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Standards of physical beauty for women are lower than for men

There is the claim that women are under oh-so much pressure to be attractive. Beauty is a 60 billion-dollar industry. Indeed, as much as women may pretend to be tough and independent, while working some bullshit job on which they make 3/4 of an engineer’s salary if not more, they are rather aware, at least on a subconscious level, that their sexual market value depends largely on their looks. The louder women protest that fact, the closer they are to hitting the proverbial wall. Of course, the loudest are those who smashed right through it.

But let’s look at beauty standards quite objectively: to stand out at a man, you need to be tall and buff. Six-pack abs or bust! For a woman to have a far above average physique, it is enough to just not be fat. A slender woman, particularly in this day and age, is able to turn heads. Yet, a merely slender guy — no, not an “ottermode” Brad Pitt — looks like nothing. A short slender dude is genuinely fucked. Being short is no disadvantage for women, though. They are seen as petite. In some jobs, this is a distinct advantage, like those that can be done lying on your back. In fact, a woman can look good at basically any height, albeit clearly not at any size.

In short — no pun intended — basically any woman can look good just by not being fat. She will of course look better if she is toned. Yet, if you are a guy, being slender does not get you much. Being toned is hardly an advantage. If you want to start standing out with your physique, you need to work out long enough to at least get “noob gainz”, which can mean lifting some pretty serious weights. You’ll need to work multiple times as hard as women in the gym to get results that will make a difference. Just calculate the percentage of your bodyweight you need to squat to build nice muscular legs. At 100% your body weight you’re getting started. Yet, as a woman, you can improve your looks rather dramatically with 20kg on your shoulders, which may just be around 40% their body weight. For the mathematically challenged, I’d like to point out that this is a difference of a factor of 2.5. This is just one example. Yet, you can easily find others.

22 thoughts on “Standards of physical beauty for women are lower than for men

  1. I could not agree more.

    Of course everybody will look better with more muscle on their frame, to an extent, but you really drive home the point in how relatively easy and straight forward it is for a woman to actually be in great physical shape. Seems like the one requirement to just not be fat and somewhat watch your diet is too hard for many to follow. Huh. Reminds me of an article I read the other day of feminists celebrating and glorifying obesity now because they’re too lazy and weak-willed to commit to their health and appearance. Even went so far as to say weight loss, even in the obese, yields no health benefits whatsoever. Uh.. Hmmmm. Give it a read.

    There is the fact that women can’t eat nearly as much food as men though. Especially if they’re short. I still wouldn’t consider that a major setback though for someone who just wants to look good. Dieting to low levels of bodyfat for the model look would be a different ball game though, but then we’re just talking about a level not even required to look generally attractive.

    Anecdotally, as I am in my early 20’s, I notice that the amount of males to females on any given day at the gym is atleast 5:1. It’s disappointing. I’ve actually observed many instances where women at the gym in their late 20’s/ early 30’s were in better shape than their younger counterparts. My rationale is it’s because they know they need to take care of themselves to fight ageing whereas women in their very early 20’s would rather get black out drunk because they don’t think their looks and body will wither.

  2. and with height nothing can be done.
    if i hang out with a guy who looks almost like me but 10 cm taller, the difference btw female attention for us is getting noticeable for my eye.

    not all women look good not fat through
    and luckily i am not that obsessive about girls
    to be too down about that i am average height.

  3. That we perceive petite toned women and women perceive buff men as beautiful is imo the law of nature: Women want a protector and men want someone they can protect and bust a nut in. Of course we have other standarts as well because of the Evolution of our society, but this is essentially what matters at the biological level.

  4. If what I’m saying is bullshit, please correct me but….

    I think the great equalizer is that while women have it easier in terms of the effort they have to put in to attract a mate, male happiness is not necessarily predicated on the presence of a female companion. Female happiness on the other hand, in the long-term, is largely dependent on whether or not they have a committed partner.

    1. I agree with you. Note that it is not very difficult for a woman to keep a partner. Yet, just like with working out, it seems too much of an effort for a lot of women to do the bare minimum to keep a guy around and satisfied, which these days boils down to “don’t be a bitch”, “don’t have an egregious amount of debt”, “don’t fully rely on your partner”, and of course “don’t be fat”. The other day I was catching up with an old acquaintance, and at one point he told me how great his current girlfriend was. The first thing he said was, “Believe it or not: she doesn’t bitch, never gives lip, and never makes me regret spending time with her.” (No, she is not a Westerner.)

    2. Guys these days seem to make women (either finding the “One” or banging many chicks for validation) their focus/goal. Perhaps media influences (eg crap on TV) or peer pressure cause this.

      Girls get the “career first, have it all, men are like bicycles to fish” messaging…

      Hopefully guys on this blog do NOT derive self-worth based on their relationship status.

  5. I don’t agree with this.

    An average height guy who isn’t fat, if he has good facial and body aesthetics, is just as good looking as a similar girl.

    And slender girls with bad aesthetics are invisible.

    Tall guys are more attractive, but then tall girls are less attractive, and super tall guys aren’t so attractive.

    Then girls have breasts to content with, both size and shape size, and guys don’t.

    In the end, maybe girls have a slight edge in the fairness stakes, but it isn’t huge by any means.

    I find guys who go on and on about unfair it is for men and how women have it so much easier generally don’t do very well with women. Its generally in my experience a good giveaway. People feel resentment generally as a result of some personal inadequacy.

    In reality, women and men face unique challenges that balance each other out and neither has it inherently better overall. Of course, I’m not factoring in modern feminism, I’m just talking about inherent biology.

    1. I don’t think you understood my post. Besides, you are completely wrong, as it is well known that women consider 80% of men to be below average.

    2. I don’t agree with this.

      Of course you don’t. You’re a feminist concern troll with a pretend fake male name as a handle.

      Here’s a hint. I have over a decade of experience with feminists online. The first tip I can give you for concern-trolling, don’t do what every other one of your kind does.

      Men who comment on blogs online don’t actually use their real first name online. Either they make up a pseudonym, or use a non-name handle.

      Yet each one of you amateur concern trolls go “I know what I’ll do to seem more genuine, I’ll put “Robert” under the name, i’m so clever!”

      Except no actual Roberts comment with bob as their online name.

  6. I am aware of that social science finding, but I question it.

    First of all, social science surveys are inherently flawed. If you live in a country where everyone is taught to conceal feelings of unhappiness, everyone will say they are happy. Social scientists will then report this as a meaningful finding, lol.

    I submit that in feminist countries where women are taught to have contempt for men, women will conform to cultural expectations and report that they think most men are inferior to them.

    Obviously, 80% of men are not without partners! And yet so obvious a fact is simply ignored.

    Second, social science is invalidated because all its studies take place in WEIRD countries – an unrepresentative sampling of humanity which cannot tell us about innate human biology across the board. And that, of course, ties in to my first point.

    I’m pretty average for a man, and I do fine with women on my level – I am struck with the fact that I always end up with women that are obviously my female counterparts in terms of “mate value”. I am definitely not starved for female attention, but I’m also not banging 8s and 9s like our magnificent Alek Novy, of course, lol.

    Of course, I didn’t understand your post to begin with, so what possible relevance can my answers have, lol?

    1. That figure was not some study dreamt up by a leftist social scientist, but a deduction from reams of real-world data provided by OKCupid: Thus, you clearly were not familiar with the source I was referring to, yet this didn’t keep you from spouting more drivel.

      I really don’t like idiots like you polluting my comments section. If you don’t step up your game, and by that I mean using reason and logic, you are unlikely to get future comments approved.

    2. Don’t misinterpret the data. Yes, an individual women find 80% of men unattractive (finding someone unattractive doesn’t mean that he is ugly). But not all women find the same 80% unattractive. Because in that case all female graphs would look like the males graphs.

      But the funny thing you see is that it proves, that you have to be at the same perceived(!!) attractiveness level like the people you like to meet, if you want to have significant success.

  7. My apologies, Aaron – I will attempt to step up my game and be more logical and use reason to better effect from within the limitations of my own intelligence, which is unfortunately not as strong I would like it to be, so please bear with me.

    I would like to point out that your response to me, in which you indicate that the 80% study was from an analysis of OK Cupid data (which I did actually know), does not in fact logically invalidate either of my points.

    1) Are people on OK Cupid not from feminist countries?

    2) Are people on OK Cupid not from WEIRD countries?

    3) The limitations of social science that I described, have nothing to do with leftist dogma, but are structural (can we truly deduce a persons inner life, much less behavior, from expressed attitudes that may simply reflect social expectations?), and would apply to any rightist doing social science as well.

    So clearly, this analysis of OK Cupid data is not free from the weaknesses that plague social science in general, and in fact exemplifies said weaknesses to a T.

    I do hope that this comment is at least a step in the right direction, of being more logical and using reason, and maybe more in line with the high standards of your blog.

    Since I respect your intelligence greatly, I’d very much like to hear your response. Thanks in advance.

    1. 1) Feminism makes it easier to get laid, and it also benefits average men as it allows them to marry. In times past, most men did not procreate.

      2) “Weird” is a highly subjective term.

  8. Woman: **has a slight moustache**
    Men: ugly!!
    Man: has a huge ugly beard
    Women: it’s okay it doesn’t matter.
    Most men aren’t even muscular, but most women WEAR MAKEUP (cause unlike men they care about how they look) and shave (cause unlike men they care about how they look). So don’t try to make it seem like males have it harder.
    Plus muscles aren’t attractive to all women, but a hairy woman is a nightmare for shallow men.

    1. Women don’t have to dress nice or wear makeup. No one has to do anything. However, social norms demand it. When you go to an job interview, you wear a nice outfit, not jeans with holes in them.

      Also, men shouldn’t be blamed for finding looks to be a crucial factor of what they find attractive about a girl. It’s biology. It’s how men are wired.

      Just as how women are wired biologically to go for guys who are confident and have social status, men are wired to go for girls who they find attractive (appearance).

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