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Eastern Europe Trip (Spring 2017): Summary

(Note: This is the continuation of my post Eastern Europe Trip (Spring 2017): Prague.)

The Western world is demise. We will have to see whether Trump will be able to turn the USA around. He’s certainly doing a lot of good work. On the other hand, considering the trajectory Western Europe is on, I am a lot less optimistic as the radical left still dominates public discourse, despite being reviled by large parts of the population. Even if you ignored the economic problems of the Eurozone altogether, you would have to be deluded to not acknowledge the demographic problems we are facing.

No, the issue is not that whiteys don’t have enough children. Automation will make a very large number of jobs superfluous. Thus, a shrinking population would bring some benefits. However, the bigger issue is the rapid influx of illegal immigrants from African and the Middle East. Cry all you want about IQ tests being “racist”, fact of the matter is that Europe has not only been feeding an entirely unproductive underclass of their own. In addition, we opened the floodgates to the third world. Since 2015, roughly two million useless eaters have arrived at our shores. The vast majority of them is unable to compete on the labor market of an advanced economy.

Originally, the left claimed that those people were highly educated and would essentially pay for themselves as their skills were needed. We were told that those tribesmen were “doctors and engineers”. Well, their skills seem to be in areas that aren’t in particularly high demand, e.g. rape, robbery, and aggravated violence. In Germany, 54 (!) out of well over one million had found work in 2016, and 50 of those were employed by the postal service. Thus, they were likely not employed for a role no German would have been willing to take. Sweden took in 163,000 useless eaters. Oh, I shouldn’t be too pessimistic, because less than 500 of them found work. Thus, they are clearly not all useless. The number of imported rapists is likely to be higher than 500, though.

Looking back at history, it is clear to see that once a minority is firmly established, you can’t get rid of them anymore. Germany, for instance, took in a large number of Turks in the 1960s. By now, they are in the third generation, and every generation of them is doing worse than the one before. They don’t even think of integrating themselves. France has similar problems with their black population. But what do you think will be the consequence of having added millions of fighting-age men with limited intellectual facilities? Nothing good.

What we are experiencing is a so-called demographic shift. Already Muslim women outbreed Whites. Extrapolate this phenomenon over a few decades, and it’ll be clear what will happen. Places like Brussels or Berlin are already complete shitholes. I visited Vienna recently. There, the innermost district is nice and clean and white, but venture out just a little bit, and you’ll see hordes of dark-skinned foreigners. Imagine what will happen once there is no district left you could move to!

If you don’t want to take the admittedly difficult step of moving to Asia, say to Beijing or Hong Kong, which are certainly options for highly-qualified Westerners, then Eastern Europe may be an interesting alternative. A big benefit of the three cities we visited is that they have not adopted the Euro, which is a currency that is doomed to fail. Thus, they stand a good chance of surviving the collapse of the EU relatively unscathed.

So, where to? If you have realized that the West is done, then exploring Eastern Europe should be a high priority for you. In case it’s not obvious, the women there are a lot more attractive, physically and behaviorally, than Western whores too. Get some skills that allow you to make a living abroad, learn a language, and off you go! Work for a couple of years somewhere in the West, build up a nest egg, and then leave before everything falls apart. We whiteys are already getting slaughtered in the streets, so better take this seriously!

13 thoughts on “Eastern Europe Trip (Spring 2017): Summary

  1. Good for you, i hope your plans to move suceed. If more rightwing ppl move to eastern europe, western europe will move to the left as politics is hereditary. So rightwingers can have their rightwing utopias in eastern europe and leftwingers can have their leftwing utopias in western europe. Conflict avoided! Im happy that i thought of this solution to avoid the gloom and doomben predicted. Lets see which utopia wins!

    1. Good luck selling that idea to the masses. What are you going to tell them? Hi my name is Jon. I know i just moved here but i have a great idea. Will all the people who don’t agree with my communistic world view please be so kind to leave your own country. We migrants would like to have a leftwing utopia. I’m afraid your not welcome here anymore in the countries your ancestors build. Maybe you can all fuck off to eastern europe?

    2. Jon
      How would you feel if the chinese people would have to leave china because foreign people took it over. And everything chinese was replaced with something from a other culture? Wouldn’t you feel sad? Dont you feel that maybe you should try to behave respectful when you enter somebody else’s country? That maybe you owe it to the people who already live there?

  2. American here, two questions:

    What is the “good work” that Trump has done?

    Will Eastern Europe succumb to the same issues as Western Europe? Why or Why Not?


    1. You better return to BuzzFeed because you clearly lack the intellectual ability to critical engage with my work.

  3. Heres another reason to move abroad to your rightwing utopia. Eastern europe poland in particular will become first world in the next decade. Its nyt so you know its true. The only problem is
    That they are authoritarian. Oppress dissidents and refuseto accept refugees. Also they have support for 2+ children per family i guess to make the birthrate higher. Its populism which is bad. So maybe you want to stay in the liberal west instead.

    1. Look up maps that visualize the number of terror incidents in Europe. Then try to find Poland on it. Hint: it’s that country without any incidents. Use your brain to explain this.

    2. Jon: most rightwing people dont believe in the possibility of a utopia. The utopia fantasy is more a thing for lefty’s. Rightwing utopia isn’t really a thing. In a more rightwing society everyone is responsible for his own life. If you work hard and you’re successful you will have a good life. If you dont work, you wont have much. The previous Polish government already took 1000 migrants. They all left voluntarily to germany because the benefits are low in Poland. They like western Europe because they get a lot of money here. This money comes from the native people. Who now take even less children because they dont have that much money anymore. They work hard to make money. Than the government takes it from them and gives it to the migrants. The idea of the social system was to support the native hard working people. Not to give migrants everything for free.

    3. Somehow all governments who refuse the globalist agenda of filling the rich western countries with Muslim refugees or are friendly with the Trump administration get accused of authoritarianism.

      I smell fish.

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