Now we got blacks in Lord of the Rings

When I recently looked into new video games to play, I came across an article that praised how “progressive” some mainstream studio was for adding black dudes to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe. The game in question is Middle Earth:Shadow of War. Now, I love progressive causes as much as the libshit next door (no, not really), but that is downright ludicrous. Tolkien didn’t have black dudes in his books, so why should it be seen as laudable to add some after his death? That poor guy! He’d spin in his grave faster than Hitler if he knew about communism having taken over Europe.

But let’s just run with the diversity theme for a bit. Apparently white dudes can’t be among themselves anymore because “dat’s raycis”. Yet, to get some real diversity, why don’t we start shoving white dudes into purely black dudes groups? How about adding a token whitey to an all-black basketball team? Hey, who cares if he lowers average performance? We don’t care about the reverse in our schools either. Or how about putting a token white dude into the next interracial porn that has ten black dudes running a train on some white Western whore? “Here, token white guy, now you go ahead!” It would be downright ludicrous, probably even more ludicrous than wrecking Tolkien’s legacy in the name of progressivism.

10 thoughts on “Now we got blacks in Lord of the Rings

  1. My comment doesn’t involve video games, but I’m reminded of Hermione being played by a black actress in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. JK Rowling was all for it as the actress was supposedly the best person for the job, and the books also “don’t explicitly mention her race or skin colour”. Many other examples abound, and we may also have a black James Bond next.

    1. … mind you, a female black, muslim, disables James Bond-ess, who drives an electric car, eats organic food, and has violent lesbian “relationships” with girls with unshaved armpits and dyed blue hair.

  2. Maybe I’m going to lose street creds in this blog by saying this (LOL), but I’ve been a fan of the Harry Potter books and Rowling’s aforementioned statement was what drove me to give up hope on her as a person.

    First of all, the official introductory pictures for the chapters in the books depicted Hermione as white more than a few times. Second, the bitch made sure to allude to the ethnicity of her ethnic characters with their names: hence Zabini was black, Cho was Chinese, and the Patil twins were Indian. There was no such racial ambiguity that she speaks of.

  3. Your keeping of street cred will depend on your age…?
    I too was a fan of harry potter as a kid, but I grew out of it years ago and didnt even read the last books. Im not against fantasy fiction per se, but compared to Tolkiens writing, Rowling is pretty low quality literature.

    1. I picked them up as a teenager, but 2 years ago (in my mid-20’s) I revisited them, and they were still a fun, light read. Mind you, that was before Trump’s campaign; now I couldn’t read those books without Rowling’s sanctimonious and obnoxious mug springing up in my head.

  4. I was a really in to Dragon Ball Z as a kid, it was super manly haha. Now recently, as they’ve went on to create the Super series, I saw where some teenage Saiyan girl from an alternate Universe goes berserk and trumps the main character, Goku, even at his full power. This is a Saiyan that has spent decades training and fighting strong people throughout the universe. And this shit is coming from the Japanese.

    It just reminds me of the whole female fantasy narrative thing where women are just innately amazing and don’t have to work at all to get good at things. Like in Star Wars 7 ( I refuse to watch 8) where the main female character, who grows up on a some desolate shit hole of a planet with no resources, no parents, no education, somehow manages to survive and turns out to be a better Millenium Falcon pilot and mechanic than Han Solo himself. Oh, and she knows how to use the force.

    1. For the sake of completion I plan to watch DB Super some day, but all I’ve heard about it doesn’t make me enthusiastic about it. What you say here might be the tip of the iceberg…

      To be fair though, “Girl Powah” anime and manga predates 3rd-wave feminism, and it doesn’t necessarily conflates with its ideas and propaganda. I fail to see feminazi undertones in Sailor Moon, for example.

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