TIME has no clue about “German parenting”

TIME recently published an article in which a reporter enthusiastically writes about “German parenting”. Sadly, she is incredibly mistaken, so I am going to set the record straight. We’re off to a bad start already:

The first time I went to a playground in Berlin, I freaked. All the German parents were huddled together, drinking coffee, not paying attention to their children who were hanging off a wooden dragon 20 feet above a sand pit. Where were the piles of soft padded foam? The liability notices? The personal injury lawyers?

The writer omits that she most like witnessed a gaggle of tatted up single mothers who sat together, ramming ice cream down their throats, drinking beers, and smoking cigarettes if not weed. That is based on my experience in Berlin. The moral decay is utterly astounding, but to a hip TIME reporter from Williamsburg or some other “hip” neighborhood none of that may seem objectionable. Those single moms just don’t give a shit. They may not even panic if little Matthis chases after a football but returns with a used hypodermic needle that was discarded by a junkie and asks his utterly worthless mother what that is. After all, rampant drug abuse is part and parcel of living in an utterly degenerate city.

In order to substantiate my claim of moral decay in Berlin, I dug up some statistics. Sadly they are only available with German headings, but I’ll translate for you guys. Here is data for 2014, published in 2015 (source):

This table shows, in 1,000s, the number of married couples (“Ehepaare”), single parents (“Alleinerziehende”), unmarried couples (“Lebensgemeinschaften”). Of particular interest is the rubric families with children under the age of 18 (“Familien mit Kindern unter 18 Jahren”). The columns represent, in order, data for 2006, 2010 and 2014. This shows that there are almost as many single parents as there are married couples, which is quite staggering. Also, in Berlin there is a rather clear segregation between the creative crowd rabble and the better-off. The latter are heavily concentrated in the Western part, in areas such as Wilmersdorf or Steglitz-Zehlendorf. In the “trendy” parts of Berlin, though, you will see many more tatted up single mothers than well put-together couples.

In order to visualize the trend, here is data for 2015, published in 2016 (source). This is the latest data set available.

The updated data breaks out unmarried couples (“Lebensgemeinschaften”). The columns represent data for 2007, 2011, and 2015. Also, note that it is legal for homosexual couples to register their relationship with the authorities. They are also allowed to adopt children. Given how “progressive” Berlin is, probably a significant part of those are not traditional man/woman pairings. Further, note that homosexuals are allowed to marry in Germany, so reality may be even worse for society than those numbers imply, which are shockingly bad already.

The space cadet from TIME continues:

Contrary to stereotypes, most German parents I’ve met are the opposite of strict. They place a high value on independence and responsibility.

True, they most certainly are the opposite of strict. They have nothing but disdain for law and order, as a matter of fact, and think that their monthly welfare cheque is what they deserve because the evil capitalists are keeping them down. Those people are lazy unproductive leeches. No, they don’t “place a high value on independence and responsibility”. Instead, they are irresponsible and don’t give a shit about their kids. There are so many single moms around that there are multiple dating portals just for that clientele. Instead of pining for the next cock, though, those women would be better advised to raise their children properly. Oh, wait, that’s a catch-22. How would the dregs of society be able to raise productive members of society. Ah, nevermind.

Onward, comrades:

Don’t push reading. Berlin’s kindergartens or “kitas” don’t emphasize academics. In fact, teachers and other parents discouraged me from teaching my children to read.

That is the case because they are lefties who detest academic achievement. In the better-off parts of Berlin, though, the exact opposite happens and parents actively intervene to make sure their kids do well in school. Plenty of parents even pay exorbitant school fees to keep their kids out of rotten publicly funded schools. Who in their right mind would be proud to raise idiot children? Lefties, on the other hand, don’t seem to see the problem.

The apologies just keep coming:

But even in first grade, academics aren’t pushed very hard. Our grade school provides a half-day of instruction interrupted by two (two!) outdoor recesses. But don’t think this relaxed approach means a poor education: According to a 2012 assessment by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, German 15-year-olds perform well above the international average when it comes to reading, math and science while their more pressured American counterparts lag behind.

Here’s a newsflash: those idiot children of idiot leftist parents never catch up. That biased reporter from TIME magazine either deliberately tries to deceive her readers or is just plain stupid when she conflates the performance of German high school students in PISA 2012, which was hardly great, with the performance of children in Berlin. The latter seem to learn very little. For instance, there was a minor scandal recently when it emerged that the general examination for 10th graders included a question that asked them to create the largest three-digit number possible, given the input 2, 3, and 6. Each digit has to be used once, and all digits have to be used. Obviously, the result is 632. Here is a source, in German, with a leftist apologist that tries to claim that this task was a lot more difficult than it might appear.

It gets worse and worse:

Most grade school kids walk without their parents to school and around their neighborhoods. Some even take the subway alone. German parents are concerned about safety, of course, but they usually focus on traffic, not abductions.

As most of you may be aware of, the left is big on pedophilia. Berlin is so degenerate that front organizations for pedophiles can persist for years before anybody questions what they are doing. (On a side note, sexually abusing children is called “pedophilia”, while raising concerns that muzzies are slaughtering us in our streets is “islamophobia”. Do you notice something?) In my view, part of the push of the left to dissolve the family unit is motivated by their desire to rape little children. It’s rather ingenious: families would offer protection, but a doped out single mom who is too busy chasing after cock from low-quality men may not even notice that her little boy or girl has been targeted by a gang of pedophiles for years. How did you think Rotherham could happen?

If anything, Berlin is a great example of what happens to society once morals break down completely. It’s the canary in the coal mine for Western society as a whole.

11 thoughts on “TIME has no clue about “German parenting”

  1. “In my view, part of the push of the left to dissolve the family unit is motivated by their desire to rape little children.”

    Is this similar to the end times of the Roman Empire, I wonder?

  2. I used to reside in Berlin more or less from 2004 until 2012.
    Being an infrequent visitor today I can only watch in utter amazement at how degenerate and rotten its institutions and the overall appearance of its streets and public transport have become.

    This TIME-article of course is disseminating classic Leninist disinformation, kudos to the Sleaze for dissecting that. The writer itself is probably even too much of an IYI dumbass to know what disinfo actually means and/or who Lenin was.

    One of the most striking details of the piece is the mentioning of the “coming of age”-ritual of “Jugendweihe”, a tradition continued from the East-German communist state, and still performed by leftist “non-profit youth organisations” in the Eastern districts of Berlin: “Jugendweihe happens when a child turns 14. It involves a similar ceremony, party, and gifts, marking the next stage of growing up. With all the negativity heaped on adolescents, there’s something to be said for this way of celebrating young adulthood.”

    This of course shows very clearly, that her horizon of observation was very much centered around the remnants of the former East-Berlin way of life – maybe because foreign journalists still believe the rumors, that the former shabby Eastern districts are still the vibrant places to go for a “fun, progressive Berlin experience”.

  3. Did I stumble onto some alt-right website or something? Is this considered professional journalism, dripping with judgement (wait, isn’t journalism supposed to try for impartiality, unless it’s specifically an editorial? I am a tatted up single mom, and a child development major, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from renowned professors in the field, who had ample opportunity to observe my parenting style. The reason I’m not married to my daughter’s dad is that I’m not willing to consign everyone involved to a life of miserable disharmony; rather, even though it’s an enormous amount more effortfull this way, the healthiest choice for our family, is to be a two-household family. By choice. Because my child’s mental health and happiness are incalculably more important to me, than the “terribly terrible tragedy” of some really really outdated societal prejudices. Oh, and just FYI, the national average in the US for single parents? According to the International Business Times, 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 in the US are being raised by single parents. But by all means, sprain your hand in your exhuberance to go pointing fingers. And by the way, my parents stayed married “for the kids” and I begged them to divorce from age 11 on, because we were all utterly miserable, every single day, until they finally split up when I was 17, and my life was able to really begin, giving me my first chance at waking up in the morning with a reasonable expectation that it wouldn’t be a terrible day. So yeah, you might wanna ask yourself what the hell is wrong with you, and consider working on developing some journalistic integrity. Also, probably stop watching Fox”News”. You probably still believe in Wellfare Queens as well. Actually, they all get to fly around on solid gold unicorns; it’s not actually an extremely low-paying full-time job, requiring a minimum of 30hrs a week, work, school, or volunteering at an officially recognized charity. Bother to research, for yourself, before regurgitating what you hear on Republican Talk Radio, and see what happens…who knows, you might surprise yourself by saying something intelligent, at some point

    1. Thank you for your contribution, Sarah. I will respond to you in a separate article. Doesn’t the mere thought make you feel special?

    1. Robert E. Lee owned slaves, whipped slaves, and broke apart slave families. While he disapproved slavery, felt it was the best institution to deal with the different races. During his northern campaigns, he did send free blacks back to the south as slaves. He also broke his oath to fight for the Confederacy, which was primarily about protecting the “peculiar institution”. So, while he was in no way a “Stalin”, he is probably not really qualified for sainthood.

    2. @ Clarke: fair enough, but all of this is nothing more but history. It’s well-known agitprop tactics to derail a discussion and move it away from current pressing issues towards e.g. past gobbledygook.
      Let General Lee rest in peace.

      A much more interesting question would be: what is the liberal left trying to obscure by making use of such tactics? Could it be that they actually have no valid arguments pro bono on behalf of their own agenda? That they need to conceal that and run their ridiculous identity politics scheme instead?

  4. @Clarke: What about this bollock:
    ” “that Confederate monuments have become symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism.”

    What does Lee have anything to do with neo-Nazism?

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