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Why Jessica Alba and Megan Fox no longer get decent roles

Earlier today I searched online for a phrase similar to “why do modern movies suck so much”, based on my observation that I don’t care at all about movies anymore. SJW remakes of classic franchises, think of the Ghostbusters fiasco or Star Wars: Rogue One just sicken me, but it’s not just that. I simply have the impression that there are hardly any standout movies anymore. They are a mere commodity nowadays. My search unearthed a video by Rob Ager with the title, “26 reasons why post-millennial movies are so awful”. You can listen to it the next time your sexy Pinay maid unzips your pants cleans your house. For now, keep reading! I found myself nodding to Rob Ager’s analysis, but even better were two suggestions in the YouTube sidebar. They promised an analysis why former sex symbols Megan Fox and Jessica Alba no longer land great roles. Both videos are embedded further below.

My addition of the adjective “former” already gives away the surprise. The obvious reason why those women no longer get great gigs is simply because all they had to offer on screen were their looks. In my opinion, Megan Fox has always been overrated. You don’t recall Megan Fox? Teenage boys and adolescent men went crazy for her due to one particular scene in one of the Transformers movies. No, I haven’t watched them, but I’m familiar with that scene:

Is that it?

The (former) appeal of Megan Fox probably has a lot to do with the fact that the US population is rather obese. I don’t think she’s particularly remarkable, but maybe she’s just not my type. What is the obvious reason why Megan Fox no longer gets good roles? Could it have anything to do with the fact that she’s getting older and is aging badly? According to the following YouTube video, that line of reasoning is a complete no-no:

But what about Jessica Alba? I only heard about her because a lot of PUA guys back in the day were salivating over her. I even recall a clip of a David DeAngelo seminar where one of the attendees claimed he chatted up Jessica Alba in a night club in LA and was proud that his “opener” got him to have a conversation with a star for half a minute or so. I have my doubts that Hollywood A-listers mingle with the hoi polloi in those clubs, but that’s the least of the problems with the story of that loser.

Anyway, Jessica Alba raked in millions for being a hot chick. That worked fine as long as she was young and perky, but that’s no longer the case. I think she was well past her prime when PUAtards salivated about her, but that’s another story. Why can’t Jessica Alba get good roles anymore? According to the next videos there are a lot of reasons, but none has anything to do with Jessica Alba hitting the wall.

However, let’s not pity those women too much. They’ve made their millions. Now they only have to get through the rest of their lives. I wonder what it’s like to go from sex symbol to hitting the wall. It can’t be pretty. But, hey, maybe a few more trashy tattoos help? Some more honesty would help, too. I shudder at the thought that there are millions of people who have watched the two videos above who may not be able to question the drivel they have been exposed to. Maybe spelling out that actresses who attempt to build a career merely on sex appeal won’t stay in the business for long is a “hate fact”. How is Scarlett Johansson doing, by the way?

12 thoughts on “Why Jessica Alba and Megan Fox no longer get decent roles

  1. @Sleaze:
    You probably know this well: Megan Fox used to have (multiple?) facial surgery already. Funny enough, I found her style of makeup hides some nice feature of her original face.

    What’s wrong with Hollywood? Why can’t they ever promote an image of a woman who is very feminine, honest and loyal to her man? Or a woman who has strength and patience to raise her children in the absence of the father (think of him travelling far away to earn more money?) What about an intelligent female prototype who have doubts to engage in meaningless sexes with the “bros” and instead look for a good husband, and contrast that to a young beautiful chick who destroys her life through a life of partying, drinking and fucking?

    Too boring, I guess, too “innocent”, I think, even too inconceivable to fucktards, I believe? But it’s all nonsense anyway. Movies nowadays are more about milking money from the audience rather than serve as a tool to directly reflect the pathetic conditions of the current US society. Art imitates cash, rather than life, so to speak.

    On a more positive note, Alba sounds like (may just be a facet) a rather self-conscious person. Quite better than tons of other hotties who aren’t so hot off the camera.

    1. My baseline assumption is that every attractive woman in Hollywood, including those that are pushed on us as allegedly being attractive, have undergone cosmetic surgery.

      Jessica Alba is close to entering menopause. Thus, her looks have been fading. She is probably savvy enough to realize that this is indeed happening. She is probably a lot smarter and ambitious than Megan Fox, too, as evinced by the (scammy) company she launched.

    2. Marlene Dietrich knew fairly well, why she locked herself up inside her Paris apartment and completely shunned the public light after she quit her career in 1975.

    3. Comparing Dietrich and these chicks is a bit far-fetched. The former still retained grace, a relic of the old culture where actresses should be educated and elegant, while the latter are just…well, ordinary.

      If you seek to mock the natural fact that women fade through time then what else can one say but state that it is simply natural. Do most aging women deserve to be mocked and ridiculed?

      Women thrive primarily through their looks. That’s how society judge them, that’s how MEN judge them. So there is nothing to mock them, unless they are doing something shady or damaging.

    4. I don’t think we are mocking women per se. Instead, the issue is that the MSM pretend that age is a non-issue for women, even though reality is much closer to the exact opposite.

    5. Yeah, but I am replying Lucretius on comparing Dietrich to these 2 girls. What’s the point?

    6. I think there is some schadenfreude in the observation that “women age like bread” hence I do use such kind of statements with a mocking tone myself.
      Reason is, that girls had much more attention than boys in their early teens and, and that’s the relevant point, they are very well aware of it and shove it down the boys throat – either in a direct or in a passive aggressive way. So now that they are in their late twenties and on Facebook it is as someone pushed a switch and they suddenly look old, yes I will employ a mocking tone. The pendul has swung, and now you wall-hitting cunts, you’ll see how it feels like to receive little to no attention.
      Why is this justified? Well, bevause not all of them where like that. Some girls became sexually active much later and had a healthy distance to boys and hence displayed less of that sexual vibe early on and did not make us 15 year old boys feel like worthless unsocialized retards. My two only female friends are like that – late bloomers and conservative.
      So, yes, you retarded whores, go cry about nature being mean to you, cry yourself to sleep reading feminist blogd, with a bowl of icecream in one hand and with the other caressing your two cats. Fucking delusional crybabies.

    7. @ Isidia: no, I didn’t mention La Dietrich in oder to compare her to those other women as far as their respective acting talent were concerned.
      No, I immediately thought of Marlene, because she must have been VERY aware of her own fading beauty and being the self-disciplined Prussian that she had always been, must have made the conscious decision to protect her public image and her legacy for the future from being stained by pictures of herself ageing and turning more and more frail…

  2. You already raised this in your reply, Sleazy…no need to feel sorry for Alba since she raised loads of cash for her “honest” company. (I think it had a $1 Billion valuation…yikes).

  3. Meagan Fox was always cast for her looks, did not have any great acting talent, and was not known to be easy to work with. Her career was always going to have a best before date. Jessica Alba might have some acting ability but is not a consistent box office winner. She has not done a lot of dramatic work outside of action films, so as she matures it would be harder to transition into age appropriate dramatic roles. And lif you are doing roles like Spy Kids, it is pretty clear you are taking roles to pay bills.

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