Berlin now hosts “refugee parties”

One of my bros recently told me about “refugee parties” in Berlin. I chuckled and asked, with a somewhat skeptical undertone, what they are like. He guffawed, being a fellow non-believer in the non-existence of differences between humans, and then dryly added, after a pause, “On top, there are no women there.” Then we both shared a big bro-like laugh.

I was nonetheless interested in that phenomenon. (Not that I would ever go to an event like that.) So, I looked it up, and was rather amused when I learnt that their concept mirrors how society handles the hordes of refugees. You pay (taxes), get a shitty experience in return, and refugees get to party on your dime (don’t work and get lavish handouts). At a rapefugee party in Berlin it works the same way: you pay if you’re a big bad whitey or happen to have papers verifying your identity on you. Alleged refugees get in for free. The end result is crap as women don’t like that clientele very much and you probably don’t go to clubs for the music.

5 thoughts on “Berlin now hosts “refugee parties”

  1. A refugee party sounds about as fun as sitting on Scott Adam’s sofa while he watches political shows on television. Seriously, who would be dumb enough to attend to one?

    1. The Internet is such a great place for shitlibs. All it takes to virtue signal is click a button on a webpage. I would assume that a large number of the people who indicated that they are attending didn’t show up in the end. I may be wrong, because virtue signaling by going to a rapefugee party, paying cover charge, drinking a beer, and heading off is a pretty low bar.

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