Ignore red flags at your own peril

A common problem I encounter in my consultation sessions, but certainly one I’m familiar with from personal experience and stories of friends is that guys commonly ignore red flags when dealing with women. It is very easy to see why this happens: you meet a girl, she’s great in the sack, and fun to be around. Your last girlfriend insisted that “blow jobs are reserved for special occasions like, maybe, your birthday”, so some cum-guzzling slut that does everything is a fresh breeze. Of course, I’m not strictly talking about sex. You could also be some sex-starved engineering grad who can’t yet grasp that a nice fat paycheck comes with female interest. Going from nothing to someone who is sometimes nice is great, right? Of course this is not what you would conclude rationally.

Generally speaking, the pattern is as follows: you have a great time with her but at some point, maybe after a few hours, maybe after a few weeks, something strange happens. At first you ignore this, but as time goes by, more and more strange things happen. This may be drama she conjures out of nothing (she loves drama and attention). Maybe she disappear for a few days and you can’t get a hold of her (she’s busy fucking someone else). Maybe she suddenly demands that you pay for something (gold digger). Maybe she suddenly insults you (shitty person). Maybe she breaks down and cries in front of you (mentally unstable). The list is endless.

If something like that happens to you, your first reaction should not be to question your behavior. No, dude, don’t ask yourself what you did wrong that made her act in a certain way. She stirred up shit because she’s crazy. She flirts with other guys because she loves male attention. She fucks other dudes because she’s a slut. She knocks on your door at night, checking up what you’re doing (you may be having a threesome) because she’s a fucking psycho. Thus, whenever she shows some behavior you find rather odd, and be it something seemingly insignificant, pay close attention. If you want to speed up things, call her out on her bullshit. Either way, the result is the same: she does something crazy, you dump her, ideally on the spot.

Guys too often make excuses, but you’ll never get that seemingly nice girl back. She was only nice because she wanted to reel you in. It wasn’t in her personality to be like that, so her true self eventually broke through. It’s unfortunate that you’ve been duped, but I hope you’ve had at least some fun fucking a Cluster B personality disorder girl. In the future, don’t stick your dick in crazy, and if you do, but it takes you some time to realize it, bail as soon as you notice that she’s not normal.

4 thoughts on “Ignore red flags at your own peril

  1. My last girlfriend was a Cluster B, so I know how hell looks like from inside. There were some signs before we got together, but didn’t pay serious attention to it. Now I am more aware of what you have described. If she acts weird or changes her behaviour for no reason, I pay close attention. Some women I called out on it on the spot. However, it is also an experience you can grow from.

    1. Their biggest manipulation tool is sex. Doesn’t matter how often and with whom.

    2. Good thing that you still can roll back a sexual relationship to a friendship whenever you want to.

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