculine and not attractive to men. And betas will have little to offer them, or worse, be scared shitless because they outrank them in power, money and success.

  5. I imagine that alpha woman is used as a synonym for being the woman with the most power and influence in a group. She’s attractive, smart, savvy, successful, desired by men, admired by women. When she speaks, people listen. She may or may not have sex with many men, but she understands that this detail is her business only.

    1. You are fantasizing because such women don’t exist. You think of a dominant man and imagine what a woman in his place might look like. Also, men don’t give two shits about successful women. Put the most accomplished woman you can find next to a cute 20 year-old, and 99.9% of men would rather fuck the latter. Young, cute, IQ of around 100 beats out “smart, savvy, successful”, and old hands down.

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