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Example of a Western woman who got what she wanted

I currently enjoy the luxury of being able to walk to work. It’s quite a perk. Between my apartment and my office there is a kindergarten. Unsurprisingly, it is not an all-white one. I couldn’t care less, but the other day, I made a rather peculiar observation.

First I noticed a young girl, maybe three or four years old, happily strolling up the street. Based on her skin and facial features, I assumed that her parents were white and Middle Eastern. What baffled me was that she was seemingly on her own, which struck me as rather irresponsible. Then the kid turned around and shouted, “Mommy!”, of course with an accent. Then I realized that the woman walking a few meters behind her was not just a random passer-by.

This is where things get interesting. That woman looked as if she was in her mid to late thirties. Her nose seemed to have just been bandaged, but that wasn’t the worst. Neither was it her facial expression, which was one of doom and gloom. She looked like a broken, beaten down woman who had lost the will to live. The much bigger problem was that she couldn’t walk properly. Her right knee was bent inward, and she dragged her right foot. In order to walk, she took a step with her left foot, and then dragged the other leg. It seemed there was an issue with her right knee as well as with her right ankle. After her damaged leg was in front, she took another step forward. She was not able to walk in a straight line. If anything, the direction of her movement resembled a rather stretched out and squashed sine wave. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

I am now wildly speculating, but my interpretation was that her messed up leg and seemingly broken nose were not due to an accident. If I were to bet, I’d say that she is in a relationship with a muzzy who rules over her with an iron fist. She may have thought that she could boss around a brute from the Middle East just like she used to boss around Western wimps. Yet, Mohammed back at her place probably wasn’t having any of that.

I would be very surprised if my assumption was incorrect. While I am far from wanting to express schadenfreude (no, seriously!), I wonder what is going on in the head of such a woman. She probably went from decades of irresponsible behavior, to which she had been actively encouraged to, to being shackled to a guy who just punches her in her face and breaks her leg if she questions traditional gender roles. She’s still lucky, though. German newspapers are full of muzzies who just slaughter their girlfriends or wives in the name of “honor”.

In no society in the world, and at no other time, did women enjoy freedoms like in the Western world in the 20th century. It seems they have forgotten how vulnerable they are. Heck, there are plenty of ditzes who think that women are at least as strong as men. So, everything is peaceful and quiet, life is swell — and then they invite hordes of men from a barbaric culture into their country who consider it adequate to slap and kick and punch and rape and stab women. Great job, ladies, really great job!

14 thoughts on “Example of a Western woman who got what she wanted

  1. I have said, and so have many others, that the freedom and “power” of women exist only at the hands of lazy or graceful men. If we really wanted to men could take that power back in the blink of an eye and women would be totally powerless to stop us. Stuff like this proves us right. The typical woman would be down in a single punch to the face. Unfortunately for them the pendulum will swing the other way some day, and woe to smart ass women when it does.

    1. “Unfortunately for them the pendulum will swing”

      Ah… as much as I want that to happen, everytime I see a backlash prediction, be it against feminism or muzzies, I just… I mean… based on what? The pussified men out there? You can’t even get them to vote AfD, let alone do something revolutionary.
      I know that in our hearts we want to be strong and commanding, but the brainwashing is too deep.

      I’d be happy if you can give some good reason to believe that the turnaround will come.

    2. Ah… as much as I want that to happen, everytime I see a backlash prediction, be it against feminism or muzzies, I just… I mean… based on what? The pussified men out there? You can’t even get them to vote AfD, let alone do something revolutionary.

      No revolution or societal change has ever required a majority of people getting involved. It only requires a strong passionate minority. Most people just go along with whomever wins a battle.

      The battle itself might be fought between 1% of the population fighting for one side, another 1% fighting for the other side, and the other 98% just watching from the sidelines.

    3. Because history shows the pendulum always swings back the other way. Nations and peoples rise up and fall. Its the way things work. May not happen in our lifetime, may not happen in 10 lifetimes, but eventually it will happen.

    4. The pendulum swings back and forth until it no longer does. Plenty of societies have collapsed.

    5. Aaron
      You have written about your thoughts on leaving western Europe in the face of its colapse.
      Was/is Russia actually an option for you?
      Any thoughts?
      Thank you.

  2. Complacent times create complacent people. Complacent people create hard times.
    The West is in decline and I think within two or three decades (Western & Northern) Europe will look like a third world country. We survived two World Wars, however the muzzies will destroy us. In one month, Germany will elect a new government. The only political party which is against muslim immigraton (Alternative fuer Deutschland) right now is at 8% in the polls. 92% of those in the voting booth will mark their cross at ‘more of them, please’.
    It’s a rather depressing fact. Once those shitheads realize what they have done, it’ll be too late.
    Has anyone read Michel Houellebecq’s Soumission? I think the scenario described in the book will sooner or later hit us.

    1. Soumission is on my reading list. Houellebecq has the advantage of living in France, so extrapolating from their current status quo to a dystopia in which Islam is the majority religion was a lot easier for him than it would have been for someone living in the US or even Germany when he was writing it.

  3. she won’t dare inform the authorities tho. she knows better than to try that.

    domestic violence accusations only work when the accused is innocent. when he’s guilty, that’s when the standard of decorum he held himself to evaporates. that’s when shit gets real.

    1. Domestic violence accusations only seem to work if the true or alleged perpetrator is a “cisgender” white male. We have been moving towards a two-tiered legal system in which protected minorities are above the law. There was a story according to which a Swedish man got imprisoned because he cuddled with a drunk chick after a party who first wanted that but later changed her mind, while rape is apparently seen as part of truly shocking cases in Germany recently, for instance.

  4. The kind of western women that would enter into relationships with Muslim refugees are either post wall women looking for fuck boys in a controlled environment (refugee camp), or women with serious psychological issues. There are not a pile of women seeking ethnic guys with no money and a readiness to physically abuse them.

    1. That woman was of prime wall-hitting age. Also, note that in some Western countries, in particular Sweden and German, women are so brainwashed that some actively seek out relationships with refugees.

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