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Video of migrant invasion in Spain

The timing of this post is somewhat unfortunate as it is overshadowed by an act of cultural enrichment that is currently in the news, the 2017 Las Ramblas attack in Barcelona. There are some videos floating around which you may not want to watch if you’ve just eaten.

Another video related to Spain made the rounds a few days ago. In it, you’ll see a boat chock-full of Africans landing on a beach at a tourist resort. Within seconds, they are gone, enriching Western society. It’s quite something:

Of course, libshits will now proclaim that we need to help those people because they are all doctors and engineers. Needless to say, though, any even remotely qualified African would be able to get legally into Europe. Companies would bend over backwards to hire them. Well, what does that imply about the not-at-all diverse group of guys in the video above?

4 thoughts on “Video of migrant invasion in Spain

  1. The whole situation wanna makes me puke, and idk whats more sad: politican and ppl who are in charge that lack commonsense or the fact that here in germany is election campaign and the young generation (generation y) is unconcerned as ever:

    Sorry that the video is only in German, but 4 ppl with their youtube channel had the chance to interview angela. Everyone had 10 minutes to ask questions, but if you think they’ve asked her challenging questions i have to disappoint you. not even one. Questions about Macron, Erdogan, electromobility, her favorite emoji and one about the fear of the 3rd world war. But Angela Merkel could reassure every one that she has everything under control.

    Keep in mind: Each one of them has a youtube channel with hundred of thousands ppl that follow. The young generation does not care whats going on, they just wanna get told everything is fine.

    1. @ Daniel: Yeah, I watched it as well. With this ridicolous charade of an interview it’s hard to decide what’s more painful about it: watching and listening to all those moron “digital natives” asking the “questions” or to the incredibly unsophisticated and inane babble which German Ma’am Chancellor utters, reminding us all of her humble, East-German communist upbringing… *puke*

      @ Sleazy: Stumbled upon this tourist beach video, too. I find it quite fascinating in that there’s has a slightly surreal quality about it – watching all those coloured “conquerors” suddenly arrive as if they were coming from outer space right into the lazy vacation scenery of the European Mediterranean… only to completely vanish after a few moments… and the vacation routine continuing as if nothing remarkable had ever occured…

  2. In fairness, the terrorist attacks were carried out by legal residents from the looks of it, but wow, those STEM immigrants sure cleared the beach fast. This has been a big problem and it is getting a lot worse now.

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