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Stefan Molyneux vs Single Mom Trainwreck

I listened to a few of Stefan Molyneux videos last week. One of the stand-outs was the following, which is so bizarre that you might question whether it is real. To be honest, with a few of his calls I have my doubts. In this call, you’ll get the following:

– single mom in her 40s
– raised by a single mom who was “great” (apparently code for “human garbage”), according to her
– lost her virginity at the age of 15
– total whore in her 20s
– kept banging dudes in her 30s, but understandably only low-quality ones
– claims to have had sex with 60+ dudes in total, thus the real number is probably well above 100
– believed that she has to put out to get a guy into a relationship, even though she repeatedly made the experience that she just gets pumped and dumped

The list just goes on and on. What I find so amusing, and tragic at the same time, is that she slowly unpacks how incredibly messed up her life is. The call starts with a single mom who has made a few bad decision and ends up with a single mom who made one colossal blunder after another, unable to learn anything at all from her repeated mistakes, which often were due to her pussy getting wet for garbage-tier men. It seems that not having a father around is even worse for girls than for boys.

The video is about an hour and a half in length, and well worth listening to the next time you watch your five hot maids clean your swanky downtown bachelor pad in lingerie. Stefan makes one statement I vehemently disagree with, but that will be the topic of another post.

7 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux vs Single Mom Trainwreck

  1. Another sad confession from an American Indian girl:

    Applying the same line of reasoning of Stephen Molyneux, you obviously know 18 since 17 may sound highly improbable.

    Two thing stands out is that she couldn’t make it because she is an Indian, other “progressive” friends got away because they are mostly white.

    Another thing is:
    “I didn’t actually do it to spite Indian men or anything like that. I did what a lot of my white female friends did; I thought I was the same as them, but that could be farther from the truth. Most white guys I ran into wanted white wives.”

    No, she was not acting out of spite for Indian guys, she just despises them first, desires them later.

    That quality is not uniquely indian, it can be extended to China and Far East Asia.

    Fuck the Asian unicorns some guys love riding on.

  2. which is so bizarre that you might question whether it is real. To be honest, with a few of his calls I have my doubts.

    Note that the calls are not random. It’s not a call-in show where random people call-in. They pick from a list of thousands of people. The people write in weeks or even months in advance telling their story before they get asked to phone in.

    So they choose the most bizarre people to make for a good show.

  3. “Note that she, by her own admission, has “only” been with 18 guys.”

    Yeah, and long term relationship and all. How else can you react under intense shame?

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