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“Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” versus The Wall

I bitched about YouTuber “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” in not one, but two previous post. There is more truth to be mined, the most pertinent one of which is that Western women age really, really, really poorly.

When I first came across Blonde, I wondered why she dresses like a teenager. She should know that it looks ridiculous. Girls can be cute. Older women with beautiful features who are in shape can still be a little bit cute, but will be less so than their former teenage self. However, aging women of at best average features who are out of shape certainly aren’t cute. Look at her:


If a cute skinny 14 year-old would walk around with that kind of top and a necklace spelling “Blonde”, or her name, or whatever, it would be cute, possibly even endearing. However, looking at that YouTuber, it is rather obvious that she never was cute in her life. In particular, her chin is unsightly. To be completely frank, I think she looks busted.

A lesson a lot of aging Western women don’t seem to ever learn is that showing a lot of skin and putting on a thick layer of make-up don’t turn an ugly duckling into a swan. I think the biggest issue aging Western women have, which wrecks their appearance, is their skin, which so easily gets flabby. Cellulite is a whole ‘nother can of worms. Exercising and putting the effing fork down help, but, hey, who would ask an aging fattening Western woman to make such a sacrifice? She’s got to cuddle with tubs of ice cream while watching re-runs of Scrubs.

Here is “Blonde” in all her flabbiness:


She claims to be in her late 20s. If that’s true, then she’s been aging really poorly. Based on those pictures, I’d say she is in her early to mid 30s. Still, put a 30 year-old Asian woman next to her, and you’d mistake her for Blonde’s daughter, age-wise.

2 thoughts on ““Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” versus The Wall

  1. Blonde is yet another female sensing the gynocentric gravy train is in danger of grinding to a halt and is changing manipulation tactics to keep that from happening. A chameleon of the highest order. What else is new?

  2. Notice the developed eye bags, plastered over. She is way too old for bangs but it hides the slouchiest side of her face. She has been ignored by men for awhile and created a shtick to get attention.

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