86 thoughts on “The Open Thread: July 2017

  1. I came across this amusing post about how a woman got divorced from a beta and left him for an ‘alpha’ : http://divorcedmoms.com/articles/my-marriage-my-affair-and-my-hard-learned-lessons

    The comments after the post are pretty funny too. Or sad.

    Then I saw some article about this actress and her getting divorced from her stay-at-home husband. She’s a feminist (i.e. she cut her hair short recently and talks about the pay gap in Hollywood). I wonder if she will pay alimony or maybe that’s un-feminist? (Story here: http://bit.ly/2nh379D )

    1. Now that Scarlett Johansson is in her 30s, her Hollywood career, which was essentially built on her looks, it bound to come to a grinding halt.

    2. I love the comments on the divorce story. This behaviour has become the norm for western women. More and more young men know this now. There is clearly a resistance growing amongst men. And young women are starting to get scared they wont get any of the good stuff that men use to give to women. I love it! I love it! LOL! Thats right girls. Soon there wont be any bicycles left to use and discard anymore. The party is over. Men are taking their balls and are going home.

    3. The feminist model of the career woman and the house husband usually works out terribly in real life. With Johannsen, she has been dubbed the sexiest woman in the world, so it is not like it is hard for her to replace husbands, and monogamy (at least for her) is not that convenient.

  2. I think I’ve found my musical niche.

    I find that I like most of the stuff from this channel, i.e. Stoner Rock.
    It appears though that the audience in there is not really mine (I mostly have an issue with illegal substance abuse).
    Any suggestions I could still play this niche?
    I’m really lost in mainstream clubs and I get bored by the music there.

    1. Clubs are a dying breed, so you’ll likely to be out of luck if you want to hear non-mainstream music when you’re out and about. Some bars and cafes might cater to that niche, but then it would be likely that you don’t want to associate with the audience they attract.

    2. I used to go to smaller concerts, but now that Islamic terrorism has gone mainstream, I avoid crowds whenever and wherever I can.

    3. A good club is hard to find. Most are only about the mating rituals between men and women. Hardly any club is really about the music these days. The average club night is nothing more than a expensive dryhumping contest. Great way to spend money on low value women that dont even appreciate it. I’m interested in the sector. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t make any money unless you focus on the young women. And most young women love garbage music.

    4. @ben
      Well, I’m there for the “mation ritual”, too 🙂
      The idea is to also have a good time. I mean 2000-2003 commercial club music, think Usher, Lil John and some 50 Cent and other stuff they used to play was actually quite enjoyable, but this trap music (they call it like that?) or some black dude singing how he suddenly woke up in a new bugatti is not really what I want to hear.
      I found a club in my town where they have live bands which are less known. I checked out some bands on youtube and liked them actually. Then I went having a drink in that bar. The whiskey was fairly cheap for local standards, but the bar was trashy as fuck and I only saw fat wanna be rocker/metal chicks who clearly went into that genre because they can’t get the mainstream club guys.
      Seems like my musical niche is not gonna be my pick-up niche.

    5. Neutralrandomthoughts I’m looking into it more from a bisness perspective. I always wanted to own a club when i was younger. Next year i’m moving to Thailand and i’m looking into the possibilities. It wont be my main focus but it could be a fun project. I’m just not sure yet. I dont want to own a hump in the dark club. On the other hand. I do want to make a profit. Otherwise it would be a waste of money and time. I would like something a bit more exclusive. Not just one of many. The club i always go in Thailand has been closed down by the police. That sucks. Was a nice place with live bands and lots of nice girls. Not just hookers. Good girl/boy ratio 4/1. Great service. And Thai prices. Not the tourist pricing. Here in the Netherlands i dont even bother going to the club anymore. I use to party in Amsterdam sometimes. These days it’s nothing special anymore. Just skanks and stoned American tourists.

    1. Schon ziemlich linkslastig. Vom Titel ausgehend hatte ich ein kritischeres Interview erwartet, anstelle dieses Gesuelzes uber u.a. “den” Islam, den es ja angeblich nicht gibt.

  3. Neutralrandomthoughts: If you really like to club maybe you should consider going to Thailand. Personally i just party with Thai people in the Thai style nightclubs. Much cheaper and great fun. I dont really go to tourist clubs. If you are looking for a experience of a life time. And you are really into the more light skinned high quality asian girls. Maybe you can check out St Moritz or the Pimp in bangkok. Warning! It will cost you some money! But i can promise that you’ll never forget it. The pimp has some videos on youtube. It’s a very popular G-club. St Moritz is the place thai superstars party. You’ll never see so many beautiful asian women in one place like you’ll see there. If you’re into asians this will be paradise!

    1. St Moritz and the Pimp are not really tourist clubs. They are Thai exclusive gentleman’s clubs. They are not really known with western people. You’ll wont see much foreigners there. Sometimes there are some lost western people at the Pimp. Not many girls speak english. Some girls do but it’s not like the bars or the gogo’s. These girls are not prostitutes. Only a handful makes something on the side in that way. Most of them are university students. These girls are much higher quality than the girls working at the bars. Absolutely stunning!

  4. Sleazy previously wrote about how there are “women need only apply” postings for tech firms.

    Perhaps it should only be women in tech because evil, disgusting men are harassing women in tech: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/30/technology/women-entrepreneurs-speak-out-sexual-harassment.html


    Then again, as Rollo Tomassi writes about, women almost always ruin “male spaces” whenever they come in.

    The comments on that new york times piece are full of beta white knights and angry femmmies.

    I know I shouldn’t make “ad hominem” attacks…but I looked up some of these (so-called) victims like Lindsay Meyer (e.g. linkedin profile is here: http://bit.ly/2uyEoP1)… I find it hard to believe that millionaires are going after these 5’s (at best) when they could easily get an escort. Or maybe they are cheap? Or stupid – after all, these female “entrepreneurs” seek 8-figure seed capital.

    Cheaper to get a hooker without any of the sexual harrassment BS.

    1. The only reason they seem unbelievable is if you don’t consider that they’re only including the highlights.

      Like when you read one of these layreports… It doesn’t start by saying “before this one lay I had 57 time-wasting pursuits that went nowhere. ”

      The stories in that thread aren’t at all incredible or out of the ordinary. It would be incredible if every 3rd attempt they made at a random girl ended up like so. But again, they’re not mentioning that these are the 1 out of 57 chicks (or however many).

    2. These guys only focus on pussy. If you approach 50 women a day there’s a good chance there are some sluts amongst them. I just wonder if it’s really worth the time and effort. If they would do something more productive with all that time. If they would show the same passion and focus for making money instead. All the beautiful women would come to them. But he if it makes them happy to chase sluts every day. Good for them!

  5. Was looking at some Nevada escorts and found this beauty:


    This fine dime weighs in at 240 lbs (according to the bio) and if you scroll through to photo 3 you can catch a glimpse at what appears to be the shittiest Harley Quinn tattoo I’ve ever seen.

    A lot of the other girls from various sites look like they’re in their 30’s, regardless of what age they claim. And some of the hottest looking ones hide or blur their faces, so who knows?

    Anyway, a quick search of some Amsterdam whores proved to be much more fruitful.

    1. Most escort services in Amsterdam use pictures of pornstars from the internet. They almost never use the real pictures from the girls working there. Not to say the girls aren’t quality. There are many high quality escorts available in Amsterdam. Most are from eastern Europe and between 18 and 25 years old and very good looking. I wouldn’t have to much trust in the pictures however. And always ask if the price on the website is correct. Some will ask more money than they advertise with. Specially when you’re a tourist. And never try to do anything stupid. The driver is always parked somewhere close. They also have very good connections with the police. The police will almost always side with the girls when there’s a problem.

    1. People who say looks don’t matter should be viewed in the same light as the people who say gravity isn’t real.

    2. He written a book on polyamory not polygamy. There is a slight difference. Most guys practicing polygamy have more wife’s while at the same time their wife’s are not allowed to sleep with other men. Polyamory however is more often more a excuse for agreeing to let you’re wife fuck other men. Most of the time this is a open relationship proposed by the woman. In theory he’s allowed to have other women. But naturally his wife will have more cocks than he will score pussy. Polyamory is basically what most feminist promote these days. Conclusion he’s a cuck!

    3. There are two reasons a guy would agree to Polyamory. He doesn’t give a fuck about the woman. Or he’s a total cuck! In this case i would bet on cuck. Feminist are trying to promote the idea of open marriage. He’s probably a male feminist.

    4. He is into BDSM and I am sure he regularly goes to such parties but I would not equate getting girls with getting spanked at a BDSM party by some.
      He wrote a book on polyamory?
      His views on dating and relationship is as relevant as a minimum-wage employee’s opinion on how to run a company.
      Even if you are a virgin or vowed for celibate you SHOULD care about your looks. It’s basic self-respect.

    1. Ah, the guilt trip.
      Continues to work with Germans need to feel guilty for being Nazis and whites being guilty for oppressing others because they have white privilege. A self perpetual cycle. Once the seed is planted in a group of individuals they do the job of destruction themselves. Those billboards were put up by a white guy.
      It’s tempting to look into options of getting middle east monkeys to believe that they are low-IQ incest-bred scum and should feel guilty for that and stop reproducing. The problem is, it would actually reflect the reality.

  6. What do you guys think of the whole nofap thing? I’ve experimented with it and even went 5months on “hard mode” earlier this year and didn’t really notice any changes. Even after all this time, I still saw every decent looking girl as a potential sexual partner. I wrote some posts on their reddit about my lack of “superman” powers after doing their challenge and they pretty much wanted to crucify me.

    I’m not entirely decided on this but the older I get (I’m 34), I realise porn is a good way to get through a phase where you don’t want to waste time with women and want to actually build something, like a business, skill, art, etc.

    I’m just really tired of dating and all the bullshit games people love to play. If I could afford it, I’d probably just bang some quality escorts. I see my old friends settling down more and more, getting married, having children, etc and getting dumber and fatter it seems. It’s like they have already started to die.

    Thoughts? Experiences? Benefits from not blowing your load?

    1. I try to find a balance somewhere in between. I dont like spending to much time and money on women. I even did the monk thing for a some time. It’s not really that great. It can help to just drop women for a while to get your priorities back in balance. It doesn’t work long time for me. I feel much better if i have sex with a beautiful women from time to time. I just dont make them a priority anymore. I try to focus on making money and investment in personal growth. If i dont blow my load for to long i lose focus. I do feel more energetic but in a distracting way. Like when you drink to much coffee. And i feel like humping everything that has boobs. Not really helping if you try to focus on more important things. I do have girlfriends but when they demand to much of my time or money i drop them immediately. Most only last a few weeks.

    2. Maybe you can just start saving some money and doing some sports. After you saved a bit maybe new opportunities will cross your path. Try to learn some new skills. Take care of your body. And maybe put a little play money on the side. Not to much. Just have yourself a good time once every six months with a girl that looks like a model. Keep all other expenses minimal. The rest of the year you only focus on making money and self improvement. After a while your situation will improve. Thats how i came back after i crashed after a nasty brake up a long time ago. When i had build op some money again i started to feel beter real fast. A good opportunity presented it self. I jumped on it. And now i’m doing great.

    3. I just tried it once… like a decade ago. I think I managed to get 2 or 3 months tops. But it gets harder resisting the pull to look at some nudies on tha internet.

      Granted, back then I was barely getting laid. Nowadays is a bit different. Last year I took about 7 weeks off, without fucking any women, no new ones nor regulars. Zero sex. Whenever I felt some need, about once a week, i checked out xvideos.com and that was enough. I could have gone on like that for a long while if necessary.

      Bottom line: hd porn and yourself will do just fine if you need some time to focus on yourself, or if you are just too jaded of women bs. Sooner or later you will probably wanna go back to fuckin actual chicks

  7. I kinda want to state this:
    I’m more of a polite, introverted guy. I don’t really have a “style”, I’m more of a functional guy rather than stylish. Yet, the kind of girls that gave me boners are more into the “fuckboy swag guy” who listens shitty rap, smokes weed and wears caps.
    I’m 27, I’m a virgin and I’m feeling that my youth is slipping through my fingers, without enjoying the fun of sex. Yet, I think that trying to approach women below my age is a complete waste of time. I see the kind of guys they prefer and I see myself, and I always end up losing. Yet I always come here and read about how western women become shittier and shittier everyday.
    There’s actually something wrong with me, or is that women nowadays actually have shit taste?

    1. Probably both. And i dont say so because you are a lefty and i want to bash you. You come across as insecure. This is understandable considering your situation. Women however are attracted to more confidant men. Specially the blonde bombshell types are mostly attracted to more dominant men. You’re chinese so probably not really tall and muscular. So the only way you’re going to attract a beautiful blonde white women is by compensating. You’ll never attract one by being extra nice. The best way for you would probably be making lots of money. But even if you accomplish that. Be careful what you wish for. Most western girls would have no problem playing a guy like you. They are pro’s in this game. You dont even know how the game works yet. They’ll have you spend your money on them. When they have enough. They ‘ll drop you without a second thought. Maybe you should wish for other things in life. Hire a few blonde bombshell escorts to drain the poison. And just focus on other things that give you happyness.

    2. Jon: Maybe a trip to Amsterdam can help? Make sure you bring enough cash. You’ll have yourself a high quality escort for 320/350 euro’s for two hours. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. You wont have trouble with the law. Most hotels have no problem with you inviting girls. If you hire a girl for 3 hours the first time it will cost you about 450 euro’s. Just explain what you want when you call the escort service. 3 hours gives you some time to have a drink and a talk first. Just explain your situation to the girl. These girls are pro’s and look beautiful. You can get laid much cheaper in Amsterdam but the girls wont look as good. These girls often look like models. Maybe when you have some experience with girls looking like this you wont be so insecure and nervous around women. You wont have trouble talking to a 7 or 8 when you’re used to having sex with 10’s. After that just hit the club. Club Paradiso should be a great place for a lefty. Lot’s of liberal girls that want to get laid. Good luck comrade

    3. Just a suggestion although I don’t know how it works out for you. Have you tried taking a vacation to Thailand for example?

    4. Don: He doesn’t want asian girls. Jon is a chinese communist with a lust for white women. I dont think he really knows what he’s wishing for. But hey, Good luck to him.

    5. He’s a bit more specific than that. I think the phrase he used was “a strong German single-mom with emerald eyes” or something along those lines. Jon is a troll, though. He may very well be a she.

    6. Jon, just take these guys advice with a grain of salt. They thought you were me, even though i havent posted here in a while. I must have made a deep impression on them by showing them the right way, if they still remember me. I dont think theres anything wrong with you or with western women. You just need more confidence and to get out your comfortzone. My advice is to try your luck with a strong independent single mom with sexual experience, she wont care that youre a virgin, shell teach you the tricks you need. The guys here will call that bad advice, but life isnt transactional like they think. There are higher callings like saving a single mom and yourself from loneliness. Who knows, maybe youll hit it off with your stepchildren. They need your love too.(im following this same advice once i get settled comfortably in a provider role)

      Good luck other Jon

      Btw ben thanks for the advice even if its not meant for me, you sound like a nice guy. In a different world where youre a liberal wed be best friends probably.

      I wont give up on my dream of racemixing an exotic white woman though. I want to help beat racism too.

      I will also probably never go to a prostitute, even though yes im a virgin too, coincidentally. A real man doesnt need to pay for sex.

      [Admin edit: user name changed from Jon to Jon_Troll for clarity.]

    7. Btw Ben and Aaron i recommend you read the book Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman. Open borders and UBI are not crazy ideas but scientifically backed. Utopia is imminent and necessary in the age of robotics and automation. This movement just needs a bit more momentum. New experiments have already started. Leftwing utopia should beat rightwing utopia cause one is backed by science, and one by pseudoscience.

      [Admin edit: user name changed from Jon to Jon_Troll for clarity.]

  8. I’ve wondered what Bumble is like and is it doomed? So far it is still around. FYI – Bumble is a dating app where women make the first move…

    The founder is decent looking. It’s really funny how she talks about feminism and equality…and being a pioneer…when Bumble is ripped off from Tinder. (Apparently the founder of Bumble Co founded Tinder…)

    Here’s a story about how the “good guys ” get left out:


  9. I would like someone to elaborate on the situation of women and sex in Thailand more. I’ve been there several times. Not for sex though. But I find it very perplexing how easygoing the women really are over there. I would like to know how a highly religious waring Asian rather poor country ended up being haven on earth. Or at least close to heaven than anywhere else.

    1. The religion has a lot to do with it. They believe that everyone gets what he deserves. That all good and bad you do to others comes back to you. They dont blame others for their misfortune. They blame them selfs. They still have intact gender roles. Culturally they dont show negative emotions. They avoid negative conversation as much as possible. There isn’t really one reason. There are many believes from both the culture and religion that make Thailand unique. It’s all very complex for westerners to understand. Best way to learn is by living with thai people. I have a thai family and had thai girlfriends. I speak a little thai. I’m moving there next year. And still i feel like i dont even understand half of it.

    2. Sex is something a man needs. It’s part of the woman’s role to please him. The women are competing for the men in Thailand. They still see a man as the most valuable thing they can have. They are still very dependant of men. They dont have the “i’m a strong independent women” thing. Feminism has not conquered Thailand.

    3. Thailand is a amazing place to be a white man. Indeed close to haven on earth. Be careful that it doesn’t mess with your head. Some men cant handle it. They lose control and do stupid things. They want their vacation to last forever and make stupid decisions. Dont make rush decisions in Thailand or you’ll regret it. before you do anything like starting a bisness, buy a house or get married. Best to go home first to think things over. Do some research before you do anything drastic. I love Thailand. There are however some people there that make a living on ripping off foreigners. So be careful. Never believe anyone that promises you great bisness opportunities that will make you rich real fast. Dont lose your head in the clouds. It’s still earth. It only looks and feels like haven.

    4. I know of other countries which have more or less the same factors as Thailand and yet they aren’t heaven on earth like I mentioned above. I think the only reason why Thailand is what it is today is because it wasn’t invaded by a foreign power like the UK which left the culture of Thailand intact. Which is a better explanation than it just being religion because there are many Buddhist countries in Asia for example that are complete shit-holes.

  10. The situation in the tourist hotspots is something that’s not representative of thai culture overall. It’s a totally different matter. It’s mostly a case of poor girls that are trying to feed their families. Meanwhile hoping some rich foreigner wants to marry her one day. Dont believe any so called studies or numbers you hear. Most are done by feminist and total bs. They claim 25% of thai women work in prostitution. The reality is even less than 0.5%. And most are Isaan not Thai.

  11. Aaron:

    What would you answer to people who say differences in average results of IQ tests between racial groups do not prove “race realism” because “correlation does not imply causation”? Has there been a study that disproves this line of thought, or could there be in the near future?

    1. I don’t think I fully understand the point you are trying to make. If the line of reasoning is that an average IQ at mental retardation level does not imply that people are of subpar intelligence, then how would one explain that Africa and the Middle East are such incredibly backwards regions? It’s the same in real life: you don’t need to know someones IQ, based on a standardized test, if you manage to observe them for a bit. Stupid people do stupid things, smart people do smart things.

    2. It’s hard to argue about Africa and the Middle East based on observations of what their societies devolve into once given autonomy, that’s true. But otherwise rational people still shy away from “race realism” based on the fact that a massive scale study of IQ hasn’t been done yet. That’s the excuse; the reason’s most definitely fear of feeling like a racist or being labelled one “with reason”. I’m talking about that demo which isn’t cowed by the lefties or SJW’s but still refuses to believe that Africa’s misery is not mainly the fault of the vestiges of the white man’s rule or an organziational problem within their societies.

  12. I am getting laid often and with women I genuinely like. I would like to know what are some sources to learn to improve my performance in the sack to increase both their and more importantly my pleasure. (I am quite selfish) I know for a fact that we can learn the same things by experimenting by ourselves. But I wouldn’t want to reinvent the proverbial wheel again.

    1. You should try omgyes.com or orgasmic meditation.
      I havent tried these myself but read enough to feel confident in recommending it. Even hermione from harry potter uses it.

      I also know of this technique for squirting orgasms that i got from this site, but im unsure recommending it after i discovered it might be urine.

      [Admin edit: user name changed from Jon to Jon_Troll for clarity.]

  13. Practical Relationship questions:
    Living together:
    When does one move in together? When marriage is certain? Or way before “to see how it works out”?
    Assuming relationship is established/couple is married:
    Joint bank accounts?
    Or, if both work, does still everybody have is own account but send a portion to a joint one and that one is used to pay rent/food/etc. ?
    (Asking this because I see it so often that I have often seen men have their salary wired to a joint account, which, sounds very unacceptable to me)
    If only the man works, does he “pay” sth to his wife for her expenses, or does she get a card to his account?

    We all know that the pensions scheme is…. a scheme. So I assume many here are preparing with own investments. Say she is working, too, should the man assume responsibility for her retirement solution, too?

    In short, with regards to money, is it “everyone for himself” ?

    1. Briefly: marry a frugal woman, move together after marriage; if she doesn’t work, then you’ll give her an allowance. If she’s not working, then you’re hopefully balling and will leave a nice nest egg, or at the very least have a life insurance set up. If she’s not working or only working part-time, then you’re responsible for her.

    2. Never give her access to your account. Just give her an allowance. Maybe look into the local laws before you do anything. Personally i would never sign a marriage contract. I see it as the worst contract a man can sign. Basically it’s a blank contract. It doesn’t matter what the contract includes or not. The only thing that matters is what a third party (government) will say when the contract is terminated (divorce). The contract can be changed after you sign it without your consent. Depending on where you live you could get screwed even without signing a contract. Some states/countries will see cohabitation and having a joint bank account as legal marriage. If this isn’t the case you can have a ceremony and give her a ring etc. I wouldn’t sign a marriage contract. A prenup isn’t a real security. It’s often thrown out by a judge whenever the woman asks it. I was married without a contract before. I got divorce raped anyway but it would have been worse with a contract. So look into the laws first.

  14. Most men think the divorce rate is about 50% (America). This is true if you look at it on a one year basis. If you look at the chances for a marriage to last longer than 10 years it’s a different story. Only 4% of all marriages makes it past the 10 year mark. In my country it’s even worse. So i would think twice before you sign any contract with a woman. Most marriages dont even last long enough for the children to grow up in a stable environment. 50% of all marriages end every year. This number isn’t based on the marriages lasting a lifetime. If you’re in the upper-class your chances will be a bit better. But the cost of divorce will also increase. The woman being a housewife will also increase your chances. So will being highly religious. But even if you have everything going for you. The chances for a successful marriage lasting a lifetime is very low in the western world. I wouldn’t do it. If marriage and children are one of your ambitions. I would do it somewhere else.

  15. Research on marriage and divorce numbers are presented in a very deceiving way. They take the number of new marriages and the number of divorces every year. The number of divorces is about 50% of the number of new marriages. Than they present this like a marriage has a 50% chance of lasting a lifetime. It doesn’t. And it’s even worse if you look at it from a generational viewpoint. Most marriages that last are from a older generation. Often these people are religious and not poor. Sadly marriage isn’t going to last for most people that are starting one now. Most marriages will end in divorce in the western world. Not just 50%. The real chance of a marriage lasting a lifetime in the western world is really smal.

  16. Maybe if you really, really, really have to get married in the western world. It’s best you make it clear that in the case of divorce. You ain’t going to hire a divorce lawyer. You hire a hitman.

  17. I think I’ve read somewhere in the past that you plan to write a book about Online Dating(with a co-author) after you release your book on meditation,and relationships. I’m just curious but do you still plan to do so? or have you scrapped that idea entirely?

    1. It’s still on my to-do list. I’ll make a post about my upcoming releases soon.

  18. I have four friends that were all leaved by their girlfriends in the last month. The girls all said usual bullshit like “I don’t know if I really like/love you”. Doesn’t matter.

    All my friends have stable jobs, something really rare where I live. In fact they are not just jobs, but careers: programmers, lawyer, teacher.

    And it’s not like they don’t have an active social life, interests, jobs, a home, a decent body (not fat) and all the stuff that in theory girls should want.

    I could’ve understand if they were kids, but they are all really close to 30 or even in their 30s, so why the hell do women leave them? I mean, what brings women to break relationships when they are next to 30?

    1. Those women simply (wrongly) overestimate their SMV. I’ve seen this happen myself over and over. I can’t recall a single case were a woman in prime wall-hitting age was able to get a man who was better than the one she used to date.

    2. Often they already found a other man. Most women have a backup plan. Even 50% of happily married women already have a guy identified as a backup plan.

  19. I have one observation about traditional women: they usually let themselves go after settling down just as fast as modern sluts, or even faster. They don’t usually expect their husband to call them out on getting fat, because it didn’t happen with their traditional parents. Rather, their expectation is that frequency of sex will naturally wane over time until it becomes zero, or even that their husbands will find a lover elsewhere if they want sex so much, and they are fine with that as long as he properly fulfills his role as head of the family.

    1. There is a difference between traditional women. And women that pretend to be. A true traditional woman wouldn’t let her self go. Traditional women understand the value of feminine beauty. Most women that claim to be traditional only pretend to lock down a man. After he’s locked down they let them self go. A true traditional woman has a totally different mindset. She will always take care of her appearance.

    1. I had a brief look. It seems like propaganda to further entice women to have children later. The white-hating left would love nothing more than seeing whites dying out. Thus, by telling women that they can get pregnant at 40 — what are the odds? — they are getting one step closer to a birthrate of 0.

  20. Stefan Molyneous “on the friend zone”

    But really goes into many of the points that Aaron has been making lately.

    1. Relating to this video, Stefan tweeted something that goes like “did the Friendzone” even exist before Welfare State”? Which some of his detractors (rightly) ridiculed because of course, in all eras there have been men left behind by the women of their dreams because she picked someone else. That someone else wasn’t the state though, until modern times, which is why most of the points he raises on this video are sound.

  21. Aaron: wondering if you can post briefly on your experiences with crazy women and how to identify them.

    I picked up a cute and very normal-seeming twentysomething blonde at the end of an average night out with some friends recently. About fifteen minutes after getting back to her place, right in the middle of what most people would consider regular conversation after just meeting someone in this context (the pickup was on the street: she was waiting for an Uber), she pulled pepper spray from her purse and told me to leave, smiling as she was doing it. We hadn’t kissed (I barely even touched her), and after it was clear that she wasn’t joking, I bid her good luck and got the hell out of there.

    It was a jarring experience. I’ve been through some tense situations with girls in the past, but nothing quite like this, and I hope to avoid it in the future. (Guessing that the speed of the pickup is a major tell. If a girl agrees to take you home within minutes of meeting, there’s probably a much higher chance of this kind of thing happening.)

    1. I couldn’t cover my experiences briefly, but here are a few signs: willing to engage in sex very quickly (ONS counts; the faster it happens the crazier she likely is), mood swings, insecurities. If you date them for a bit longer, then watch out for “splitting”. My bet is that if you meet a woman whose behavior you can’t quite explain, she’s splitting. This is normal for her buy may be baffling for you. Read this to get you started:
      The scales fell off my eyes when I learnt about this.

    2. Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll take a look at what you linked. In retrospect, I feel like she wanted me to act even more quickly than I did (she said something to that effect while pushing me out) and did the 180 after getting upset that I did not.

      (Chalk one more data point for fast seduction. I feel like I dodged a bullet there, however. It reminded me of a paragraph from this excellent letter that has made the rounds on the manosphere for some time:


      See paragraph with the phrase, “dick-satisfying one-night fling”.)

  22. I don’t know if someone will share my view, but anyway, time to share an story. Many times I’ve written about some dimwitted feminist slut I met up on Tinder. Finally she blocked me up after I just made some very tame comment, questioning some of her views.
    That doesn’t matter. What actually matters is this: when I met her, what compelled me to actually engage was a nice pic of her juicy tits, and I could notice that she wasn’t using any bra.
    Anyway, after I added her, I found a blog she had. Many of her “stories” were nothing but poorly writen, erotic fantasies, obviously disguised as “art”. Later, she uploaded a profile pic: her using only a jacket, exposing her cleavage. THEN, she uploaded an “artistic photographic session” with her as the model as a way to celebrate her birthday. She was covering her breasts with nothing but a see-through red scarf, her nipples were almost visible. And, the best part of this tour de force: a black and white pic of her, exposing her bare tits.
    I could notice she claims to be an “artistic”, “cultural” chick, but I could see nothing but a whore exposing herself, teasing under a ridiculous alibi.
    You could say, “b-but James, you’re beinf nothing but a misogynistic asshole who sees women as nothing but sexual objects”. You could be right. EXCEPT that I met up ANOTHER attention whore who takes nude selfies and uploads them to Instagram (with some bullshit censor) under the pretense that “this art guise, like srsly” and to prove that “all bodies are beautiful”, even when she openly mocks fat chicks (she is ridiculously hot).
    Ohh, by the way, did I mention she is SIXTEEN-FUCKING-YEARS-OLD?

    1. I forgot my point after this rant:
      Seems that some women use feminism and art as a way to behave like whores. You’re not taking nudes, you’re making art! You’re not a whore, you’re a brave woman who enjoys her sexuality on a free way, fight the evil patriarchy, one facial at time.

  23. Hey Sleaze,

    Do you ever think that you would return to doing occasional seminars? I know that you mentioned you did a small number of pick-up related ones a few years ago.

    Having said that do you think that you would ever do a seminar on anything ‘post pick-up’ (relationships, career, etc.)? Or do you feel that your upcoming books and blog cover all the bases?

    Always enjoy reading the blog regardless!

    1. Hey man,

      yes, I did a few seminars back in the days, and I very much enjoyed it. I would be interested to do some more. As much as I’ve bashed the PUA community back then, one side-effect of the hype was that there were plenty of local groups (“lairs”), so I would get an invitation, they take care of the organization, and take a cut of the attendance fees. It was always pretty smooth. I haven’t organized a single one of those seminars myself. The PUA industry collapsed in the mean time, and those “lairs” withered as well. Any future seminar I’d have to organize myself.

      I would very much like doing a “post pick-up” seminar. I designed three seminars: game for relative beginners, club game, and meditation. The first two are now available in book form, the third hopefully will be in the not-too-distant future. Doing one or two seminars on the topic of a future book would indeed be tempting.

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