Stefan Molyneux vs a total cuck

Here is another Stefan Molyneux interview I recently listened to. A couple, consisting of a cuck and a slut, is calling in, and they ask Stefan for his opinion on letting the woman get plowed by lots and lots of guys who, I don’t know how, would also want to get involved in the upbringing of the children of the cuck and his slut. All of this is supposed to be good for family life. In short, the slut essentially wants to do the single-mother thing, while the cuck lives with her regardless and presumably opens his wallets for the slut and all the garbage-tier men she wants to fuck in his house.

Overall, the conversation is quite entertaining, as the cuck makes the most ludicrous statements. For instance, he claims that it may be “better for the children” if there are lots of dudes around the house who ram his wife in the marital bed.

To be quite honest, though, I think this call is staged. The prime reason for my assumption is that the dynamics between the cuck and the slut are off. At one point, the conversation switches to being exclusively between Stefan and the cuck, while the slut made some rather outrageous claims before that. It is simply implausible that she would just sit there and completely refrain from chiming in at all, once Stefan zeroes in on the cuck. Also, the cuck offers almost zero opposition in the conversation. His role is confined to setting up straw men, which Stefan knocks down one after the other.

Also, the cuck sounds a lot like one of Stefan’s sidekicks. Remember that he as a view videos where it sounds as if it’s the same guy calling in. It is furthermore strange that the cuck’s voice is a lot clearer. It’s almost as if he’s in the same studio as Stefan, while the slut is the one calling in. (Why wouldn’t they sit in front of the same microphone?) My bet is that this is a completely staged call. It’s still fun to listen to it, though.

3 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux vs a total cuck

  1. not sure if I should lose respect for molyneux for being a charlatan or if I should respect him more for basically putting on a little cuck minstrel show.

    1. I don’t know, but Stefan is to me like any stand up comedian. If the jokes are funny per se, but the guy just has a way of talking/acting/delivering which doesn’t ring with me then I can’t stand him. If I was to read Patrice O’Neal’s script of Elephant in the Room, I’probably laugh very little, but when delivered it on stage… different story.
      I managed to go through very little of Stefan’s videos.
      The ones on gun control were interesting, though.

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